#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster Loves Gift Cards from #CashSlaves – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Master has been way too busy and could use some slaves around here to clean for him, provide for him, and more! Any good looking subs want to apply? 😉

In the meantime, if I ever find the time, at least I won’t have to pay for a nice night out with a friend. $50 to Cheesecake Factory and $30 to AMC ought to cover one night or date.
Of course, that means I’ll just need more gift cards and I hope you all keep me stocked.

Both come courtesy of cashfagdirt, though the shirt came from MesmerizedSub. And you too can buy me gift cards, shirts and more by visiting my wishlist here – or send Me my favorite gift of all, CASH. 

#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster ‘s New Tool for #HypnoSlaves – #FinDom

So I got this a while ago and honestly haven’t started using it yet – I tried looking into it once but never quite figured out the mic part yet. I just need some free time to play with it, I guess – and I never seem to have free time as I continue working on custom files for your pleasure. But thanks to JoshWorshipper , at least I didn’t have to pay for this new tool by myself. And hopefully I can get it working soon. Though I’m not sure if they’d be better than my cheaper headset I use for Skype sessions (I use a studio mic for recording audio files)… in fact I just used the old one for some more sessions with him this past week. And I know he loved the power of my hypnotic voice planting those seeds deep inside, as he worshipped his HypnoMaster and CashGod!

The T-shirt was a fun gift from another sub as well …. recently added some hypnosis t-shirts I would love to get, but of course my favorite gift remains that green. Bow down to the HypnoSuperior and send some green my way today!

Custom Files and Problems with YouTube – #CashMaster Could Use Some Cheering Up $$$$ #FinDom

First, an update on custom files that you can join in on for $100 (normally $200 if you have your own idea, maybe more for taboo, difficult, or repetitive-to-my-catalog ideas):
Erotic Redneck / Erotic Scally & Chav – I’m writing these right now so get on ASAP before I record on these transformation files
Drill Sergeant Workout – you will work out! Authoritative motivation.
Superhero Workout – in a custom one it can include mention of copyrighted character, but the general one will just be about having the spirit of a superhero pushing you in workouts
Erotic Dumb Jock – currently available lower if you pledge the corresponding Patreon reward. Stroke and become that simple bro, dude.
Aroused by a Trigger – currently available lower if you pledge the corresponding Patreon reward. Will include some type of sound effect that makes you more aroused during the file.
New Pup Play file – an update to the triggers and training of getting into the right mindset

While I am taking breaks for calls and sessions as I can, catching up on the slew of custom file hires has been my focus. Which is also why it might take some time for me to find a solution to the next problem…

Someone has reported my HypnoSuperior YouTube account and had my account taken down. I first received a warning, that was to last three months, for my Never Too Big preview file – though I don’t talk about steroids it is my belief one thought it encouraged this. But before given a chance to take any action to edit, delete or otherwise fix that, I had a second message overnight that “due to repeated or severe violations, your account has been suspended.” It also resulted in my Gmail and overall google account, since the two are linked, receiving a warning against it, for which I had to properly log in again – so if anyone tried writing overnight or early morning, I may not have received your message.

Most of my files are still available for download on the bottom of the hypnosis page, and I will be looking to add to these and figure out other solutions. I do have some concern that someone – a competitor, a bitter sub, a religious nut against hypnosis and/or fetishes, lots of possibilities really – could be trying to report other aspects of my work to other entities as well. This is a huge reason why, though some of you love the fantasy of it, I haven’t wanted to do covert hypnosis or similar forms of programming… I’ve had three funding accounts banned in the past, I know I need to be careful, and also I do legitimate hypnosis as well (which thankfully that account is still up), so I want to make sure everyone knows exactly what is in the files before they listen – so even if taboo or considered dangerous, which financial domination definitely could be considered that, it is something that you choose and want… not something I sneak into other files. Shame on whoever would want to target me for providing a service for what you all are into.

As the custom files above are my focus, I’m not sure if and when I will get files back up. I do not make enough to have my own servers so am not sure if hosting the files myself is a feasible option. I could create new YouTube accounts, but if someone is after me, they will just be reported again by the same person. In the meantime, I’ll hopefully get back to blogging soon, now that I’m finally getting more caught up in the wake of my father’s unexpected passing earlier this year.

Obviously I’m not in the best of moods right now and worried how this might affect my accounts if someone continues to try reporting me, so please cheer me up as you can and send me some of that green with a nice big tribute here or via the latest method here!