Sometimes You Lack Motivation. #HypnoMaster Can Help – #Fetish #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Sometimes a person lacks motivation. That can include Me … I had a couple great sessions recently but I was too busy to post about them. Now that I have some more time to do so, I just am not feeling that pull to do so. For that motivation can come and go, just as I know sometimes your desires to explore this scene, well, cums and goes ūüėČ

There’s not much I can do for My motivation, but I can help you with yours – because hypnosis is an awesome tool to motivate you. There is of course, the motivation for traditional goals like building muscle¬† – which is one of my specialties. But there are also all those other motivations too that hypnosis can help with.

Though a hypnotherapist would be confined to things that would help you, I as just a hypnotist am more free. I still only do those things that are your choice – I can’t make your friend be your slave, nor would I encourage someone to, say,¬†rape someone,¬†as¬†that again involves people¬† that did not give their consent in the matter.¬†But I can increase your motivation to be a slave. Or in chastity. Or to go get fucked more. Or to eat more as you fatten up. Or to smoke more. Some of those aren’t healthy (hello herpes, diabetes and lung cancer!), but if it is your choice… if you crave it… why shouldn’t I profit from your weird fetishes and even your downright stupidity?

I don’t always get joy from this type of hypnosis, the way I do from seeing a guy transform themselves in a more positive way, for I love to help people. But I do get joy from the money as I help myself, and shouldn’t that be good enough? You’re willing; I’m willing; so let’s go ahead and get you motivated for all those sick desires.

And who knows… perhaps helping to motivate you to spend more cash on the Superior that truly deserves it (ME) will help to inspire Me with some more blog posts?

Check out my¬†hypnotic selections¬†for hypno motivation at and on the hypnosis page here … then inspire Me with a nice big tribute.



#Wishlist Wed: #CashSlave Takes Care of #CashMasters Needs – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I’m still behind on some custom files… okay, so TV upfront week last week didn’t help, as this CashMaster finds that week very distracting ūüėȬ† … and I am behind on taking some photos. But I’m not behind on gifts, as more and more have been sent to Me.

Sometimes these are just the things I want, but it’s also great to not have to use my own cash on things I need. I did … and do… still have some Amazon gift cards saved up, thanks to another great session with rubbercashslave that I will eventually get around to posting about. And so when I started to run out of black ink for my printer, I figured I would be spending some on that….

But, it was my great luck that I was able to have a session with CashFagDirt at around the same time.¬† I love training this slave and getting to use him, and he loves serving Me and getting used by Me. I’m hoping it will continue on for a long time, and we’ll see where it leads. For now, it led to Me not needing to use my own cash or other gift cards on printer ink… he let Me log into his account, and I bought myself two cartridges.
PurchasedBlackInk x2

What else did I get from this slave? You’ll just have to stay tuned … the more important question is, what am I going to get from you? Will you buy Me something else from my wishlist … or will you send Me my favorite gift of all, cash? Surprise Me now!

#ATMS PAY $20 NOW – #humanATM #cashslave #paypig #cashmaster #findom #financialdomination


You crave serving a Superior man.
You crave submitting to a Superior man.
You crave pleasing a Superior man.
You crave obeying a Superior man.
Deep down, you know you are inferior to Me.
Deep down, you know I am more powerful than you.
Deep down, you long to worship and provide for Me.
Deep down, you long to be used by Me.


It feels so good to let go of all that resistance now.
It feels so good to let go of all that common sense now.
It feels so good to give in to that horny cock right now.
It feels so good to give in to the pleasure of pleasing Me right now.
My pleasure is Your pleasure.
Your obedience brings Me pleasure.
Your cash brings Me more pleasure.
You are pleased to obey as you pay Me NOW.



I Know #PayPigs & #CashSlaves Been Missing #CashMaster #HypnoMaster – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Man, what have you all been stroking to without some fresh posts from Me? CashMaster Josh has been a bit busy with other priorities lately, but hopefully things calm down soon. But I knew I couldn’t leave you all hanging too long without a post reminding you of just how Superior I am… and of just how much you want and need to worship Me.

Despite being busy, I’ve still had my lines on some, still done other sessions some, still been making more cash. And I know that just leaves you in such awe, doesn’t it, my moneyslaves and humanATMs? That even when you don’t see that evidence on here, that I am making more cash, or am off enjoying that cash.

I know these things get you hard and excited. I know these things turn you on because you are an inferior needing a powerful Superior to remind you of your place. I know for some of you, it is about that loss of control, and you know no one is as skilled at helping you lose that than the HypnoSuperior as you give in to my words. And I know deep down, you know all this to be true.

Why don’t you show Me just how much you’ve been missing¬†My posts this last week and convince Me to write some more before the week is up by¬†sending Me a¬†nice tribute here.


Further #CashSlave #MindFuck #Brainwashing #Edging #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Below is further except from sessions with rubbercashslave, who likes to stroke and edge, but not cum, as he gets programmed and brainwashed. I’ve put a ‘read more’ break due to triggers and hypnotic language – you are advised to read at your own risk.

Who are we kidding, inferiors? We know you all are going to click to read more as soon as you get that chance to stroke along … you might even find yourself letting go to the words yourself… for that is My power.
Continue reading Further #CashSlave #MindFuck #Brainwashing #Edging #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

#CashMaster Knows Your Mom Ashamed of You #PayPig #CashFag – #findom #financialdomination

I touched on this last year, but Mother’s Day is a good time to remind you of it… your mom, for those of you that had one, most likely tried her best with you. And yet, look at what a pathetic little faggot you’ve turned out to be.

So this year I want to emphasize something … your mom probably is ashamed of you, and she definitely would be ashamed of you if she knew of your true interests and what all you’ve done. She would be so ashamed that you are here on this blog. Honestly – my mom might be too, but at least she would also see I was being resourceful in making a living for myself. All your moms, be they alive or looking on from some other place, would see complete embarassments. They would wonder why the fuck you are wasting your cash just to get off. They would wonder why you are stroking to posts like this instead of going out on dates. They would pray to whatever they believe in, that no one else find out. For if others then found out, your poor mom would feel so humiliated.

And humiliation is what YOU should feel, not your poor mom. So now … realize that even though you might love her (and for those of you that don’t, it’s probably why you’re so fucked up) … realize that either way,¬†you still crave this. Either way, there’s no denying that this is what you need to get off. Who knows why, but there’s no escaping the truth of who you are deep down – an inferior needing to worship and pay a Superior man.

So here you are… needing to give in… needing to stroke and edge to this fetish … some of you might cum, others will hold it and become even more submissive as you do… and you just can’t help it. It’s so hot thinking of how Master Josh made over $1000 last week just on Niteflirt – not counting GiftRocket, non-NF file sales, wishlist buys. It’s so hot thinking of how you can send even just a small tribute right now and help Me reach $1000 yet again on NF… remembering that NF takes about 30% so subs paid even more to get Me to that amount, just as you will pay more to help Me get there… and as you realize how much of a fucking turn on just thinking of giving Me a tribute is because you know I am Superior and so powerful with my hypnotic words… you also can feel that humiliation of how others wouldn’t understand this fetish and how even your own Mom would be so embarrassed by you …¬† it’s humiliating to you. And even though she might not know, she probably feels something is wrong. She probably senses that there is something wrong about you. To feel and know that is so humiliating to you too.

Somehow, though, that makes it hotter… you crave that humiliation… that’s part of that rush for you… that’s part of why you need to serve and please Superior men like Me, knowing deep down that no one is more worthy of that cash than Me…¬† knowing you’d rather spend that cash on Me than on anything nice for your own Mom… knowing that if it’s too late this year, next year you’ll probably get her some cheap crap on clearance or from a yard sale that you try to pass off as a good gift… and feel even more ashamed… knowing that you spent that cash that should have gone to her, on Me… or perhaps you spend a ton on Me… but then also buy her something nice… but you have no cash left… and all you can do is add to that debt… which, as long as it’s because of Me, be it directly or indirectly, always feels so good …¬† for it feels so good to accept that I am the one worthy of that cash … and even as you feel that shame of judgment… you can’t fight it… you must give in….

So go ahead, give in to those cravings now¬†…


#HumanATM #Sub Tells Why #CashMaster Josh Is #Superior – #FinDom #CashSlave Submission

ObedientATM sent Me the following from the examples given for potential assignments…. I know many of you know these already to be true, but I enjoy the flattery.

TOP 10 Reasons Master Josh is Superior

1. He is big, beautiful, masculine and strong and I love his beard
2. He uses fags as ATMs
3. His voice is unbelievably powerful
4. He is very skilled as a hypnotizer
5. He is an alpha dominant
6. He loves influencing minds
7. And especially loves
emptying wallets
8. He knows how to put fags in their place
9. He knows how to verbally abuse and degrade
10. He is powerful and worthy of admiration

If you agree, comment below, or show Me – the HypnoSuperior and Financial Domination Stud – My favorite form of flattery and worship – SEND A TRIBUTE NOW.

#Wishlist Wed: More Shopping for #CashMaster Thanks to #CashFags #MoneySlaves & #PayPigs – #FinDom

Two weeks ago, I posted about some K-Mart gift cards I received, but that wasn’t My only shopping excursion lately – I also received these Old Navy gift cards from CashFagDirt… and these ones weren’t even part of our recent session, but earlier this year that I just finally got around to using. And¬†after I took these pics, I actually received a third Old Navy gift card from¬†another sub!

The good thing about these gift cards is they also can be used at Gap and Banana Republic, so when a trip to My closest Old Navy turned out to be a bust, I was able to get online, use promo codes to get even more bang for the buck, and order some new summer clothes. Love being bought items, and love using my slave-in-training CashFagDirt… and hoping for some good stuff to come with the other new sub as well!

See how you too can get Me the things I want when you visit My wishlist page, or give Me the gift with the ultimate flexibility when you pay Me that nice green cash.

#CashMaster #CashDrains #CashFag #PoppersFag – #Poppers #MindFuck #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Master Josh is behind editing a custom file, so is keeping this a bit short … though you know I all break for the right reason$ ūüėČ Of course, it’s those $e$$ion$ that have made Me behind – but also have been quite lucrative for this MoneyMaster – it’s only Monday, and the week has already been off to¬†a fantastic start.

Today’s session comes courtesy of KinkPoppersSlave, who I’ve worked with before but it’d been a while since we had a session this good. He just needed to keep sniffing…. and the more he sniffed, the more he wanted to pay …. and the more he paid, the more he wanted to sniff…. it wasn’t too hard to keep draining his money with the help of the poppers to drain his mind. He put on all his gear and felt nicely humiliated to be all dressed up on cam getting drained of more and more¬† until he had¬†paid a¬†whopping $545 total once all was said and done – I couldn’t even fit it all in the screencap below. Even after NF fees, that’s close to another 400 for Me.

Of course, I always want more …. because greed is good for Me. And debt is right for you. Go ahead – feed Master’s greed right now.

#CashFag Gets a #CashRape from #FinDom #CashMaster & Turns Into #CashCow – #FinancialDomination

Last night, I had an awesome session with a fag that was dumb enough to intox with a substance I would personally never touch, because man does it make inferiors even more weak, pathetic and desperate.  CashFagDirt had given to Me before, but never like this.

It started earlier in the day with $75 in cash and a couple wishlist gifts. Then I left for dinner plans. When I got back, the lowly slave was still wanking on his dick craving more… not just more, but that debt and ruin. The slave was foolish enough to give Me the password to his Niteflirt account with a linked credit card.


The one thing I was disappointed in is that you can only leave feedback on 3 Niteflirt transactions (per flirt/type/something like that) a day. Since I’m always on the receiving end of transactions, I never knew that. But My greed meant I kept adding more – $500 more than the $75 that had already been paid earlier in the day. In total, “he” paid $575 in cash to Me, which is still a nice sum for Me even after the NF cut.

Yet it didn’t stop there. This¬†cash cow,¬†who got exactly what he knows he deserves deep down, also let Me log into his Amazon account. By the time was all said and done, he had spent $741.50 on Me in gifts and gift cards – even more fun stuff coming My way to display with Wishlist Wednesdays.

I should have done less. I know he’s going to be hurting for a while. But he was vulnerable. I was greedy. And I know, even if he takes a little bit of a break, he’ll be back. I know even as he tries to pay off his debts, he’ll try to make extra money – even if it means whoring himself out – or try to make Me extra money by writing Me some materials I can use in PTVs … any way he can be of service to Me and fattening My accounts.

Because, like others that have felt My hypnosis, he knows the incredible power I can have over a cashslave’s mind. This paypig knows that only a Superior like Me is worthy of that cash and his service.¬† He knows that there’s no point trying to resist his destiny, for he was destined to suffer and sacrifice for My benefit. Not all fags are this pathetic, but this tweaker definitely was… and is. Despite that, I know he’s going to work hard to prove his worth to Me as he prepares for a life-long journey of servitude.

Just feel so good CashFagDirt to have all your green spent on Me … giving you $1,316.50 more in debt closer to $1850 once the currency is converted … having given Me more than that before last night … knowing you’ll give more. And the rest of you, feel how seeing that number as prove of My power makes your dicks so hard, and realize that it’s time to act on the desires you have deep down.

Show you know that I am the Superior worthy of your cash NOW!

Talk Directly to #Niteflirt #Flirts – Misunderstandings Happen. #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Today, a customer blocked Me after a misunderstanding. He asked¬†Me to¬†refer to something differently, but I thought¬†he had meant¬†with the text inside of PTVs¬†that were sent, when he meant what I said on the phone. Maybe because the line started, “when you send PTVs”, maybe because I had another sub also messaging Me while also getting ready for lunch and I just rushed¬†through reading it¬†… regardless, it wasn’t meant to ignore¬†the request, just a misunderstanding of it.

And the lesson for all: Even Superiors like Me sometimes misread things, and as I’ve stressed time and time again – communication is key. If something goes poorly, don’t just block the Flirt and leave bad feedback – discuss it with them. In this case, though I know it would have taken him out of the “zone,” he could have mentioned it while even on the phone, but he didn’t. Regardless – Flirts are working from home doing this and that, unsure of when you’ll call, and sometimes you catch them at off times. It’s not some big call center with people at the ready, so give them a chance to course-correct. After that, if they’re still not pleasing you, THEN leave the feedback. And I think all other CashMasters & FinDommes would appreciate direct feedback first as well, since sometimes communication errors do happen. Even if it’s regarding a file, etc., some would try to “make good” if¬†they were written directly. As long as it isn’t repeating the same error over and over, give the Flirt a chance and don’t scare off other potential customers from¬†Him/Her for something that might not really be relevant. In this case, perhaps giving others the wrong idea that I would ignore a request. I misunderstood – but I didn’t ignore it. I was very careful with how I was writing My PTVs in this case – just missed the mark. Sometimes I wonder if the potential for cash is worth dealing with people that leave negatives, but, if this sub does see this, maybe we can try again now that I understand better and have added the *correct* info to the customer notes. And I know this isn’t the type of posts that makes your cocks all hard, but sometimes these things need said.¬†For a bunch of people paying cash to other people you’ve never met, some of you are quite picky, and it’s a bitch keeping track of all of it.

As many of you know, I do try to accommodate, or say “I can’t do that” if I don’t think that’s for Me. For example, I’ve had one person request I laugh at them, but I’m not good at laughing out loud.¬† Wish I was, would be more cash! But I can’t force myself to do something that I can’t (well, at least I can’t do it well enough). Other things, I’m learning more about, like poppers. And then there’s the things you know I’m fantastic at – like hypnosis. Those of you that have listened know deep down just how powerful it can be for you to get to Bow Down to the Hypno Superior.

Regardless of if I ever hear from this guy again, I know enough of you still know your place worshipping Me. One of you just sent Me $25 from the last post, from Friday, being so hot – love when you guys do that! And if you saw my posts Tuesday and Wednesday, you know I’ve had some great sessions lately …. and I had another great one Saturday night that I’ll be posting about very soon.¬†¬†The sub posted about earlier this week as well as the one from last night are reminders of why I usually enjoy all of this …. feeling My power over others, taking advantage of others, having it all benefit Me a$ i$ right.

If you’d like to send Me some much-needed plea$ure, you can do so here.