TAX BUNDLE DEAL! Get the “Loser Fags Pay Taxes Erotic Hypnosis Set” and the “Loser Faggot Tax Training Set” and get My old 10% Inferior Tax file included as a bonus, plus save a few bucks to boot.
Tax Bundle – $19.99
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Loser Fags Pay Taxes Erotic Hypnosis: I know some of you losers can’t just wait to stroke your cock to my hypnotic voice as it molds you then commands you to pay your taxes – taxes you will pay with every single listen. There are four versions of this file, each the same except for the price point. Choose what you can afford for your jerk off fun, or create a playlist and hit random to be surprised each time. Amounts included are $25, $50, $75, and $100.  Try to resist this addictive file, and you may end up paying double. This file, though erotic, was designed to be chastity-friendly, giving a point to hop off and be denied or to continue towards a nice big orgasm.

Loser Fags Pay Taxes Erotic – $12.99
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Loser Faggot Tax Training: Because some of you know you must be taxed on a regular basis, you may be drawn to this set with six different versions of the basic file to choose from. Each gives you a five-day grace period – after which you owe double. This is self-enforced, though with my hypnosis, you might feel that guilt building a bit if you try to resist. If your situation changes, you may change which of the 6 versions you listen to – but you must keep listening to one, for you deserve to be taxed like the loser faggot you are. The versions include:
1) Paying $25 twice a month – on the 5th & 20th.
2) Paying $100 twice a month – on the 5th & 20th.
3) Paying 2% of your income, plus extra earned
4) Paying 5% of your income, plus extra earned
5) Paying Me 5% of what you spend each week as you track then pay 5% of all expenses.
6) Paying Me 10% of what you spend each week as you track then pay 10% of all expenses.
#3 & 4 are due each paycheck – be it from a job, pension, social security – anything that provides you income. You also stay at that budget as any raises/promotions/etc. get added to MY share. With #5&6, anything put into savings (401, IRA, etc) does not count, but other expenses do – included what you spend on Me via other files, sessions, etc., & even if you get cashraped by other Superiors. Track it all and pay Me that percent of what you’ve spent all week.

Loser Faggot Tax Training Set – $12.99
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Faggot JockSlave Tax: Are you a faggot that wants to have an amazing jock body, but knows a loser like you doesn’t deserve that lean muscle unless he pays for it? Then this file is for you as I motivate you to work out for your online Coach, eat right for you online Coach, be a work drone making money for your online Master, and pay a minimum 5% of each paycheck for your jockslave fag tax.

Faggot JockSlave Tax – $9.99
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  • You will set small achievable goals for yourself. When you cross one off, your tax goes up 2.5% at a time (starting at 5%, then 7.5%, 10%, 12.5%, etc.) until you have reached the maximum you can afford without going into debt.  (You may ignore those suggestions if your goal is also financial ruin).
  • To afford this, the file encourages you become less social, only keeping up appearances but otherwise devoting time outside of work to the exercising, lifting, meal planning, & hypnosis training.
  • You can pay for additional training by calling through Niteflirt, but most of the motivation should come from listening to my file(s) on a regular basis. I am not here to plan out your routines, plan your meals, or babysit your progress. You can check in & I’ll respond as I can, the ultimate responsibility lies with you – though my hypnosis sure has the potential to push you farther than you ever thought possible on your way to that jockslave body.



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