#Wishlist Wed. – #CashMaster Making Gains – plus #payslave reminder – #financialdomination

In an effort to keep transforming my body from cub to musclebear, I’m relying on all of you to help.

Helping with that are a couple of gifts from my wishlist courtesy of My subs – casein powder and a supergreens formula. Perfect additions to my regimen.



Though I’m going to be gone the first full week in October, I’ll be working up right up to then – and then getting right back into it once I’m back from vacation.

Up until vacation, my priority has been and will be fat loss… but I’m switching back to muscle growth when I return. Can’t wait to get these muscles growing stronger and bigger!

Help Master focus on growing his muscle by sending Me that cash that allows Me to remain focused on my goals. After all, your tributes make us both hard – and also give Me time to make my muscles hard.

PAYSLAVES: Also don’t forget we’re at the end of the month. If you haven’t yet paid one of my bills or expenses, do so now! New month starts tomorrow.

Let’s Keep These #Tributes Cumming – #financialdomination #cashslave

CashMaster Josh has enjoyed making some good cash today, milking and draining those wallets. Along the way My dick has been nice and hard from your cashslave and paypig contributions … but there’s no reason for it to stop. Let’s keep this going, losers.

HS tributes 09292015

#ATMs Pay $25 Now – #humanATM #cashslave #financialdomination


Leave your conscious mind behind.
Let go to the programming.
Lose all your inhibitions.


Submit to the pleasure.
Surrender to the desire.
Serve your Master.


Please Master Josh.
Provide for your Superior.
Pay Master Josh.


Open your mind.
Optimize the pleasure.
Obey the trigger.



#CashMaster Has An Offer for #PayPigs #CashSlaves & #HumanATMS – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I’ve been a bit distracted lately. Between searching for apartments, prepping my car for a lease trade-in, and planning some travels (head’s up – I’ll be largely unavailable Oct. 2nd thru 11th as I visit family and friends), I’ve found it hard to get in the writing zone for this blog. Which spurred on the thought that more of you should be helping Me with the blog. I know at least a few of you have already done so simply because you know it is right for you to serve a Superior like Me … but perhaps more of you would contribute with a little incentive.

That’s why I’m offering up to 3 “free” files in exchange for content – guest blog entries, stories, GIFs, and other great content for the blog. You can check it all out and get ideas for posts on the new Special Offers page. Some of it overlaps with being able to earn slave obedience badges as detailed on the slightly revised Submit page.

Of course, all this stress over so many financial aspects lining up at once could be relieved in a much preferred way – you can keep on sending that cash so that my savings stay right where they are, as all you moneypigs and cashslaves cover the costs of my deposits, travels, and new furniture. You’ve been so great to Me this year… let’s make this last quarter the best one yet, my loyal inferiors and wor$hippers.

Do what you know deep down is the right thing to do… TRIBUTE MASTER JOSH NOW.

Poor #CashSlaves Welcome – #financialdomination #paypigs #humanATM #cashmaster #cashdom

Now, I’ve spoken multiple times on how My time should be compensated. I get so many people hitting Me up to chat, from jocks to slaves to humanATMs to My buds, that I don’t always have time for it all. I have so much more work to do to provide great content for all of you.

Though sometimes I might get short on chat if I’m busy and nothing is being provided to make it worth my time ($$), I’ve also indicated I welcome questions and such too. And really, there’s a part of Me that’s glad that I have fans even if not all of them are giving Me as much cash as I’d prefer. I’m glad you are getting off on this blog and have enjoyed My free files.

Because some day, you just might have that cash. Be it a better job or that dream of winning a lottery or sweepstakes, you might end up in a situation where you can more fully indulge in your desires. And I know that you know that it’s only right that I am the one that should benefit from any winnings or financial windfalls you might have.

It’s why two of My free files are right along those lines … the “No Income” for those in college to be molded to pay once they get a job, and “Extra Income” for those that know any extra cash coming your way was actually meant for Me. For deep down, you know I am the one worthy of that cash … it’s what we both deserve…. Me living in comfort…. and you sacrificing for your Superior.

So, maybe you hit Me up and I say I’m too busy. I am. The next couple months especially as I prep for another move and deal with some other things. But know that I still am so glad you are being molded by My words – in the files, and on this blog. Because maybe someday it will pay off for us both.

#Wishlist Wed. – #CashMaster Shreddin’ Cash – #financialdomination


You think I need your cash, fag?

I don’t need your stinkin’ money!

Fuck you and your cash.

I’m shredding it all.

Of course, the above is a joke… I’m far too greedy to ever shred cash. You know how many things I can buy with cash? Of course, that’s the point… what *I* can buy, because what I want comes before what you need.

Yet, you can still enjoy the thrill of shopping and buy things – so long as you’re doing it for Me, loser. Shop my wishlist and discover what a thrill it is to spend your cash on what someone else wants or needs.

Loser Barry knows. He bought Me this paper shredder which will come in quite handy in helping to keep my information secure from desperate lowlife fags.


To Pay Master Josh is Pleasure – Tribute Here.


#ATMS PAY $15 NOW – #humanATM #findom #moneyslave #D/s


You want to give in to the pleasure.
You need to give in to the trigger.
You will give in to My hypnotic power.


You desire to be My humanATM.
You crave being used as My ATM.
You will be used as you pay Me now.


My words grow stronger and stronger over you.
Your urges grow stronger and stronger inside of you.
The trigger grows more and more powerful over your mind.


No need to think. Just give in. You want it. You need it.
Focus on the pleasure. You desire it. You crave it.
My words, your urges, the trigger – all command you to PAY NOW.


Give Gratitude for Your Superior #CashMaster – #financialdomination

Hey Faggot, it’s World Gratitude Day.

I could talk about how I’m grateful for your loyalty, or for the comfort your cash provides Me.

But I’d rather talk about how you should be grateful that you get the chance to worship Me.

There aren’t many blogs like this out there – certainly not ones letting you stroke away for free, so often, with multiple updates a week. Be grateful for what I provide, loser.

There’s not a lot of male financial dominants that do hypnosis… and even with both genders, many financial ones do not provide ANY free samples. Yet, I have. And even the pay ones are just… so… hot… aren’t they my humanATMs? Be grateful, homo.

Those that listen to my hypnosis have discovered My dominating power over them as I grow that need deep inside to serve Me … and give you so much pleasure in serving Me along the way. Be grateful for that pleasure, pay pigs and cashslaves. And cashfags, you can be grateful that My verbal skill has the ability to put you down in your place. Be grateful for that, faggot.

Show your gratitude to CashMaster Josh and pay tribute now!


I Want to Take You Deeper Under My Power – #financialdomination

I am pretty good at keeping my hypnosis aspects separate. If you are into muscle, you don’t have to worry about hidden suggestions to be my cashslave (a few, mainly those that started out as a Niteflirt pay-per-calls, contain a light suggestion to tip if one would like, but nothing strong on the financial side). If you are into the financial, I don’t put in suggestions to work out in the humanATM, payslave or cashfag files. There are a few that combine both, as there are a few subs into both that have even paid for custom files – for example the jockslave faggot tax and fagmeat to be used, but the descriptions make it clear what it’s about – just as this site is clearly about financial domination.

Of course, since many of my subs do listen to hypnosis for more than one area, I use common hypno techniques and triggers throughout the file – as well as some that are simply common throughout hypnosis in general as well. So even if you’re main interest is muscle, you should not really browse this blog if it’s not an actual interest. (And you know who you are that inspired this post 😉 ).

Seriously, turn back now if that isn’t you…

Because, I want to take all those that are into this financial fetish DEEPER under My power. I want those that are reading this to LET GO to me … to just SURRENDER your…. and your money. I want you to feel your cock getting hard as you read My words and think about how good it would feel to PAY ME NOW. There is a need deep down inside of you to SERVE a Superior man… a craving deep down inside of you to SUBMIT to the natural order of this world… to accept that you are here to PLEASE MASTER JOSH and make My life better as you hand me all that green. And if you’ve listened to my findom files repeatedly, even this text starts to have a strong effect on you and your loser dick. For your cashdom Master Josh knows how to get DEEP insider of you as you GIVE IN to the pleasure of my words.  All you have to do is OBEY… obey as you listen to the files… obey any triggers that are installed…. obey your own inner submissive desires to serve and please Me… and OBEY AS YOU PAY ME NOW.  I know that cock just twitched at the thought… might as well FOCUS on that pleasure and OBEY what your penis is telling you to do. I know My dick will get so hard as I drain you of more cash and feel My power growing over you each time you read… each time you listen… and especially each time you PAY.

Talk Like a Pirate: Arrr, Yer Loot Be Mine t’ Take – #financialdomination

Ahoy thar inferior lubbers, today be Talk Like a Pirate Day. In t’ spirit o’ t’ day, I’d like t’ talk with ye about how Financial Dominants be like pirates. You see, We’re not afraid t’ hornswaggle and conquer ye squiffy losers. Some might use force, others manipulation … I o’ course mostly use me hypnosis t’ plunder yer mind. Whatever Our methods, We be after yer treaaye. Yer booty. Yer doubloons.

Arrrr, We want t’ remind all ye scallywags that ye be inferior and weak. Ye smell like ya been swimmin’ in the bigle, ye parrot-loving, mutinous rogue! Enough wit’ yer bilge, ye sorry, black-spotted nattering wretch! Ye scurvy dogs need t’ be reminded that all yer coffers be Ours for t’ takin’. If ye don’t want t’ walk t’ plank, then ye be compliant as We rape yer wallets and take all yer loot. Or I’ll skewer yer gizzard, ye salty sea bass! Oblige or I’ll rip an’ burn yer Jolly Roger, ye pox-faced kraken!

Avast! Now say “Aye Aye Captain Josh” as ye submit yer mind t’ Me Superior power ‘n give in as ye pay Me wit’ lots o’ doubloons.


Great Week for #CashMaster – #financialdomination #moneyslave #paypig #cashfag

This might still go up by the time it switches over Saturday evening, but it’s been a great week.
HypnoSuperior 152Percent 09182015

In fact, I’ve been reviewing things as I’m likely moving to a new apartment soon and also have  car lease coming up, both costs that you moneyslaves and cashfags all will be helping with, for I deserve to have it all paid for by inferiors like you. And given how the year started less than productive, with an unexpected move and other stress to deal with, I honestly wasn’t sure what I could afford on the apartment front… but after reviewing it all, I upped the price range I was looking for to get something nicer and realized that this year is on track to be better than last year. That’s thanks to many of you cashslaves and humanATMs … though, of course, it’s more appropriate you thank Me for the honor of being used by a true Superior. After all, paying Me gives you so much pleasure – for to pay Master Josh is pleasure.

Be a good pay pig and make this percentage higher by paying a nice tribute now.

#Wishlist Wed. – #CashMaster Gettin’ Strong – #financialdomination

Another gift card purchase, this was one of the items I bought during Amazon Prime’s “Black Friday in July” sale.  It’s fucking amazing getting to shop an event like that and not worry about spending My own cash.


This Power Press push-up training system will be a valuable tool in helping your CashMaster to keep getting stronger. Also valuable? Your cash, so that I can spend more time on My body and less having to work. Use it to buy Me an item from the wishlist, or better yet, get us both hard as you send Me My favorite gift of all, cash.