Excerpt from #ATM #Hypnosis #FinancialDomination Session

Last night, I posted a bit of a conversation. This is a (slightly edited so that it could also apply to readers) excerpt from that session that took place towards the end of that conversation. However, I’m using the read more as it does contain triggers both for trance and for sending tributes, so read at your own risk. If you aren’t used to my hypnosis, it may not do much as there’s no induction – but if you have listened to the triggers… well, you know the power of My words. You will also see how I took what he had said in the conversation and incorporated it into the session. Always feel free to share your desires and fantasies with Me, My inferior pay pigs!

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An #ATM Feels Pleasure to #Tribute #CashMaster Josh – #financialdomination

The following text is a slightly edited (for readability & privacy reasons) excerpt from a recent conversation with an ATM, mostly ahead of a session (which I haven’t included here due to length, but maybe I’ll post some of that soon too 😉 ). But re-reading this, I thought it was kind of hot – and I bet a lot of you think so too. Though probably for different reasons 😉 For Me, it’s knowing how successful my hypnosis has been on him and how much pleasure he gets in paying his Superior. I’m sure he can’t wait to pay again, just as I’m sure many of you would love to be in his shoes.

hypnosuperior: hey, how is it going, ATM?
ATM K: pretty good
ATM K: i meant to tell you, i had another bizarre dream
ATM K: i heard people talking in my bedroom
hypnosuperior: yeah?
ATM K: one voice said, “Brainwashing completed, program successfully installed”
ATM K: i could not make out anything more
ATM K: all i know was my penis was like concrete
hypnosuperior: you were awaiting your turn in the room?
ATM K: no clue
ATM K: not sure if they were talking about me
ATM K: i was in a fog, half asleep
ATM K: i just heard the mans voice
ATM K: brainwashing complete
hypnosuperior: nice.
ATM K: program successfully installed
hypnosuperior: i bet you are getting so excited for me to do some brainwashing with you right now, aren’t you ATM?
ATM K: im always excited
ATM K: it feels so good josh
ATM K: nothing makes me happier than to help you and pay your bills
hypnosuperior: I am so glad it feels good
ATM K: it does and i believe you’ve really brainwashed and programmed me
ATM K: thats why i love to pay you
ATM K: and im not too concerned about my situation or the consequences
hypnosuperior: yes, it does seem the brainwashing and programming has been working
hypnosuperior: should we commence with a session then?
ATM K: oh josh
ATM K: im so hard
hypnosuperior: I think that’s your answer
ATM K: im not in control here
hypnosuperior: yet, it feels so good to give up control, doesn’t it, ATM?
hypnosuperior: to know deep down that any amount paid, is what you have wanted to paid
hypnosuperior: to know deep inside that this is programming is what you longed fo
rhypnosuperior: and asked for… and got…
hypnosuperior: brainwashed the way you desired….
hypnosuperior: even as I strengthen them…
hypnosuperior: it’s just so easy for you to give in
ATM K: fuck that felt so amazing

I bet some of you would love to feel the pleasure my words can have over you with my Hypnosis … and to then send me tribute after tribute. Well, what’s stopping you? Listen … to my files, or to me during a session… pay your Superior… repeat. 😉

Missed Anniversary – Whoops! Too Busy with #CashRapes & #FinancialDomination Games

So, I was thinking the anniversary of this blog was coming up at the end of May, and when I ended up traveling two weekends in a row, I had a feeling I had missed marking the one year anniversary of this blog. Well, I just went back to look at when the first post was, and the date was 4/20 of last year. Whoops!

It just goes to show that I’ve been having too much fun coming up with new ways to take your money, such as the recent launch of the games section, as well as the great hypnosis that I’ve always provided, as well as just having fun taking your calls (and moreso your money!).

Of course, I’ve always been doing this quite a bit longer than a year. The hypnosis is going on a decade now, and at least five years for financial domination. It was small at first… but look how it’s all grown! From just having a few files to start, to having a BlogSpot, to my own site… to now multiple sites that continue to grow with new files, new games, new testimonials, and more.

This site continues to exist thanks to you guys, but I know you all know that it’s simply what’s right. It’s right to serve your Superior. It feels good to exist for the benefit of a creative Alpha mind and masculine man such as myself. I know that some of you love to give willingly, and others love to be used, taken advantage of… and I hope we can continue to bring each other more pleasure in the YEARS ahead. Because I’m not planning on quitting anytime soon.

You can thank me for over a year of great content here 😉

#Wishlist Wed: Helping #Cashmaster Josh Grow Strong – #financialdomination

Well, I’m still very much a work in progress, but I have been working out more and utilizing slave gifts to help me do it. And though it takes time, I know you all are excited to see Master improving himself.

A couple of those gifts include protein powder and some supergreens for my fruit/veggie/protein smoothie I like to make after the workouts I’ve been trying to do (admittedly the last couple weeks were a bit off with weekend travels, also why I wasn’t on NF as much, but back on track and available more again now!).

I have plenty of other items that will help me on my fitness journey of building muscle available in my wishlist – or send me the best gift of all, cash. There’s always more ingredients for smoothies, fitness equipment, workout apparel, and more to buy. And don’t forget about my new shopping and other financial domination games!

#ATMs Pay $40 Now


Feel the power of that phrase as it triggers two things in you…
The first thing it triggers is obedience….
You simply must give in to the programming….
You simply must obey….


The power of that phrase grows stronger each time…
And the second thing that gets triggered is pleasure…
The pleasure of being used as my inferior ATM.
The pleasure of worshiping and providing for a true Superior


To Pay Master Josh is Obedience
To Obey Master Josh is Pleasure
To Please Master Josh is Obedience
To Pay Master Josh is Pleasure


Major Payment Company Has to Pay Fines – Serves Them Right

A certain payment company that I can’t name here has been hit with a $25 million fine for, in part, mishandling complaints. It’s about time something like that happened. It’s sad that such a major company has far worse customer service than a fetish service like Niteflirt. Though there are a few things I think could be better (having male banners and an improved ratings system), I have always received personal responses from them whereas that other company, when I had an issue once, gave me an incredible run around. Yet even in trying to complain to the BBB, it was difficult to do so. If you google that company, it’s easy to find websites galore of people that have been spurned by that company – yet they have a great BBB rating? There obviously wasn’t something right there, so it’s good to see that they can be taken to task for their practices. Thanks to NF for having better customer service than the larger corporations.

#Niteflirt back up

As some of you have seen, Niteflirt is back up. Possibly has been for a bit, but I just got back from an appointment that your cash helped to pay for 😉 Now to just charge the phone back up (you guys will have to help buy me a new one of those soon too, mine has been sucking lately).

#Niteflirt down advisory

Niteflirt is currently down. According to websitenotworking.com, it is for everyone. I’ll be gone for an appointment part of the afternoon, but will keep an eye on it as I can to update. Hopefully they resolve the issue quickly.

EDIT: After originally just getting error pages, the site now redirects to a page that says the website is under maintenance and will be back soon.



Seeing the trigger has started to give you so much joy…
For you love being used by your Superior again and again.
Any excuse to get to pay Master Josh more fills you with pleasure…
Just as you know taking your cash fills Me with pleasure…


Always feeling so good for you to send tribute.
Always feeling so good to leave positive feedback.
Wanting to help your Superior out in any way possible.
Loving that you get to please me even as I program you for my use


Feeling so good knowing that I can trigger you at any time….
Perhaps multiple times a week, whatever I need from my ATMs.
Just feeling so good… so right… as you give in to your conditioning…
Just feeling so much pleasure as you complete the transaction now.


Buy from HypnoSuperior through Niteflirt.com

This #CashMaster is a Leo, and Real. – #financialdomination

I was reading an astrology thing that said Leos (which I am) sometimes have a tendency to sulk. Sure, us Leos are also born leaders and are naturally dominating in many ways … but we also have egos. Which lends well to feeling Superior, but these egos are also infamously fragile. Not so fragile it breaks … Leos also tend to be more optimistic than not, so setbacks don’t get us down for long. But sometime it’s long enough for one to vent online, for better or worse…. and probably worse.

I’m not 100 percent sure how much I believe in astrology … certainly there are submissive Leos as well, and it’d be interesting to see what some of my subs are in terms of signs and how it shapes them. But certainly many Leo traits are true of me. Kind and big-hearted? Check. Loyal – both to others but also demanding it from others? Check. Possessive? Check. Arrogant? Big check. Impatient? Definitely … and that sometimes has hurt me in demanding too much money too  soon, but what can I say? I want it right away. So whether or not these traits exist in me because I’m a Leo or not… who knows. But there’s definitely quite a bit that lines up.

So last week I vented, and at least one person didn’t like it. This person didn’t think such talk was worthy of Master … even though my point was that I’m not one of these fakes that doesn’t show emotion but have always put myself out there. I wasn’t going to mention that, but tonight I saw that another (or the same? not sure) left negative feedback on Niteflirt, “Careful. If you offer him any suggestions about his style and how it could be more effective for you during cashrape, he takes you to task in posts on his blog.” So let me set the record straight here. First of all, this guy didn’t offer suggestions in our last encounter; he just repeated a criticism of me – not a constructive criticism, just as a critical statement – that he had made at least twice before. Other suggestions, such as a sub mentioning sometimes it’s good to vary up the rates a bit more with poppers (rather than increasing each time), I have taken. I know I have more to learn, and am willing to consider suggestions when conducive to my style and constructive in helping Me better serve all of you. And while I did talk about it in the blog, he makes it sound as if I revealed personal information. I didn’t. I didn’t mention his screenname or any other identifying information. And so, yeah, I’m going to take that to task here.

If that guy is reading this, I hope he can just move on, as I’m going to try here. Yes, his repeated criticism bruised my Leo ego and I may have overreacted… but nothing that warranted his response. There is a chance that again my tone will be mistaken, but I need to set the record straight about this blog. It is MY blog. I blog on a more consistent basis than most others, and of course I’m going to draw from my experiences – good or bad – here. Yet I keep things anonymous or ask for permission to use names / screennames. It’s one thing to give a bad review when warranted; it’s another thing to enjoy things so much that you keep coming back to give money over and over, only to lash out because a Flirt doesn’t want to hear the same old tired criticisms… and then talks about that ANONYMOUSLY in his blog. It’s enough to make one want to bang his head against the fucking wall. I understand the rating… it’s more the misleading (though not technically incorrect) comment that gets to me. But though I felt the need to correct the misleading aspect of it (it’s that headstrong Leo nature), I really am ready to move on and not dwell on that. Another trait of Leos is being straightforward, so you can take this tone however you want, but that doesn’t mean you’re making the right assumptions over my point or tone.  Because honestly, despite seeing that feedback, I feel pretty damn fantastic… and optimistic about more cash in my future.

Part of that is thanks to other subs this week. I’ve received tributes from multiple subs, both ones I’ve worked with for a while and new ones, that helped to show me that when one faggot doesn’t know his place, there are plenty others that’d love to worship down at my feet. And one inferior’s words in particular really made me feel better:

“In the recent blogpost I just really like how human and real you seem. You are what you are.”

It’s reaffirming to know there are subs out there that like to worship someone that is real. Others can criticize, but the truth is, it helps me stand out. Not everyone wants the same thing. I’ve said before that there are different kind of Masters, and subs should find the one that is right for them. That isn’t always me, as I’ve said before. If you come to me anyway, I may still try to milk you out of as much as possible, if I can figure out a way to do so in my style. But sometimes I know I just am not the one to fulfill certain requests or fetishes, and that’s okay. If people want to call me out for not being a typical Master, go ahead. I’ll be over here collecting cash from the ones that are ready for someone that brings his real self to the party.

That sub later sent a tribute with the note: “Listened to wor$hip again tonight, while the husband was in the shower, and I even said the prayer to my one true master out loud! The superior GOD I was born to serve! Soon I’ll have to load more funds here, because I need to worship YOU, my new GOD! I can’t wait for you to get back so I can serve you in person! There is so much I want to tell you, Sir! So much I want to do for you! Total stud. Already getting addicted to your power. I love to tribute my GOD.”

FUCK YEAH, now that is what I am talking about. Sure, my hypnosis that has helped him feel that way… but my Superior voice, my superior talents, all combine to make that hypnosis effective. It may not work with everyone, and it may scare others with how effective it truly can be… but those that know the true power of the hypnosis can’t resist. The hypno also led to a different new sub, who I hope is enjoying his purchase of the ATM file (will be using you guys soon enough 😉 ), writing this: “I have been listening to your hypno recordings. you deserve my money more than me. I need to be used by you sir, and taken advantage of. How can I get my money to you sir?”

My hypnosis worked for these guys – if you want to try it out, check them out here.

And then be prepared to know that you can get money to Me by sending a tribute here.


Love Making #findom #subs excited to #pay #CashMaster Josh

Even though I do sometimes get those that make me want to vent, the majority of my interactions with subs are ones I love. I love giving them pleasure and enjoyment through my hypnosis, games, and this blog. I love knowing that they appreciate a creative Superior like myself.

These subs also help me learn at times, because, even though I always had feelings of Superiority – as I’ve blogged about a couple times – I didn’t know what I could do with that. I didn’t know that this existed.  And a Dominant Alpha like me can full well be Superior and yet have room to learn – and these subs have helped me learn.

Now, as a Superior that’s fairly normal, I love anything that saves me cash. If I had a choice of getting to eat a $5 dinner and a $25 dinner, with everything else the same, of course I’d only want to pay $5. And foolishly, I thought a poppers fag might be so excited to get a low amount like $5 on my spinner wheel. But when working with one of my favorite poppers fag, who loves the new spin wheels for getting to pay for poppers, the low amounts were ho-hum… but the big amounts were exciting. I’d never seen someone so happy to have to pay $100 – and just to get to sniff. Well, obviously there’s more to it than that… but the mindset of inferiors does sometimes perplex me.  And as I learn from subs, and see what turns them on, it helps me grow. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. And there are still things I’m simply not keen to do – as I said yesterday, I am who I am, this isn’t some persona like 80% of the others. It’s me, even when that leaves me vulnerable, even when I get too emotional, even when I screw up.

But to get to work with subs like that… who enjoy it so much… that teach me things even when they don’t realize they’re teaching me… it’s fantastic. And while some Doms love seeing the scars, I am the one that loves seeing the smiles. The ATM I work with the most is often telling me about how much he loves to pay me. How I’ve made his life so much better. Meanwhile, he’s also making my life better. I love it. We’re both happy, which is as it should be … for MY pleasure is his pleasure, just as MY pleasure should be your pleasure. And of course, what pleases me most is to get paid 😉

Another sub just wrote me, “So far the wor$hip file is the most amazing one for me. I love the part where you say “repeat after me” and you have a prayer to the superior man you are. In fact, just mentioning it makes me want to go listen now. I am definitely going to enjoy worshipping you Sir. Every stroke makes my will grow weaker and weaker, and your power grows.”

I love it. And this is what I’ve been able to do with subs that bow down to the Superior I am and embrace my skillset in hypnosis as something that can help them accept the truths they need to learn about themselves, while also helping those inhibitions disappear as desire becomes stronger. Yet, I am learning. I think some Doms had explored the sub side first, and others had a friend that was in the business first that taught them the ropes. For me, it’s been me by myself learning the whole time. The hypnosis is self-taught. Using sites like Weebly and WordPress to build websites has been self-taught. Which I think just makes it all the more impressive, and I’m sure most of you agree.

Finally, I had one sub recently write this to me: “Thought you might get a kick out of this – I check your blog pretty frequently.  It’s part of my get off work routine, and if I’m horny (frequently I am) I check it on my phone at work.  I get used to the titles of the entires.  Today when I got home I saw the words “ATM” flash at the top and actually shouted out “YES” with an arm pump.  I realized right then what a strange thing for me to respond so well to… You might be effecting more change than you or I anticipated.”

I absolutely love it. I love knowing my words are effecting change. I love that the sub gets so much pleasure from being used by me. I love that the pleasure has become so great that he would actually shout yes with an arm pump. Sometimes this business – and really, that’s what it is at its core – gets a bit discouraging. But working with subs like the four mention here… knowing we’re both feeling pleasure… me as I make money, the sub as they explore their fetishes and get to serve a true Superior…. it’s fucking fantastic.

Sometimes I get in a mood and like to be a bit more abusive… but mostly I love to make subs smile. Because when they smile, they give me more cash 😉 Who needs to be aggressive, when there’s such a better way?

It’s Enough to Know I’m #Superior – #financialdomination

Originally I had a different, lighter post… that I was more excited about.. planned for tonight. I’m going to put that in queue for tomorrow, for another vent.

I’m one of the few Doms that puts his real self out there. Even those times where it’s not quite the real me, such as my pay-per-call recordings, I put disclaimers so you all know what to expect with me. I provide free files so you have an idea. I use my real pictures, and even though I’m not a cam Master, I am not afraid to show myself to you to prove I am me. This is all stuff I’ve said before… recently, in fact. But some people just don’t understand.

You see, because a lot of fags and losers are selfish, they think they can put demands on the Doms. They think they can tell the Dom how to act. There is a bit of truth to this – you are paying for the Dom to help with your fantasies. But that does NOT mean you are in charge, and can push your fantasies onto other Doms. Because deep down there is a truth that We know, and that you know… you are inferior, and We are Superior.

Now, it might be Superior in different ways. Some might have Superior bodies they flex; some might have Superior egos that allow them to shout their cocky messages at you; some might have Superior skills of perversion or persuasion or… anything. In my case, it’s my creativity as best shown through the hypnosis, but as I’m also trying to expand through games, non-hypnosis recordings, and more. It’s more than though… it’s just a sense of being better. A sense that I am entitled to your money. A sense that I shouldn’t have to work some dead-end job when I can instead work on the stuff I enjoy – the blogs and hypnosis – because you help pay for it… and at my own work-from-home schedule to boot! No worrying about taking vacation days for days like tomorrow, when I leave to travel for the weekend.

I’ve always been a friendly guy that became friends with all types, and yet whenever I ended up hanging with people I thought weren’t as popular or good-looking… I always felt I was better like them. Like I’d been suckered in because I was too nice, but I belonged somewhere else. And that’s not to say I didn’t hang with cool people too… I just was the type of guy that hung with everyone, especially in college. From cheerleaders to theater geeks to stoners to members of the football team, I took turns hanging with everyone.

And yet, out of that environment, I find myself even more selective. I got messages from people that I don’t want to meet, and instantly pass on them. I have no interest in meeting most of you for real-time sessions. I know there could be real money in it, but I just feel like I’m better than that, and better than most of those people that message. I wait for the cool kids, the handsome guys, etc. And it’s not that I’m perfect myself, though I’ve been working out more. It’s that I just feel SUPERIOR.

Having talked to many of you, I know many of you feel inadequate in some ways. For some, it’s because you think being homosexual means you are lesser, even when you recognize there are those like me that disagree. For some, it’s because of your small cock. For some, you were bullied and it became the only real only thrill you knew in your pathetic existence. For some, you probably didn’t get shown enough love growing up so you try to buy the love of Superior men. It doesn’t matter why… you just know you’re inferior, just as I simply know I AM SUPERIOR.

I don’t need to be aggressive for it. I don’t need to be a control freak for it (as I said above, I love my flexibility). I know from the popularity of this blog and my files and the feedback, that there are enough of you that like my style of Superiority. That appreciate my creativity. Yet every once in a while, I get the people that call me out on not being aggressive enough – even when it’s been well established with them that such a style isn’t what to expect from me.

One particular fag called me out on this, left… then came back. Then did the same thing again. So when he did the same thing a third time (or was it fourth? I’m already starting to lose count), I called him out on it. I do think part of the problem with e-mail is tone – you can never tell a person’s tone. And perhaps I felt more insulted from him than I should have in the first place… but I don’t think he gets it. It is insulting to Me, a Superior, to call me out on something that we both know – and to do it repeatedly. And it’s particular insulting because, as I said above… I put the real me out there. Other guys put on their bravado and fake it, and trust me, I know, because at least one Flirt is (or was?) also c-shwh-re27, and while I won’t out the Flirt ID, if you know who I’m talking about, you might be disgusted to think that is the guy you called and gave your money to. I don’t know if he reads this blog but name slightly edited to prevent google searches. Point being though… I AM ME. So if you don’t like me, and you are inferior …. don’t insult me. Even if you’re trying to be polite with it, stop pointing out the obvious. Yeah, I know I’m not “dominant enough” for a lot of fags that like that rough, hard stuff. I’m honest about it. But I’m perfectly Superior enough to dominate many others, and am not worried about it.

Anyway, I simply pointed out that it was “tiresome” to be called out on this – and the fag freaked out, telling me to fuck off before blocking me. Oh, and reminding me about treating someone the way I did him when I’d taken a lot of his money. I’m pretty sure it was always my money to begin with. As I said though, some of it is just misreading tone… I really thought I was being polite. I had wished him luck in finding a better match. But apparently calling him out for his repeated insults, is enough to set him off.

I still bet he comes back. Maybe not, but if not, some other loser will take his place. Especially as I get new files, new games, so much more going on later this summer … it will all be his loss. And hopefully some other Dominant has better luck with him than I did, because he definitely needs to be put down where he belongs. It’s not the first time he showed way too much attitude. Inferiors don’t get the right to have attitudes. Meanwhile, I have had three others asking me this last week about “can’t you do poppers like this?” and “why don’t you cam with your feet” etc. etc.

Though I’m hoping to expand, it’d be great if they’d just fucking read the FAQ, read the blog, etc. and get an idea of who I am. If they decide I’m for them, great. Let’s do some hypnosis, let’s do some poppers, let’s chat up how you simply crave that cock … whatever. When we communicate, I do try. But if I say that’s not really my style … looking elsewhere, or use me but don’t complain after when it’s not what you’re looking for. I don’t need to hear about how your stupid faggot brain wants something else.

As for those of you who are so much better and get it… well, this is already long, so we’ll save that one for tomorrow 😉