The #Erotic Act of #FinancialDomination #PayPigs

It’s amazing how much erotic pleasure there is for subs – and sometimes Dom(mes) – in Financial Domination.

The CashMaster (or Mistress) can get off on abusing, dominating, controlling a pay pig… and the pay pig gets off on the same but as a sub or victim or sometimes even just a willing participant (or with my hypnosis, a willing participant that gets pushed further and further with what he is willing to do).

No sex is involved, sometimes masturbation isn’t even involved (though surely it can be, and is in some of my files/recordings especially for erotic hypnosis). And yet… it provides such a thrill… makes those dicks, no matter how tiny they are, get so hard…

Financial Domination is a very erotic act – why? Perhaps because financial domination is just about the most intimate you can be with somebody online. Sure, people put on shows – but are those really intimate? They’re flashy. But financial domination… working with a sub as you remind him of where his money truly belongs… sent to you… now that’s intimate…

Whether or not you’re in chastity or stroke until you have an amazing orgasm, this is a pleasure that you too can enjoy. Try some of my hypnosis files, then be sure to send a TRIBUTE.

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