New #EroticHypnosis for #FinancialDomination – To Pay #CashMaster Josh is Pleasure!

And here I am providing you with even more wonderful content for free 😉 Though the plan is to still cheaply sell most MP3s, my skills have improved with more recent files, and I wanted to showcase that to both devoted followers and curious newbies. Plus, even though it’s free…. there’s always that hope it works very well on you 😉

#Cashmaster Time is Valuable – #financialdomination #cashslavery

I’ve spoken on this before, but it bears repeating after the week I’ve had.

A CashMaster’s time is valuable, and must always be compensated for. The same is true of any Dom/me, though perhaps there are other ways of being worthy of their time – domestic service, sexual gratification, amusement, etc. But for a CashMaster, it’s what will make us more of that green. We don’t care how much you’ve paid in the past, for we don’t feel it means we owe you a thing. Each transaction is in the moment. You get off on the pleasure; you make us hard from the power… and all starts again.

There are those CashMaster’s that will block subs if they don’t tribute right away. I do not do this, because I know that sometimes a sub prefers a relationship to be built. Yet, my messengers are usually left up not because I have time to chat, but because I am willing to break if it’s going to be worth my time to take a break. If it’s not worth my time, then I want to keep doing whatever I’m doing – be it working on new hypnosis scripts, watching TV, or anything else. Sometimes it is stuff I need to get done… for example, this week I was hired to make some custom files for a jock and I am aiming to get them written this week with the hopes of recording them when my roommate is away this weekend. If I don’t get them recorded this weekend, it might be hard to meet the two-week goal for getting custom files to my clients. I’d still break for cash, but I  do have other work to do.

Sometimes I don’t have something like that, and just would rather not talk to you unless I have to. I mean, face it, some of you are real losers. There are exceptions, as with anything, as I do have friends that are subs (or subs that are friends?), but I generally feel I’m too Superior to have to put up with inane chitchat with a sub just because they’ve paid me in the past, or have expressed a desire to pay Me in the future. If you have that desire, then pay already and let’s do some hypnosis or let you listen as I degrade you, or just tribute and not expect anything but the satisfaction you are helping to make a Superior’s life better.

Yet when you talk and talk about desire to pay and never follow through, you are considered a time-wasting wanker. And if one were to actually go out of there way to annoy, harass, or bother a CashMaster for any reason, then he will be blocked. Possibly worse depending on the CashMaster, as some have computer skills you don’t want to mess with. I might not have those, but I can still say good riddance to that sub. He will not get the privilege of being named on my site as some sort of humiliation. He has earned nothing but my contempt, and a block.

Thankfully the majority of you do understand this. And for newbies, I do welcome questions, and the sort…. though of course, you are expected to have looked over all my sites, FAQs, and actually tried some of my free files first.

And, really, I do so much for free for you already with this blog – it’s not your place to be greedy for more, that’s all on ME 🙂  Thank Me for the time I put into this blog and show some RESPECT with a nice tribute here.

#Wishlist Wed. – #Cashmaster Bday #financialdomination

Two of the gifts from my birthday challenge are also the gifts given by those subs that earned this year’s birthday badges. Thanks TakeMyMoneyATM and IndiATM for partaking in the fun! One item was a disc to supplement my Body Beast DVDs … haven’t tried it yet as I just used some of the birthday money to start a six-week gym program and get workout clothes for that, but have truly enjoyed the DVDs – especially since the first set was also a gift from a sub! Meanwhile, tongue cleaners are one of those things I would always think, “I should get one” but then would have it slip my mind out shopping.

Talking to so many fags though, that fiflth was really starting to build up, so this was needed!

More birthday present posts to come in the weeks ahead, as well as other wishlist catch-up 😉 If you’d like to get me a gift, you can learn more about my wishlist here – or just send the best gift of all as you give us both the pleasure… for you, the pleasure of submission…. for Me, that pleasure of my power over you!

Hard from the #Power – #Cashmaster #financialdomination #findom

I know I chatted about this not too long ago, but I had another sub ask Me tonight if I got hard taking their money. Short answer: YES.

Longer answer: I get hard seeing the influence I have over people. It doesn’t always have to be from cash… when I see that power over them… I get off on it. It’s amazing to see a sub so deep that my suggestions are taking effect, whether it’s to work out or be more submissive or anything else – even just to feel  that pleasure during a file.

Of course, that cash happens to be the best physical representation I could get from that. If it’s not in person, the praise and worship and power can go to My head… but when I see that cash, or gifts, given, it’s like seeing a physical representation of my power. And that is what makes Me hard.

So yeah, I get hard from your money. And I love that cash for many reasons… as I’ve also said before, I’m greedy. But it’s not cash by itself that gets me hard. It’s what it represents when given to Me by you that gets Me hard … the Power I have over you.

And I’m sure using hypnosis to take that power from you… well, I’m sure that gets you hard too. If you’ve never tried it, you can check it out here… and if you already know how good My power feels over you, then feel the pleasure of sending me a nice big tribute.

#Cashmaster Bday Haul 2015 – #financialdomination #cashslavery

I meant to get this up sooner, but it was quite the busy birthday weekend with calls, text, etc. All the wishes are appreciated, but what I really loved is my birthday haul. I didn’t get everything on the challenge list, but that’s okay, because some of the other gifts I received were bigger & better! Over $500 worth in gifts, which I’ll showcase in the Wishlist Wednesdays coming up. Plus some gift cards and plenty of my favorite gift of all, cash! Two subs, TakeMyMoneyATM and IndiATM, earned the birthday badges as they were the ones that gave both a gift from the challenge and cash, though a special shout out to BarryLoser and MesmerizedSub as well for some of the bigger gifts!


#ATMS PAY $100 NOW – #CashMaster Birthday Tribute


Feel that pleasure as you give in to that trigger….
Feel that pleasure as you prepare to dispense that cash…
Knowing that you obey so instantly and automatically….
No matter the amount… no matter when…..


Yet it fills you with even more pleasure to know…
That you are paying dispensing even more cash to Master…
On his very special day…. another year older, another year more Superior
Feel the pleasure as you give in and pay the ATM birthday trigger….


It feels so amazing to get used by your Superior, Master Josh….
It feels so amazing to have been programmed by Master Josh…
It feels absolutely incredible to get to dispense Me that cash….
For it always feels magnificent to serve as my humanATM !


1st #Obedience Badge Earned – #Submission to #CashMaster – #FinancialDomination

Congrats to TakeMyMoneyATM for earning the first obedience badge, “Task Conqueror,” by completing five of the submission tasks on the Submit page.

Among the tasks completed were partaking in my birthday challenge (though I think I’ll wait to open it tomorrow along with a few others I’m expecting 😉 ), as shown at right.

He also completed the task to of handwriting “To Pay Master Josh is Pleasure” 100 times. I’ve never been big on tasks, as I often prefer hypnotic influence, but I’m not going to lie… seeing this completed task come in was fucking hot. Job well done, TakeMyMoneyATM!

His badge, and others earned so far by other ATMs, subs & slaves, can be seen here.



Giving In to the #Superior Mind – #FinancialDomination #Submission

Tonight I am sharing one of my hypnosub’s thoughts and experiences – something I hope encourages many of you who haven’t tried my hypnosis yet to see the value in one of the truest forms of submission:

“I keep coming back to your post on freedom and submission, because for me there’s definitely a connection that I’m not sure I can quite describe. It has something to do with the tyranny of choice, and the fact that if you have many decisions to make, that can be oppressive. As someone with a relatively high-powered intellectual profession, I have to make decisions all the time, and it can get pretty stressful. Especially when I’m under a lot of stress or have lots of deadlines, I really relish giving up control to someone else and just letting them guide me. It feels liberating, rather than the opposite.

I think this may be related to the kind of joy a monk feels when he takes his vows. His entire life may now be governed by the rules of his order, so he doesn’t have to make any choices at all. He’s free to devote himself to prayer around the clock, while all his needs and wants are taken care of by his god. Devoting oneself to Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior, is similarly liberating.

On another level, dealing with one’s subconscious desires is also a constant struggle and tug of war between the conscious mind and the subconscious. In regular life the conscious mind keeps these desires in check, censors them. But when one gives in to the control of a superior mind, the conscious mind is checked, paralyzed, neutralized, so the superior mind can take control directly of the subconscious and mold it to its will. The superior mind now replaces the conscious mind, which might otherwise object, with its own desires – which are also simultaneously implanted in the subconscious. Everything is in harmony now, as the controlling mind and the subconscious desires both work towards the same end (giving pleasure to the Hypno Superior, getting pleasure from pleasing the superior). It’s a feeling almost like that of joining a choir, becoming a voice in a choir under the control of a director, and making a much more joyful sound than just every egotistic singer going off in his own direction! That too is like a religious experience.

… The subconscious desires to submit to the hypno superior eventually become strong enough to persuade the conscious mind to voluntarily present itself for hypnosis, and once it agrees to that, any chance of future resistance is gone. The superior mind will implant its will, molding the inferior’s subconscious in such a way as he will have no choice but to return and be hypnotized again and again, with the superior’s power becoming stronger and stronger and his control more and more absolute – all the while making the inferior both more vulnerable and more pleasured by that vulnerability.

This is why I’m always eager to free myself by becoming your hypnoslave.

Your loyal acolyte,

p.s. have you bought me a gift for my birthday yet? or checked out the new pages for badges & more?

More Spin Wheels – #FinancialDomination #Poppers & #CashMaster birthday

I added a few more spin wheels today. A couple of them were added to the spin wheel page and just involve different amounts to provide some fun variety for when you’re bored and need some financial domination. How much will you end up paying? You can find out by visiting the spin wheel games page.

The third one is a new one for poppers which includes “Sniff” and “No Sniff” after the amounts. So you could spin a $50 and get to sniff, or spin a $50 and not get to sniff. There’s one free sniff and two double sniffs ($95 and $100), with one instance each of $55 thru $100 and two instances of $5 thru $50. The previous poppers wheels were also updated to have more variety and more chance. Click here to check out the poppers wheels!

Don’t forget about my 7 days, 7 gifts birthday challenge – if one of the links doesn’t work, it means it was purchased already but I believe there’s still a few left and they’re all pretty inexpensive, so there’s no reason you can’t make My birthday great. Click here to read more about it!

New Badges!

As I have come up with more tasks of submission, I also added a “Completely Devoted” badge under the obedience badges for those that complete 15+ tasks of submission to Master Josh.

Thanks to TakeMyMoneyATM for the idea for the two other new badges I added… including one you can earn this week! “Birthday 2015” and “Christmas 2015” badges have been added. In each case, you can earn the badge by sending Me 1 gift from my wishlist (either from a challenge, like my 7 days, 7 gifts birthday challenge, or perhaps something even bigger to really get me hard), and by sending at least $25 tribute. ATM birthday tribute, which will be larger than $25, will count towards this, though other fees, bills, taxes, etc. will not. It’s pretty simply to earn – but you have to do both parts! Badges will be rewarded after I have received both, so get your gifts now if you want to make sure it’s shipping to me NOW!

As noted below, I also updated the submission form with another link that I hope works for all of you. If it doesn’t, I am open to suggestions on other sites that allow form creation.

#CashMaster Birthday – My Gift in Mail? #FinancialDomination

We’re only a few days away until my birthday, so if you plan on sending a gift that requires shipping (as opposed to electronic gift cards and cash tributes), you best be checking out my wishlist – and don’t forget about the 7 days, 7 gifts challenge! Plus if you missed all the new pages launched last night, scroll down – lots of new stuff.


p.s. It has come to my attention the submission form might not be loading properly for some. Try clicking here if it doesn’t, and try in a different browser if that still does not work.

Earn Badges for #FinancialDomination – #Obedience & Loyalty to #CashMaster Josh

Well, I still need to chat with a few of you about your preferred aliases but I wanted to get my new pages launched, so I went ahead and published them – the aliases can still be changed. So, what did I just launch? Well, hopefully some stuff that allows Me to better serve you, as well as to make it more exciting for you to be serving Me!

I’ve compiled them all under the new Submit page above, which lists 15 (and growing?) items you can choose from to earn an obedience badge. I also touch on other ways one can serve Me, though a lot of that is still covered in the relocated Serve page – now under submit as a dropdown menu.

Also in that dropdown menu is the badges page, where you can see 20 (and growing?) badges that you can earn through big tributes, lifetime tributes, ATM service, payslave service, wishlist service, and obedience.

Many of my subs have already earned impressive badges, and you can check all the badges earned by ATMs and slaves here! Having used so many different payment sites in the past, and worked with subs who have used different screennames, I am confident I have forgotten some or made mistakes… so just get at Me if I did leave you off, or don’t have you at a high enough badge. Do keep in mind I go by net profits, so it could be that even though you’ve paid $500 for a badge, I have not received $500 from you due to fees. Also, again, some of you, I need to discuss what you actually want for an alias.

You of course can help choose your new alias by filling out the new submission form, which will give me a better idea about you so that I can better tailor any calls or hypnosis sessions to you.

I am really excited by all these new additions… especially seeing how many of you have already earned badges! I hope you’re excited too as you earn more, and higher, badges and continue to feel the pleasure of serving and paying Master Josh!

p.s. don’t forget about my wishlist challenge for my birthday on Friday!