Busy – Custom #Hypnosis & More #FinancialDomination

I try to keep up to date here pretty regularly but admit sometimes a couple more days go back then I’d like, but that is life. One of the things keeping me busy this time was a custom file. I now try to make custom files unique with names or other requests, but usually edit down a version I can also sell – might as well maximize profits, right? But this is one I will not be uploading.

You see, some of you have unique desires. I might not understand them always, but I get it and don’t judge. (At least not until the memoir but hey complete anonymity if that ever happens 😉 ). I partially kid there… but really, I’m open to do most things so long as I am paid, it’s what you want, you aren’t harming others, and you seem to understand the consequences.

So, I won’t make files for someone else you want to be a certain way, and I won’t make files that encourage you to drink & drive, or increase murderous tendencies. Um, seek some help. But if you have a really odd fetish you’ve been afraid to tell someone, you can share with me. And though I recommend trying the free files first to make sure you respond to my hypnosis, for a couple hundred we could get you a custom file just for you 😉

My Addictive #Hypnosis – #MindFuck for #FinancialDomination

From Hypno$lave Dave after listening to my #hypnosis for #findom

“$weet ca$h ever flowing Your way a$ it $hould, plea$ing You and thanking You for all the hard work You put into tho$e file$, making my need$ of $erving You grow more and more. fuck, i only wanted to watch that football match, and now i ended up under Your $uperior mind control”

What will your response be when you allow my words to sink ever deeper into your mind? LISTEN NOW, TRIBUTE SOON.

Celebrate the #Birthday of #Master Josh Your #Superior – #FinancialDomination

Thanks to those who have already sent money and gifts! Of course, some of you did not have a choice. But I still appreciate all my loyal subjects be they jockslaves, cashfags, ATMs, or anything else.

Some Masters might not say thanks – that is a Master’s right. And some of you don’t need a thanks. But, even when I get a sub deep down and truly feel My Power over him, I can’t help but express some gratitude. It’s just how this Midwestern boy turned Sir was raised.

If you have yet to help me celebrate, it’s not too late – you can still send a tribute! I love all the pleasure of cash and gifts that my birthday brings. And as my pleasure is your pleasure, you should love always giving me gifts or money, whether it’s my birthday or not – the birthday just means you give a bit more and feel a bit more pleasure to honor me on my special day.

Let’s keep this party going – if you haven’t already (or if you have but still have some extra money), send some more pleasure my way! You could also pledge yourself to take care of one of my bills (there’s a file for it, but even non-hypnosis subs are welcome to help provide for me), or spend some money on my hypnosis files and treat us both!



Master Josh is accessing his ATMs for the maximum daily amount allowed per the rules on the ATM page. ATMS must provide convenience for Master Josh. ATMS must obey. It is Master Josh’s birthday and he is accessing his ATMS for birthday money.

The machine takes over. You must obey. You must pay. If not now, as soon as possible. And yet the more you listen to my file, the more automatic it is. You will pay.

ATMS PAY $100 NOW and feel so right to have obeyed on Master’s birthday. All others that aren’t ATMS are also welcome to pay TRIBUTE on this special day as your Master, your God, your Superior turns another year older and more Superior.

#Inferior #Faggot #Cashslaves Read This #FinancialDomination

This is a reminder for those of you that are fags.

You are a lowly piece of shit.

You are not worthy of your money.

You were born to be used by Superiors.

You are a disgusting little cunt.

You deserve to suffer and sacrifice for MY benefit.

You deserve to be put down in your place.

You are a fucking pathetic bitch.

You are meant to work hard to provide for Superiors.

Your faggot ass works hard to provide for Master Josh.

Any time you tribute me, you show me that you know this to be true.

That you are an inferior faggot. That I am the Superior most deserving of your cash.

Show that you know your place fag. TRIBUTE NOW.

#Hypnosis #MP3 Spotlight: #Worship Your #God – #FinancialDomination

An erotic session to stroke along too, Wor$hip is one of those files for inferiors that like to view their Master not just as Superior, but as a God. It plays heavily on religious themes, from the idea that you are listening to a sermon to getting to worship at my altar.

So go ahead, and have a listen for your Lord as you are reminded of how good it is to fall to your knees, worship & praise Master Josh, and tribute & provide for your Superior God.

Currently available for $22.99, you can listen to a preview below and if you enjoy it, be sure to purchase it here like the good inferior you are.

Reminder for #cashslave #moneypig #cashfag #paypig #inferiors – serve your #Superior – #FinancialDomination

Deep down, you know you exist to serve a Superior.
Deep down, you know you exist to please a Superior.
Deep down, you know you exist to be used by a Superior.
Deep down, you know you are inferior to men that are Superior.

And you love knowing that I am Superior.

My words remind you of it.
My voice reminds you of it.
Putting you in your place.
Putting you below me.

And yet you are so happy to be there.

Knowing that I deserve the best life possible.
Knowing that it is your responsibility to ensure I get it.
Knowing that you are filled with pleasure whenever you please me.
For my pleasure is your please.

And I am  most pleased when inferiors like you send me cash.

You find that desire to buy me gifts growing.
You find that desire to serve as my ATM or my billslave growing.
You find that desire to adjust your budget and live on less growing.
You find that desire to give me all that extra money growing.

Go ahead, moneyslave, paypigs, cashfags, & other inferiors – TRIBUTE.

What #Hypnosis #Files Do You Want? #Slaves #Pigs #Jocks #FinancialDomination – plus fixed link.

I was informed that my Amazon link in my birthday post had an extra space in it making it not function. It is fixed and if you need a working one ahead of my birthday on July 24th, here it is.

I’m also getting to the point where I’m finally going to be writing some new scripts. I have plenty of ideas already, but am also reminding you all that you can submit your thoughts. I make no promises on if or when I might do a file, and anything too unique or that you want urgently is something you should save up for and pay to get a custom file. But if it’s something you’d like at some point down the road, I am definitely open to any and all ideas so long as they are compliant with NiteFlirt policies and do not have to do with therapy (I am not a hypnotherapist, I am a hypnotist).

So send in your ideas – be it for this site, or my other sites, erotic or standard, or some other crazy fantasy you have…. comment below if you wish. I’m going to start getting into writing mode next week.



The machine takes over. Must dispense cash to Master Josh. Doesn’t matter how, but must be now.  Easy to obey. Here to provide convenience. Exist as the Automated Teller Machine of Master Josh. Only Master Josh can access. ATM must pay now. ATM must complete transaction.

ATMS PAY $25 NOW.  Any other moneypigs or cashslaves welcome to tribute too, but ATMS must obey their programming.

Not my ATM but want to be? Read more here.

Updates for #NiteFlirt #Hypnosis & More – #FinancialDomination

I’ve managed to remake the goody bags for most of my hypnosis mp3s available on NiteFlirt. If you’ve purchased one before, please note that the mp3s are all the same, I just had to recreate in order add the thumbnail files which I realized are necessary to appear in NiteFlirt’s goodies listings.

This also meant updating my embed codes along all five sites I have that list NiteFlirt, of which only three I can mention here as they are my NF compliant ones: this one, FinDomStud; http://pigmesmerizer.com featuring hypnosis files for pigs, slaves, pups, and those into chastity; and http://jockmesmerizer.com for jocks, muscle, & dumbing down hypnosis mp3s. I’ve also added new testimonials to the two mesmerizer sites – be sure to check out all the rave reviews & glowing feedback!

So it’s small stuff, but has taken up some time to do all that as well as create the thumbnails. I’ve also kept NiteFlirt on as much as possible during these times to take calls and continue to provide some hot talk from my sexy Dominant voice. If you enjoy my voice, files, and/or these sites, send your worship tributes, fag taxes, and general contributions in and help a Master out 😉


#CashSlaves my Birthday is Coming Up – #FinancialDomination

Though those that work with me know that cash is my favorite, I do have quite the wishlist as well and given shipping time, it’s time to start thinking about my birthday which is July 24th. So get shopping!


I know it’ll feel so good to browse that list… thinking of just what you can get me… will you treat me just a little… maybe a nice gift card… or will you surprise me with a nice big score? It’s time to treat your God, your King, your Master to a nice birthday treat.

#Audio Previews Added #Niteflirt #EroticHypnosis #FinancialDomination #Mp3s #Hypnosis

I’m slowly working through updating different things, from recreating goody bags on Niteflirt so that they appear in the listings there to updating the raves/testimonials page.

One project that is now complete is that I have added audio previews to my hypnosis mp3s for sale.  I have not done this yet with the Niteflirt-compliant pigmesmerizer/jockmesmerizer sites so I do still have more work to do, but at least now those that visit this blog specifically can listen to 30-second previews of ATM trigger, billslave, financial ruin, mindless moneygiver, and so many other great standard training hypnosis mp3s as well as orgasm-building erotic hypnosis mp3s.

You can check most of them out on my hypnosis page!. And working on all this means less time for sessions but I’m still working to provide for you, if you value that please consider sending a tribute.