#Inferiors Should Buy for #CashMaster , not Self – Black Friday #FinancialDomination

This time of year is all about the shopping – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and finding those deals for the holidays. Of course, a bunch of it is hype, with many items available for cheaper during better sales at different times of years. But if you can find a great deal for a gift you need to get – great, more cash for Me.

Yet if you are shopping the deals for yourself… really, fag? You think that is where your money is best spent? We both know that you don’t deserve that TV, no matter how discounted. We both know that you don’t need that awesome gadget, no matter how long you’d have to wait in line to get it. What you do need is to be reminded of your place.

Instead of buying something for yourself, remember that you are an inferior that needs constantly put in his place – and buy ME something instead.

Thanksgiving: #CashMaster Wants to Gobble Up #Cashfag Funds

Gobble, gobble, it’s Turkey day in the U.S. Otherwise known as Thanksgiving. But it’s that gobble gobble that often consumes us. We should be giving thanks, but we gobble down the food… gobble down the football games on TV … gobble down the shopping that is now spreading from Black Friday into the holiday. Right or wrong, people are just gobbling up more and more.

But not, you fag. Sure, enjoy some family time… but you don’t deserve to gobble it all. You should be thankful that you are getting to gobble even the smallest amounts, loser. Because a day like today is a day to remember who does deserve to gobble it all up – Superiors like Me, Master Josh, the Financial Domination Stud. And I want to gobble up all your cash.


#Wishlist Wed: Communicating with #Cashslaves & #PayPigs Better – #findom #financialdomination

Between my lack of voice and holiday travels, I haven’t actually had a chance to test out the quality of this new headset. I actually had a different, cheaper headset on My wishlist … but shawnsgslave was definitely up for getting me a better one, despite the higher cost.

And the thing is, I didn’t even need this per se… but having broke a previous headset, I really liked the idea of having a spare around so that if another one broke, I wouldn’t be set back for any sessions but instead be ready to go with the spare. Can’t wait to try them out as I hypnotize and financially dominate you losers. 


If anyone has any recommendations for a wireless set, I really should get one of those as well. And I know you all are thrilled to get things that not only make My life better, but also help Me to drain you of more cash – because you know that is what We both want.

Don’t forget to check out my wishlist yourself – or send that amazing gift of green that gives us both pleasure. 

And if you missed it, be sure to check out my last post about all the new affirmations I have for sale for chastity, slaves, small cock losers, cashfags, humanATMs, financial ruin and more.

New Training Files for #cashfags #humanATMs #slaves #chastity #findom #humiliation #more

Ever have one of those days? Even Superiors like Me have them… I’m on day 5 of a sore throat (which has meant lines off more than intended), although that did give me catch up with editing. Only to have some issues uploading (still waiting on word from one site, but they appear to finally be up on Niteflirt). Due to some of these unforeseen struggles, I might not get these posted to the recordings page or other sites until after the holiday … but I just had to share it with My fans here. So what do I have for you this holiday week? AFFIRMATIONS.

Yes, affirmations. Though that word probably makes people think new-age positivity, it actually means speaking the truth. And whether the truth is that you are a loser faggot or have a small cock or need to be financially ruined, it is good to hear these things and even to say them out loud. You’ll get both me driving the truth into your mind as well as the chance to repeat after me in these extended mantras.

What you won’t get is hypnosis … these are not to take you deep, but rather a different form of programming using repetition. Which means, unlike my other files, you can listen to these ones during your commute and other activities. I do use my usual music as the background for those that like it, but at a lower volume to help prevent unintentional trance. In case the music is a trigger, there’s also a version without music. And just as a bonus, there’s one additional short “I am” file …. (“I am a slave,” “I am a humanATM,” etc.). All of these have the potential to be looped and repeated over and over.

I hope to make more of these in the future, so be sure to leave that 5-star feedback to encourage me that you like these, and/or send me a message with your ideas for affirmations. Go ahead, and check them all out – including 30 to 60 second audio previews – below:

Trains you to be My HumanATM.

Trains you to be My CashFag.

Trains you to accept that you deserve financial ruin, and that I deserve to benefit from your ruin.

Reminds you that you are a loser faggot that is inferior to Master Josh. Also available as a version that removes “Master Josh” and is more general available for $10.99CLICK HERE TO BUY 10.99 VERSION!

Trains you to be a slave. Not gender or orientation specific, and not specific to Me.

Trains you to be a cumdump. Not gender specific for listener or to Me; makes you crave having those holes open wide for men’s cocks.

Trains you to accept that you need to be locked in chastity and obedient to your keyholder. Some allowance for virtual keyholder if you do self-chastity. For male listeners of any orientation; recording is not specific to Me.

Reminds you that you are a small cock loser and that since you can’t please others sexually, you should please them in other ways. For male listeners of any orientation; recording is not specific to Me.

Contact me if you have issues, and enjoy, losers!

#ATMS PAY $10 NOW – #humanATM #cashslave #financialdomination

HumanATMS … some of you come and go. Those that have been most consistent, don’t always respond to this file/trigger but instead do individual sessions with me via text or voice, programming them further and deeper. I welcome your ideas to make being my ATM more exciting, and encourage those interested to listen to the file repeatedly – because it is in repetition, speaking on that deep subconscious desire, that one truly begins to change and be programmed as MY automated teller machine.

And yet, as I say ATMS PAY $10 NOW … I know those that have listened are feeling stirred, because you know deep down that is cash I deserve as your Superior. I know deep down you know that you should budget and sacrifice like the inferior you are, living on less so that I can live on more.

Whether you listened last night or two years ago, I know that programming is still there deep in your subconscious…. clinging to your desires to serve Me…. knowing that I am most worthy of that cash because only I can make you feel so good to pay Me, even when I use you as my personal ATM.

I know that it feels so right to see those words that I have left for you right on this blog… right on your screen. ATMS PAY $10 NOW. For you know you want to respond … you know you need to respond … that programming is just too strong.  The suggestions are in you, taking over even more as you read this… compelling you to obey …. compelling you to pay.

And even those of you that have never listened are beginning to sense My power… the power I have over weak fag minds like yours …. the power I have over inferior losers like you…. you find yourself craving to serve a real Superior man like Me… needing to help make My life better, as I deserve.

All of you realizing that the desire has been building even as you’ve read this post… stirring your cock at the thought of paying Me just $10 … surely any of you reading this can afford that…. and surely so many of you would love to pay even more. For you know deep down that I, Master Josh, always deserve more.

Go ahead, cashslaves and paypigs. Serve alongside my HumanATMs and tribute Me now. ATMS PAY $10 NOW!

#Wishlist Wed.: #CashSlave Helping #CashMaster Get Fit – #Findom

ShawnSGSlave – who recently earned a Gift Card Warrior badge – also started on his way to earning a Gift Giver badge by sending me the first 3 of 5 gifts needed. The first product? Another DVD set for me to try – and so far I’m enjoying this one. Body Beast is still my fave, but this is still ahead of RIPT90 and P90X for what I’ve tried.

Georges does all the workouts as well, while his trainer & program designer makes a good coach. Some moves  are a bit advanced, so it’s wise to check out to the features on moves before hitting play on the workout. Yet, I’m definitely breaking a sweat &  hoping I can maintain through the holidays. Speaking of which, I’ll have limited online access next week, but will try to be on as I can. The folks have Wi-Fi now, so just a matter of if I’ll have any privacy 😉  

The best part of course is getting something I wanted without having to spend the $55 myself – that’s what all you are for, isn’t it losers?
I know Shawn is going to love seeing this post … Master with the present that the cashfag bought Me. And I know that deep down, so many of you moneyslaves and paypigs would enjoy the same thrill. Click here to shop Master’s wishlist – or send Me the best gift of all, that nice green cash.

Getting Off on #Obedience – #hypno for #financialdomination

The amount to control someone is always a tough area for Me, because I’m lazy. I want to get the most amount of money out of you with the least amount of work. And the work that I do, is going to be the work that I want to do … like making new hypnosis files. Yet, because I do hypnosis, I get hit up by people all the time that want to be controlled. The problem is, most aren’t willing to pay me enough to make me interested in giving them the level of control they seek. I’m always open for ideas on how to better control a mass group of subs at once… and yet each sub has their individual turn-ons. Two subs might both enjoy being called a fag – but one also enjoys a small dick, and another is thrown off by it because his is anything but (yes, I’ve had such a fag give such feedback).

And yet, when I do see someone obeying… I can’t help but get off on the power. When someone goes deep when I tell them to go deep, it’s a rush. When someone pays when I tell them to pay, it’s arousing. I might not enjoy the total everyday control… but I love the feeling that I can control inferior men by simply taking them into a trance.

Maybe some day I’ll figure out easier and better ways to control more of you inferiors… for now, I hope many of you keep trying the hypnosis…. keeping in mind that the repetition of having your subconscious mind listen on a regular basis is what truly gets you programmed to obey.

And for any of you who feel that need deep down to send Me some green, you may do so here.


#CashFags & Loser Faggot #CashSlaves – Why Pay #FagTax ?

I’d love to hear from some of you inferior loser faggots… what is the appeal to you of paying taxes?

From my perspective… you are so inferior that you deserve to be taxed at a higher rate than others. And CashMasters like Me are Superior enough that We deserve to benefit from those taxes.

Yet, I’ve never felt like a faggot loser… so I wonder if there is more to the mindset? Your responses may help with a new (long overdue) file or two I’m working on 😉 For I really want to get into those weak faggot minds and be the one that can drain you of all thoughts and resistance… in order to drain you of all that cash.


Wishlist Wed. – #CashMaster Wants His Shows, #CashSlaves & #PayPigs Pay For Them – #findom

Last week, I mentioned a great example of using your gift cards on what I want would be highlighted this week. Well, here it is. Since moving this past winter, I haven’t had cable. That might change when I finally get to my own place (either late this year or early next year depending on the waiting list). This summer, though … with so much in repeats…  it was a great time to keep up or catch up on shows. This also gives you some insight into my tastes, for those that enjoy learning such things. I could have waited for some of these to be on Netflix, which I’m sure I’ll eventually get… and probably would have for at least 3 of these if I was trying to watch My money. But it wasn’t My money. It was yours, in the form of gift cards. Just sitting there, for Me to use however the fuck I wanted.

And even though it might have been wiser to spend them on something with more lasting power (I’m not the type to watch shows over and over), I wanted to watch these shows. Shows that I had watched when I did had cable, and wanted to keep up on as soon as possible so that I didn’t have too much spoiled for Me (avoiding those spoilers is also why I’m currently using the money I’ve drained from you to try out Sling so I can keep up on Walking Dead). I love that I’ve been able to get protein powders, workout DVDs, and fitness equipment from you all… but sometimes it’s good to take a break from the hypnosis and from the walletraping, to relax myself.

And it’s so much better getting to do so because of the comfort you provide Me. I know  all true inferiors agree with Me on that… so why don’t you keep giving Me that comfort with a nice gift card…. or even better, a big tribute.

#ATMS PAY $25 NOW – #humanATM #findom #financialdomination

It feels so good to accept your place as my HumanATM.
Programmed to obey. Programmed to pay.
It feels so right to serve your one true Superior.
Existing to serve. Existing to please.
It feels so good to make My life better.
Paying my bills. Assuming my debts.
It feels so right to complete the transaction.
Dispensing cash now. Dispensing to Master Josh.


#HumanATMs #CashFags Earn Badges, #PoppersFag #CashRape – #findom #financialdomination

One of my longest serving ATMs has recently crossed the $1000 mark for profits earned for Master Josh. Though others crossed that mark sooner, the consistent loyalty of PierreSlave is always appreciated. He  gets that even sending $20 here and there, as one can, is capable of giving us both great pleasure, and more subs should follow in his example.

Also, I realized that MasterEriksSlave had crossed the $500 total mark as well. This is the sub I train for Master Erik, but he always tips (with Master Erik’s permission) and I always encourage him to serve his one true God well, Master Erik in this case, as I act as a trainer. Though I love those that worship Me as well, other Masters that have subs into hypnosis would be wise to consider Me as a training option. Just make sure your slaves are willing to pay for a call, and I can help them feel more ready to worship and pay You.

I also had a nice little start to my morning thanks to KinkPoppersSlave – now over the $3500 mark – and I look forward to continuing this all week … hope your wallets are preparing to open for Me 😉
HS PoppersSlave 11082015

You can add to my weekly total here.


#CashMaster Loves When #PayPigs #CashSlaves #HumanATMS Addicted

Tuesday even, I got a call from a sub who has a boyfriend… he told me how he couldn’t wait until his boyfriend left so that he could call Me. Our calls are often short and the amounts vary, but this past time was a quick $60 plus the call for Me. I loved getting paid by him, but it was even hotter to hear him tell Me that he couldn’t wait to call Me.

My current #1 humanATM (what big spenders are going to challenge him for that spot?) also is addicted to Me. We had a couple false starts this week as we’d catch each other too late at night. But Wednesday we were able to have a nice session earlier in the day…. scoring Me $200. I love using his addiction to paying Me for my own gain and benefit, and he loves that I use him… for that is his addiction.

In fact, he was so addicted, that he came back that night for another $200 session… $400 before fees for Master Josh. And my brainwashedATM, I know that felt so good for you.

I know some of you would love to become addicted to Me too. Go ahead… give my hypnosis a try.  Then be a good paypig and add to my weekly total here.

HS Tributes 11042015