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#HumanATM #Sub Tells Why #CashMaster Josh Is #Superior – #FinDom #CashSlave Submission

ObedientATM sent Me the following from the examples given for potential assignments…. I know many of you know these already to be true, but I enjoy the flattery.

TOP 10 Reasons Master Josh is Superior

1. He is big, beautiful, masculine and strong and I love his beard
2. He uses fags as ATMs
3. His voice is unbelievably powerful
4. He is very skilled as a hypnotizer
5. He is an alpha dominant
6. He loves influencing minds
7. And especially loves
emptying wallets
8. He knows how to put fags in their place
9. He knows how to verbally abuse and degrade
10. He is powerful and worthy of admiration

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Fated to Serve #CashMaster Josh – #Cashslave #PayPig #CashFag #FinDom #FinancialDomination

The following is a submission by JoshWorshipper – he actually submitted it a bit ago, but I have been crazy busy with first the move and then some custom hypnosis script hires. With slight editing by Me, this is his story about becoming fated to serve Cashmaster Josh. I’d enjoy reading your submissions too, as I’m sure your fellow subs would as well – posts can be anonymous if that’s your preference and it helps make My life easier by providing content for the blog, so it’s a win-win, even for losers 😉

I’m not sure exactly how it happened. It may be that sessions with Master Josh since my initiation into his service have blurred my memory and made it seem like I’ve always been fated to serve him, but I think I was just surfing the net and somehow followed a link from some dom on tumblr to niteflirt, and there he was. The names HypnoSuperior and FinDomStud immediately drew my eye, and once I started reading there was no turning back. Maybe it was when he wrote “I bet deep down, that is exactly what you need… a true Superior skilled with hypnosis to help you accept those desires.” It’s as if he knows exactly what I want deep down, but what part of my conscious mind tries to block or control. That primal part of me responded to his cues and kept reading, kept looking for more. At the same time I was both nervous and afraid – afraid because I knew being controlled by a true HypnoSuperior and FinDomStud was likely to put me in a place where I no longer had control, and nervous because I knew part of me also really wanted to go there. So I kept reading.

I went to his FinDomStud website and became even more intrigued. Then I listened to my first file – probably “Enjoy my hypnotic conditioning,” and heard the voice. It made me hard the first time. I could tell this was an experience I was going to enjoy, and one I’d want to have again and again. MasterJosh seemed so approachable, so reasonable, so believable that I knew I wanted to just listen to what he said and agree, to do whatever he told me to do, because I knew it was what I wanted, too. It was so logical, it seemed like my own inner voice was talking to me, and it was so easy just to listen and let the words wash over me. My conscious mind could relax. My ego could relax its control and its inhibitions and just let my subconscious free. As this happened, as I said, I got hard. It felt like the power and wakefulness was going out of my conscious mind and all just moving in and down. Most of me relaxed and became immobilized by a deep sleep, while my dick became harder and harder at the sound of that superior voice. It was extremely pleasurable. He reassured me that I had nothing to fear, and that after all, this is what I was meant to do. Deep down, of course, I’ve known for a long time that I am inferior to many men, especially to those who are born superiors. I know that they have to power and the right to demand my submission to them. When that deep inner urge to serve a superior man erupts into real life, it can be scary: you find yourself dry-mouthed, kneeling, or bowing your head waiting to hear what the alpha might want from you. Or you find yourself stripping in front of him, making yourself even more vulnerable in his presence to show him his superiority, perhaps even turning around to present your ass for his pleasure.

But this was different. While it was clearly sexually charged (I did get very hard, as I said), at the same time it seemed that what the HypnoSuperior wanted from me was not so much about the body as it was about the mind. It was as if instead of instinctively presenting my ass to be fucked by his superior cock, I was presenting my brain to be fucked by his superior mind – and enjoying the experience and the submission of it as much as if I was getting physically fucked and bred. He is a FinDomStud, after all. What a stud does is fuck as many willing holes as he can, spreading his seed far and wide, leaving his partners impregnated. This FinDomStud does not whore around in real life, yet spreads his mind-control far and wide, leaving his inferior subjects impregnated with his seed – the seed of their future devotion to the HypnoSuperior and his sessions. But at the time all this was just a premonition in my subconscious mind. I just knew I enjoyed the experience, and he gave me the permission to explore further, to find the files that I would find most enjoyable – or the files that would have the most power to mold me because they triggered my inner semi-suppressed desires. I knew he could relax my mind, help me let go of my inhibitions, and that that would leave me helpless to control my deep desires.

When I finished listening to that first file I was changed. I felt that I had met my destiny, and that it was all meant to be. Everything had fallen into place and was right, and it felt good. I looked forward to listening to that file again and again, and to exploring other files as well. I felt good about starting on a new adventure, exploring my desires and fantasies, and experiencing the pleasure of having them fulfilled, which I somehow knew they would be through the hypnosis of Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior.

As I read more and more of his blog posts at FinDomStud, I realized that one of the keys to the HypnoSuperior’s power is his totally real boy-next-door personality. Some superiors are abusive and cocky, real assholes, but that may only be because they’re insecure in their superiority. Master Josh has no need to be theatrical, and if a subject has a problem, he just lets them go – he knows there are hundreds of eager potential subjects out there who will serve him more willingly and without question. His approachability and friendliness are completely disarming, and that’s what makes him so dangerous: you let your guard down, you let him into your mind because he’s such a nice guy, and his brilliant superior mind dominates you completely. Once he gets in, he reprograms you to love it, to love his control over you, and to love giving in to his control. The pleasure of submission to Master Josh is indescribable. You just have to experience it.

Now I haven’t addressed the FinDom side of HypnoSuperior’s power… I had only had limited experience with this experience, mostly from one other dom who just used his own superiority to demand tributes from those who wanted to serve him. That dom taught me that cashrape can be a hot kind of power exchange. After all, if an inferior sub transfers power to the superior dom, what better symbol of that transfer than the transfer of money? Money is power in our world, and we respect those who have more of it. After all, part of most religions is giving a tithe or a regular contribution to your god, and that kind of giving is good both for the giver and for the receiver. Master Josh helped me understand that the same mechanism is at work here: it is right and good to give Master Josh my cash. He deserves it. He is my superior. Giving him my cash gives him pleasure, and that gives me pleasure. I look forward to serving Master Josh for a long time to come. It is what I was born to do, my destiny, my fate. And I am grateful to Master Josh for helping me learn that.

Not All #Cum Created Equal: #Inferior #CashSlave Submission to #Superior #CashMaster – #FinDom

Sent in by JoshWorshipper, with minor editing by Master Josh:

“Not all cum is created equal
The cum of a superior alpha male is totally different from that of a faggot cocksucker.  [An] alpha male’s cum also has [a specific] purpose: to cause other men to submit to him…. An alpha male is born with special DNA that permeates every part of his body. It makes … him dominant, and it cues the hormones that cause inferiors to offer themselves for his pleasure.
When it comes to his cum, though, there’s also another property that’s almost subversive. In a woman, his cum [would] combine with her egg to get her pregnant. Of course there are no eggs in a faggot’s mouth or pussy, so instead the cum burrows into the inferior’s body and combines with everything it can – skin, blood, brain – breeding the alpha’s DNA into the faggot, combining with his own weaker material, and leaving behind sleeper cells of alpha to be activated whenever needed by the superior man they come from.
Of course at the moment of breeding the inferior is totally in thrall to the alpha’s power. When it’s over, the inferior thinks he’s just finished, but his body has now been totally changed, or will be once the alpha cum spreads and does its job. First, of course, it annihilates the opposition: if the inferior has any maleness or resistance left in his balls or dicklet, the alpha cum heads there like an army and subdues its competition. The fag is left more vulnerable, less male, more impotent, and easier to abuse. Then the alpha cum goes to the inferior’s brain, where it lies in wait.
Most of the time, the inferior has no idea: it can’t feel the difference. If the alpha ever decides he needs to use the inferior again, though, these special cells, still living in the inferior’s body, spring into action and paralyze the inferior’s brain, making it merely an extension of the alpha’s will. The alpha can now use the inferior’s body again for his sexual pleasure – implanting even more control-cells in the now helpless faggot; or he can just use it as an everyday slave, or get anything from it the alpha needs.
This is why an alpha’s cum should never go to waste…  It should always contribute to the power imbalance: gaining new slaves for the alpha to use or making already converted slaves more devoted.
Inferior cum, on the other hand, is really just waste. Especially after the faggot’s been bred with alpha cum, the inferior’s cum is ruined. If it shoots or dribbles from the fag dicklet, it should be thrown away – which also makes the faggot more powerless and ready to take a real man’s superior cum into its body.”
Master Josh adds: Through the power of hypnosis, I have had this fag eat his own cum but feel like it was My cum that had been transubstantiated. The effects mentioned above are still the same – My power seeping into his brain, taking more control. If you’re a good hypnosis subject, this might be possible with you as well… because the truth is, there are many fags and slaves whose mouths I would not want anywhere near My cock. I’m a picky, shallow bastard with standards that most of My readers don’t meet for in-person experiences. Since many of you serve from a distance anyway, taking you to an erotic orgasm (if you’re not in chastity) and having you believe that it is My cum you are eating is a good alternative, and thus makes use of your otherwise trash-destined cum. This also has nothing to do with sexuality, as this technique works with cum from gay/bi Masters if Superior and with straight faggots as well. Instead, it has everything to do with SUPERIORITY. And those who have felt My power inside your heads know deep down, without a doubt, that I am Superior.

#cashslave mantra for #financialdomination 5/14/14

“i want 2 b a good boi
i need 2 b a good boi
good bois make them$elve$ u$eful
good bois plea$e their $uperior
good bois love to obey
good bois mu$t obey

Your command i$ my duty,
Your deci$ion i$ my will,
My pain i$ Your plea$ure and
My ca$h is Your$.”

– Thanks to Hypno$lave Dave for this