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Further #CashSlave #MindFuck #Brainwashing #Edging #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Below is further except from sessions with rubbercashslave, who likes to stroke and edge, but not cum, as he gets programmed and brainwashed. I’ve put a ‘read more’ break due to triggers and hypnotic language – you are advised to read at your own risk.

Who are we kidding, inferiors? We know you all are going to click to read more as soon as you get that chance to stroke along … you might even find yourself letting go to the words yourself… for that is My power.
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More Hypnotic #CashSlave Training for #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Here is more from an excerpt with rubbercashslave….  again, I will post a “read more” as triggers are used. You should only read this post at a time when you can relax and stroke along to it, and accept that the outcome is always what you have wanted deep down.

If you’re too scared, you can always not click…. but I think, deep down, you crave more training to be My cashslave…. Continue reading More Hypnotic #CashSlave Training for #FinDom #FinancialDomination

#CashSlave Hypno Session Excerpt – My Hypnotic #FinancialDomination

Below is an except of a session with rubbercashslave, who likes to stroke and edge without cumming as he listens to My hypnosis or reads my words. Due to the hypnotic nature of the text, you can read more after the break – you’ve been warned Continue reading #CashSlave Hypno Session Excerpt – My Hypnotic #FinancialDomination

Your Money Becomes Mine – #CashMaster #FinancialDomination

The below may trigger a hypnotic response….

My words become your truth
Your truth becomes My will
My will becomes your will
Your will is to please Me
You please Me and it pleases you
You are pleased to pay Me cash
Paying Me cash fills you with pleasure
My pleasure is your pleasure
Your pleasure is to pay Me cash
My words become your truth
Your cash becomes My money
My money is spent on comfort
You sacrifice comfort to instead please Me
Your finances tighten yet it arouses your cock
Your dick turned on from paying me more
The more you pay Me, the better you feel
The better you feel, the more you pay Me
My words become your truth
Your truth becomes My will
My will is to take your cash
You are used by Me, and it feels right.
It is right to be used by Master Josh.
You bow down, and serve Me well.
You serve me by pleasing Me with cash.
You are pleased to pay Me more
For you are pleased to be used more
My words become your truth
Your truth becomes My will
My will is to take your cash
Your cash becomes My money.
And that is the way of the world.

Excerpt from #ATM #Hypnosis #FinancialDomination Session

Last night, I posted a bit of a conversation. This is a (slightly edited so that it could also apply to readers) excerpt from that session that took place towards the end of that conversation. However, I’m using the read more as it does contain triggers both for trance and for sending tributes, so read at your own risk. If you aren’t used to my hypnosis, it may not do much as there’s no induction – but if you have listened to the triggers… well, you know the power of My words. You will also see how I took what he had said in the conversation and incorporated it into the session. Always feel free to share your desires and fantasies with Me, My inferior pay pigs!

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Milking the #cashcow #ATM into #Debt – #financialdomination

Another hot text session with an ATM …

stroke along if you’d like too, but be warned you may head into trance… just click read more if you’re so ready to relax… and be molded by my words…. molded into such a cashslave ATM…. addicted to debt for the benefit of measure

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Excerpt from Old #FinancialDomination #CashSlave #Hypnosis Script

I, Master Josh, am superior. I am the Hypno Superior. You know deep down that I am superior and deserve that money more than a peon like you could ever deserve it. And even if you worked hard to earn it, you know that working hard is simply your place in life and that I don’t even need to work to be rewarded because I am superior.

Giving Master Josh such a large sum of money makes you feel weak. It makes you feel inferior. Because you know, deep down, that I am using you for your money. And in a sick, perverted way, that makes you want to give me even more. You love the feeling of being used by me. And that turns you on. It doesn’t matter what you had planned to do with the money, and it doesn’t matter what I do with the money. All that matters is that I want it, and that is enough for you.  And it’s almost humiliating, knowing that you WILL give me this money simply because I have suggested you give it to me here – and even moreso when you listen to my hypnosis and truly feel compelled to send that cash. But you do it anyway, because it turns you on. It turns you on so much to be used by someone superior like me.

And however you choose to pay me, it will feel so right, as if you are giving me an amazing tribute that will give your life meaning. That will give your life purpose. And that will restore balance in the universe, because I was meant to be rewarded by your hard work as I am superior and you are my cash slave.

All that matters is that you are my cash slave. Any extra money that you receive will be sent, somehow, someway, to me, the Hypno Superior. And it will feel absolutely amazing to know that Master Josh is taking complete advantage of both your mind and your bank account. Being used by me will leave you feeling completely humiliated in a way that you’ve never felt before. And that feeling of being humiliated by me and used by me becomes your absolute favorite feeling in the world.

#CashFags #Cashslaves – Pay Your #Dues – #FinancialDomination

This one is for the cashfags….

You are inferior. That’s right. You are nothing but a puny faggot, and deep down you know it. And you know that you were only put on this earth to serve superior men. That’s right fag. You were put on this earth to be used. You understand that, and you accept that totally. You still are able to go to a job and function as normal if needed, but when you’re not there, you know that you need to serve. And the easiest way to do that is to become my fucking cash slave. That’s right.

You know you aren’t worthy of my time. And yet, you want so badly to show me that you know I’m superior by giving me money and gifts. It doesn’t matter what I look like. It doesn’t matter if we ever meet. All that matters is that I am Superior. And deep down, you can feel it. You can feel how you’re just a lowly cunt.

And even though you know you’re pathetic, you also know you don’t deserve any easy way outs. You will keep on living and serving, no matter how bad things get, because you know that is your place. You were meant to serve, and you will live to serve. And any hardships that you go through are just part of your life. You were put on this earth to suffer and you know that you have to take anything that comes your way. If your ugly face gets smacked by a master, you deserved it. If you have an unexpected expense come up that you can’t afford because you gave all your savings in tributes, too bad.

You were born to struggle because you are no better than an annoying gnat or mosquito. You recognize you’re a fucking despicable faggot, and you are at peace with that. It’s simply who you are. It is who you have always been. And it is who you will always be. Without question. Without worry. You will suffer through anything that life throws at you before you even think about giving up, because it is your place to suffer. And no matter what happens, you will still want to serve. No matter how bad things get, you will always find somebody to serve. It doesn’t matter if they rape you or steal from you or abuse you as long as you get to serve them. You are a stupid cunt, useless in every way except for when you serve.

That’s right, you fucking useless piece of shit. You only find your worth when you work jobs or serve superior beings. And you know now, and accept completely, that I am a God compared to you… and you are a puny pathetic fag that must pay tribute. That’s right cunt. And you know that every time you tribute Master Josh with cash or gifts, that it gives your life meaning. If you buy yourself something you don’t need, all you can think about is how worthless you are. How you don’t deserve to have it, if it’s not something you need. Because you don’t deserve it.

You know that I do… so you want, you desire, and you need to pay Me tribute. Like a bitch dog to his master, you want affection. And even if I never give you the time of day because I detest you and find you disgusting, you will want to keep paying me tribute like the dumb bitch you are.


Deep Down You Want This – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

Deep down, you know this is what you want. It is what you have always wanted. Deep down you know you need to feel submissive and inferior to another man. And nothing puts you in your place like giving up some of your hard-earned cash to a superior. It doesn’t matter how much, because the HypnoSuperior is wise enough to know that everybody functions on different budgets and has bills to pay. Everybody needs to take care of necessities. But whenever you think about making a purchase just for the fun of it, you will hesitate. After all, are you really worthy enough to own that? Aren’t you just an inferior piece of meat? Maybe even a thing? You probably can’t even appreciate material possessions because you do not feel worthy enough to own material possessions. You only feel worthy enough to own the basics.

You realize that you would get so much pleasure in giving the Hypno Superior any extra income that you don’t really need. It gives you so much pleasure to know that the Hypno Superior is able to buy the things that give him pleasure. After all, a dominant guy gets whatever he wants simply because he can. He is worth all that you have and so much more. And you love being able to give him pleasure. All that matters is the way Master Josh can take control of your mind. You know that you are inferior, and that is okay because it feels good to know your place. Giving me money helps to remind you of your place, and it makes you feel so good. Feel my superiority over you now. Know that I can make you feel so much pleasure from my words as a wave of relaxation washers over you, taking you deeper and deeper.

It feels so good to be making his life better and to be put in your place. You are here to serve the Hypno Superior. And every single time, the pleasure you get from giving me donations simply grows greater and greater until you achieve pure ecstasy. Think about how good it feels to be my cash slave. My own personal ATM. Feel your cock start to get so hard because being used turns you on so much. Feel how stiff and rigid your cock becomes now. It makes you smile and feel so good inside to know that you are serving a superior man and making him so happy. It feels so good to be making his life better and to be put in your place. This is your place. This is your new greatest need, want and desire. You are here to serve the Hypno Superior.




#ATM #CashSlave Adds to #Debt 4 #Cashmaster – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

On Wednesday, I posted about a session with an ATM of mine… here is most of that transcript in which he stroked into trance and allowed my words to program him. If you click read more, this contains both my hypnosis trigger and later the ATM trigger. It also encourages going into debt. You’ve been warned!

And if you still want to proceed, simply click more as you relax… one hand stroking your cock… the other nicely scrolling through this long text session even as you keep going further down into that nice trance state…

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Reminder for #cashslave #moneypig #cashfag #paypig #inferiors – serve your #Superior – #FinancialDomination

Deep down, you know you exist to serve a Superior.
Deep down, you know you exist to please a Superior.
Deep down, you know you exist to be used by a Superior.
Deep down, you know you are inferior to men that are Superior.

And you love knowing that I am Superior.

My words remind you of it.
My voice reminds you of it.
Putting you in your place.
Putting you below me.

And yet you are so happy to be there.

Knowing that I deserve the best life possible.
Knowing that it is your responsibility to ensure I get it.
Knowing that you are filled with pleasure whenever you please me.
For my pleasure is your please.

And I am  most pleased when inferiors like you send me cash.

You find that desire to buy me gifts growing.
You find that desire to serve as my ATM or my billslave growing.
You find that desire to adjust your budget and live on less growing.
You find that desire to give me all that extra money growing.

Go ahead, moneyslave, paypigs, cashfags, & other inferiors – TRIBUTE.

Wor$hip 5/3/14

Knowing you’re inferior. Accepting you’re inferior.
Knowing I’m $uperior. Accepting I’m $uperior.
Knowing inferior$ wor$hip & tribute their $uperior $ir
Knowing I make you feel more amazing than other $uperior$
Ready to tribute and wor$hip more and more