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#CashMaster Ready for #FagTax Season – #CashFag #CashSlave #FinDom #FinancialDomination

It’s that time of year when those in the U.S. should have received their tax forms from work, investments, student loans, health care, etc. in order to do their taxes before mid-April. And if you’re getting a refund, I know a part of you is probably excited to do it right away. Don’t forget who that money really belongs to, losers. You don’t deserve getting that money back. Instead, it should go to someone that is Superior. Someone like Me, whose hypnotic skills can help remind you of what it is you crave deep down.

And deep down, you crave doing the right thing by sending Me that tax refund. Perhaps after you get it, although I bet some of you would love to send it directly to my bank account. That’s not an option for everyone and rest assured, I’d be keeping a close eye on my account should anyone know the numbers. My former roommate that tried using my information ended up in jail. But that’s because he tried to take from a Superior. You are an inferior. You deserve to have that cash taken from you. And in the cases where it already was taken from you with taxes, you don’t deserve to get it back. That’s how pathetic you are.

So go ahead, and get that refund … then send that cash right to Me. Or e-mail me at hypnosuperior@gmail.com to discuss having it deposited directly into my account. I’m sure the thought of it going directly to Me makes your inferior dick start to pulse, doesn’t it loser? And even if you aren’t getting a refund, you can still check out my fagtax hypnosis with different options for paying – with a reminder that some of you owe cash coming up on Sunday the 5th. Regardless, I know that cash will be sent to where it belongs – as you send it right to my bank account.

#CashFag Downfall = #CashMaster Windfall – #FinancialDomination

Another week, another week of taking money from StupidPiggyBank. Man, what a fucking loser addict he is, but who cares when he gets to feel so much pleasure and I get to relieve him of so much cash? And it is a relieve for him, because a dumbass like him would just fuck everything up anyway. Might as well not worry about it and put it right in My hands. I’ll be sure to spend it on things that really matter and not blow it all like a loser like him would. Besides, a worthless inferior like him deserves to be left with nothing as he is lead deeper into debt and towards that total financial ruin he deserves – because that’s what faggot freak perverts like him do deserve. And My Superior skill in taking faggots down that road is why I deserve to be the one that benefits – their downfalls becoming My windfalls. Just look at this, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

And again, it wasn’t just once, but multiple sessions – raking in even more $$$
I know some of you have tightened your wallet-strings for the holiday but this paypig is putting you to shame, because he knows deep down that it is right to put Master Josh first. And if any of you get any cash or gift cards, you know exactly what to do with them – for it’s always right for you to send more to your Superior!

#CashMaster Makes #CashPig Squeal During #CashRape – #CashFag #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I’ve been meaning to post about a new sub that loves to give into the mindlessness of erotic bliss. We’ll call him StupidPiggyBank for the purposes of this blog. He’ll feel his cock leaking towards a hands-free orgasm (though he does work his nipples) as he pays for and reads My powerful words through sending PTVs. I never know how much to push, but I easily took him past the couple hundred mark the first couple times – as seen below via the transactions (which reflect after-fees, so that $70 you see was $100 that he paid).
And he’s been back a couple of times since.

I just keep draining him – of thoughts, of his will, of precum, of cash.stupidpiggybank-10252016

Most recently, last night – and I definitely milked him good once more. And StupidPiggyBank really is such a stupid loser, that he doesn’t really know any better than to give Me his money – but it’s all okay, because it all just feels so good.
There’s no need for you to think about it – you too can feel that pleasure of mindless bliss as you keep paying Me more and more. Go ahead and start as you pay Me tribute right now.

Labor Day Means #FagTax Time & #CashSlaves Working for #CashMaster – #FinDom #CashFag

That’s right losers … it’s the 5th of the month which means if you are paying a twice monthly tax, it’s time to pay up. Of course, some of you are training under different systems and WILL PAY as scheduled – as percent of paycheck, end of week on what was spent, etc. Or just pay as you stroke your cock during the erotic tax session. I give you options, but there is no choice if you are a loser faggot needing to pay taxes – YOU MUST PAY YOUR SUPERIOR. Listen to the files and train your mind regularly until all of that sinks in, inferiors.

Whether you are a cashfag, humanATM, pay pig, moneyslave or anything else, today being a day where workers are celebrated in the U.S. is a great reminder for all of you worldwide that you do exist to work for your Superiors. You should take pride in the work you do and feel immense pleasure that any of your extra salary, after your own expenses, is being sacrificed on your end and going to benefit Me. Deep down, you know I deserve to live that life of comfort and being able to get whatever I want, when I want.

Deep down, you know you deserve to work hard to make that happen. Some of you may even want to get a second, third or even 4th job – making cash any way you can. Some of you may have talents where you can make extra cash on the side. Some of you might live in cities where you could easily sign up for an app where you help drive people places, deliver things places, rent out a room in your place – whatever you can to make Master Josh more money.

And whenever you send over that hard-earned money, you can take pride in the fact you are pleasing Me and share in that pleasure – for MY pleasure is your pleasure. Getting your cash makes Me feel so good and gets My cock so hard – and I know that gets your fagdicks hard. Go ahead and experience that now as you SEND ME A NICE BIG TRIBUTE THAT WILL MAKE US BOTH HARD!

Further #CashSlave #MindFuck #Brainwashing #Edging #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Below is further except from sessions with rubbercashslave, who likes to stroke and edge, but not cum, as he gets programmed and brainwashed. I’ve put a ‘read more’ break due to triggers and hypnotic language – you are advised to read at your own risk.

Who are we kidding, inferiors? We know you all are going to click to read more as soon as you get that chance to stroke along … you might even find yourself letting go to the words yourself… for that is My power.
Continue reading Further #CashSlave #MindFuck #Brainwashing #Edging #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

#CashDrain & #Mindfuck of #CashSlave – #bankrupt #cashrape #findom #financialdomination

Well, I posted the results last week, but didn’t have much chance to talk about my big session with Loser B. I honestly was not expecting such a big score after the last one, but I knew he had a tax refund coming up, and I thought it was worth the try to leave the message.

Loser B has always responded to my hypnosis, even when I was starting out and still trying to play it a bit nice. I was not aware how depraved he, or many of you fags, truly are, as I came from a world of doing hypnosis with jocks and pups where I certainly enjoyed My power but it was much more mild than this world. And, some of the people who have served as my ATMs or done sessions with Me have done so because they know I am someone they can trust.

Yet, when I learn how much certain subs enjoy it when I use them or take advantage… I certainly will. Some like it in theory… I’ve posted how my #1 ATM wanted to feel more threatened about exposure but that fantasy actually made him less eager for sessions, until we returned to focusing on the pleasure of paying Me. For even when I use people, sometimes it is best to focus on how amazing and arousing it can be to serve Me.

This sub though, Loser B … his comments would often hint that I could have gone farther … and that was no case this time. I even got him to admit he wanted “mean Josh” … which, is not to say I’m aggressive in yelling like some CashMasters, but rather just allowing My selfish, greedy, evil side out in full force. And so even though I knew he had some bills coming up where he wanted at least a couple hundred left in his accounts on … at least one side of him did …. I knew another part of him just needed Me to be ruthless. So I took it all. $400. $300. And then just when he thought I might leave $250 for those upcoming bills… I took $250.

On top of that, some gifts for myself. But there was one gift I wanted – one really expensive gift – that we didn’t quite get to. That’s okay though. I know we’ll be having another session soon enough. And I know this next time, whenever it is, he will buy Me exactly the item I want, regardless of cost. Won’t you, loser?



New Training Files for #cashfags #humanATMs #slaves #chastity #findom #humiliation #more

Ever have one of those days? Even Superiors like Me have them… I’m on day 5 of a sore throat (which has meant lines off more than intended), although that did give me catch up with editing. Only to have some issues uploading (still waiting on word from one site, but they appear to finally be up on Niteflirt). Due to some of these unforeseen struggles, I might not get these posted to the recordings page or other sites until after the holiday … but I just had to share it with My fans here. So what do I have for you this holiday week? AFFIRMATIONS.

Yes, affirmations. Though that word probably makes people think new-age positivity, it actually means speaking the truth. And whether the truth is that you are a loser faggot or have a small cock or need to be financially ruined, it is good to hear these things and even to say them out loud. You’ll get both me driving the truth into your mind as well as the chance to repeat after me in these extended mantras.

What you won’t get is hypnosis … these are not to take you deep, but rather a different form of programming using repetition. Which means, unlike my other files, you can listen to these ones during your commute and other activities. I do use my usual music as the background for those that like it, but at a lower volume to help prevent unintentional trance. In case the music is a trigger, there’s also a version without music. And just as a bonus, there’s one additional short “I am” file …. (“I am a slave,” “I am a humanATM,” etc.). All of these have the potential to be looped and repeated over and over.

I hope to make more of these in the future, so be sure to leave that 5-star feedback to encourage me that you like these, and/or send me a message with your ideas for affirmations. Go ahead, and check them all out – including 30 to 60 second audio previews – below:

Trains you to be My HumanATM.

Trains you to be My CashFag.

Trains you to accept that you deserve financial ruin, and that I deserve to benefit from your ruin.

Reminds you that you are a loser faggot that is inferior to Master Josh. Also available as a version that removes “Master Josh” and is more general available for $10.99CLICK HERE TO BUY 10.99 VERSION!

Trains you to be a slave. Not gender or orientation specific, and not specific to Me.

Trains you to be a cumdump. Not gender specific for listener or to Me; makes you crave having those holes open wide for men’s cocks.

Trains you to accept that you need to be locked in chastity and obedient to your keyholder. Some allowance for virtual keyholder if you do self-chastity. For male listeners of any orientation; recording is not specific to Me.

Reminds you that you are a small cock loser and that since you can’t please others sexually, you should please them in other ways. For male listeners of any orientation; recording is not specific to Me.

Contact me if you have issues, and enjoy, losers!

Don’t Be a Timewaster, Make it Worth #CashMaster ‘s Time #paypig #cashslave #financialdomination

One of my Dom buds was surprised I don’t typically feature my flirt profile on Niteflirt. The reason is twofold – though I could potentially make more cash, I’m doing okay as it is; and also when I’m not doing sessions or other activities (working out, hanging with friends, etc.) then I like to use the time to research, write, record, edit and otherwise be creative with the blogs and hypnosis. It’s also why I emphasis that My time deserves compensation. When I leave messengers online, it most likely is while I am working but I could often break given the right motivation 😉

It’s those that want to chat but then say, “I don’t have much money” that bother Me – and I know other CashMasters and FinDom(me)s feel the same way. Now, similarly many of you don’t want to just hand over your cash to any Dom(me), which is why it does make sense to answer questions etc. But if you don’t have the cash and aren’t just feeling us out, why are you wasting our time? Some would ban you outright for that. I don’t because I appreciate what little you can pay to Me to make My life better. It might not get my cock very hard, but at least it keeps it from falling asleep trying to figure out if the chat is going to be worth it or not. But if I’m going to waste time chatting when I should be working, I’m going to do it with one of my friends I hang with in real life.

Of course sometimes you have questions or ideas. Those are welcomed by Me – and even the poorest of you might have an idea for a file or similar that could end up making Me cash.  It’s just often preferred that you would e-mail those. If you tell Me how much you want to serve Me and be My slave but don’t have the resources to provide for Me … well, any chat attempt is going to end up short. In person isn’t out of the question but highly unlikely for most readers due to My high standards, so really it’s an unreachable fantasy. At least if you do work hard to get to pay Me more, you can feel satisfaction in serving Me, being used by Me, and making My life better and My cock harder. Don’t have much cash? Work your ass off getting a second or third job; and stop wasting cash elsewhere that could be better spent on Me. Buy a $5 coffee every day? Even if you’d give up one day a week of that, it’d be $20 extra you could pay.

I don’t want to hear about how you don’t have much cash. I want to hear about what would make it worth My time to chat with you. As for you knowing the same of Me, that’s why I provide free hypnosis samples and this non-membership blog. You already get a lot from Me. What am I going to get from you?

You can start by paying tribute here.

#Wishlist Wed – #Shoes for #Cashmaster ‘s #Feet – #financialdomination

Just in time for the new workout program I started a few weeks back, Loser Barry got Me a new pair of shoes for my birthday at the end of July. And these were the cheapest of the three items he bought your Superior CashMaster 😉


Like these? You can see even bigger, better photos of My feet in these and other footwear – as well as bare – by playing my new foot game! Or get Me other new footwear and more by visiting my wishlist.  So long as you are pleasing Me and getting your Superior hard!

Thriftshop Day – sacrifice for #cashmaster – #financialdomination

Today is “National Thriftshop Day”. It’s the perfect reminder of where all inferiors should be shopping when they need something.

You see, you should always be buying used, generic, clearance – whatever you can do save cash so that you have more to pay CashMaster Josh. Dollar stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army, second-hand stores, half-price stores … these places are places you should be familiar with when you need something. The cheaper department stores during a good sale or from their clearance racks can be good too, and there’s no reason to spend cash on that brand-name food when you can save a dollar buying the generic version. Every extra dollar you can give to Me is another dollar that gets me harder and gives us both more pleasure.

So National Thriftshop Day is a good reminder of where losers like you should be shopping. That is, of course, IF you really need that item. If you don’t need it, then you shouldn’t be buying it at all. You should sacrifice and suffer for My benefit…. making my life easier even when your life gets harder. Yet, because MY pleasure is your pleasure, you still get that joy of sending Me that cash … and when it comes down to it, that’s all you really need to be happy and content. You don’t need to spend money on video games, unnecessary clothes, or other things you might get “just for fun,” for paying Me gives you purpose and enjoyment.  And deep down, you know it is what you deserve … and know that EVERYTHING is what I deserve.

#CashMaster Hard from Your #Tributes – #FinancialDomination

It’s been a good week, and it’s only Tuesday night! It started with some frustration this weekend as I wasn’t available on the lines as much as I would have liked due to a lack of privacy, thunderstorms, and other reasons. One sub – the one I am training to be more obedient to another Master, with me as a “training Master” and the other as his “one true Master” – messaged Me for more training, so I found a way to make myself available. Both his Master and I benefitted from that as he tipped me for the session, and tribute his Master the same amount as suggested 😉

I’m glad it worked out, as a new slave who had listened to My free hypnosis files, called Me after that. He pleased Me with a great start – time on the phone plus tributes of $5, $10, $25, $40 and $50 building and getting me harder. But he really got Me stroking myself tonight by, once the call is factored in, paying over $400 in one session! Starting with $10 and ending with $100! That’s what I love to see. I’ll have to get him on the badges page for that one. Even though Niteflirt takes their 30%, that’s still a nice 70% for Me and has left me hard. And as My pleasure is your pleasure, I know he had a nice big orgasm after paying all that as well. It’s true: “To Pay Master Josh is Pleasure!”

Of course I’m not just hard from the cash, but as I’ve spoken about before, what the cash symbolizes – the power I have over subs like him. Seeing how much power I already have over this slave is amazing. Fuck I’m still hard from the session and as I share this with you. Here’s hoping for more like him! Perhaps you – if you give my hypnosis a try and then find yourself needing to send some nice big tributes. Of course, the more you pay, the more pleasure you feel … and the higher the amount, the harder I get!

HardFromTributes 08112015