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#Brainwashed #HumanATM Loves to Pay #CashMaster, #CashDom Loves More $$$ – #FinancialDomination

Meant to post this the other day; been a busy weekend. But I also recently have had a couple more great sessions with My brainwashedATM and I can’t wait for our next one. It’s amazing how deeply programmed he is… for he knows that the repetition keeps that mind re-wired, even as My power works to keep him filled with that pleasure each and every time he pays.
It’s the kind of pleasure and submission you too can enjoy – but only if you give My programming that chance to build deep down in your subconscious – and I only spend My time doing that if you make it worth My time (of course, I also provide a few free files so you can build it on your own time too, My submissive moneymakers).

Why don’t you go ahead and listen to some right now – and then go ahead and then pay to feel the pleasure of pleasing your Superior.



Holiday weekends are upon us, and tomorrow I’ll be driving to visit family
Needing to stop and fuel up my vehicle. Needing to stop for food on the way
And deep down, you know this is why you exist – to pay for these things for Me
For I am your Superior Master, dominating your  mind – and you are My ATM


Some of you simply know without programming that you are inferior to Me
While others of you have been deeply programmed to obey the trigger
Either way, you know deep down that it is right to provide for Master Josh
And that submission just feels too amazing…. it’s so difficult to resist


Go ahead, humanATMs, pay pigs and cashslaves – give in to those urges inside
Give in and feel that deep pleasure washing over you as you pay Me
That pleasure building inside each time you serve Me, obey Me, pay Me
Dispensing that cash as you complete the transaction NOW!


New #PayPig Pleases #CashMaster – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Had a great session with FDSfagATM (edit: screenname changed) earlier this week, where he earned the Bronze Spender badge for tributing $100+ in a session. He actually came very close to the $250 badge …. and total has exceeded that as he sent more the next day…. a good first week for a pay pig. On top of that, I’m awaiting a few gifts from the wishlist he bought Me. So make that a great week for a new paypig. And I just know he is going to be serving Me for such a long time … because that’s what loser cashfags like him do. They stroke to My powerful words…. and their weak fag minds just give in …. until I am taking more and more, and making him not just My cashslave, but MY BITCH.

FtPyPg Tributes 04202016

I know you too want to experience My power …. so get in touch with Me for a session. The above, the $50 is a prepaid for our session, which I expect for new people to prove themselves and to cut down on timewasters. The $10 and $20s were during the session, draining …. but I left him needing to give more, and so he did, bigtime.

And if you’d rather just buy Me something from one of my multiple wishlists or know deep down that you should just send your Superior some cash, go ahead and do that NOW!

#CashMaster Loves When #PayPigs #CashSlaves #HumanATMS Addicted

Tuesday even, I got a call from a sub who has a boyfriend… he told me how he couldn’t wait until his boyfriend left so that he could call Me. Our calls are often short and the amounts vary, but this past time was a quick $60 plus the call for Me. I loved getting paid by him, but it was even hotter to hear him tell Me that he couldn’t wait to call Me.

My current #1 humanATM (what big spenders are going to challenge him for that spot?) also is addicted to Me. We had a couple false starts this week as we’d catch each other too late at night. But Wednesday we were able to have a nice session earlier in the day…. scoring Me $200. I love using his addiction to paying Me for my own gain and benefit, and he loves that I use him… for that is his addiction.

In fact, he was so addicted, that he came back that night for another $200 session… $400 before fees for Master Josh. And my brainwashedATM, I know that felt so good for you.

I know some of you would love to become addicted to Me too. Go ahead… give my hypnosis a try.  Then be a good paypig and add to my weekly total here.

HS Tributes 11042015

Big $1000 #Tribute 4 #CashMaster plus $500 Gifts – #Cashslave #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I had an amazing session late Tuesday night with my favorite Loser B, but didn’t get this posted – in part due to being busy, and in part due to wanting to make sure it all processed and arrived okay.

You see, this loser loves how I get in his head with the hypnosis and take him deep down for programming. And he knows without a doubt that to pay Master Josh is pleasure. He gave me a nice score right around my birthday, and it was good to have him back.

Of course, last time, he just had to say that I could have taken him for more. So this time, I did.

At first, it was just a couple items on Amazon and $100. I tried to suggest $500 to push for it… but he seemed a bit unsure. Or perhaps wanted me to seem more sure. I couldn’t read it at first … was he saying it was too much, or something else? So, I went down to $400…. afterall, $500 total would still be nice. But he still seemed hesitant.

So, I went for it. I suggested $900 the next time I took him under, and the cashslave felt that amazing rush as he indeed sent me $900. A grand total in cash, one night.

TributefromLoserB 10212015

That wasn’t enough though … so then he bought me one more Amazon gift, over $200 for that one … over $500 total in gifts. You’ll see them posted soon enough as part of Wishlist Wednesdays 😉

I hope I can catch some of you very soon and get just as much pleasure… because fuck is it hot seeing that big amount now deposited in my bank account. And I’m too greedy to stop there.


#ATMs Pay $25 Now – #humanATM #cashslave #financialdomination


Leave your conscious mind behind.
Let go to the programming.
Lose all your inhibitions.


Submit to the pleasure.
Surrender to the desire.
Serve your Master.


Please Master Josh.
Provide for your Superior.
Pay Master Josh.


Open your mind.
Optimize the pleasure.
Obey the trigger.



#CashMaster Hard From #Tributes – #financialdomination #hypno #cashdrain #cashslave #cashdom

Congrats to HypnoBootsSlave for earning another badge – up to $1000 in tributes means Silver Tributer badge has been awarded! He got there after a great session, for which I’m including excepts below. I’ve inserted a read break as it’s a bit long, but also because I eventually use a Trigger – read at your own risk as always. Then add to my total for the day by paying for pleasure HERE. Again, I wish I could reverse this to start with the $10 but you’ll see how it all built up with the chat… perhaps you’ll feel the desire to keep paying too 😉

HSTributefromHBS 09152015

hypnosuperior: bet it feels so good deep inside whenever you get to pay Me
HypnoBootsSlave: It does, SIR.  It feels right to make Your life easier, SIR.
hypnosuperior: I love being able to life in comfort thanks to you. And each tribute gets Me so hard.
HypnoBootsSlave: Making Master Josh hard is green.  It is so good to suffer for You, SIR.
hypnosuperior: I’m glad you enjoy it slave. being able to budget, thrift, sacrifice for your Superior
hypnosuperior: giving Me that green that fills us both with pleasure
(after first $10 tribute)
HypnoBootsSlave: Yes, that feels better, SIR.
hypnosuperior: Good slave. For Me as well
hypnosuperior: always feels so good to get paid by you
hypnosuperior: and even better to get paid more by you
hypnosuperior: feels so right to get that green
hypnosuperior: harder with each higher tribute
HypnoBootsSlave: faggot account going down, while Master’s account gets hard with cash.
hypnosuperior: exactly slave
hypnosuperior: feeling so good to have less left in your accounts
hypnosuperior: as you put more right into my hands
hypnosuperior: for it is so right to please and pay Master Josh
hypnosuperior: to Pay Master Josh is pleasure
hypnosuperior: for My pleasure is your pleasure
hypnosuperior: feels so good whenever you pay Me for more pleasure
HypnoBootsSlave: Are You feeling good, SIR?
hypnosuperior: much better now slave
hypnosuperior: feels so good to get paid by you
hypnosuperior: feels so right when you pay and please Me
hypnosuperior: even as it strains your budget
hypnosuperior: simply knowing it’s your duty as an inferior
hypnosuperior: and giving Me what I deserve as your Superior
HypnoBootsSlave: SIR, Yes, SIR!

Continue reading #CashMaster Hard From #Tributes – #financialdomination #hypno #cashdrain #cashslave #cashdom

More Raves for #Cashmaster ‘s #FinancialDomination & #EroticHypnosis – @NiteFlirt

It’s time to highlight some of the recent testimonials I’ve continued to receive.  First from david33os on Niteflirt is reason why any doubters into financial domination should give my new free files a try.

“Master Josh is sooooo superior to everything!!! I have just tribute him and I feel really wonderful, no regrets only such a wonderful rush of pleasure!! You should try it :)” “Paying Master Josh feels sooooo great!!! Better than every drug and its getting better and better each time!! If you not tried you have missed something of the greatest thing in your life!!!” “You should give those erotic hypno mp3 a try…your jerking will be enriched for the rest of your life!! Really great work Master Josh, I never want to cum again without you files!! ”

It’s awesome to know that people do respond to my new files (click here if you missed the free one that worked with him) and can truly feel that pleasure when they pay.

Meanwhile, DHSslave wrote:
“First call to this amazing HypnoSuperior. Pleasing Him is the right thing for all cash slaves to do. It felt so good to give Him pleasure. He took me so deep, there was nothing left but to go deep and please Him.”
Then listened to my Fag Beratement Recorded Listing and added:
“Non stop verbal degradation right from his Superior mouth. There was nothing left of me. ”

Can’t wait for our next session DHSslave as you pay more to get Me hard! I’m also looking forward to training Gunner8 more, who wrote:
“A very effective and totally hot hypno programming session.”

Meanwhile, between calls and games, such as the Degradation PTV, Whateverguy2 has said the following of late:
“Totally hot as always” (in regards to the PTV)
“Knows how to put a boi in its place and keep it there.”
“A hot dom – delivers the goods at the highest level.”

That last especially is mighty high praise, but then I am a mighty high Superior 😉  To some, like JoshWorshipper, I am even a God:
“Master Josh deserves my wor$hip. Master Josh deserves my adoration. Master Josh deserves my devotion. Master Josh deserves my tribute.”

I also realized I had missed some old praise from bottomguypdx as it was on my less-used Hypnotic Roleplay listing:
“Perfect voice for hypnotism.”
“Really skilled erotic hypnotist.”

And from kcleatherboi, some recent praise which all of my hypnosis fans know to be true:
“Master Josh knows how to work a hypno file.”
“Master Josh’s hypno files continue to subject fag to Master’s mesmerizing voice and words.”

As always, many of the live sessions – whether they involved hypnosis or not, as not all of them did – succeeded because the subs clearly communicated their desires with Me. And any that were hypnosis succeeded because the subs were willing to let go and give it a try – perhaps first starting with my free files.

Here’s hoping that you keep finding pleasure in sessions with Me and from my goodies … and I know I’ll keep finding pleasure from your tributes!


#Tribute “Just Because” – #financialdomination #cashmaster #cashslave #humanATM #cashfag

Today is “Just Because Day” – a day to do something just because. And that made me think of how you – the humanATMs, payslaves and cashfags of this world – should be reminded how much Superiors like Me love to be tribute “Just Because.”

I mean, fuck, it’s part of why I provide a few free samples. Well, one reason. One is to allow people a chance to try my hypnosis before they buy files or pay for a session or call via Niteflirt, as hypnosis is quite subjective. But part of providing some free financial ones… certainly I love the thought of people tributing Me when I don’t even have to lift a finger, beyond that initial effort of the file.

I’ve admitted to being both lazy and greedy on here on multiple occasions, but it’s not just Me. It’s all Dom(mes). We love when you tribute Us without Us having to ask. We love when you do it simply because you know We deserve it. We love when you do it simply because you know We are Superior. We love when you do it simply because you understand you exist to make OUR lives better – at the expense of your own. And you should NEVER expect anything in return other than the pride of knowing you have pleased your Superior.

Granted, We often DO work for it – at least those of Us that are deserving of your cash.  We’re the ones with more active web presences, providing for you so that you provide for US. That doesn’t change the fact that Our preference would be for you to just pay Us. I’ve spoken about training a sub for a fellow Master … as part of the instructions for training, this Master specifically told Me to encourage that his slave be encouraged (while deep in hypnosis) to pay more surprise tributes. I know the Master has still worked over his property plenty Himself too, but He still wanted that extra push for extra cash that came “just because.”

Some might not admit it, but it’s true of all the Dom(mes) I’ve chatted with… We love that cash “just because.”

So what are you waiting for? You do NOT need a reason – and that is true of any day, but especially today. Today’s the perfect chance to go tribute Me “just because” you know it’s the right thing to do – and “just because” you have that deep desire to serve a Superior man. Or if for no other reason – go tribute Me “just because” I SAID SO.


#CashMaster Hard from Your #Tributes – #FinancialDomination

It’s been a good week, and it’s only Tuesday night! It started with some frustration this weekend as I wasn’t available on the lines as much as I would have liked due to a lack of privacy, thunderstorms, and other reasons. One sub – the one I am training to be more obedient to another Master, with me as a “training Master” and the other as his “one true Master” – messaged Me for more training, so I found a way to make myself available. Both his Master and I benefitted from that as he tipped me for the session, and tribute his Master the same amount as suggested 😉

I’m glad it worked out, as a new slave who had listened to My free hypnosis files, called Me after that. He pleased Me with a great start – time on the phone plus tributes of $5, $10, $25, $40 and $50 building and getting me harder. But he really got Me stroking myself tonight by, once the call is factored in, paying over $400 in one session! Starting with $10 and ending with $100! That’s what I love to see. I’ll have to get him on the badges page for that one. Even though Niteflirt takes their 30%, that’s still a nice 70% for Me and has left me hard. And as My pleasure is your pleasure, I know he had a nice big orgasm after paying all that as well. It’s true: “To Pay Master Josh is Pleasure!”

Of course I’m not just hard from the cash, but as I’ve spoken about before, what the cash symbolizes – the power I have over subs like him. Seeing how much power I already have over this slave is amazing. Fuck I’m still hard from the session and as I share this with you. Here’s hoping for more like him! Perhaps you – if you give my hypnosis a try and then find yourself needing to send some nice big tributes. Of course, the more you pay, the more pleasure you feel … and the higher the amount, the harder I get!

HardFromTributes 08112015

The Pleasure for #HumanATMS to Pay #CashMaster Josh – #financialdomination

I’m sure there are those subs out there that think, “Why pay this moneygrubber’s request? How is this any different than those guys that get online and say ‘you fag pay me now!’ when they haven’t earned it?”

Well,  those that pay me know that I have earned it. They know that I use my creative mind and hypnosis talent to create blog posts for you to read, games for you to play, recordings for you to listen to – sometimes even free, such as the new “To Pay Master Josh is Pleasure” file released on Friday (I sent many of you a downloadable MP3, but if you did not get this and would like one, just contact Me).

They also made a commitment to give the recordings MULTIPLE listens because they knew that it would train their minds in the ways they had craved being trained. And if you doubt Me, just take a look at this note from TakeMyMoneyATM after yesterday’s trigger:

“just wanted to thank you for keeping up with the ATM triggers.  It just makes everything so easy – you say pay, I pay, I get an incredible rush of pleasure and cum, further cementing how erotic handing you my cash makes me feel, you get more money to spend with as you like and to continue to corrupt us :)”

Now, the ATM trigger file isn’t even one of my erotic sessions, yet TakeMyMoneyATM has felt that pleasure of paying Me so much that it has become erotic for him. Seeing that, and the cash that was sent as the transaction was completed, in turn made Me hard and filled Me with pleasure.  If you’ve purchases the file and haven’t felt this yet, give it time. Some people are more susceptible than others, but the hypnosis is most successful with repetition. Soon you will let go deeper than you thought possible, and feel more orgasmic pleasure than ever before when you pay Me 😉

Click here to check out some of my hypnosis.
Click here to feel orgasmic pleasure as you send Me a tribute.

#ATMs Pay $15 Now – #humanATM #findom #cashslavery


Let go. Submit. Surrender. Obey. Pay.
Feeling so good to brighten Master Josh’s day.


Giving in to the trigger. Feeling its power over you.
Giving into me. Loving how I control what you do.


Sending me that cash without thinking, without thought.
Just knowing Master has things that must be bought.


Completing the transaction. Dispensing that money….
Feeling that pleasure … it’s even sweeter than honey.