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Even if I’m away (which the second button above will tell you), you can still allow my Superior words to mold your inferior mind with my hypnosis mp3 including both erotic hypnosis and more traditional training hypnosis. For more hot financial domination audio from me, check out my hypnosis pay-per-call games and my 6-minute quick jerks on the Recordings page.

It is suggested you listen hands-free when listening to stroke files that also suggest tributes.

Wor$hip $ervice (Erotic Hypnosis)
$17.99          19 Min.
Buy from HypnoSuperior through Niteflirt.com

Stroke your cock during my hypnotic sermon as you worship your God and learn what it means to serve a true Superior. Similar to my discontinued Worship MP3 but made into an erotic file and containing even stronger suggestions.

The Ultimate Gift (Erotic Hypnosis)
$17.99          19 Min.

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In the U.S. in 2014, you can give a family member or friend a gift for up to $14,000 without having to pay a gift tax (and the giver does pay the tax). Though I have not consulted with a tax professional to see if your tributes qualify, I love the fantasy of a sub giving me $14,000 in one year with neither of us paying taxes on it. Of course you can always give more if you like, but aiming for $14,000 in one year is what this file molds you to want the most.

Mindless Moneygiver (Erotic Hypnosis)
$19.99          24 Min.
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Similar to my former “Dumb to Pay” file but improved, this file dumbs you down – with the suggestion the tribute page be left up – and puts you in the dangerous situation of wanting to click on all those tribute buttons while in a dumbed down state. Perfect for those that really want to be taken advantage of -like you.

My Ga$ Pedal (Erotic Hypnosis)
$19.99          18 Min.
Buy from HypnoSuperior through Niteflirt.com

Find your place beneath my foot as I push down on my accelerator and drive you to the bank. Similar to an expired file but new and improved to really squeeze all of that resistance out of you and make you my gas pedal always ready for the ATM.

Let’s Go Shopping (Erotic Hypnosis)
$17.99          16 Min.
Buy from HypnoSuperior through Niteflirt.com

Be sure you have my Amazon wishlist open and within reach before you start to listen, because you will be buying me a thing… or two… or three.
My Amazon Wishlist

Financial Ruin (Erotic Hypnosis)
$22.99          22 Min.
Buy from HypnoSuperior through Niteflirt.com

Masturbate yourself to bankruptcy as you embrace what you have always deserved, and come to realize that I am the only one Superior enough to benefit from your loss. You should suffer so that I live in luxury. Similar to my discontinued Financial Ruin MP3 but with even stronger suggestions.  Those either wanting something just a touch more gentle (but still pretty hardcore) can try the non-erotic “Slow Road to Ruin” below.
$0.99/min. base (will vary by country) * 22 Min.

Ca$h Fag (Erotic Hypnosis)
$22.99          18 Min.
Buy from HypnoSuperior through Niteflirt.com 

Let’s be real – if you’re buying this, it’s because you’re more than a loser that I love to manipulate… it’s because you’re the scum of the earth that I’d rather not interact with. But it’s still only right that you give me your money, isn’t it you small-cock loser? Listen now, faggot, and accept your place below my $uperior feet, so ready to tribute me again and again.

MP3 FILES (Non-Erotic)

Slow Road to Ruin – $19.99
Buy from HypnoSuperior through Niteflirt.com

Do you love the idea of enjoying the ultimate in humiliation or domination, yet find that the idea scares you? This file allows you to take it slow as you tribute smaller amounts while being conditioned to accept the road you are on and the ultimate fate of ruin.

FagMeat To Be Used – $15.99
Buy from HypnoSuperior through Niteflirt.com

This file encourages you to build up that fagmeat muscle so you appeal to more Superiors. After all, you are a bitch that needs put in your place – and a nice body will help you have more opportunities to be used like the filthy pig you are. Of course, your favorite way to be used is to give Master Josh, the Financial Domination Stud, your cash – for you might be fagmeat to be used by any dom/mes – but you are MY cashfag.

Click here for ATM Trigger
Click here for BillSlave Training
Click here for Alpha Cashmaster
Click here for Faggot JockSlave Tax or 10% Inferior Tax

Enjoy My Hypnotic Conditioning
General induction & conditioning file.
Pleasure of Financial Domination Increases the pleasure you feel when you tribute me.
Humiliation of Financial Domination Increases the humiliation you feel when you tribute me.
Extra Income Encourages any extra income from bonuses, refunds, inheritance, winnings, etc. be given to Master Josh.
No Income Training for those getting their degree or between jobs that allows them to enjoy the feelings of financial domination while being unable to give, and suggests regular tributes once you have an income.

Erotic hypnosis for edging, bootlicking, rubber, leather, sex pigs, & more as well as fetish training files at
Erotic hypnosis for serving at coach’s feet, mindless muscle growth, making the team, and more for jocks & muscle at

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