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#CashMaster Seeks Help with #Leather Halloween Party – Calling #CashFag #CashSlave #PayPig Subs

I know I’m long overdue here. I’ve been busy with several things – working on new files, helping out my family more since the loss, etc. That has included some great sessions with some regulars – cashfagdirt, joshwor$hipper, bddog, and more, plus some new ones that I hope to chat about soon. Because when I am around, I’ve still had my lines on, Skype up, etc. doing sessions, even if I haven’t had a chance to blog about them.

One of the things I am helping with is the Halloween party for my leather group. I’ve already sponsored some things, putting some of my own money into it. But I’d love for you all to help Me make this a great party. To that end, I am going to list some items to have in use for games, as game prizes, in silent auctions, for decorations, etc. I need them all by Oct. 27th so anything shipping after that, just send an Amazon gift card instead.  Also, if anyone has any connections with adult stores that might have some old dildos, defective vibrators, etc. that they are just going to toss anyway, message me about sending them to me for a fun Halloween game.

Halloween Haunters 5 Foot Life Size Hanging Full Body Skeleton Plastic Light-Up Eyes Prop Decoration - Posable Joints, Realistic Human Bones, Scary SkullSkeleton $40       25 Halloween Skeletons Balloons Clear- Glow in the DarkBalloons $16  72 inch Cocoon Corpse Decoration Corpse $33

Bark!Bark $20     Tie me up    Tie Me Up $20  The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic EdgeKink Book $20

AMC Theatre  Gift Cards, Multipack of 3 - $10AMC $30     Steak 'n Shake Gift Cards, Multipack of 4 - $10Steak /Shake $40 Starbucks Gift Cards, Multipack of 4 - $10Starbucks $40 

MLB St. Louis Cardinals Pro Team Zombie FigurineZombie $17 St Louis Cardinals 2 Pack Pint Glasses Glasses $25       St. Louis-opoly     St Louis-opoly $22

Teddy Bear Collectible Bondage Doll Toy - RayBondage Bear $12   Plaisir Genuine Leather Flogger - HEAVY Wooden Handle With Black Braided Leather - Black   Flogger $30   Wet Platinum Premium Personal Lube Silicone Lubricant 3.1 oz - Pack of 3Lube $21

2 Pack - Greek Life Solid Real Wood - Fraternity / Sorority Letters Paddle 22 Inch - by MotorboatersPaddles $30    COLT LEATHER MEN PLAYING CARDS Cards $10   Colt Leather 2018 Calendar Calendar $16 

And gift certificates to sites like Nasty Pig, Mr. S. Leather, Male Stockroom Exchange and more would be awesome as well. or  … I’m going to be buying some things like alcohol that I can’t put on the wishlist, so also send Master that green as you BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR. 

More HypnoFiles to Pledge to Support Your Superior #HypnoMaster

You all have a good 4th? I’m still on vacation so have this in queue to announce some of the files I have being worked on for my other sites, in case you missed them elsewhere:

Once again, two new files are available to pledge on my Patreon:
SLAVE TO THE GYM – feel like the gym is your Master, commanding you to workout
GOOD BOY/PUP – an erotic file for human roleplay about unleashing one’s inner pup
$89 to pledge one or $150 for both … either way incredible savings! I normally charge $200 for most files or $300 for taboo or repetitive-of-my-existing-ones files.

I’m also giving you the chance to join in on these custom files for $100 each – but you must hit me up before I record, as it will be too late after that point.
DRILL SERGEANT WORKOUT – an authoritative voice commanding you to workout with your “brothers”/unit
EROTIC DUMB JOCK – stroke and dumb down (permanently? temporarily?) as you become that dumb jock
SUPERHERO WORKOUT – feel your inner superhero unleashed while working out
… Join in on any by… oh, I can’t do the invoice at this site 😛 Message me and I’ll link you to it. 

I have family conflict limiting my online time rest of this week, but as always you can e-mail me at ( hypnosuperior at gmail dt com ) to discuss any of these, and that means you have at least until Monday (7/10/17) to join in on any of the three join-ins. After that, it’s until I record, so check with me before purchase. As for the first two files mentioned, you pledge this month, so payment goes through Aug. 1st, and I begin work after that as soon as I can.

The time spent on these hasn’t matched the money I’ve received, so I am only offering one poll and one file as a custom pledge in August – you can also go vote for that now or pledge either or both Slave to the Gym and/or Good Boy/Pup by visiting

Of course, you can always write me about your own custom ideas!

Custom Files and Problems with YouTube – #CashMaster Could Use Some Cheering Up $$$$ #FinDom

First, an update on custom files that you can join in on for $100 (normally $200 if you have your own idea, maybe more for taboo, difficult, or repetitive-to-my-catalog ideas):
Erotic Redneck / Erotic Scally & Chav – I’m writing these right now so get on ASAP before I record on these transformation files
Drill Sergeant Workout – you will work out! Authoritative motivation.
Superhero Workout – in a custom one it can include mention of copyrighted character, but the general one will just be about having the spirit of a superhero pushing you in workouts
Erotic Dumb Jock – currently available lower if you pledge the corresponding Patreon reward. Stroke and become that simple bro, dude.
Aroused by a Trigger – currently available lower if you pledge the corresponding Patreon reward. Will include some type of sound effect that makes you more aroused during the file.
New Pup Play file – an update to the triggers and training of getting into the right mindset

While I am taking breaks for calls and sessions as I can, catching up on the slew of custom file hires has been my focus. Which is also why it might take some time for me to find a solution to the next problem…

Someone has reported my HypnoSuperior YouTube account and had my account taken down. I first received a warning, that was to last three months, for my Never Too Big preview file – though I don’t talk about steroids it is my belief one thought it encouraged this. But before given a chance to take any action to edit, delete or otherwise fix that, I had a second message overnight that “due to repeated or severe violations, your account has been suspended.” It also resulted in my Gmail and overall google account, since the two are linked, receiving a warning against it, for which I had to properly log in again – so if anyone tried writing overnight or early morning, I may not have received your message.

Most of my files are still available for download on the bottom of the hypnosis page, and I will be looking to add to these and figure out other solutions. I do have some concern that someone – a competitor, a bitter sub, a religious nut against hypnosis and/or fetishes, lots of possibilities really – could be trying to report other aspects of my work to other entities as well. This is a huge reason why, though some of you love the fantasy of it, I haven’t wanted to do covert hypnosis or similar forms of programming… I’ve had three funding accounts banned in the past, I know I need to be careful, and also I do legitimate hypnosis as well (which thankfully that account is still up), so I want to make sure everyone knows exactly what is in the files before they listen – so even if taboo or considered dangerous, which financial domination definitely could be considered that, it is something that you choose and want… not something I sneak into other files. Shame on whoever would want to target me for providing a service for what you all are into.

As the custom files above are my focus, I’m not sure if and when I will get files back up. I do not make enough to have my own servers so am not sure if hosting the files myself is a feasible option. I could create new YouTube accounts, but if someone is after me, they will just be reported again by the same person. In the meantime, I’ll hopefully get back to blogging soon, now that I’m finally getting more caught up in the wake of my father’s unexpected passing earlier this year.

Obviously I’m not in the best of moods right now and worried how this might affect my accounts if someone continues to try reporting me, so please cheer me up as you can and send me some of that green with a nice big tribute here or via the latest method here!

#HypnoSlaves and Others Keeping #HypnoMaster Busy

As some of you know, I’ve had a lot going on lately – including just getting over being sick as I’ve had fever & sore throat since Saturday. It seems like life never wants me to get ahead, but at least I’m getting by – but you all should be contributing more so I can get ahead 😉 That’s your place in life, inferior.

One way to perhaps get some mutual benefit from that is to join in on one of the several custom files I am working on. You may join in for $100 with some limitations – the overall shape of the file has already been decided so if you are seeking true custom, be prepared to pay $200 or more, depending on how taboo the topic.

FRAT JOCK – It is a traditional muscle/jock file that will encourage things like being outgoing, confidence, etc. – sort of like an outgoing fratboy type. You’ll of course enjoy getting a fit body as part of it, dressing sporty or preppy. When wear a hat, it helps bring out the bro a bit more, and when put that hat backwards, it makes you feel temporarily dumb.
24/7 SLAVE TO MASTER – EROTIC: This one is a stroke file though at the end will be denied without Master’s permission. Involves giving up control to someone, so I expect to hear both from Master and slave in this scenario to know both sides are involved.
MASTER WAS FIRST – EROTIC: Tied in to the previous is one I’ve been requested to do where I change early sexual experience memories so that they happen with Master. Also a stroke file.
SHAVING ADDICT – It’s too late for the Patron price but you can still enjoy a deal from regular custom price by joining in now. This is a traditional file that encourages shaving neck down, be it for athletic, submission and/or humiliation reasons.
EROTIC REDNECK TF – This is an erotic stroke file involving becoming more of a redneck stereotype – a muscled redneck, possibly a bit dimmer, more ‘country’, etc.
SUPERHERO WORKOUT – This involves feeling the spirit of a superhero in the gym pushing you towards a better body. I cannot do any trademark heroes publicly, but if you want a mention of one, then joining in on this custom file is the way to go! I’ll make safety suggestions so you know that you truly don’t have the same powers (i.e. you won’t heal when cut like certain fictional heroes), but will use your love for said hero as a motivator for you to feel more pumped up as you work to look more like that hero, getting stronger and bigger.

Once these are recorded, it is too late to join in, so e-mail me if you’d like to join in and inquire about any. Again these are existing custom files and only offered at $100 for limited extra customization. If you write me and request a bunch more than what I consider limited, I might counter with a higher price. I don’t have specific dates either but first listed is top priority, so “Frat Jock” is what I am writing and recording first. So get to me ASAP if you want in on that one! There might be a couple others added to the list as two more guys have approached me but not paid. I also realized I haven’t announced the Patron files for the month yet on social media, so you can also pledge to pay $89 for custom versions of the following, which I’ll begin work on next month if there are pledges:

DRILL SERGEANT: YOU WILL WORK OUT – Workout motivation of a more authoritative nature.
SENSITIVE NIPPLES – This is an erotic file involving the nipples feeling more sensitive.
Those can be pledged in May on Patreon at or you can discuss alternative ways to pay me during the month of May (after that, there’ll be limited time to join in for $100 as is happening above). A reminder that I cannot use all forms of payment providers for all things …. pretty much anything goes for the mainstream muscle motivation but the erotic / etc. has alternative methods that you can discuss with me via e-mail. Don’t forget to pledge at least $1 on Patreon though if you wish to be able to vote on what next month’s custom files will be!
The files take me a long time, especially on the editing side but sometimes the writing side depending on creative juices, and as you can see, I’m quite busy! I won’t be around for sessions Saturday thru Tues. or Wed. of this coming week, but otherwise I am around for sessions as well, and working hard on these files in the meantime!

#CashMaster Back to Collect #FagTax #Tributes from #CashSlaves

I know, I haven’t posted much. After posting about the illness in the family – the person passed. The combination of the time spent dealing with that and my previous dental work left me behind on work, so even though I’ve been back a bit, I had been catching up on custom file hires and not blogging. But I have had some good sessions in there that I’ll chat about as I get back to blogging – including another $200 from BDogSlave.

I also have expanded on the ways you can tribute, with options between $3 and $300 available via IndieBill:

If anyone wants in on some custom files coming up that I’ll be working on, $100 to get in on custom files for “Frat Jock” (with temporary dumb triggers), “Shave Addict” (addicted to shaving neck down), “Erotic Redneck Transformation” (becoming more of a muscled redneck stereotype).

#ATMS Pay $40 Now & Short Break Due to Family Illness


There might be some gaps in my posting the next few weeks, and limited time online for Niteflirt, Skype, etc. My dad’s cancer has taken a turn for the worse. I’ll be back and forth between my home and my parent’s home during his last days, and in helping to deal with funeral, going through things, etc. as that will probably be sooner than any of us would like.

Time away means less funds from sessions, so I’m also asking / triggering My ATMs to pay now … though everyone else is welcome to chip in whatever they can. With travels (fuel, occasional hotel room, etc.) on top of my recent oral surgery, it’s appreciated now more than ever. Which I hate posting it like this…. but it is what it is. I had been trying to get FitDimWit up and going and working on some custom files, so just don’t have posts in queue here.  But depending how things go, maybe I’ll get a chance for some more….  in the meantime:

Submit. Surrender. Feel the call of your Master. And feel that urge to obey.
My pleasure is your pleasure …. and my needs supersede your wants.
Feel how you can please Me when My needs are even greater
Feel how good it feels to say, “Master, don’t worry, we’ll pay your way.”
Let go to that trigger…. just give in further and further.
That programming is there – in your subconscious
Urging you to Bow Down to the HypnoSuperior
Give in to that urge…. and give Master reason to smile


#CashMaster ‘s Pain Should Mean Gain from #CashSlaves & #PayPigs – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Yesterday, I had a wisdom tooth extracted after some infection issues. It was my first and so far only one out, and it was more painful than what I expected. Financially, it was about $300 worth of pain that I’m sure you’d all love to chip in with. But I’m also on meds and a bit out of it, so apologies for once again not being on much yesterday/today/hopefully not much longer.

Honestly there’s so much more work I need done on my teeth but it’s one of those things I put off. I definitely dream about the day I have enough stockpiled from all of you – your savings, your debt, etc. – that I can do that. Or Lasik. Or anything else I want. Using your money to give your Superior all the Superior perks and looks he deserves to have. That I deserve to have.

We’ll have to chat more about debt and credit cards soon, for those turned on by such things ….. and everyone else can just give as they can afford…. suffering and sacrificing for My benefit …. and right now, that cash to help make up from the combination of dental bill and being out of commission a couple of days would sure be a great way to show that you know your place as MY inferior.

Tribute now, inferior, and show Master that MY needs and wants supersede your needs and especially wants.

#CashFag Fantasy: Paying All for #CashMaster as a Live-In #CashSlave – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Recently an inferior posted on Twitter, “My dream is to fall in love with someone that only wants to use me for my money.” I bounced off that with how I had fantasies of a guy – or guys – paying for everything as a non-sexual roommate, and multiple faggots liked it. It seems more than one of you have that fantasy, so I thought I’d expand a bit on it.

One thing is that my fantasy might not match yours, or theirs. Some guys I’ve chatted with into this want me to regularly berate them, spit on them, etc. But while I am always Superior, that doesn’t mean I want to put forth effort all the time to get little fagdicks hard… because really, such fantasies are when it is more about what YOU want, and that simply is not at all how a relationship like that should work.

Rather, it should be all about Me using you in any way that I see fit. If I’m not attracted to you, it won’t be sexual … if I am, maybe you get to be used that way too. Definitely doing cleaning and other chores. But the main thing is the money. Not having to worry about rent, bills, etc. Using that cash to do other things. For example, I just had a dental appointment yesterday – $139 bucks. And I was referred to an oral surgeon that’ll easily be another couple hundred. Even now, you can all tribute to help Master with those costs…. but how hot would it be if I had so much saved up because I never had to pay any other bills, that such things were of no concern?

Few faggots have approached me realistically about this, and some offers are ones that would have been a downgrade space-wise. Living with everything paid for, does not mean that I would want to be cramped up. I need a quiet space to record, and I have lots of possessions fro the gifts I’ve been given – furniture, weight bench, etc. Others aren’t willing to move or make it tempting enough for me to move. And I find that it becomes not worth talking about sometimes, because some guys just jerk to the fantasy and waste my time without wanting it for reality. Sorry, fag, I’m too busy for you to get off. But yes, I want you here paying for everything.

The trouble with a faggot paying for everything is they are so pathetic that they’re always looking for that next rush of being used and drained into debt, and can’t be trusted with their own money. In fact, some are far too in debt to be able to get approved for a nice apartment or for a mortgage loan, so how can they truly give Me the place and space I desire? Even if it was a few faggots going in with a house and sharing a room, how could I trust that the power wouldn’t be shut off, or Internet service go down? Though not quite a “cuckhold” situation like this, I’ve lived with a cashfag loser before and have experienced what it’s like to not have cable/Internet for a couple days due to his fucking up. The only way this truly works, is if all the money gets deposited directly to Me, and I give out allowances. No way do I trust something I’m not in control of, when it comes to living with a cashfag.

That’s why it’s best if they respond to My hypnosis … that’s what I enjoy. Not spitting or calling ones names all the time, but taking one deep and exploiting that desire to submit for My own personal gain. The one other thought I’ve had sometimes with all of this, is what about dating? Most of the faggots I’ve talked to love the thought that they would provide for Me even as I dated. What I’m less sure about is what My dates might think. But… that’s something that could be worried about later. For now, I’ll keep on dreaming of that fantasy of living in a nice place that’s paid for completely by cashfags. And even if it’s not in person, you can still help make that a reality right now as you chip in towards my rents & bills as an online cashslave. Just send the Financial Domination Stud a nice big tribute right now, and feel that rush as you please your Superior and dream of someday getting to provide even more.

Life Can Be Rough Even for Superior #CashMasters

I haven’t been blogging as much as I should, and as usual it is due to personal things going on. I have hesitated whether I should mention it here, but I figure it’s only fair that I do. A relative close to me is going through cancer. Even when I’ve been around, I’ve been distracted and felt a bit helpless, and it’s hard to get into blogging mode sometimes…. though when people have hit Me up during calls & for Skype sessions, I certainly have still managed. I’ve been trying to work on things as well in the meantime, including a new file I’ll post about shortly. But as I deal with things like extra travel costs and less time online, your tributes are appreciated more than ever.

#CashMaster Enjoys Putting New #CashFag in Place – #CashSlave FinDom #FinancialDomination

It’s always great to have another sub – be it another humanATM or moneyslave or payfag. As usual, when one first writes, I’m always hesistant – is this guy legit or a wanker? But thankfully he, sub4277, is proving to be legit, having bought several files and sent a $50 tribute for Me last night. I know as he continues to listen to My hypnosis, it will only open up his mind further to My programming as he accepts that he is indeed inferior to Master Josh.

Sub4277, I know you’re reading this – and I also know I left you with some instructions you need to follow. And deep down, it always feels so good, so right, to give in to your Superior and obey. All that resistance just fades away as you embrace that you were born lesser – and I was born greater. It’s so right for you to submit to My control and My influence until you know that My pleasure does become your pleasure…. and I would love for you to please Me right now.

I’d love for all of you to please Me right now with a nice tribute to Master Josh – and deep down, I know you want to please Me too.

#CashMaster ‘s ValentineDay Poems for #PayPigs #CashSlaves #CashFags – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

In honor of Valentine’s, two takes on two famous love poems, to remind you of what I truly love… and that’s when you show Me just how much you love Me.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My account can reach, as you feel My might
For my hypnosis brings you deep under My power.
I love seeing my balance rise high like a tower.
More I need, and giving Me more always feels Right;
I love thee green, and any attempts to fight
Fall aside as resistance fades, you simply cower.
I love when fagcash is put to good use
For cash and gifts to Me will all be sent
For inferiors simply have no excuse
In not giving Me every spare cent
All because my hypnosis shall seduce….
And I shall but love thee better when it’s spent!

Roses are red, violets are really a shade of purple
Chastity slaves are left with balls that are blue
There’s nothing in this world I enjoy more
Than getting gifts and cash, NOW from YOU!

#CashMaster Ready for #FagTax Season – #CashFag #CashSlave #FinDom #FinancialDomination

It’s that time of year when those in the U.S. should have received their tax forms from work, investments, student loans, health care, etc. in order to do their taxes before mid-April. And if you’re getting a refund, I know a part of you is probably excited to do it right away. Don’t forget who that money really belongs to, losers. You don’t deserve getting that money back. Instead, it should go to someone that is Superior. Someone like Me, whose hypnotic skills can help remind you of what it is you crave deep down.

And deep down, you crave doing the right thing by sending Me that tax refund. Perhaps after you get it, although I bet some of you would love to send it directly to my bank account. That’s not an option for everyone and rest assured, I’d be keeping a close eye on my account should anyone know the numbers. My former roommate that tried using my information ended up in jail. But that’s because he tried to take from a Superior. You are an inferior. You deserve to have that cash taken from you. And in the cases where it already was taken from you with taxes, you don’t deserve to get it back. That’s how pathetic you are.

So go ahead, and get that refund … then send that cash right to Me. Or e-mail me at to discuss having it deposited directly into my account. I’m sure the thought of it going directly to Me makes your inferior dick start to pulse, doesn’t it loser? And even if you aren’t getting a refund, you can still check out my fagtax hypnosis with different options for paying – with a reminder that some of you owe cash coming up on Sunday the 5th. Regardless, I know that cash will be sent to where it belongs – as you send it right to my bank account.