More Hypnotic #CashSlave Training for #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Here is more from an excerpt with rubbercashslave….  again, I will post a “read more” as triggers are used. You should only read this post at a time when you can relax and stroke along to it, and accept that the outcome is always what you have wanted deep down.

If you’re too scared, you can always not click…. but I think, deep down, you crave more training to be My cashslave…. Continue reading More Hypnotic #CashSlave Training for #FinDom #FinancialDomination

#ATMS PAY $50 NOW – #humanATM #moneyslave #moneymaster #findom #financialdomination


You are a humanATM. Part person, part machine.
Conditioned for pleasure. Programmed to obey, and pay.
No matter how long it’s been, it’s always so easy to give in.
That programming is there, deeply rooted in your subconscious.


It feels so good, so right, to give in to that programming …
Allowing yourself to turn off all thought for just a moment….
Letting yourself be guided by my hypnotic conditioning….
And giving in to those impulses that exist deep within.


All that resistance fades away as my hypnosis starts to take control…
You have been triggered….  you must obey the trigger
You have been trigger… you must pay as commanded
You are an ATM. You must complete the transaction!


New to #FinancialDomination or Hypnosis? Take a Chance #FinDom

Many of you have been reading this for a while, and have explored both hypnosis and financial domination ….

Yet some of you are new to this, or have been reading out of curiosity for a while but have yet to take that dip….

Well, now is a great day to take a chance. You wouldn’t have come to this site if you didn’t have that inner desire to explore what is possible….

That amazing feeling when you let go of all your thoughts and worries, and submit to a Superior voice guiding your mind….

That rush you feel when you send your hard-earned money to a Superior… just because you know deep down he is more worthy of that cash…. and that though it’s hard sometimes for inferiors to admit, that you in fact aren’t worthy of that cash….

The only way you’ll truly know how these things feel though, is to do them. So go ahead…. Take a chance today.



New #PayPig Pleases #CashMaster – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Had a great session with FDSfagATM (edit: screenname changed) earlier this week, where he earned the Bronze Spender badge for tributing $100+ in a session. He actually came very close to the $250 badge …. and total has exceeded that as he sent more the next day…. a good first week for a pay pig. On top of that, I’m awaiting a few gifts from the wishlist he bought Me. So make that a great week for a new paypig. And I just know he is going to be serving Me for such a long time … because that’s what loser cashfags like him do. They stroke to My powerful words…. and their weak fag minds just give in …. until I am taking more and more, and making him not just My cashslave, but MY BITCH.

FtPyPg Tributes 04202016

I know you too want to experience My power …. so get in touch with Me for a session. The above, the $50 is a prepaid for our session, which I expect for new people to prove themselves and to cut down on timewasters. The $10 and $20s were during the session, draining …. but I left him needing to give more, and so he did, bigtime.

And if you’d rather just buy Me something from one of my multiple wishlists or know deep down that you should just send your Superior some cash, go ahead and do that NOW!

Loyal #CashSlave #CashFag Pleases #CashMaster Josh Again & Again – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

On Tuesday, I mentioned that a $50 tributes was from PierreSlave – this has just been one of his many tributes, for a long time going now. Sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s in the $100 range… like this one, with two $40 tributes and a $20 paid mail.
Pierre 100 04092016

PierreSlave tributes based not on sessions together, but from things like listening to my files and reading my blog. That means it’s always an unexpectant, but pleasant, surprise when he does send a tribute, and it makes Me happy whenever I see the tributes in my Niteflirt inbox. I am very pleased with how well PierreSlave has responded to My hypnosis … if you haven’t checked it out yet, you can do so here.

Here are a couple more examples from just this month of PierreSlave’s contributions ranging from $20 to $85 a day in these examples, but this is not all-inclusive, and the tributes go back further than this blog has existed.
PierreSlave moretributes 042016
Pierre 85 04042016

Be a good moneyslave / paypig/ cashfag like PierreSlave, and send Me that nice big tribute I deserve.

#Wishlist Wed: #CashFags Let #CashMaster Go Shopping – #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

One of my favorite items to receive, short of cash, is a gift card, because I love the flexibility of being able to get what *I* want. And what I want should be paramount over any of your wants or needs. That’s why I loved receiving these gift cards from subs like CashFagDirt and LoserB.

CashFagDirt especially has proved a loyal slave who I enjoy training as time allows, and I know he must feel so good in being used by Me to send Me gift cards to go shopping. I’m also looking forward to another session with LoserB though, for I know he, like many of you, received his tax refund recently, and I know just where that cash should go.

You can check out My wishlist page for more options to buy Me gift cards, or feel that pleasure as you send Me that cash.


#CashMaster Reaps Results from #Brainwashing #HumanATM – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

After a brief break from my #1 ATM as he was away on a trip, we got right back to things on Sunday. The programming increased his addiction once again, and we had two more sessions yesterday, for a total of $300 in two days (the paid mail was a $25 purchase from him). The $50 was from PierreSlave, who I’ll discuss a bit more on Thursday…. it just was easier to do one screenclip. It definitely gave Me so much pleasure to use BrainwashedATM though, and to strengthen his brainwashing. I know he knows deep down that he needs regular programming each week to work on those big goals that excite him, as we work on opening the connection between his penis and his mind as he focuses, strokes, obeys, and pays. He’ll even put up his cock-focused cam and let the rhythmic stroking to help take him deeper, it’s amazing how such methods work on some subs. I’m very proud of him and our progress, and can’t wait to keep conditioning him to accept his permament place as my brainwashed ATM.

BrainwashedATMwith50fromPierre 04192016

#ATMS PAY $10 NOW – #humanATM #cashslave #cashmaster #findom #financialdomination


It’s such a small amount… there’s no excuse to not pay it….
You probably wish to be used even more….
Don’t worry… you will be. You’ll be used time and time again.
Yet even these small amounts FEEL SO GOOD

For deep down… you need to give to your Superior
Any amount, any time it is requested…..
You need to pay Me $10 NOW … it just feels so RIGHT to indulge….
Indulging your own inner desires…. and indulging on CashMaster Josh…

Dispense that cash, my HumanATMs….complete the transaction
You have been programmed for this…. it feels so good to comply…
And all that read have that need to pay, and are welcome to pay….

Stressed After Taxes? Let Go to My #CashSlave #PayPig #HumanATM #FinDom #CashFag Hypnosis

After tax season, which it just was in the U.S., it can be normal for people to have stress built up. That makes now the perfect time to listen to my hypnosis. Whether it’s for the first time, trying a new file, or listening to training you need reinforced, it feels so good for you to let go and give in to My hypnotic dominant voice.

My words always ring so true to your subconscious mind, as they train you for your goal. Though this blog is focused on your need to be financially dominated, you can relax to files that also train you for general submission, sexually, to work out, to transform into the you that you have longed to be deep down.

Go ahead, give yourself permission to relax today … you certainly always have My permission to listen to My hypnosis. And learn the truths you have needed to know deep down.

If you’re reading this blog, then chances are that truth is that you need to submit to a Superior man. You need to feel MY Superior power washing over you. And you need to feel that rush of being used by Me as you send that cash… for only I have the power to make you feel this amazing when you tribute.


Tax Time for #CashFags & #PayPigs – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

This is the last weekend to pay your taxes in the U.S….. are you having to pay in, or getting a refund?

Regardless of where you live, your answer is, YES, I am having to pay in to Master Josh. For even if you already have to pay in, you must be squeezed even further….

For any confused on why I said last weekend and not day when the 15th is on a weekday: “In D.C., when Emancipation Day falls on a Saturday, as it does this year, the celebration moves back a day to Friday. And because Washington, D.C. holidays are essentially considered federal holidays for government workers in the capital, the next business day is Monday. ”

And if you are getting a refund, you know that the extra income should go to a Superior that you know deep down is so much more worthy of that cash than you are….

So, go ahead, piggies and cashfags …. PAY IN TO MASTER JOSH.