#Wishlist Wed: More GiftCards for #CashMaster thanks to #CashSlaves – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Though that green cash remains My favorite gift of all, there are two things that one a close second. One is high-ticket items, of course …. and the other is receiving gift cards.

I’ve gotten so much from all of you over the years that rather than just adding more things I’ll have to worry about moving in the future, sometimes it’s nice to be able to just go get the things I need – and to not spend a dime of My own cash on it. Gift cards for places like this and Target are perfect for that.  One of these came from LoserB, and another from CashFagDirt.

… and another one is about to come from you 😉 Btw, some of you may remember Me posting Kmart gift cards before – but if you check, the shirts I’m wearing are different… because yes, I did get more. And I just know you’ll send more as well, for deep down, you have that  need to serve & please your Superior. Or go for My favorite gift of all & send Me a nice big tribute.


Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster Gets What He Needs from #CashFags & #PaySlaves – #FinancialDomination

Sometimes, I end up surprised with some gifts, and this was one of the cases when I returned home from vacation in July. Thankfully I live in a pretty good neighborhood and had boxes hidden by a porch that I was able to get this, as well as a Blu-Ray of Aladdin, from whimperingfaggot (I believe – the name wasn’t attached so correct Me if I am wrong, subs, but makes sense with the timeline of contacts).

While Rubbermaid containers might not be the most glamorous of gifts, it was practical – and they’ve already been put to good use. And though I have some expensive shoes and electronics etc. for anyone that wants to spoil Me…  isn’t simply providing for Master what it is all about? You know that answer deep down, inferiors – for it is ALWAYS right to provide more for your Superior.

Give Master something He needs or wants – or just spoil Me as you check out My wishlist! I’m always willing to add items to the wishlist as well if there’s something you think I should have.

Of course, as you all know by now… My favorite gift of all is cash! Click here to tribute Me, inferiors!


PurchasedRubbermaid fromwhimperingfaggot

#ATMS PAY $30 NOW – #HumanATM #CashSlave #CashCow #PayFag #FinDom #FinancialDomination


It’s time for My ATMs to dispense cash for Master
It’s time for My ATMs to be used by Master.
Just let go of all thoughts as My triggers drain your will.
Just let go of that cash and put it right where it belongs.


Deep down, you know the urge is too strong to resist.
Deep down, you know you just want to let go to Me.
Deep down,  you crave submission and obedience to Me.
Deep down, you crave serving as My ATM.


You ARE My HumanATM …. existing to provide for your Superior.
Turning off the human mind as all resistance fades away
Letting go of any doubts as you give right in to the pleasure of paying Me
The machine takes over as I program you further


You ARE the ATM of Master Josh.  Master is making a withdrawal now.
You MUST obey. You have no choice. You MUST pay.
You MUST complete the transaction as you dispense that cash.
And then find your cock hard at the thought of being used again soon.


#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster ‘Steaks’ His Claim on #CashFag #CashSlave – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Thanks to rubbercashslave, I’ve been able to buy myself a lot of things I’ve wanted or needed this past year as he just keeps sending Me Amazon gift card after Amazon gift card… and he’s going to keep sending Me those too, for I have power & influence over his mind now. He’s mine, and I know his cock has stirred at the realization that I have just written the truth.

One of the items I bought myself was a nice pair of dishwasher safe steak knifes.

Since I don’t have a hypnoboy here yet to wash the dishes for Me, I’d rather just throw everything I can into the dishwasher – as is My Superior rite.


… or send Me My favorite gift of all, that nice green cash.

#CashMasters Enjoys Helping #Submissive Men & #CashSubs – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I recently talked about how My hypnosis can be a gift to you, and I’m touching on a similar subject tonight as I was just asked: “Do you prefer men or fucking them over?”

Honestly, it’s a tough question, as a part of Me loves seeing guys get motivated for that muscle and feels good about that. Yet, the other part of Me.. maybe he doesn’t feel so noble, and yet…fuck it can be so hot to use men financially. I’m a greedy bastard, and the thought of that cash coming into Me arouses Me in a way that the other stuff doesn’t, because it makes My power so apparent.

Regardless of what a person approaches Me for, I also love getting that feedback that also showcases how powerful My hypnosis can be. Whether it’s that they are going to the gym more or have accepted their place as an inferior that needs to give it all to their Superior, doesn’t matter.

And really, as I said last time… when I do fuck others over … isn’t helping Myself, truly helping you? It’s helping you discover your place and where you belong. It’s helping you realize the truth about the desires you’ve long had. It’s helping you feel that pleasure as you share in MY pleasure.

I do enjoy helping Men with their goals…. but I also enjoy helping Myself to your cash. So if you haven’t paid your cashfag taxes yet… if you’re simply longing to serve tonight…. or anything else …. be sure to send a nice big tribute to your Superior – Master Josh, the Financial Domination Stud.

#CashMaster ‘s Gift to #Slaves #Cashfags #HumanATMs #CashCows – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I’m often posting about the gifts I receive from you, and about how My favorite gift is cash – but did you know that I also give you all gifts every time you listen to a file or have a session with Me?

You see, I give you the gift of self-acceptance. I help you understand the desires you have deep down, and where they come from. I help you embrace that these desires are things you cannot resist – for if you try, you become miserable in that fight. Rather, I help you understand that you can feel such peace, happiness and pleasure when you give in to these wants and needs you have deep down.

This is true of any desire. Maybe it is that you know you would be happier when you simply don’t have to think as much and can be a simpleton for a bit. Maybe it is that you feel sexual urges you wish to explore, but struggle against the puritan teachings that you were lambasted with while young. Maybe it is that you know you are a worthless inferior who can only find a purpose in life by serving a Superior like Me.

Whatever it is you wish to explore, My hypnosis and training can assist you in achieving that. It doesn’t always work right away. I’ve had multiple subs that enjoyed the files but did not truly notice changes until after a period of time, for hypnosis works best as a cumulative effect. But it can be, and is, effective.

And when those changes take place, I know the subs have begun to understand their true natures and destinies in ways that they never knew before. I know these subs end up happier, because they realize life isn’t all about smarts, or reputation, or cash. This ability to accept your true nature is MY gift to you. After all, life is about being able to enjoy yourself to do the things you want…. with one exception, and that is that it does not harm anyone else. That’s why I include suggestions in dumb down files that keep somebody from becoming so mindless they couldn’t drive safely, and make sure the idea of consensual partners is mentioned in many of my sexual files.

If you are here though … you might not care about consent. You might not care how far you go. That’s up to you – I have financial domination files that range from the free “extra income” light file, to the heavy financial ruin files. But – it’s about what you want to do. What makes you happy. And for most of you… that is making Me happy … for deep down, you know that MY pleasure is your pleasure. Most of you reading this were born inferior, destined to serve a Superior like Me. And My hypnosis can make that service even more pleasurable.

Check out more of My hypnosis here …. then send Me some pleasure with a nice tribute here.