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More Raves for #Cashmaster ‘s #FinancialDomination & #EroticHypnosis – @NiteFlirt

It’s time to highlight some of the recent testimonials I’ve continued to receive.  First from david33os on Niteflirt is reason why any doubters into financial domination should give my new free files a try.

“Master Josh is sooooo superior to everything!!! I have just tribute him and I feel really wonderful, no regrets only such a wonderful rush of pleasure!! You should try it :)” “Paying Master Josh feels sooooo great!!! Better than every drug and its getting better and better each time!! If you not tried you have missed something of the greatest thing in your life!!!” “You should give those erotic hypno mp3 a try…your jerking will be enriched for the rest of your life!! Really great work Master Josh, I never want to cum again without you files!! ”

It’s awesome to know that people do respond to my new files (click here if you missed the free one that worked with him) and can truly feel that pleasure when they pay.

Meanwhile, DHSslave wrote:
“First call to this amazing HypnoSuperior. Pleasing Him is the right thing for all cash slaves to do. It felt so good to give Him pleasure. He took me so deep, there was nothing left but to go deep and please Him.”
Then listened to my Fag Beratement Recorded Listing and added:
“Non stop verbal degradation right from his Superior mouth. There was nothing left of me. ”

Can’t wait for our next session DHSslave as you pay more to get Me hard! I’m also looking forward to training Gunner8 more, who wrote:
“A very effective and totally hot hypno programming session.”

Meanwhile, between calls and games, such as the Degradation PTV, Whateverguy2 has said the following of late:
“Totally hot as always” (in regards to the PTV)
“Knows how to put a boi in its place and keep it there.”
“A hot dom – delivers the goods at the highest level.”

That last especially is mighty high praise, but then I am a mighty high Superior 😉  To some, like JoshWorshipper, I am even a God:
“Master Josh deserves my wor$hip. Master Josh deserves my adoration. Master Josh deserves my devotion. Master Josh deserves my tribute.”

I also realized I had missed some old praise from bottomguypdx as it was on my less-used Hypnotic Roleplay listing:
“Perfect voice for hypnotism.”
“Really skilled erotic hypnotist.”

And from kcleatherboi, some recent praise which all of my hypnosis fans know to be true:
“Master Josh knows how to work a hypno file.”
“Master Josh’s hypno files continue to subject fag to Master’s mesmerizing voice and words.”

As always, many of the live sessions – whether they involved hypnosis or not, as not all of them did – succeeded because the subs clearly communicated their desires with Me. And any that were hypnosis succeeded because the subs were willing to let go and give it a try – perhaps first starting with my free files.

Here’s hoping that you keep finding pleasure in sessions with Me and from my goodies … and I know I’ll keep finding pleasure from your tributes!


Missed Anniversary – Whoops! Too Busy with #CashRapes & #FinancialDomination Games

So, I was thinking the anniversary of this blog was coming up at the end of May, and when I ended up traveling two weekends in a row, I had a feeling I had missed marking the one year anniversary of this blog. Well, I just went back to look at when the first post was, and the date was 4/20 of last year. Whoops!

It just goes to show that I’ve been having too much fun coming up with new ways to take your money, such as the recent launch of the games section, as well as the great hypnosis that I’ve always provided, as well as just having fun taking your calls (and moreso your money!).

Of course, I’ve always been doing this quite a bit longer than a year. The hypnosis is going on a decade now, and at least five years for financial domination. It was small at first… but look how it’s all grown! From just having a few files to start, to having a BlogSpot, to my own site… to now multiple sites that continue to grow with new files, new games, new testimonials, and more.

This site continues to exist thanks to you guys, but I know you all know that it’s simply what’s right. It’s right to serve your Superior. It feels good to exist for the benefit of a creative Alpha mind and masculine man such as myself. I know that some of you love to give willingly, and others love to be used, taken advantage of… and I hope we can continue to bring each other more pleasure in the YEARS ahead. Because I’m not planning on quitting anytime soon.

You can thank me for over a year of great content here 😉

Love Making #findom #subs excited to #pay #CashMaster Josh

Even though I do sometimes get those that make me want to vent, the majority of my interactions with subs are ones I love. I love giving them pleasure and enjoyment through my hypnosis, games, and this blog. I love knowing that they appreciate a creative Superior like myself.

These subs also help me learn at times, because, even though I always had feelings of Superiority – as I’ve blogged about a couple times – I didn’t know what I could do with that. I didn’t know that this existed.  And a Dominant Alpha like me can full well be Superior and yet have room to learn – and these subs have helped me learn.

Now, as a Superior that’s fairly normal, I love anything that saves me cash. If I had a choice of getting to eat a $5 dinner and a $25 dinner, with everything else the same, of course I’d only want to pay $5. And foolishly, I thought a poppers fag might be so excited to get a low amount like $5 on my spinner wheel. But when working with one of my favorite poppers fag, who loves the new spin wheels for getting to pay for poppers, the low amounts were ho-hum… but the big amounts were exciting. I’d never seen someone so happy to have to pay $100 – and just to get to sniff. Well, obviously there’s more to it than that… but the mindset of inferiors does sometimes perplex me.  And as I learn from subs, and see what turns them on, it helps me grow. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. And there are still things I’m simply not keen to do – as I said yesterday, I am who I am, this isn’t some persona like 80% of the others. It’s me, even when that leaves me vulnerable, even when I get too emotional, even when I screw up.

But to get to work with subs like that… who enjoy it so much… that teach me things even when they don’t realize they’re teaching me… it’s fantastic. And while some Doms love seeing the scars, I am the one that loves seeing the smiles. The ATM I work with the most is often telling me about how much he loves to pay me. How I’ve made his life so much better. Meanwhile, he’s also making my life better. I love it. We’re both happy, which is as it should be … for MY pleasure is his pleasure, just as MY pleasure should be your pleasure. And of course, what pleases me most is to get paid 😉

Another sub just wrote me, “So far the wor$hip file is the most amazing one for me. I love the part where you say “repeat after me” and you have a prayer to the superior man you are. In fact, just mentioning it makes me want to go listen now. I am definitely going to enjoy worshipping you Sir. Every stroke makes my will grow weaker and weaker, and your power grows.”

I love it. And this is what I’ve been able to do with subs that bow down to the Superior I am and embrace my skillset in hypnosis as something that can help them accept the truths they need to learn about themselves, while also helping those inhibitions disappear as desire becomes stronger. Yet, I am learning. I think some Doms had explored the sub side first, and others had a friend that was in the business first that taught them the ropes. For me, it’s been me by myself learning the whole time. The hypnosis is self-taught. Using sites like Weebly and WordPress to build websites has been self-taught. Which I think just makes it all the more impressive, and I’m sure most of you agree.

Finally, I had one sub recently write this to me: “Thought you might get a kick out of this – I check your blog pretty frequently.  It’s part of my get off work routine, and if I’m horny (frequently I am) I check it on my phone at work.  I get used to the titles of the entires.  Today when I got home I saw the words “ATM” flash at the top and actually shouted out “YES” with an arm pump.  I realized right then what a strange thing for me to respond so well to… You might be effecting more change than you or I anticipated.”

I absolutely love it. I love knowing my words are effecting change. I love that the sub gets so much pleasure from being used by me. I love that the pleasure has become so great that he would actually shout yes with an arm pump. Sometimes this business – and really, that’s what it is at its core – gets a bit discouraging. But working with subs like the four mention here… knowing we’re both feeling pleasure… me as I make money, the sub as they explore their fetishes and get to serve a true Superior…. it’s fucking fantastic.

Sometimes I get in a mood and like to be a bit more abusive… but mostly I love to make subs smile. Because when they smile, they give me more cash 😉 Who needs to be aggressive, when there’s such a better way?

#verbalabuse #financialdomination New Recordings for #smallcocklosers #stupid #faggots & more


I’ve lowered the prices on all pay-per-call non-hypnosis recordings now that I have them all uploaded & approved! Regularly $1.89/minute (may vary by country), they are now only $0.99/minute (ditto). This includes the previously announced Faggot Beratement and Ca$hfag Ca$tigation as well as Muscle Growth Roleplay and Jock Bro Invasion. New files include:

*Probably a bit more on the mocking side than abusive side. It’s just more my style.
Each one is pretty obvious what it mocks 😉

*Based on the concept of confusion inductions, but not full hypnosis files or anything like that. Still, some of you might enjoy them. Look up confusion inductions first if you need to, as others of you will just think they’re stupid. But some of you will be able to truly let go with this style.
FINANCIAL CONFUSION MINDFUCK – Confusing you to accept that MY pleasure is your pleasure as you stroke along.
STUPID CONFUSION – Having each stroke dumb you down so you can just let go and enjoy the night.

Give them a try, leave me some amazing feedback, send some tributes, and don’t forget about all the new games as you BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR.


Always Time to #Tribute – #financialdomination #findom #cashmaster

The other day, I received a message from a sub buddy of mine, that enjoys serving his dominant boyfriend but also enjoys my hypnosis and occasionally serving me financially. He asked, “Is it time to tribute?”

Subs, slaves, fags… it is ALWAYS time to tribute.

If you have just been paid, it is time to tribute.

If you find yourself in a submissive mood, it is time to tribute.

If you’ve just enjoyed my hypnosis, it is time to tribute.

If my Superiority over you comes to mind, then it is time to tribute.

If you need to better a Superior’s life, then it is time to tribute.

If you have a deep need to please a Superior, then it is time to tribute.

If you find that my writing can stir your cock, it is time to tribute.

If you just realized your own cock is stirring at the thought of paying Me, then it is time to tribute.

If you identity as a cashslave…. cash cow…. moneypig…. payslave…. ATM…. cashfag…. or any interchangeable terms such as moneyslave…. or pay pig…. then it time to tribute.

If you know deep down that you are always inferior, then it is always time to tribute your Superior, Master Josh.



#wishlist #Wed. – #financialfetish #cashmaster #tribute #moneyslave #findom

Now that the holiday Wednesdays are behind us, back to some Wishlist Wednesday fun. I’m doing this ahead of the holidays in case I have travel delays, but can only hope you’ve all sent me some nice Christmas presents to showcase in future editions. If you haven’t, it’s not too late to send a belated holiday gift – or to just buy me something because you know that I am a Superior God compared to a peon like you.

I’ve had plenty of gifts sent throughout the year by various subs, or bought for myself using gift cards that various subs e-mailed me. In an effort to be healthier, one of my items was the below filtered water pitcher. I’ve also had several shipments of liquid flavor enhancers, though I’m starting to rethink those as more studies come out regarding sucralose. Anyone know of any great enhancers to add to my wishlist that have natural sweeteners? Orange, lemonade, and mixes of either of those with strawberry are among my favorites.


Who else wants to contribute to Master Josh living a healthier lifestyle and getting more fit & muscular in 2015? There’s plenty of healthy food & exercise related options on my wishlist that you can access here – or click here to send some funds for my 2015 goals.

New Year’s Resolutions #FinancialFetish #FinDom #Cashgod #Muscle

Due to my family’s late holiday celebrations, I’ll be a week or so late in getting started on these… but I know what I want to focus on when I get back.

1) CASH – I want this to be my most profitable year ever, and that includes from when I had a full-time job.
2) Improving sites – Some other cashmasters might be better at the verbal or hotter with their pics, but no other one (to my knowledge)  provides you with this much free content … and I hope 2015 is even better.
3) More files, of all varieties – from more muscle motivation to new ways to financially dominate you!
4) Files that are more EXTREME. Not all of them, but I do want to figure out ways that really fuck some of your minds for my plea$ure
5) More muscle – 2015 is the year I get serious about transforming my not-bad body into something great, and I need your $upport … who wants to help $ponsor a hypnotic God’s transformation?

There may be some changes in my life in 2015. Perhaps another move (where & when?). Perhaps finding someone for an ongoing in-person hypnotic molding. Perhaps I’ll even look into doing some hypnosis that’s more legit. But in January and February, I am going to be working my ass off on my body, on my blogs, on my files, and on showing just why I am the Superior most worthy of your cash. Some of you already have experienced my power… others of you can give it a try here.

Availability Reminder for #Niteflirt #Hypnosis #FinancialDomination Chat

If you don’t catch me within the next 24 hours – by sometime Sunday evening – I’ll be signing off through the first week of January and returning to normal sometime around the 8th or so.

Though my average earnings are bound to go down with my upcoming unavailability, at least they went up in great ways thanks to my ATMS, my hypnosis fans, and taking advantage of a cashfag or two and their weak little minds that simply need to pay. The one on the right is for TheMesmerizer profile – up 203% this last week (they reset on Saturdays) – while HypnoSuperior saw even more awesome results, up 319%. And this is just the Niteflirt stuff 😉

HypnoSuperior 319Percent NF
TheMesmerizer 203Percent NF Goal

Though my travels will leave me lacking time, privacy, Internet, and a good cell signal, I will have some posts in queue and have big plans for when I return. Let’s keep this momentum going pay pigs 😉


It was a year ago that I celebrated my first holiday doing hypnosis and financial domination as my primary sources of income, and launched my second official hypnosis site. In honor of that, I’ve discounted prices across all the sites including the hypnosis here, at jockmesmerizer.com and at pigmesmerizer.com.

It’s the perfect time between Christmas today and all those 2015 New Year’s resolutions – keep your eye for some upcoming posts on mine and suggested resolutions for you. In the meantime, be you a hypnoslave, ATM, cashfag, slave-in-training, pig wanting to explore his fetish, wannabe jock, guy into chastity or pup play…. well, you get the idea, there’s a lot to choose from, both mainstream and erotic hypnosis mp3s, ON SALE NOW!

Of course fans of this site are reminded that discounted prices on files are no reason to skimp on those holiday tributes – congratulate me on my anniversary here.


A #FinancialDomination Xmas Eve Poem #Master #Slave

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a louse
The dogslaves were nestled all snug in their cages,
While the cashfags had dreams of handing me wages.

When out on the lawn I heard a loud jingle
And peered out to see my fellow Sir, Master Kringle
The stump of a pipe was held firmly in fist,
And a reindeer tattoo sprung up from his wrist.

He was jacked yet had a gut, a true musclebear
Looking like a daddy with his beard and snow white hair
Beneath a leather jacket he wore one of his red latex suits
And the Dom kept his feet warm with shiny black boots

This Sir had trained hundreds of slaves the Old Guard way
Including the eight nude muscleslaves pulling his sleigh
Hundreds of young twinks made toys back at his workshop
And the disobedient mined coal – or faced the crop

“Kris, my bud,” I asked. “It’s your busiest night.
Isn’t your schedule the tiniest bit tight?”
“Yes, Master Josh, but I come bringing cash.
For a good guy like you should add to his stash!”

“But have I been good, when I pervert so many minds?”
“Yet you bring your listeners pleasures of all kinds!
Plus you’ve made recruiting easier than ever
– I use your files to ensure my slaves obey forever!”

“I’m glad to help but don’t you have toys to distribute?”
“I do, Master Josh, but first, a thank you tribute!”
And with that, Master Kringle flew off into the sky
As I saw for the first time, a muscleslave fly!

My mind drifted off as I thought about Kris off finding recruits
He went to great lengths – even down chimneys and chutes!
Sometimes he’d find good boys wanting to help with the mission
Other times a bad boy that had started to feel contrition

I woke up later that night back in my bed… had it all been a dream?
Thinking of those muscleslaves obeying,  I was ready to cream.
As I wrote it all down, I thought… I may very well be going to hell.
But my hypnosis does give pleasure – so perhaps best not to dwell.

I logged onto my computer and into each of my accounts
Thanks to slave tributes, they all were at higher amounts!
And just as I was ready to deem the whole experience imaginary,
I heard a distant yell, “May your holidays be lucrative and merry!”







#CashSlaves – what to do with holiday bonus? Give to your #CashMaster #financialdomination

Yesterday I had  a sub write in on Niteflirt:

I got a $200 bonus at work. What your advice on what to do with it.

My response:
“Extra cash should always be given to your Superior.

After all, as you budget to live on your wages, you know what you can afford to live on – and that is all an inferior needs, nothing more.

Since you don’t need it, you should remember that your Cashmaster’s pleasure is your pleasure… since buying things you don’t need would not give you pleasure, you should give to to your Cashmaster, as that would bring you pleasure.

The one exception of something to buy could be more of my hypnosis files to help train that mind.

The rest can all be sent to Me as a tribute as you remember your inferior place and accept that I am your Superior

– Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior”

He proceeded to send $100 as tribute, and split the other $100 between a one-on-one hypnosis session and buying some hypno mp3s to further train him into such a good hypnoslave for me. All good pay pigs and cashfags could learn from his example.

Did you get a bonus at work this holiday? Send it to where it really belongs NOW.

Unexpected Expenses #Cashmaster vs #Cashslave – #FinancialDomination

There’s no way around it – unexpected expenses are a bummer for anyone, no matter how much money you have. Be it your car starts having problems or a medical issue, it often can’t be avoided. Sometimes it’s something that we don’t really need, but can’t imagine being without, going on the fritz – a TV, for example. For me, the latest unexpected expense is my mini fridge in my room has just conked out and I’m torn between whether to get another one or not, especially when I am not sure if I might move again this year.

The main reasons for having such a fridge in my room? Laziness, greed, and not wanting to deal with my roommate’s many tricks. Laziness because it’s nice to not be wearing anything at times and able to grab something from the fridge. Greed because I’ve had too many sodas taken from the main fridge that my stupid roommate never replaces and it pisses me off (if any of you dominants are reading this and stop by, please note, my stuff is NOT for the taking for free. My roommate is into all that, but I’m not – what’s mine is mine). And while some of the guys I’ve met have been perfectly nice, there’s so many random guys in and out of here at times that are never announced to me prior… having my own space just was nice. I’d still need to go out for water sometimes anyways, but I could do it once to fill up glasses for my room that were then refrigerated, rather than multiple trips back and forth. There’s that laziness again.

Of course, part of the reason I spent money on fridge for my room (as well as microwave that thankfully is still working) is because I didn’t spend my money… I used gift card balances from what you inferiors had sent me. And if I get a new one, as unnecessary as it is, I’d again be using your money. And that’s the difference between unexpected expenses for a cashmaster versus a cashslave – because a cashmaster like me has that comfort zone thanks to all his pay pigs and cashfags. I simply need to decide now if that’s what I want to use your money on, or save that money for other things I’d want.  (In the meantime, I have added one to my wishlist that I hope is more reliable – hard to find a compact fridge/freezer that doesn’t have a reputation for conking out after a year, and I welcome other suggestions as well – though delivery needs to be either before 12/28 or after 1/10/15).

And another great thing is, I don’t need to use a credit card that will also have interest, because I have your money. Meanwhile, you inferior pay pigs are meant to keep paying your Cashmaster(s) even when times get tight for you. It doesn’t matter if you have to open new credit cards and end up with lots of debt with high interest rates. When that urge is in you to give, you don’t worry about if unexpected expenses will come up. And whereas to me it’s a bummer, an unexpected expense to you might be like, ‘Shit.’ But it doesn’t matter, because you exist to work hard, budget, sacrifice and suffer for those that are Superior.

Unexpected expenses suck… but you should be absorbing both the unexpected expenses of superior CashMasters and your own unexpected expenses without complaining, and without skimping. So, go ahead pig – send me something I want or need from my wishlist, or a nice gift card or some cash as tribute.