2015 Resolutions for #PayPigs #CashSlaves #CashFags #Slaves #Pigs

Tomorrow I will post about my resolutions, but here are some suggestions for you ahead of the New Year tomorrow:

1) Tribute more to your CashMasters & CashGods – you can start here
2) Buy more gifts for your CashMasters & CashGods – you can start here
3) Go deeper than ever. Even if you’ve never been hypnotized before, pick a free file that fits with your interests (or just my general file) and listen to each night until you realize that you’re able to stop overthinking it and just let go deep down into trance. You can start here.

1) Set an amount to tribute on a regular basis. It could be $1/day, $5/week, $50/month – perhaps something even more random. It doesn’t matter, just pick it and stick with it and do it at each interval from now until 12/31/2015.
2) Not good at keeping to schedules? Pick an amount instead to work up to. Do you want to give $5000 by the end of the year? You could go less or more, just pick an amount that excites you and keep track in a log each time you pay to your one true Superior, Master Josh. Consider my $14000 file.
3) Accept that being financially dominated is what you want, need, and derive pleasure from, even when you feel humiliated after. Don’t try to fight it any longer but give in and accept your fate, your destiny, to serve those that are Superior. Self-acceptance may be the best gift you can give yourself in 2015.

1) See how long you can go in chastity at the start of 2015 – try to beat any previous records.
2) Know someone with a cage or good with ropes? Take some vacation days from work and try for a new record in being bound or held captive.
3) Try a new fetish… perhaps one that has stirred that cock but scared you. You have a year to find a Master, Mistress, or other Dominant(s) willing to explore with you in person but don’t wait too long… go expand your limits (I have files that can help with this on my pigmesmerizer.com site).
4) Unless you have a Dom/me(s) that prefers you fat or as a skinny twink, start working out more and get into the best shape you can get in, knowing that fit fagmeat is likely to be more appealing to those that get into in-person scenes. Aside from the fagmeat file here, I also have more workout motivation at jockmesmerizer.com.
5) Find a way to give back more. For example, those of you with artistic talents could send me stories, artwork, etc. for use on my blogs or that I could use and make profit from elsewhere.

Just a reminder, I will be offline and offphone thru the first week in January… I’ll try to respond to e-mails as I can but no chat or Niteflirt for the time being due to the holidays. Still, I want to hear from you, so go ahead… pledge to make 2015 better. Comment or send me a message about your 2015 New Year’s Resolution, let me know if I have permission to include in a future post & how you’d like credited if so, and then send a nice little tribute as a promise of sticking to your resolution. Might as well transition from one year to the next in style. ūüėČ

Availability Reminder for #Niteflirt #Hypnosis #FinancialDomination Chat

If you don’t catch me within the next 24 hours – by sometime Sunday evening – I’ll be signing off through the first week of January and returning to normal sometime around the 8th or so.

Though my average earnings are bound to go down with my upcoming unavailability, at least they went up in great ways thanks to my ATMS, my hypnosis fans, and taking advantage of a cashfag or two and their weak little minds that simply need to pay. The one on the right is for TheMesmerizer profile – up 203% this last week (they reset on Saturdays) – while HypnoSuperior saw even more awesome results, up 319%. And this is just the Niteflirt stuff ūüėČ

HypnoSuperior 319Percent NF
TheMesmerizer 203Percent NF Goal

Though my travels will leave me lacking time, privacy, Internet, and a good cell signal, I will have some posts in queue and have big plans for when I return. Let’s keep this momentum going¬†pay pigs ūüėČ

New #Hypnosis #Mp3s for #Muscle

I have two new files up on Niteflirt and listed on my Niteflirt-compliant jock and muscle site, http://jockmesmerizer.com.

The first is a more mainstream file with an arousing bent as one feels their testosterone increasing. Though no guarantees it actual increases testosterone production, it should make those susceptible to my hypnosis much more pumped up to go work out! Listen to a preview below:

The other one is in the same vein but takes things into becoming more of a masculine, macho, beefy, brawny, hairy, bearded musclebear. This erotic stroke along file is a temporary transformation but also may leave¬†men feeling the urge to go push themselves during their next lifting sessions… as well as the desire to never shave unless required for a job. Listen to a short clip:

Both files are being introduced at my sale prices as my Holi-Anniversary Sale continues… $14.99 for Testosterone Motivator (would have been $19.99) and $19.99 for Into A Musclebear (would have been $24.99).

As for all my pay pigs and cashslaves, though I’ll be largely unavailable from now through the first week of January, I expect to be very productive after that and have some great new file ideas for ATMs, payslaves, fagtaxes, cash cows, and more. No promises on when I’ll get to them all but custom hires can speed up the process, or simply send in your ideas to HypnoSuperior or TheMesmerizer on Niteflirt (that’s all I can give here due to compliance).

I of course love muscles and can’t wait to build my own and all yours more in 2015, but I also am very much looking forward to mindfucking more of you further in the new year… whether I’m programming you as an obedient ATM that feels the pleasure whenever they pay and even go into debt, or helping you to give in to those desires to serve straight jocks like the cashfag you are, or otherwise perverting that mind and taking that cash… here’s hoping to a very good and profitable-for-me¬†new year.


It was a year ago that I celebrated my first holiday doing hypnosis and financial domination as my primary sources of income, and launched my second official hypnosis site. In honor of that, I’ve discounted prices across all the sites including the hypnosis here, at jockmesmerizer.com and at pigmesmerizer.com.

It’s the perfect time between Christmas today and all those 2015 New Year’s resolutions – keep your eye for some upcoming posts on mine and suggested resolutions for you. In the meantime, be you a hypnoslave, ATM, cashfag, slave-in-training, pig wanting to explore his fetish, wannabe jock, guy into chastity or pup play…. well, you get the idea, there’s a lot to choose from, both mainstream and erotic hypnosis mp3s, ON SALE NOW!

Of course fans of this site are reminded that discounted prices on files are no reason to skimp on those holiday tributes – congratulate me on my anniversary here.


#ATMS PAY $100 NOW – Xmas #FinDom Gift to #Cashmaster Josh


In the spirit of the season, Master is giving you through the end of 2014 to pay this amount. But ATMS MUST PAY $100.

And for some of you, the trigger becomes so automatic, so instant, ¬†that you simply will pay when you see those words ATMS PAY $100 NOW. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve just spent on Christmas gifts or that the bank is closed on a holiday. You must find a way to dispense that cash to me.

After all, it’s Christmas. And Master Josh deserves the wonderful gift of cash on Christmas. Not just because I asked for it. Because it is what I command and demand. Not just a small amount. The highest amount the ATM file allows for. So easy to just give in.


Even those of you that aren’t ATMs probably find your cock stirring at the thought of me asking for so much on Christmas. You want to give in too. For deep down it doesn’t matter if you have to skimp or go into debt when there’s so much more pleasure in making sure a Superior has a Christmas that is merry and bright.

And those that are ATMs… you find¬†the programming takes over. ATMS must pay $100 by the end of 2014. ATMS must pay $100 by the end of 2014.¬†ATMS must pay $100 by the end of 2014. You must pay. You will pay.

Go ahead, give in… and give so generously this holiday.


A #FinancialDomination Xmas Eve Poem #Master #Slave

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a louse
The dogslaves were nestled all snug in their cages,
While the cashfags had dreams of handing me wages.

When out on the lawn I heard a loud jingle
And peered out to see my fellow Sir, Master Kringle
The stump of a pipe was held firmly in fist,
And a reindeer tattoo sprung up from his wrist.

He was jacked yet had a gut, a true musclebear
Looking like a daddy with his beard and snow white hair
Beneath a leather jacket he wore one of his red latex suits
And the Dom kept his feet warm with shiny black boots

This Sir had trained hundreds of slaves the Old Guard way
Including the eight nude muscleslaves pulling his sleigh
Hundreds of young twinks made toys back at his workshop
And the disobedient mined coal Рor faced the crop

“Kris, my bud,” I asked. “It’s your busiest night.
Isn’t your schedule the tiniest bit tight?”
“Yes, Master Josh, but I come bringing cash.
For a good guy like you should add to his stash!”

“But have I been good, when I pervert so many minds?”
“Yet you bring your listeners pleasures of all kinds!
Plus you’ve made recruiting easier than ever
– I use your files to ensure my slaves obey forever!”

“I’m glad to help but don’t you have toys to distribute?”
“I do, Master Josh, but first, a thank you tribute!”
And with that, Master Kringle flew off into the sky
As I saw for the first time, a muscleslave fly!

My mind drifted off as I thought about Kris off finding recruits
He went to great lengths – even down chimneys and chutes!
Sometimes he’d find good boys wanting to help with the mission
Other times a bad boy that had started to feel contrition

I woke up later that night back¬†in my bed… had it all been a dream?
Thinking of those muscleslaves obeying,  I was ready to cream.
As I wrote it all down, I thought… I may very well be going to hell.
But my hypnosis does give pleasure – so perhaps best not to dwell.

I logged onto my computer and into each of my accounts
Thanks to slave tributes, they all were at higher amounts!
And just as I was ready to deem the whole experience imaginary,
I heard a distant yell, “May your holidays be¬†lucrative and merry!”







#CashSlaves – what to do with holiday bonus? Give to your #CashMaster #financialdomination

Yesterday I had  a sub write in on Niteflirt:

I got a $200 bonus at work. What your advice on what to do with it.

My response:
“Extra cash should always be given to your Superior.

After all, as you budget to live on your wages, you know what you can afford to live on Рand that is all an inferior needs, nothing more.

Since you don’t need it, you should remember¬†that your Cashmaster’s pleasure is your pleasure… since¬†buying things you don’t need would not give you pleasure, you should¬†give to to your Cashmaster, as that would bring you pleasure.

The one exception of something to buy could be more of my hypnosis files to help train that mind.

The rest can all be sent to Me as a tribute as you remember your inferior place and accept that I am your Superior

– Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior”

He proceeded to send $100 as tribute, and split the other $100 between a one-on-one hypnosis session and buying some hypno mp3s to further train him into such a good hypnoslave for me. All good pay pigs and cashfags could learn from his example.

Did you get a bonus at work this holiday? Send it to where it really belongs NOW.

Holidays – #PayPigs & #PaySlaves Pay More, Not Less – #financialfetish #findom

Yesterday I spoke about unexpected expenses – today let me speak of the expected expenses. For example, knowing you’ve spent (or will spend if a last-minute shopper) extra cash this time of year on presents for Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, or whatever you might exchange for… perhaps even someone’s birthday or a holiday wedding or cash to get into a New Year’s Eve party.

I understand that means cash is tight, but my philosophy on this has evolved as I have grown while exploring this scene … you can hear the difference in older versus newer files. Of course, sometimes I can’t shake the niceness that is me by nature… it’s just how I was raised… if I say, “Oh it’s okay, I know times are tight.” But deep down, and I need to get better at expressing this, I don’t care. Why should you having to spend more on others, mean spending less on your cashmaster at a time when he also is having to buy more for others? It shouldn’t. You should in fact be paying your cashmaster more at this time of year to make sure he can get nice presents, be it for himself or loved ones. And on top of that, you should be hitting up the wishlists and getting your cashmaster gifts as well… even if it means you’re adding to your debt.

After all, this is the time of year to be generous with one’s giving … and the fact that a Superior might give you even time at all, even if it’s just taking the time to write this blog that you read… that is far more than an inferior like you deserves. So go ahead (though I ask gifts come before 12/28) – hit up my wishlist if you still need to get me something nice for the holiday, it’s not too late… with gift cards very welcome too.¬† Of course, as I always say, my favorite gift of all is a nice tribute of CASH.

Unexpected Expenses #Cashmaster vs #Cashslave – #FinancialDomination

There’s no way around it – unexpected expenses are a bummer for anyone, no matter how much money you have. Be it your car starts having problems or a medical issue, it often can’t be avoided. Sometimes it’s something that we don’t really need, but can’t imagine being without, going on the fritz – a TV, for example. For me, the latest unexpected expense is my mini fridge in my room has just conked out and I’m torn between whether to get another one or not, especially when I am not sure if I might move again this year.

The main reasons for having such a fridge in my room? Laziness, greed, and not wanting to deal with my roommate’s many tricks. Laziness because it’s nice to not be wearing anything at times and able to grab something from the fridge. Greed because I’ve had too many sodas taken from the main fridge that my stupid roommate never replaces and it pisses me off (if any of you dominants are reading this and stop by, please note, my stuff is NOT for the taking for free. My roommate is into all that, but I’m not – what’s mine is mine). And while some of the guys I’ve met have been perfectly nice, there’s so many random guys in and out of here at times that are never announced to me prior… having my own space just was nice. I’d still need to go out for water sometimes anyways, but I could do it once to fill up glasses for my room that were then refrigerated, rather than multiple trips back and forth. There’s that laziness again.

Of course, part of the reason I spent money on fridge for my room (as well as microwave that thankfully is still working) is because I didn’t spend my money… I used gift card balances from what you¬†inferiors had sent me. And if I get a new one, as unnecessary as it is, I’d again be using your money. And that’s the difference between unexpected expenses for a cashmaster versus a cashslave – because a cashmaster like me has that comfort zone thanks to all his pay pigs and cashfags. I simply need to decide now if that’s what I want to use your money on, or save that money for other things I’d want.¬† (In the meantime, I have added one to my wishlist that I hope is more reliable – hard to find a compact fridge/freezer that doesn’t have a reputation for conking out after a year, and I welcome other suggestions as well¬†–¬†though delivery needs to be either before 12/28 or after 1/10/15).

And¬†another great thing is, I don’t need to use a credit card that will also have interest, because I have your money. Meanwhile, you inferior pay pigs are meant to keep paying your Cashmaster(s) even when times get tight for you. It doesn’t matter if you have to open new credit cards and end up with lots of debt with high interest rates. When that urge is in you to give, you don’t worry about if unexpected expenses will come up. And whereas to me it’s a bummer, an unexpected expense to you might be like, ‘Shit.’ But it doesn’t matter, because you exist to work hard, budget, sacrifice and suffer for those that are Superior.

Unexpected expenses suck… but you should be absorbing both the unexpected expenses of superior CashMasters and your own unexpected expenses without complaining, and without skimping. So, go ahead¬†pig¬†– send me something I want or need from my wishlist, or a nice gift card or some cash as tribute.

I Want #Money Lotta Money #FinancialDomination #Cashmaster #Greed

“Well, now give me money (That’s what I want)
A lotta money (that’s what I want)”

The lyrics to that song ring in my head often… the Beatles version especially, as I grew up listening to a lot of the oldies that my parents would play from when they were young. Some might think such a song is bad – not focusing on what’s really important in life to instead talk about greed in a gleeful way.

I think it’s awesome, because I love being greedy, and I think it’s great there’s a fun song to go along with my greed.

Go ahead, imagine me singing that. And realize that this cocky bastard’s greed is something you want to give in to as you go ahead and GIVE ME MONEY – A LOTTA MONEY.

#Wishlist Wednesday – Have you bought #CashMaster Josh a Gift Yet?

One of my early Christmas presents was this awesome Shark vacuum Рa present valued at a sum greater than $100. It comes courtesy of Loser B.

I’m not always able to get great photos (perhaps I need to add a better camera to the wishlist) but it’s a¬†sleek, masculine look great¬†for a¬†bachelor like me.

I still really haven’t gone thru the manual or anything, just used it once for spilled cereal though a sub did¬†use it once as part of a cleaning weekend – just the way it was¬†intended to be used. ūüėČ

I think it’s quite fitting to include the tree¬†as a reminder of what is coming up as well… have you bought me a Christmas gift yet?

Given that typical free shipping on Amazon can be around 8 business days, now is the time to buy me something if you want to ensure I get it as close to Christmas as possible.


I also will be traveling after Christmas into the New Year, so I ask that if you get me a physical gift from Amazon, you either do it now or wait until the second week of January. And though Christmas is what I celebrate with family, I’m open to any other holiday gifts subs would like to send as well. After all, I’m always a God compared to you.

You can visit my wishlist here and of course electronic gift cards can be sent at any time, as can my favorite gift of all – cash!

If I Won the Lottery – #FinancialDomination

If I won the lottery, I sometimes go back and forth on if I would continue this or not – but I usually lean towards yes, at least when it comes to hypnosis for different areas.

You see, I really do warping desires and mindfucking so many of you. And I love that even if I was in a position to absolutely not need the money… not that I’m desperate for it now, but to really be secure… it’s hot to think that you’d still send some of that money this way.

Now, I’d probably be less available for one on one, because I’d be too busy traveling the world and such. But I do think I’d still do this.

Now of course I can’t promote any lottery stuff here, but I will just generally comment that I love gifts such as scratch tickets. I mean, sure cash is better as you have that cash in hand – but sometimes it’s nice to think maybe, just maybe, that ticket in your hand could be worth more.

Especially when you feel as I do – Superior – and know that you deserve it. Especially when you know you belong in a life that is full of comfort and luxury. And frankly… I do.

Until that day comes, it’s up to all you cashslaves and paypigs to work hard for your CashGod and ensure I am living the life I am entitled to simply for being better than you.