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New #PayPig Pleases #CashMaster – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Had a great session with FDSfagATM (edit: screenname changed) earlier this week, where he earned the Bronze Spender badge for tributing $100+ in a session. He actually came very close to the $250 badge …. and total has exceeded that as he sent more the next day…. a good first week for a pay pig. On top of that, I’m awaiting a few gifts from the wishlist he bought Me. So make that a great week for a new paypig. And I just know he is going to be serving Me for such a long time … because that’s what loser cashfags like him do. They stroke to My powerful words…. and their weak fag minds just give in …. until I am taking more and more, and making him not just My cashslave, but MY BITCH.

FtPyPg Tributes 04202016

I know you too want to experience My power …. so get in touch with Me for a session. The above, the $50 is a prepaid for our session, which I expect for new people to prove themselves and to cut down on timewasters. The $10 and $20s were during the session, draining …. but I left him needing to give more, and so he did, bigtime.

And if you’d rather just buy Me something from one of my multiple wishlists or know deep down that you should just send your Superior some cash, go ahead and do that NOW!

#Wishlist Wed.: #cashslave worships #CashGod with new tech – #findom #cashmaster #financialdomination

The other week, I foolishly washed and dried my Fitbit One. Yes, even CashGods can make mistakes; it happens. It did not survive. Not wanting to spend My own money on a replacement, I promptly added it to the wishlist where Jo$hWor$hipper saw it and suggested I go with a wristband instead. So I added that to the wishlist with a  ChargeHR that also monitors the heartbeat … total upgrade! And even though it cost more than the One, Jo$hWor$hipper was very happy to buy it for Me.  Thanks Jo$hWor$hipper – I’m loving the gift!


FitBitHRPurchaseGo ahead and worship your God and send me a gift from My wishlist yourself – or get us both hard when you send Me the best gift of all, CASH. IMG_1997

#CashMaster Couldn’t Help But #Cum to Big #Tribute – #cashslave #paypig #FinancialDomination

Had a great call with HypnoBootsSlave today – who I recently awarded with a $500 tribute badge but who is well on his way to a $1000 one  after today (and I’m confident he’s over that before fees, but badges are revenue earned). It was a great session, and I wish Niteflirt let Me order these from oldest to newest as that would better portray how he started with a $20 tribute and kept working his way up as he got me harder and harder …  around the first $50 I was finally getting hard enough that I slipped my cock out (we were on the phone so he couldn’t see … I’m not a cam guy, esp. with x-rated so don’t ask to see it).  I knew he had gotten a $400 bonus at work and I wanted to milk it when he asked what would really get Me over the edge.  Knowing that he’d already done $205 plus the cost of the call which was over $60 by that point, I told him I really loved $100 and those three digit – or higher – numbers. I expected $100 or close to that … but this cashslave really wanted to get Me HARD … and it was so fucking hot seeing him go even higher than I expected that I couldn’t help but cum as I stroked to seeing all the cash he’d paid Me.  An extra $250!!! Giving Me his full bonus PLUS.  It just shows how powerful my voice can be when you let go and let it in as you accept what it is you are deep down, and what you need to do. And that of course is to pay Master Josh!

#Cashmaster Bday Haul 2015 – #financialdomination #cashslavery

I meant to get this up sooner, but it was quite the busy birthday weekend with calls, text, etc. All the wishes are appreciated, but what I really loved is my birthday haul. I didn’t get everything on the challenge list, but that’s okay, because some of the other gifts I received were bigger & better! Over $500 worth in gifts, which I’ll showcase in the Wishlist Wednesdays coming up. Plus some gift cards and plenty of my favorite gift of all, cash! Two subs, TakeMyMoneyATM and IndiATM, earned the birthday badges as they were the ones that gave both a gift from the challenge and cash, though a special shout out to BarryLoser and MesmerizedSub as well for some of the bigger gifts!


1st #Obedience Badge Earned – #Submission to #CashMaster – #FinancialDomination

Congrats to TakeMyMoneyATM for earning the first obedience badge, “Task Conqueror,” by completing five of the submission tasks on the Submit page.

Among the tasks completed were partaking in my birthday challenge (though I think I’ll wait to open it tomorrow along with a few others I’m expecting 😉 ), as shown at right.

He also completed the task to of handwriting “To Pay Master Josh is Pleasure” 100 times. I’ve never been big on tasks, as I often prefer hypnotic influence, but I’m not going to lie… seeing this completed task come in was fucking hot. Job well done, TakeMyMoneyATM!

His badge, and others earned so far by other ATMs, subs & slaves, can be seen here.



An #ATM Feels Pleasure to #Tribute #CashMaster Josh – #financialdomination

The following text is a slightly edited (for readability & privacy reasons) excerpt from a recent conversation with an ATM, mostly ahead of a session (which I haven’t included here due to length, but maybe I’ll post some of that soon too 😉 ). But re-reading this, I thought it was kind of hot – and I bet a lot of you think so too. Though probably for different reasons 😉 For Me, it’s knowing how successful my hypnosis has been on him and how much pleasure he gets in paying his Superior. I’m sure he can’t wait to pay again, just as I’m sure many of you would love to be in his shoes.

hypnosuperior: hey, how is it going, ATM?
ATM K: pretty good
ATM K: i meant to tell you, i had another bizarre dream
ATM K: i heard people talking in my bedroom
hypnosuperior: yeah?
ATM K: one voice said, “Brainwashing completed, program successfully installed”
ATM K: i could not make out anything more
ATM K: all i know was my penis was like concrete
hypnosuperior: you were awaiting your turn in the room?
ATM K: no clue
ATM K: not sure if they were talking about me
ATM K: i was in a fog, half asleep
ATM K: i just heard the mans voice
ATM K: brainwashing complete
hypnosuperior: nice.
ATM K: program successfully installed
hypnosuperior: i bet you are getting so excited for me to do some brainwashing with you right now, aren’t you ATM?
ATM K: im always excited
ATM K: it feels so good josh
ATM K: nothing makes me happier than to help you and pay your bills
hypnosuperior: I am so glad it feels good
ATM K: it does and i believe you’ve really brainwashed and programmed me
ATM K: thats why i love to pay you
ATM K: and im not too concerned about my situation or the consequences
hypnosuperior: yes, it does seem the brainwashing and programming has been working
hypnosuperior: should we commence with a session then?
ATM K: oh josh
ATM K: im so hard
hypnosuperior: I think that’s your answer
ATM K: im not in control here
hypnosuperior: yet, it feels so good to give up control, doesn’t it, ATM?
hypnosuperior: to know deep down that any amount paid, is what you have wanted to paid
hypnosuperior: to know deep inside that this is programming is what you longed fo
rhypnosuperior: and asked for… and got…
hypnosuperior: brainwashed the way you desired….
hypnosuperior: even as I strengthen them…
hypnosuperior: it’s just so easy for you to give in
ATM K: fuck that felt so amazing

I bet some of you would love to feel the pleasure my words can have over you with my Hypnosis … and to then send me tribute after tribute. Well, what’s stopping you? Listen … to my files, or to me during a session… pay your Superior… repeat. 😉

What #Paypigs & #CashFags Want < What #CashMaster Wants

I was reading through a cashmaster/ cashslave message board and post after post was degrading message from different “superiors” – some of whom were true Masters, others just pretenders, but all sounding remarkably alike.  “bow down faggot,” “kneel worthless cunt,” “Skype me pathetic bitch.’

I realize that this is what many of you guys like and want, but I wonder how many of you grow tired of seeing so much similarity? That is not too say I’m completely different, for there are times when I am very much in the mood to record a file or write a post that puts losers down in their place. And I know from my jock blog that many don’t mind the repetition when it’s something they find hot to begin with.

Still. there are times when I’m not in the mood, and I am not so desperate for cash to need to put on an act and say things I’m not in the mood to say. At the same time, when I do say them doesn’t mean it’s an act… it just means that’s how I fucking feel like expressing myself in that minute.

This past week, I barely had my Niteflirt lines on… not because of any holiday plans, but because I simply didn’t feel like that. Meanwhile, I know at least one of the top-rated flirts leaves his line on even as he sleeps because he is desperate for cash. I won’t name names here, but I’ve been thinking a lot about personas and the truth. Sometimes I feel I am probably a bit too honest here, and not putting on enough of a persona. But then as I think about it… I don’t want to.

And so you can decide, what kind of Dominant do you want to serve. Do you need someone to be constantly degrading you? Great for you; there’s plenty of those types of Doms out there. But if you prefer a guy that has a bit more intelligence and who isn’t just desperate for your money, you should definitely give my hypnosis a try.

Now, just because I’m not desperate for your cash, doesn’t mean I don’t want it. I do, as I previously discussed that I am a greedy bastard – and I’m okay with that. And as I’ve previously discussed, just because I’m not always in the mood to degrade, doesn’t mean I don’t like taking advantage of those in this fetish. I’ll post a bit more Thursday about what I mean by those in this fetish, but in the meantime…. if you’re the type that’s predisposed to give your cash to someone, then I’d so much rather have it be me. And because I’d rather have it be me, I don’t mind warping your mind a little to make sure that you feel so much more of a thrill when you give to me. And isn’t that what you really seek? That ultimate thrill of being used and taken advantage of?

If you want more of the same… well, I’ll make more files along those lines at some point, for I do enjoy variety, and in the meantime, post after post shows you more of the same on those other sites. If you want to try something a bit different, give my hypnosis a try – then be sure to enjoy the thrill of giving me a nice big tribute.



Bow Down to the #HypnoSuperior #FinancialDomination

It feels so good to Bow Down to Me, Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior and Financial Domination.

Even when it’s humiliating to do so, you find yourself craving that feeling as my hypnosis helps take you deep down where you accept your lowly place. You know you aren’t worthy of bowing down to me, but whenever I let you, you find it turns you on. You love to give tribute to Master Josh. You love how it feels to BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR.

It doesn’t really matter how much or little you give. All that matters is that I can put you in your place. And it feels amazing to know this. Even if it completely humiliates you, and even as it reminds you of how inferior you are to a superior man like Master Josh, it still on some level feels amazing to be put in your place and dominated by me. It feels so amazing to be put down in your place and dominated by me.

Experience these feelings now with my hypnosis, then be sure to BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR by paying tribute now!

The #Erotic Act of #FinancialDomination #PayPigs

It’s amazing how much erotic pleasure there is for subs – and sometimes Dom(mes) – in Financial Domination.

The CashMaster (or Mistress) can get off on abusing, dominating, controlling a pay pig… and the pay pig gets off on the same but as a sub or victim or sometimes even just a willing participant (or with my hypnosis, a willing participant that gets pushed further and further with what he is willing to do).

No sex is involved, sometimes masturbation isn’t even involved (though surely it can be, and is in some of my files/recordings especially for erotic hypnosis). And yet… it provides such a thrill… makes those dicks, no matter how tiny they are, get so hard…

Financial Domination is a very erotic act – why? Perhaps because financial domination is just about the most intimate you can be with somebody online. Sure, people put on shows – but are those really intimate? They’re flashy. But financial domination… working with a sub as you remind him of where his money truly belongs… sent to you… now that’s intimate…

Whether or not you’re in chastity or stroke until you have an amazing orgasm, this is a pleasure that you too can enjoy. Try some of my hypnosis files, then be sure to send a TRIBUTE.

Travels Coming Up #FinancialDomination #Tribute #Cashslave

Hello Cashslaves… the holidays will be here before we know it.

Two things that can help me out there… Amazon gift cards for me to do some shopping for the family (and actually, I’ve been in the mood to go on a shopping spree – though perhaps somebody else would like to assist me with that part!).

The other part is of course the flight back to the Midwest. I still have many details to work out – exact dates; if I’m getting a rental car; etc. But of course I’d love to splurge if I’m given enough to truly make it a great trip back visiting friends and family.

Feel free to contact me of course or simply TRIBUTE NOW.

#ATM #CashSlave Adds to #Debt 4 #Cashmaster – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

On Wednesday, I posted about a session with an ATM of mine… here is most of that transcript in which he stroked into trance and allowed my words to program him. If you click read more, this contains both my hypnosis trigger and later the ATM trigger. It also encourages going into debt. You’ve been warned!

And if you still want to proceed, simply click more as you relax… one hand stroking your cock… the other nicely scrolling through this long text session even as you keep going further down into that nice trance state…

Continue reading #ATM #CashSlave Adds to #Debt 4 #Cashmaster – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis