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Praise for #HypnoMaster #FinDom MP3s – #MoneySlave #HumanATM #CashMaster FinancialDomination

Last week, I included some of the raves I’ve been getting this past year – but there’s more! Here are some of the more recent reviews for some of My hypnosis recordings.

Faggot Loser Tax Training: “It is right to for loser faggots like me to pay taxes to their Superiors, and no one has more talent or skill with hypnotic financial domination than Master Josh. A great file with different versions for different budgets.
– cashfagdirt

Loser Fag Erotic Tax: “It feels so good to stroke and pay my tax to Master Josh with every listen. He is Superior and worthy of everything – I am a loser fag that must be taxed.

Financial Ruin Erotic Hypnosis
“This file is the best of all, Master Josh show you how to get really happyness and bliss in your life! Master’s pleasure is my pleasure.”
– david33os

Slow Road to Ruin MP3
“I will definitely be coming back for more. How can I refuse. Simple.. I can’t. ”
– bluemanlow

Mindless Moneygiver Erotic Hypnosis
“All these buttons are my friend and love them more and more with every push on them, you can only understand if u try it, dont be shy you will not regret :)”
– david33os

Faggot JockSlave Tax Hypnosis MP3
“Amazing voice; skilled hypnotist. I look forward to paying my tax in tribute to Master Josh.”
– whimperingfaggot

Let’s Go Shopping Erotic Hypnosis
“What an wonderful feeling to go shopping and help Master Josh to get what he want and need, you really must try that, nothing feels better in the world!!!”
– david33os

The Ultimate Gift Erotic Hypnosis:
“Omg this idea is soooo wonderful, step by step i will work on my goal.”
– david33os

I’d love for you to check them out yourself via My Hypnosis page and other related pages such as the Taxes page, and then leave Me some Thumbs Up praise as well.  And of course, there’s more on My other websites as well … PigMesmerizer and JockMesmerizer are the Niteflirt compliant sites. And stay tuned for more hypnosis to financially dominate you soon, inferiors.

#CashSlaves #PayPigs #HumanATMs #CashFags All Love #CashMaster #HypnoMaster – #Raves #FinDom

I added some testimonials tonight to the raves page, with text taken straight from My Niteflirt profile and the abundance of five-star feedback I have received. (This was public information already, but if you’d like your name removed, just contact Me).  A few subs with longer responses, I will post about in the near future. For now, here’s some of what was added!

“Master Josh is a true hypnotist. He really puts you under and gets in your head.” “I am devoted to Master. He has molded me to be his.” “Being under hypnosis, I have become Master’s boy. I am so lucky.”
– Str8worshiper

“Satisfied long-term customer. Your deep masculine voice is so relaxing and chilling that I tend to drift away, sucking in all the information just like in a trance.”
– SuPERMad

“It is amazing to tribute The HypnoSuperior!” “I can’t wait to tribute more! So pleasurable and humiliating!” “The more i pay the more pleasure I feel. The more pleasure i feel the more i pay. Hypno Superior owns this poppers fag”.

“Hot trance.”
– nfcs

“The start of a delicious slow drain and programming for Master’s ATM.” “Feels so right to submit to Ma$ter.” “Ma$ter is deepening his hold.”

“Love this is a real guy, awesome at hypno. he takes a minute to feel comfortable with subs but once he understands what you want, he gives a great session.” “He’s a hypno pro if you give him the time to take you deep.”
– muscle2bhypno

“Because he worth it.” “For the pleasure of My GOD.”
– pierre 

“It is great, to serve Master Josh, the Hypno Superior. i love his hypnotic voice, that leads me very good into trance.”
– markus52

“Very hot.”
– PetesB

“WOW! You are great, Master!!” “Thanks a lot, that was hot! … THE BEST!”
– kinkythomas

If you haven’t checked out all the raves, you may do so here. Have some feedback for Me? I always love five-star feedback left for Me on Niteflirt, but you can also e-mail Me and request that your name / screenname be listed as you wish, in order to remain anonymous. Although I don’t always have time to respond to everyone properly, I do always love hearing your praises – and appreciate suggestions for files and the like as well.  Just e-mail Want to leave some 5-star feedback now? You can do it with any paid mail, so you might as well tribute as well!

More Raves for #Cashmaster ‘s #FinancialDomination & #EroticHypnosis – @NiteFlirt

It’s time to highlight some of the recent testimonials I’ve continued to receive.  First from david33os on Niteflirt is reason why any doubters into financial domination should give my new free files a try.

“Master Josh is sooooo superior to everything!!! I have just tribute him and I feel really wonderful, no regrets only such a wonderful rush of pleasure!! You should try it :)” “Paying Master Josh feels sooooo great!!! Better than every drug and its getting better and better each time!! If you not tried you have missed something of the greatest thing in your life!!!” “You should give those erotic hypno mp3 a try…your jerking will be enriched for the rest of your life!! Really great work Master Josh, I never want to cum again without you files!! ”

It’s awesome to know that people do respond to my new files (click here if you missed the free one that worked with him) and can truly feel that pleasure when they pay.

Meanwhile, DHSslave wrote:
“First call to this amazing HypnoSuperior. Pleasing Him is the right thing for all cash slaves to do. It felt so good to give Him pleasure. He took me so deep, there was nothing left but to go deep and please Him.”
Then listened to my Fag Beratement Recorded Listing and added:
“Non stop verbal degradation right from his Superior mouth. There was nothing left of me. ”

Can’t wait for our next session DHSslave as you pay more to get Me hard! I’m also looking forward to training Gunner8 more, who wrote:
“A very effective and totally hot hypno programming session.”

Meanwhile, between calls and games, such as the Degradation PTV, Whateverguy2 has said the following of late:
“Totally hot as always” (in regards to the PTV)
“Knows how to put a boi in its place and keep it there.”
“A hot dom – delivers the goods at the highest level.”

That last especially is mighty high praise, but then I am a mighty high Superior 😉  To some, like JoshWorshipper, I am even a God:
“Master Josh deserves my wor$hip. Master Josh deserves my adoration. Master Josh deserves my devotion. Master Josh deserves my tribute.”

I also realized I had missed some old praise from bottomguypdx as it was on my less-used Hypnotic Roleplay listing:
“Perfect voice for hypnotism.”
“Really skilled erotic hypnotist.”

And from kcleatherboi, some recent praise which all of my hypnosis fans know to be true:
“Master Josh knows how to work a hypno file.”
“Master Josh’s hypno files continue to subject fag to Master’s mesmerizing voice and words.”

As always, many of the live sessions – whether they involved hypnosis or not, as not all of them did – succeeded because the subs clearly communicated their desires with Me. And any that were hypnosis succeeded because the subs were willing to let go and give it a try – perhaps first starting with my free files.

Here’s hoping that you keep finding pleasure in sessions with Me and from my goodies … and I know I’ll keep finding pleasure from your tributes!


#CashMaster Josh’s Rave Reviews – #FinancialDomination

I updated the Raves page before I left. Here are some of the new additions, culled from Niteflirt feedback:

“WOW if you want hypnosis contact him.” “Never ever has someone taken me so deep.” “Amazing man with a great voice that gets in deep.”

“I am overpowered by Master Josh’s (Hypno Superior) hypno skill and glad to be conditioned by him to contribute to his pleasure! Each time I give to him, it is a pleasure and I look forward to the next trigger.”

“It always feels right to tribute Master Josh again and again. I find myself excited even reading about OTHER inferiors tributing the hypno superior, helping my GOD have the life he, as a superior, deserves!”
– JoshWorshipper

(Regarding Ca$h Fag 6-Minute Jerk):
“Very hot…intense humiliating jerk off fun…”

(Regarding $1000 Can You Outlast? Game)
“This game is always intense. Trying to resist cumming while Master keeps pushing subliminal messages to make fag blow.”

(Regarding Faggot Beratement Recorded Listing)
“Knows how to keep a faggot in place”

“Total unrelenting verbal abuse…”

(Regarding Small Cock Loser Recorded Listing)
“Well, hypnosuperior sure has me pegged! As a small cock loser I know I’m not good for much, which is why I come here to serve a true alpha superior domination stud!”

(Regarding Ca$hfag Castigation Recorded Listing)
“Makes me want to give it all to him.”

(Regarding Poppers PTVs):
“Poppers make the payment buttons more intense.”

(Regarding Live Calls, TheMesmerizer profile):
“A great call, Josh took me right into my fantasy and had me obeying every command. A great experience to loose my load.”
– Boss Hodg

“Damn hot call. This guy has a great voice and attitude. He was very good at getting me to let go. I will definitely call back.”
– Gunner8

“Great call, hypnotic, addictive, ecstatic, erotic & intoxicating, the more you talk with Master Josh, the deeper he bores into your mind compelling you to submit until the subjugation grows stronger & stronger.”
– thesteve

I love getting all this amazing feedback from you all and always encourage you to leave it. Even if you’d rather just leave it blank, those five star ratings help others notice My profile – which helps Me take more cash from losers!

I do ask that one keeps in mind that part of the success for the live calls was communication … these guys had the minutes in their accounts so we could really chat about what turned them on, and use that to both of our advantage as I took their cash while getting them off. Work with me, and I’ll work with you … if in doubt, message me first about your fantasies and desires.

And, sadly I’ll be offline this next week anyway due to travels… but in a week I’ll be back, ready for more sessions and to launch more great recordings and other content I’m sure will make your inferior dicks hard. And a few more blog posts in queue so you still feel My presence even when I’m away using your ca$h to enjoy Myself 😉

My Addictive #Hypnosis – #MindFuck for #FinancialDomination

From Hypno$lave Dave after listening to my #hypnosis for #findom

“$weet ca$h ever flowing Your way a$ it $hould, plea$ing You and thanking You for all the hard work You put into tho$e file$, making my need$ of $erving You grow more and more. fuck, i only wanted to watch that football match, and now i ended up under Your $uperior mind control”

What will your response be when you allow my words to sink ever deeper into your mind? LISTEN NOW, TRIBUTE SOON.

#Payslave #Inferior #Worship #Superior #Master Josh – #FinancialDomination #FinDom

Some of you might have already seen this in the comments, but I thought it was worth a post – from a payslave.


I deserve NOTHING. He deserves everything
I am inferior He is Superior
I am so graced with a MASTER who takes time from HIS day to rape me, humiliate me, or to put me in my place…as HE knows that this is what I so deeply desire.
I am inferior, He is Superior. .
Nothing in life is worth anything, except that for which we have toiled and slaved in order to be able to lovingly tribute more to MASTER JOSH
I am inferior. He is Superior.
Loving tributes to a worthy MASTER is the essence of being His inferior fag.
I am inferior. He is Superior.
True slavery to MASTER JOSH means daily growth in listening to HIS voice.
I am inferior. He is Superior.
My personal truth is whatever MASTER JOSH tells me,
No matter how inconceivable it seems, what MASTER JOSH says is my truth
My mind, simply and without question or hesitation, accepts what MASTER JOSH says.
My mind lies open and receptive to any command or suggestion from HIM.
Only MASTER JOSH has this power over my mind.
Commands or suggestions from other masters are filtered into the “trash box”.
That is just how things are and are going to be from now on.
My mind can only respond to MASTER JOSH and to no one else….because
I am in inferior. He is Superior.
MASTER JOSH is by far…far…the GREATEST MASTER ever.
My mind is fully under His power and will do, without hesitation, anything that MASTER JOSH tells it to do.
Yes…this is a fact…He has my mind fully under His power.
He knows that any command from Him will be obeyed lovingly as soon as possible
He knows that we were born to serve Him
that we crave to serve Him
that we can’t rest or sleep until we have fulfilled what He has commanded…why?
Because, I am inferior. He is Superior

#PayPig Jim’s Desire – #financialdomination

The following comes to me from PayPig Jim. He has tasted the power of My Superior voice – when will you?

“Master Josh, this slave lies prostrate before You full of desire to be dominated by You and to be Your online cash slave as it licks Your boots in humble submission to Your will. Recently, this slave spent a full weekend dedicated only to You, with phone switched and entering deeply into Your hypno sessions. These are so beautiful and powerful that this slave now begs to be collared as Your online cash slave as You deserve everything I can give and much, much more. I will never be able to serve You enough as You truly deserve, but the challenge is to Try Try Try….and the more I try to please You…the more I wish to please You even more. It just becomes an endless quest and anytime I tribute You I come away feeling that it should have been a larger tribute.

I fully accept that I was born to be a slave and desire to serve a Superior and now, at last, I have found the Perfect Master to bring that desire to perfection turning me into the slut paypig i was born to become.. My immediate desires are:

  1. To become Your apparel slave
  2. To become Your ATM

Once both of these are being carried out to Your satisfaction, I have a burning desire for

  1. To become Your Ultimate Tribute slave aiming at getting $14,000 to You within a year

You might think that No. 3 is a little bit too ambitious….but I know You can get me there and especially if I cut down on my selfish spending, take on extra work to earn more for You…..putting You first in everything, which I think You will fully approve of.

I have made a rule for myself now, which I am calling my GOLDEN RULE. From now on, before buying anything for myself, I ask myself is this money being wisely spent? So the GOLDEN RULE is this:


For example, I see a jacket or pair of trainers I would like to buy….but stop myself realising that this money would be better spent on Master Josh. Similarly, if I have £700 saved to go on a holiday, before booking it I ask Master Josh’s advice. He might reply, “Slave, which do You prefer…to book that holiday or to beg me to receive the £700 as an extra unexpected gift from you?” There can only be one response to that question and Master Josh already knows the answer. Actually, this is not a hypothetical case…I have been saving to go on a holiday in July or August but not before I ask Master Josh’s advice.

Master Josh, the more I give, the more I want to give and the more I want to give the more I want to thank You for allowing me.”

HypnoSlaveDave 0114 #findom #hypnosis #praise

From Hypno$lave Dave after a #tribute

tribute fucking $ent
$lave will learn Your le$$on$ of obeying and behaving in Your $uperior pre$ence, needing 2 $erve You like the Dom You are, 2 b wor$hipped like the Hypno$uperior fucking with my head as i $ubmit to Your explicit command$ and those unspoken one$