#ATMS Pay $40 Now & Short Break Due to Family Illness


There might be some gaps in my posting the next few weeks, and limited time online for Niteflirt, Skype, etc. My dad’s cancer has taken a turn for the worse. I’ll be back and forth between my home and my parent’s home during his last days, and in helping to deal with funeral, going through things, etc. as that will probably be sooner than any of us would like.

Time away means less funds from sessions, so I’m also asking / triggering My ATMs to pay now … though everyone else is welcome to chip in whatever they can. With travels (fuel, occasional hotel room, etc.) on top of my recent oral surgery, it’s appreciated now more than ever. Which I hate posting it like this…. but it is what it is. I had been trying to get FitDimWit up and going and working on some custom files, so just don’t have posts in queue here.  But depending how things go, maybe I’ll get a chance for some more….  in the meantime:

Submit. Surrender. Feel the call of your Master. And feel that urge to obey.
My pleasure is your pleasure …. and my needs supersede your wants.
Feel how you can please Me when My needs are even greater
Feel how good it feels to say, “Master, don’t worry, we’ll pay your way.”
Let go to that trigger…. just give in further and further.
That programming is there – in your subconscious
Urging you to Bow Down to the HypnoSuperior
Give in to that urge…. and give Master reason to smile


#CashMaster ‘s Pain Should Mean Gain from #CashSlaves & #PayPigs – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Yesterday, I had a wisdom tooth extracted after some infection issues. It was my first and so far only one out, and it was more painful than what I expected. Financially, it was about $300 worth of pain that I’m sure you’d all love to chip in with. But I’m also on meds and a bit out of it, so apologies for once again not being on much yesterday/today/hopefully not much longer.

Honestly there’s so much more work I need done on my teeth but it’s one of those things I put off. I definitely dream about the day I have enough stockpiled from all of you – your savings, your debt, etc. – that I can do that. Or Lasik. Or anything else I want. Using your money to give your Superior all the Superior perks and looks he deserves to have. That I deserve to have.

We’ll have to chat more about debt and credit cards soon, for those turned on by such things ….. and everyone else can just give as they can afford…. suffering and sacrificing for My benefit …. and right now, that cash to help make up from the combination of dental bill and being out of commission a couple of days would sure be a great way to show that you know your place as MY inferior.

Tribute now, inferior, and show Master that MY needs and wants supersede your needs and especially wants.

April Pledge Files for Custom Hypnosis

As some of you know, I have begun offering group custom files as pledge rewards. With one file-of-the-month at just $89 and both at $159, it is great savings off of the normal $200 that most custom files from me cost. And to ensure they are ones you might actually desire to see, anyone can submit an idea for Coach’s consideration and I’ll put all ideas I like into polls that all my Patrons can see & vote on.  Files up for voting in April will become pledge files in May. Payment goes through end of the month, at which point I contact all those that pledged to begin collecting information for their custom version being worked on in June (file to you by mid-July at the latest). If there are no pledges, the idea returns to the list – unless someone likes the idea enough to pay full price to get a custom file sooner. After all, normal custom files are done within weeks as opposed to months.

APRIL PLEDGE FILES – http://patreon.com/themesmerizer
Erotic Redneck TF: Become more of a muscled redneck stereotype.
Shave Addict: Feel compelled to shave everything below the neck.

Customization this month can include things like your ideal redneck physique goal, how dumb of a redneck you want to be, and specific redneck interests. For the shave version, whether it is for aesthetic or even athletic purposes, or if it is part of submission or perhaps for humiliation. Both can include info like your name or preferred nickname. If you put in a bunch of non-related requests, those requests will be ignored as you should instead pay full price for a custom file.

If you use Patreon, they will charge you at the end of their month. You may then edit your amount or pause payments if you do not like the custom offerings the next month, then resume or edit again later if there is another custom file you would like to pledge. I will also accept other payment methods for this, just message me directly to ask for details.

I also have just been hired for a part-time slave file. Think of it as you always crave that submission to a Superior but only serve on occasion, perhaps a weekend slave or similar. Most of the time you can pass for normal despite the fact you are more obedient even outside the service time, but you become even more mindlessly helpless to obey, serve and please during time alone with your Superior. If you would like a custom version of this, I will offer it for $100 but you must pay within the next couple days. Once I finish the script and record, it’s too late to get in on a custom version of this file.

For those of you that bought my newest files, how are you enjoying them? I would love to receive your feedback – just send me a message or comment below.

Hot #CashRape Session with #MoneySlave Turns #CashMaster On – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Have had some good chats with andiloser lately. Friday, that including nearly $100 in tributes – he paid just a bit more than this.

Well, today, after listening to more of my financial domination hypnosis, he was back for more, and it was even better with over $250 paid to Master Josh. It was a mix of tributes using the tribute generator in the sidebar (refresh for each use), the spin wheels under games, and just pushing him to pay more including paying one of my bills. And I know he loved every moment of it.

It certainly made my cock hard to get all this cash today – I left it hard to stay pumped during my gym session tonight. Was so fucking hot to pump it up after having raked in so much from this cashslave. He’s such a good boy for Master, and fuck did his money turn Me on.

And you can be a good boy for Master too – just send that arousing pleasure My way as you send a nice big tribute to your Superior as you send some green My way.