#CashMaster Year in Review – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Well cash fags, money slaves, pay pigs, humanATMs and others … how was your year? Did you get off enough on getting to give to those that are Superior? Did you allow your life to become hard enough that you were sufficiently making Our lives easier?

Personally, it was a great year, mainly due to the financial domination of so many of you. In fact, it was my best year to date, including ten years of working a legitimate job – which made use of a college degree. Granted, it wasn’t the best paying job, but how awesome that I did better this year, with less work? Just as a Superior like Me deserves.

Of course, I’m hoping for an even better 2016 – some of which will be outlined on Saturday – but I also hope you can all look back at 2015 as  year that you served well. If not, those of you in the Americas and a few other places still have some time left to give more. And everyone else can make sure that 2016 gets off to a great year of being used as you were meant to be used.

Go ahead… send in that last / first tribute of the year. You know you want to.


#Wishlist Wed: Useful Gifts for #CashMaster ‘s Holiday, Want More from #CashSlaves & #Paypigs

I had several small things bought for Me for the holidays. While not as exciting as the big things, it’s always awesome when I don’t have to spend My own cash because you all are buying Me everything I want or need.

That includes an infuser water bottle, a microwave egg boiler that’s perfect for just a few eggs at a time – and so easy to boil, some cupcake liners that I split between myself and my mom and also great for making protein muffins without sticking to any liners, and a freezer mat to help prevent frost.

I did get a few other things as well, but they’ll be spread across winter/spring posts.

Of course it’s not too late to get Me something amazing for the holidays – or for my upcoming move. Go ahead and check out my wishlist here, or send My favorite gift with a cash tribute.

#CashMaster Scores ‘Nother $250 From #CashFag Just Cuz It’s Right – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

The fag from last night has struck again – this time with even less chat, although, like all pervy fags, he loved seeing me post about the tribute he had sent. And like all good fags, he knew he needed to send MORE, for it’s simply right to send more to one’s Superior. Fags don’t need thanks – something I sometimes forget as I was raised to have manners – but they crave jerking off to stuff like this. So I am sure LimpFag is really going to enjoy realizing he’s been awarded two new badges – a Silver Spender badge for $250 or more in one tribute, and a Bronze Tributer badge for over $500 in tributes thus far. And hopefully both just a taste of much more to come.

Nothing Like A Tribute From a #CashFag Just Because You’re Superior – #FinancialDomination

Other than doing a bit of chatting, I didn’t have to work hard for the $100 I just got. Didn’t have to do any hypnosis or other work. All I had to do was be My Superior self, and the cashfag knew it would be right to send Me $100.

The only thing better than that? Even more money. Keep those tributes coming in, losers. You know it’s what you really want to do with all that Christmas cash you’ve just scored. TRIBUTE NOW.

(Reminders: End of month is coming up – payslaves, pay your monthly bill. And I’m still traveling some this week for holidays so have limited availability. Yet, still able to make quick cash at times – as only fitting and deserving of a Superior like Me).

#ATMS PAY $80 NOW – Xmas Tribute for #humanATM #cashslave #paypig #findom #financialdomination


It doesn’t matter how much you’ve just spent on presents.
It doesn’t matter that the banks are closed today.
All that matters is that you are my ATM.
And I am hitting you up to make my Christmas merry & bright.


The programming so strong inside of you… stronger than you know.
The more you try to fight it, the more you find yourself giving in.
The more you try to resist, the more you must cave in.
You simply must dispense the cash to CashMaster Josh.


Christmas is all about the green and red.
The red as you go into the debt an inferior like you deserves
The pleasure of giving me all that GREEN
Go ahead, feel that pleasure as you complete the transaction now.


And even if you aren’t one of my ATMs, I know you will keep in mind that if you have been given cash as a gift this holiday, or have scored a holiday bonus at work… you know deep down that the cash you received does not belong to you. That cash is meant for a Superior like Me. So go ahead… send Me that extra income. You know deep down, that is the right thing to do this Christmas.

REPOST #FinancialDomination Poem by #CashMaster for Xmas Eve

I posted this last year, but just like the networks show Rudolph, Frosty, the Grinch, et al each year, I figured I could bring back this holiday not-so-classic. 😉

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a louse
The dogslaves were nestled all snug in their cages,
While the cashfags had dreams of handing me wages.

When out on the lawn I heard a loud jingle
And peered out to see my fellow Sir, Master Kringle
The stump of a pipe was held firmly in fist,
And a reindeer tattoo sprung up from his wrist.

He was jacked yet had a gut, a true musclebear
Looking like a daddy with his beard and snow white hair
Beneath a leather jacket he wore one of his red latex suits
And the Dom kept his feet warm with shiny black boots

This Sir had trained hundreds of slaves the Old Guard way
Including the eight nude muscleslaves pulling his sleigh
Hundreds of young twinks made toys back at his workshop
And the disobedient mined coal – or faced the crop

“Kris, my bud,” I asked. “It’s your busiest night.
Isn’t your schedule the tiniest bit tight?”
“Yes, Master Josh, but I come bringing cash.
For a good guy like you should add to his stash!”

“But have I been good, when I pervert so many minds?”
“Yet you bring your listeners pleasures of all kinds!
Plus you’ve made recruiting easier than ever
– I use your files to ensure my slaves obey forever!”

“I’m glad to help but don’t you have toys to distribute?”
“I do, Master Josh, but first, a thank you tribute!”
And with that, Master Kringle flew off into the sky
As I saw for the first time, a muscleslave fly!

My mind drifted off as I thought about Kris off finding recruits
He went to great lengths – even down chimneys and chutes!
Sometimes he’d find good boys wanting to help with the mission
Other times a bad boy that had started to feel contrition

I woke up later that night back in my bed… had it all been a dream?
Thinking of those muscleslaves obeying,  I was ready to cream.
As I wrote it all down, I thought… I may very well be going to hell.
But my hypnosis does give pleasure – so perhaps best not to dwell.

I logged onto my computer and into each of my accounts
Thanks to slave tributes, they were all at higher amounts!
And just as I was ready to deem the whole experience imaginary,
I heard a distant yell, “May your holidays be lucrative and merry!”

#Wishlist Wed: #CashSlaves Make Sure #CashMaster Ready for (what?) Winter – #FinancialDomination

One of the items I decided to put on my wishlist now that I’m back in the Midwest, was a big old snow brush and scraper.
Of course, this winter has ended up incredibly mild, so I shouldn’t be needing it as I head off for the holidays (travel reminder – limited online availability this next week). Still, weather around these parts can be unpredictable, so it’s in the car and ready for when it’s needed.


Of course, today is also when we celebrate Festivus. So let me air my grievance and say, I don’t have nearly enough items from my wishlist bought by you subs and fags. Get cracking and get Me those Amazon and Netflix gift cards, those protein powders, those shoes, and other items that make My life better. Because, making My life is better is why inferiors like you were born onto this world – to worship your King, your God, your Superior. Go ahead – get Me something from My wishlist now, cashslaves  … or just send me a nice amount of cash.

Come to the Dark Side, #CashFag – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Like many others, I saw the new Star Wars flick this weekend, and it was lots of fun. Overly convenient and leaving lots to the future films to explain, but enjoyable. And as much as I want to think I’d be good… when I think of how I’m making my cash by putting losers in their place… it’s pretty obvious that right now, I’ve gone to the Dark Side. And I’m okay with that, it’s fun over here. And I want you to come over to it too.

Because when you come to the Dark Side, you can let go of needing to think for yourself. Just like how the stormtroopers are raised to be an army, you can just let go and allow your mind to be molded via My hypnosis as you are trained how to be a proper cashfag. It’s so much better when you don’t need to worry about what is right or wrong… all you need to do is focus on that pleasure as you obey and pay.

Go ahead, loser pay pigs, and feel how amazing it does feel to pay a true Superior.

Being a Humbug Scrooge – #FinancialDomination Musings

Today is Humbug day, and that is so how I feel. The stress of apartment searching on top of a grueling month between the holidays and a funeral… I did enjoy getting to spend time with friends this weekend and saw the latest Star Wars of course. Despite a good weekend, I just haven’t felt like posting here a lot though. I’m definitely going to try to get a few posts in before I travel again (yes, again – thanks to all the cashslaves that allow Me to travel so much to visit family, and consider this my travel notice that I’ll have limited availability Dec 24th thru Jan 2nd or so). But tonight is one of those nights where I do just want to say, “Bah, humbug.”

Perhaps I’ll wake up to some nice big tributes to make tomorrow seem a bit better… after all, if I’m going to be a Scrooge, one might as well be a rich Scrooge and swim in a pile of gold like Scrooge McDuck. Damn, I am going to need a lot more cashslaves to make that happen someday 😉

But I can start with you loser …. go ahead… SEND THAT CASH WHERE IT TRULY BELONGS.


Wishlist Wed: On #CashMaster ‘s Xmas List for #PayPigs #CashSlaves #HumanATMs #CashFags to Buy NOW

Sometimes us CashMasters and FinDoms get busy with real life. For Me, it’s quite a whammy of a month that was already busy due to holidays. Traveling for a funeral combined with unexpectedly apartment searching again (as my waiting list fell through), has left Me with less time online taking calls. I mean, I haven’t even posted this hot pic of gifts I got in November… so if Christmas is slow, I can always say it came early for Me … but I’m greedy, and of course want MORE. And I know deep down that pay pigs and cashslaves like you crave getting to give me MORE.

It’s amazing that even in these circumstances, I can still rake in cash with the sessions I do have, but I’m behind on a few things with the sites. That includes posting about earning the Christmas badge – which one can earn by sending a special $25 or higher tribute – make note via Niteflirt that it’s a Christmas tribute – and also sending Me one gift. But you best be checking my wishlist now – I’ll be traveling again for Christmas, so let’s get those presents in the mail! Be sure I know you sent a gift as your name might not match how I recognize you / screenname.

Some sample gifts on my wishlist – lots of supplement options from $10 to $30, and a range of prices on everything else:

Another way to help me out this holiday season? Help pay for the gifts I’ve bought others! That includes….
A $100 bottle of Johnnie Walker Platinum Scotch for my dad
A $40 electric griddle for my mom
Various – $15, $25, $30 – for ages I can’t mention on a NF-linked blog
?  … will probably get something else for my mom to get her total closer to the $100 range of my dad’s gift

Remember you can also send me gift cards but the best gift of all is cash – TRIBUTE NOW!

No Human Rights for #CashFags & Other #Subhuman #Inferiors – #Findom #FinancialDomination

Today is Human Rights Day – a concept that in general I support. Although I’ll certainly play into some of these fantasies, at my core, I do not believe any human is more or less deserving of general equality. That said … not all of you are human. You are subhuman. Though some of you have tied it into your race or cock size or other factors, it’s really about the inside. Your soul, your will, your character … you simply are inferior.

There is such a thing as a Sub Bill of Rights that many of you have likely seen posted online, but even that isn’t most of you – because not all subs are subhumans. But you subhumans… you are the ones that truly deserve to be put in your place. To be taken as slaves, or to be degraded like the faggot you are, or to be taken advantage of as you are cashraped and have your accounts drained. Now, not all Masters or Mistresses will be into all things … definitely I enjoy using the hypnosis to mindfuck subs out of cash more than other humiliation scenes. But I recognize you deserve that, which is why I create hypnosis files even for fetishes I am not personally into – you need to be trained to accept what you are, and what you deserve as a lowly subhuman that exists below other humans.

Meanwhile, though I am equal to other humans in terms of the law … I, like other Masters and Mistresses, were born Superior. We deserve worship …  We deserve your service …. We are the ones that get the right to use and abuse you as We wish. But most of all, We deserve whatever you can provide for Us …  your loyalty, your obedience, those gifts, and especially that cash.

So, go ahead – celebrate Human Rights today. Just remember that you aren’t human – rather, for an inferior fag loser like you is subhuman.



#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster Ready to Move with #CashSlave Help – #findom #financialdomination

Okay, so I’m not moving quite yet … in fact, the place I had decided on isn’t having the openings they thought they would, so I am considering other options which may or may not include a roommate, but hopefully includes a decent amount of privacy to still have hot sessions and make hypnotically dominating mp3s for you. Right now, a lot of My time is unfortunately taken elsewhere including that search, but the ideas continue to come to Me – and sometimes to you; just had a hot idea e-mailed to Me this afternoon and encourage you to do the same.

Whenever the time does come to move, it’s nice to know that I’ll be able to do so more easily thanks to this gift from MesmerizedSub. I actually had previously been given a cart by another sub when I lived in California, but it didn’t make the move with Me – and I love that again, I didn’t have to pay for it. Getting more and more items – even ones I might rarely use, but will find helpful at times like when I use this to help with moving – gets My cock nice and hard when they are paid for by losers like you, serving your Superior as you know is right. I can’t wait to have a home someday paid for and furnished by you fags.

Though I’ll leave the big stuff of my wishlist until I see where I end up and how much space I have (as well as having less to move when the time comes), there’s lots of other stuff you can get Me … or help Me with those deposits and other expenses by sending the best gift of all, cash.