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More #Tribute & #Wishlist Fun – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I’ve added a few “mini-games” into the sidebar of the site (you might have to scroll down on mobile) – three total. Each one gives you something to pick, and the result will vary each time you visit, refresh, or go to a new page as the items randomize.

First is a tribute generator with amounts ranging from $5 to $75 – odds are better for some amounts than others. Ever visit the site and want to tribute, but not sure how much? Now you can just click the tribute generator and pay the amount requested.

Second is a similar option but linked to various wishlist games – tshirts, games, gift cards, and other items, all falling under $100 but varying in amounts.

Third is the same concept, but with bills, though I only used expenses under $100 as well. Want to pay a bill but unsure which one? Click on the sidebar item and pay away, payslave.

I’ve thought about making this site a pay site just to read the blog before… but you fags luck out because my specialty of erotic /fetish hypnosis is a difficult subject with payment providers. But that’s no excuse to be reading and stroking and never give … especially when I keep making it easier and easier for you to do so. So what are you waiting for?  Click, pay, buy, and worship your CashMaster now!


New #Foot Game – Worship #CashMaster #Feet – #footfetish #footpig #footslave

So, this summer I’ve been taking photos of My feet in various footwear – white socks, dress socks, sandals, dress shoes, sneakers, My boots, and of course bare. I’ve compiled these into 25 different pay-to-views ranging from $5 to $20 in price – but have mixed them all up. Take a chance and you might end up with just a couple pics of My feet in dress socks … or maybe four pics wearing a shoe … or maybe five pics of My feet bare … and though most only contain close-ups of My still-hot Superior feet, maybe you’ll pick a PTV that has just one really hot dominating pic showing both My booted feet and My face.

IMG_1910 - Copy IMG_1409 - Copy IMG_1352 - Copy IMG_1346 - Copy IMG_1317 - Copy IMG_1200 - Copy
All pics are exclusive to this game, so I ask that you keep them to yourself – I don’t want to see these on Tumblr or elsewhere, because that wouldn’t be fair to others who have paid cash during the game. I think it’s hotter that way though… I know you all love getting to see pics of Me that you can’t see elsewhere!

Whether you’re a footslave, sockslave, bootslave, foot pig, sub indulging a foot fetish, lowly faggot knowing you belong down at feet, or anything else… I know you’ll enjoy these pics. The only thing that’d make them better (besides smell-o’-vision so you could sniff them too) is if I had a hot new camera from my wishlist to take even more quality photos with.  Still, most of you won’t ever be worthy to worship My feet in person, so feast your eyes on as many as you can afford! 😉

If you like these feet pics, also don’t forget to go vote that I have the best feet here!

You can check out this new game – FinDom$tud’s $uperior Feet – by clicking here!

#Wishlist Wed. – #FinDom Games for #CashMaster

This week, I was surprised to get something in the mail … and on top of that, it was something from my just-updated $hopping $pree game! Hope you had fun playing Lthrsub, as I’ll sure have fun shopping with the gift card!


What will surprise me in the mail next? That might be up to you as you go click on a shopping cart icon – or two, or three – when you go play right now. 😉

More Spin Wheels – #FinancialDomination #Poppers & #CashMaster birthday

I added a few more spin wheels today. A couple of them were added to the spin wheel page and just involve different amounts to provide some fun variety for when you’re bored and need some financial domination. How much will you end up paying? You can find out by visiting the spin wheel games page.

The third one is a new one for poppers which includes “Sniff” and “No Sniff” after the amounts. So you could spin a $50 and get to sniff, or spin a $50 and not get to sniff. There’s one free sniff and two double sniffs ($95 and $100), with one instance each of $55 thru $100 and two instances of $5 thru $50. The previous poppers wheels were also updated to have more variety and more chance. Click here to check out the poppers wheels!

Don’t forget about my 7 days, 7 gifts birthday challenge – if one of the links doesn’t work, it means it was purchased already but I believe there’s still a few left and they’re all pretty inexpensive, so there’s no reason you can’t make My birthday great. Click here to read more about it!

#verbalabuse #financialdomination New Recordings for #smallcocklosers #stupid #faggots & more


I’ve lowered the prices on all pay-per-call non-hypnosis recordings now that I have them all uploaded & approved! Regularly $1.89/minute (may vary by country), they are now only $0.99/minute (ditto). This includes the previously announced Faggot Beratement and Ca$hfag Ca$tigation as well as Muscle Growth Roleplay and Jock Bro Invasion. New files include:

*Probably a bit more on the mocking side than abusive side. It’s just more my style.
Each one is pretty obvious what it mocks 😉

*Based on the concept of confusion inductions, but not full hypnosis files or anything like that. Still, some of you might enjoy them. Look up confusion inductions first if you need to, as others of you will just think they’re stupid. But some of you will be able to truly let go with this style.
FINANCIAL CONFUSION MINDFUCK – Confusing you to accept that MY pleasure is your pleasure as you stroke along.
STUPID CONFUSION – Having each stroke dumb you down so you can just let go and enjoy the night.

Give them a try, leave me some amazing feedback, send some tributes, and don’t forget about all the new games as you BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR.


#Wishlist catch-up – #financialdomination #feet

Well, there’s nothing like some new comfy slippers to warm one’s feet, and thanks to some Amazon gift cards, that’s exactly what I got. They’re so comfy and since I work from home doing these blogs, games, and hypnosis, I get to wear them a lot.

And I bet some of you would love to be down at my feet getting to worship me, even as I relax so comfortably. But perhaps you’d rather see me in sandals or athletic shoes or dress shoes… some of which you can find on my wishlist and also in my new shopping games such as $hopping $pree! Don’t forget to try them out, and get me whatever you pick now, loser. If you click it in the game – you have to buy it! So let’s keep those gifts coming.


Why Do #Fag #Fuckers Expect Things Free? #PAY UP, #BITCH. -#financialdomination

Obviously with the Pay-to-View games, you have to pay for them…  but some of the games could theoretically be played without you guys paying. But are you really going to sit there and eat up my fucking bandwidth, and then not follow the rules? Then fuck you.

I know at least some have done this because I had a quiz up with rules for paying for how many a loser got wrong. I received e-mail notifications when the quiz was completed – but no follow-up tributes. I was honestly a bit unsure of that quiz anyway, so I just decided to delete it. I hope I don’t have to delete the other non-PTV games if dumbasses don’t follow the rules. Here I am trying to provide entertainment for you, when you should be providing for ME – your Superior.

I know it’s not just you guys though. I just had somebody message elsewhere relating to my muscle mesmerizer files about when I might add more free files. CHEAPASS. Most files there are currently only around $15. If you can’t afford to support me that little much to make more new files (whether I sell them or do put any free), then FUCK YOU.

Makes me grateful to those of you that I know understand the value of creative effort and have supported me.  But I needed to vent today about the others.

You want free… the blog content is free (well, aside from triggers, but that’s besides the point). And you cheap-ass cunts can shove a dildo up your ass and fuck off to this post for all I care. But you want some time put into new games, new files, new ways to get your tiny fagdick off? THEN PAY UP.