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#CashMaster #Mindfucks #MoneySlave & Rakes More In – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Had another call from BDogSlave…¬† a moneyslave that tries so hard to resist but ultimately gives in, just as all of you tend to ultimately do. Why even put up the fight? Accept your addiction. Embrace your desire to be used by Me and pay a Superior. It’s so much better that way – to not feel that torment but to just enjoy it. Sure, it might mean working harder to make sure you have that cash…. but fuck, that pleasure feels so good, it makes it all worth it, doesn’t it? I mean, I know this gave ME a lot of pleasure:

That’s right. $400 (before fees) in one short phone call. Who else needs used like that? To feel that rush of being mindfucked by Master Josh, perhaps with poppers in hand, sniffing as I use confusion and hypnosis techniques on you and make you crave My powerful voice – but especially making you crave that rush of mindless obedience as you pay more. It all just feels so good and so right for cashslaves like you to be left giving more. And you can give more right now as you BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR and pay a nice big tribute too.

1st #Obedience Badge Earned – #Submission to #CashMaster – #FinancialDomination

Congrats to TakeMyMoneyATM for earning the first obedience badge, “Task Conqueror,” by completing five of the submission tasks on the Submit page.

Among the tasks completed were partaking in my birthday challenge (though I think I’ll wait to open it tomorrow along with a few others I’m expecting ūüėČ ), as¬†shown¬†at¬†right.

He also completed¬†the task to¬†of handwriting¬†“To Pay Master Josh is Pleasure” 100 times. I’ve never been big on tasks, as I often prefer hypnotic influence, but I’m not going to lie… seeing this¬†completed task¬†come in was fucking hot. Job well done, TakeMyMoneyATM!

His badge, and others earned so far by other ATMs, subs & slaves, can be seen here.



Unexpected Expenses #Cashmaster vs #Cashslave – #FinancialDomination

There’s no way around it – unexpected expenses are a bummer for anyone, no matter how much money you have. Be it your car starts having problems or a medical issue, it often can’t be avoided. Sometimes it’s something that we don’t really need, but can’t imagine being without, going on the fritz – a TV, for example. For me, the latest unexpected expense is my mini fridge in my room has just conked out and I’m torn between whether to get another one or not, especially when I am not sure if I might move again this year.

The main reasons for having such a fridge in my room? Laziness, greed, and not wanting to deal with my roommate’s many tricks. Laziness because it’s nice to not be wearing anything at times and able to grab something from the fridge. Greed because I’ve had too many sodas taken from the main fridge that my stupid roommate never replaces and it pisses me off (if any of you dominants are reading this and stop by, please note, my stuff is NOT for the taking for free. My roommate is into all that, but I’m not – what’s mine is mine). And while some of the guys I’ve met have been perfectly nice, there’s so many random guys in and out of here at times that are never announced to me prior… having my own space just was nice. I’d still need to go out for water sometimes anyways, but I could do it once to fill up glasses for my room that were then refrigerated, rather than multiple trips back and forth. There’s that laziness again.

Of course, part of the reason I spent money on fridge for my room (as well as microwave that thankfully is still working) is because I didn’t spend my money… I used gift card balances from what you¬†inferiors had sent me. And if I get a new one, as unnecessary as it is, I’d again be using your money. And that’s the difference between unexpected expenses for a cashmaster versus a cashslave – because a cashmaster like me has that comfort zone thanks to all his pay pigs and cashfags. I simply need to decide now if that’s what I want to use your money on, or save that money for other things I’d want.¬† (In the meantime, I have added one to my wishlist that I hope is more reliable – hard to find a compact fridge/freezer that doesn’t have a reputation for conking out after a year, and I welcome other suggestions as well¬†–¬†though delivery needs to be either before 12/28 or after 1/10/15).

And¬†another great thing is, I don’t need to use a credit card that will also have interest, because I have your money. Meanwhile, you inferior pay pigs are meant to keep paying your Cashmaster(s) even when times get tight for you. It doesn’t matter if you have to open new credit cards and end up with lots of debt with high interest rates. When that urge is in you to give, you don’t worry about if unexpected expenses will come up. And whereas to me it’s a bummer, an unexpected expense to you might be like, ‘Shit.’ But it doesn’t matter, because you exist to work hard, budget, sacrifice and suffer for those that are Superior.

Unexpected expenses suck… but you should be absorbing both the unexpected expenses of superior CashMasters and your own unexpected expenses without complaining, and without skimping. So, go ahead¬†pig¬†– send me something I want or need from my wishlist, or a nice gift card or some cash as tribute.

If I Won the Lottery – #FinancialDomination

If I won the lottery, I sometimes go back and forth on if I would continue this or not – but I usually lean towards yes, at least when it comes to hypnosis for different areas.

You see, I really do warping desires and mindfucking so many of you. And I love that even if I was in a position to absolutely not need the money… not that I’m desperate for it now, but to really be secure… it’s hot to think that you’d still send some of that money this way.

Now, I’d probably be less available for one on one, because I’d be too busy traveling the world and such. But I do think I’d still do this.

Now of course I can’t promote any lottery stuff here, but I will just generally comment that I love gifts such as scratch tickets. I mean, sure cash is better as you have that cash in hand – but sometimes it’s nice to think maybe, just maybe, that ticket in your hand could be worth more.

Especially when you feel as I do – Superior – and know that you deserve it. Especially when you know you belong in a life that is full of comfort and luxury. And frankly… I do.

Until that day comes, it’s up to all you cashslaves and paypigs to work hard for your CashGod and ensure I am living the life I am entitled to simply for being better than you.

#cashslaves #suffer & #sacrifice for #cashgod yet feel #pleasure thru #hypno

I’m not sure what’s more evil. There are those cashmasters that get off on seeing a cashslave suffer through misery as they go far into debt.

And then there’s me, who likes cashslaves to feel pleasure even as they sacrifice more and more down that road to ruin.

While I don’t push debt or ruin on those not into it, if I do push it, I like that sub to feel good as he does it.

It’s a bit like a drug. The long-term results might be destructive and yet one keeps going back and back for that high of giving to a true Superior that feels so good.

In a way, even though I respect limits, I suppose that makes me a bit more evil. I might not enjoy seeing one suffer. But I love that you would come back time and time again for that fix.

If you want to feel the pleasure for yourself, try repeating one of my hypnosis files for a week and see how that relaxation builds up, taking you deeper and deeper until you know without a doubt the power I have over you.

Then feel that pleasure as you send a nice big TRIBUTE, knowing that the more you pay, the better you feel… the better you feel, the more you pay… until even looking at that debt just makes you feel so good.

Of course this is also scary for some… I get that… which is why one is always welcome to set some limits with me and advised to choose their files wisely so that the description matches what you truly seek to experience long-term.

But really, what’s the harm in just relaxing a bit? I think deep down, you know that desire to serve a Superior financially exists inside of you. Why not maximize the experience and enjoy it as much as possible with hypnosis?

And then to truly feel how amazing that hypnosis is, send some cash and feel that pleasure wash stronger than ever over you.

#Slaves & #Fags Don’t Tell #Masters How to Act

Now, in the world of Niteflirt calls,¬†hypnosis, cam for those that do that (I don’t), etc., there is a fine line. A good ‘Flirt’ / model does try to ask what the client wants and provide it for them, and certainly if I were to make a custom file for somebody, I’d do my best to make it to their liking. And, though you cashslaves, paypigs, and other submissives¬†want to read the profiles and see what instructions are, if any, for how to approach, most flirts/etc. don’t mind being asked, “Do you do this?” (although if you ask if we do something that it is clearly answered in the profile, we’d probably get annoyed).

What a slave or fag should never do is tell the Dominant how to act, speak, or otherwise behave. If the Master, Mistress or other Flirt / model seems to misrepresent themselves, then you can call them out on it. But if that Dom/me just does things a different way than you prefer – MOVE ON. Though asking each other questions is okay to see if there is common ground, if you don’t like the style, there are other people you can spend your cash on.

There are some out there that are so desperate for cash that they’ll try to cater to every whim. I am not one of those. I do not wish to put on an act just to get your money. I might lose money being a more soft-spoken time that prefers hypnotic manipulation over giving orders/commands.¬† And because I present my real pics and real info and also encourage people to try even my more mainstream hypnosis, I’m especially not going to put on an act.

Now, I could put up a fake profile with fake pics where I can always be a certain persona. I know some flirts that do this – you might think you’re giving your money to a Master, but are you really? Some have amazing feedback as they know how to talk it up on the phone, but it’s an act when in reality they’re paying real-life Doms to come in and humiliate them. Of course some are very real, I’m just saying that with me, you know what you get. You can pay for it – after trying some free samples to even see if you like the style – or you can move on. Maybe someday I’ll cave and try the fake stuff, but then of course there’s a chance of my voice being recognized, etc., so I don’t know it’d be the best idea even if I wanted to do it. Which I don’t… even if it means losing out on some money, it’s not really something I want to do.

And isn’t that really what it should be about – what I as a Superior want? Sometimes the calls keep me busy. Sometimes they don’t but rather than hound people for cash, what I want is to then focus on making more hypnosis files. Maybe there’ll be some new files up your alley, and perhaps not – I don’t expect everyone to like everything and some files even contradict each other. But I’m out there making more and giving different options and doing the blogging because it’s what I enjoy. And sometimes when I’ve had the luxury, I’ve just had the lines off, posts in queue, and spent a few days watching TV. After all, I should be able to live in comfort and luxury. I have the skill that allows me to do that, why shouldn’t I take advantage of it?

You’re not all going to like it. I don’t care. And unless they’re a poser desperate for cash, most other Masters & Mistresses won’t care either. Some might not really have a limit, but there are those that have those things they’ll do or enjoy doing, and those that don’t. And if one doesn’t do what you like, you go search for one that does do what you like. You do NOT tell them how to act. It is not your place. And so long as that Dom/me didn’t promise something then fail to deliver, then you can keep it positive as you move on.

Those of you that do enjoy my style… keep calling, keep listening to files,¬†and… if you enjoy this blog and my files… then¬†especially keep paying those tributes as you feel the pleasure of my power. Everyone¬†¬†else can fuck off, because even nice guys like me get tired of stupid faggot idiot losers¬†that don’t know their place.

Love #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

I may at times be too honest for my own good, but I’m also real… and many of my posts are inspired or even at times provoked by real life as well. And sometimes it’s after a bad experience that I’m on here. Probably not the best idea.

Sometimes though, it’s after a great experience… like a new potential cashslave that loves the hypnosis. So far it’s just the one session and to early to tell how recurring this might be, but it was the type of session where I wasn’t just trying to get some cash, but truly enjoying myself as well. I have no idea what the sub looks like as I never saw his pic or webcam or anything, but yet I found myself getting so hard that I had to start stroking myself as I spoke to him. That may be me being too honest again – what kind of Dom admits to getting off while taking advantage of a sub? – but I know there are those of you whose own cocks start to stir as you think of a God like me getting off from hypnotizing you and encouraging you to pay more and more cash.

The bad thing about Niteflirt is sometimes you leave the lines on and get caught at a bad time, and aren’t always in the mood. But when I am in the mood, and when everything clicks, rest assured I’m not just in it for the cash. I do honestly enjoy it. I really do¬†love it when there’s a guy that responds to hypnosis… that just lets go and listens as he absorbs all my words… and especially when that submission is turned into pleasure for him as he pays me… for my pleasure is his pleasure… and I get so pleased to see a cashslave like that submit, obey, and pay.¬†The only other area I enjoy it as much is muscle… helping guys get bigger and seeing their pics and flexing. For the few subs I’ve had into both, you know what I like to say… the two things that please me most are muscle and money.

Sometimes it’s not the one on one but the feedback from the files that just makes me feel so good and awesome… I’ve been behind on work, but hoping to do a lot of catching up on that soon. So many ideas for how to use my skills on you… now I just need the time ūüėȬ† If you want to see what all the buzz is about, be sure to check out pigmesmerizer.com, jockmesmerizer.com or my financial domination hypnosis – all with free samples. Then if you enjoy it, leave some feedback and/or even better a nice tip in appreciation for all the work I’ve done for you – but honestly do enjoy as well.

#Thankful for #FinancialDomination & #Hypnosis

I know many in this scene prefer the ruthless that don’t give thanks, but that’s not really my style… so let me do my style as I list a few things I am thankful for.

  • I am thankful that I’ve now made it on the hypnosis and financial domination alone for over a year, allowing me to enjoy working in my boxers from home as I avoid busy commutes and set my own schedule as much as possible.
  • I’m thankful so many of you have recognized my superior hypnotic skills and keep coming back for more.
  • I’m thankful for the patience of subs as I continue to try new things, such as Niteflirt, as well as continue to learn, such as realizing that stroke training works far better than hypnosis when people are calling to get off and don’t have the patience for a true induction.
  • I’m thankful so many of you don’t care about leaving your vulnerable mind to me even if it means going into debt or down the road to ruin.
  • I’m thankful for cashslaves, moneyslaves, paypigs, moneypigs, cash cows, cashfags, ATMs, and all others in the fetish.
  • I’m thankful that I have been able to enjoy myself on your dime.
  • I’m thankful that I have received things I was holding off on buying myself, or received nicer versions than what I probably would have spent on myself, via my wishlist.
  • I’m thankful for those of you that keep on listening, knowing that repetition is the best way to truly feel the effects of the hypno.
  • I’m thankful that my debt is going down even if yours goes up.
  • I’m thankful that so many of you have discovered the pleasure of giving to a true Superior, and look forward to your next tribute.

In fact, I can’t wait to see how you guys show me your own gratitude with a nice big Thanksgiving tribute. Go head – give us both reasons to be thankful. You know you want to ūüėČ

Wednesday #Wishlist with #Feet – #FinancialDomination

Well it warmed up this week in California, and it was a great opportunity to finally take some pics of the sandals I was bought from Steve a bit back. I’ve been trying to find some good black sandals and have struggled to find ones that fit right (doesn’t help that one can’t try them on when it’s a wishlist), but the latest I had added to my wishlist definitely are comfortable. And though I’m not really a foot dom and don’t cam, I thought some of you might appreciate a glimpse of my feet that you love to imagine yourself worshiping as you bow down to the Hypno Superior.


Why don’t you show some gratitude for all I’ve provided with this blog and my hypnosis, and send a nice gift yourself – or even better, a tribute as you send the best gift of all?


Budget to #Tribute More to your #Superior – #financialdomination #financialfetish

I’ve posted before about how it is an inferior’s place to suffer and sacrifice in order to provide more for their Superior(s). I’ve given a few ideas here and there, but I thought it might be good to compile some of these – expanding and adding onto them – into one post. Of course the first and most important step is recognizing that it is never about what you want, for all you should want is the pleasure and perhaps humiliation of being put in your place by Master Josh or your own Master, Mistress, or other Dom(me). What else can you do to have extra cash for your Superior (besides the obvious of opening up more credit cards)?

  • Buy generic and inexpensive foods. You can still eat healthy if you desire, for We want you healthy not because we care about you, but because We want you to be able to make Us more money.
  • Cook your own food and bring meals to work. Eating out adds up fast, and should be considered an undeserved luxury for inferiors.
  • Visit the dollar stores. Such places can especially help you save on things such as cleaning supplies – unless of course you are cleaning for your Superior and He/She has preferences.
  • If you need clothes, be fine with cheap retail store clothing, wait for items that are on clearance, or visit second-hand stores.
  • Always search for coupons and discounts. For example if you need a medication but don’t have insurance, did you know there are discount programs (at least in the U.S.)? They especially help you save on the generic versions of any prescriptions.
  • When it comes to things like music, movies, video games… those aren’t things you need or deserve, loser.
  • When it comes to buying gifts such as for upcoming Christmas, look for the deals and sales – and always make sure that the most expensive gift you buy is a gift for your Superior. Isn’t it right that He/She get a better gift from you than what you buy your own loved ones? I know your pathetic dick gets hard at that thought.
  • A bigger purchase might be allowed in the short-term if it allows you to have more money for your Superior long-term. For example, items that help save on the energy bill. A bitchass like you should be ready to commit to this for the long haul.
  • Another example of that is perhaps buying home gym equipment if you regularly go to the gym … equipment that should be bought used from places such as Craigslist.¬†One can also consider simply using bodyweight and minimal equipment such as a pull up bar. I hate to say skip this stuff altogether when I also do a lot of musclemesmerizer hypnosis, but one can at the very least choose a cheap gym. It’s not like a loser like you needs nice amenities.¬†(If you’re lucky enough to have this through work, ignore this.)
  • Don’t forget that as you learn to live on your lower budget, that means any extra cash from tax refunds, work bonuses, lottery/sweepstakes winnings, inheritances, etc. should automatically go to those that are Superior.

And consider these questions:

  • What items do you have that you don’t need and could sell yourself on Craigslist?
  • Are you able to forgo a car and walk, bike, or use public transportation for cheaper?
  • Do you really need as much space as you have, or can you downgrade to a smaller place that’d be cheaper?
  • Any costly habits you could work on giving up, or substituting (i.e. making own coffee versus a chain, or quitting smoking)¬†so that you can better support your Superior?
  • Could you do something to earn extra money such as a second job, or utilizing a skill/talent you can make some cash doing on the side of your primary job?

Remember that it then doesn’t matter how your Superior spends the money that is rightfully His/Hers simply for being Superior. It could go towards bills, groceries, loans, vacations, gifts for others, new clothes, jewelry, a new car, going out with friends, going on dates, enjoying the amenities of the best gym around, video games, whatever the hell We want or need, even savings. Deep down, though, you know that money is better off in Our hands… that it was meant to be earned through hard work by a loser like you just so you could give it away to somebody more worthy of having it, such as Master Josh. f

Last, but not least, if you’re just handing out money to whoever happens to be online, stop and consider if that person is really worth it. Your money should be going to a true Superior. Those that have listened to my hypnosis know I am simply due to my skill and power over them, and spending a bit on training with Master Josh is definitely allowed – so give my hypnosis a listen for yourself.

Then after you’ve properly saved and budgeted… and even if you haven’t and simply are adding to your debt… you can go ahead and click here to go send a nice big TRIBUTE. Remember… it’s okay to give in ūüėČ




Why Do You Think You Can Resist? Give In – #financialdomination #hypnosis #financialfetish

A great number of my subs are what I call recurring subs… those guys that only hit you up once in a while. Some are always in the scene, simply making the rounds… but others legitimately try to make a break for it. Yet, they always come back. One of my newer regulars on Niteflirt ended up deactivating his profile…. he only lasted about a week before he was back.

Why fight what you know you will keep coming back to? Give in. This is what gives you pleasure. Perhaps that pleasure is tied into perverse humiliation, but you know it makes that cock so hard. Give in. You know deep down that you need to serve those are Superior. Give in. You know deep down that a Superior like Master Josh is far more worthy of your cash than you are.

And that thrill of giving to such a Superior… it just feels so right. Yet another sub just hit me up, originally with the thought of asking if he could send $20 (for the record, no one ever needs to ask me … just pay, pay, pay to your pig heart’s desire ). That soon became $75 … with chat of also hiring me for a custom file for which he’s willing to pay a higher than average price. I always take more, because I know that cash is far better off in my hands than yours.

Deep down, you know it too…¬†and that’s okay. You can go ahead and stop resisting. Just let that resistance fade away, and give in. Give in to what I want…. knowing that because my pleasure is your pleasure… it’s also what you want. Give in to what you want… which you know deep down is to pay your hypnotic cashmaster, Master Josh …

Stop fighting it… because you know even if you try, you’ll be back… so why even try. Just give in.


Milking the #cashcow #ATM into #Debt – #financialdomination

Another hot text session with an ATM …

stroke along if you’d like too, but be warned you may head into trance… just click read more if you’re so ready to relax… and be molded by my words…. molded into such a cashslave ATM…. addicted to debt for the benefit of measure

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