Excerpt from Old #FinancialDomination #CashSlave #Hypnosis Script

I, Master Josh, am superior. I am the Hypno Superior. You know deep down that I am superior and deserve that money more than a peon like you could ever deserve it. And even if you worked hard to earn it, you know that working hard is simply your place in life and that I don’t even need to work to be rewarded because I am superior.

Giving Master Josh such a large sum of money makes you feel weak. It makes you feel inferior. Because you know, deep down, that I am using you for your money. And in a sick, perverted way, that makes you want to give me even more. You love the feeling of being used by me. And that turns you on. It doesn’t matter what you had planned to do with the money, and it doesn’t matter what I do with the money. All that matters is that I want it, and that is enough for you.  And it’s almost humiliating, knowing that you WILL give me this money simply because I have suggested you give it to me here – and even moreso when you listen to my hypnosis and truly feel compelled to send that cash. But you do it anyway, because it turns you on. It turns you on so much to be used by someone superior like me.

And however you choose to pay me, it will feel so right, as if you are giving me an amazing tribute that will give your life meaning. That will give your life purpose. And that will restore balance in the universe, because I was meant to be rewarded by your hard work as I am superior and you are my cash slave.

All that matters is that you are my cash slave. Any extra money that you receive will be sent, somehow, someway, to me, the Hypno Superior. And it will feel absolutely amazing to know that Master Josh is taking complete advantage of both your mind and your bank account. Being used by me will leave you feeling completely humiliated in a way that you’ve never felt before. And that feeling of being humiliated by me and used by me becomes your absolute favorite feeling in the world.

#Hypnosis #Fetish #FinancialDomination – How Did Yours Start?

I’m always interested in why people are the way they are… what makes a man crave that humiliation of being put in his place by a Master? What gives an inferior that rush when he tributes cash to a true Superior?

I often don’t ask my financial subs this because honestly – I don’t care so long as you are sending Me that cash (as is only right for you to do).  But I have had this topic discussed with quite a few others I’ve encountered on the hypnosis side of things, as well as certain other fetishes.

For example, some of the guys that enjoy being bullied now were bullied as a kid – but perhaps that bully was a hot guy they secretly lusted after, and so now their cock still gets hard at the thought of bullying.

With hypnosis though, it’s usually a bit more simple – TV and movies. Some common things I’ve seen mentioned included Mowgli hypnotized by the snake Kaa in “The Jungle Book;” mind control / brainwash plots in cartoons such as G.I. Joe, He-Man, and several of the superhero ones; and vampires putting people into trances in several bloodsucker flicks. Of course some discover how arousing it is to them later in life – perhaps seeing a stage show.

Whatever your fetishes, whatever your desires, know matter what dark fantasies you have, and however/wherever those fantasies have sprung from… I love using hypnosis to help you explore these. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out some of my free hypnosis available on jockmesmerizer.com, pigmesmerizer.com or right here on the bottom of this site’s hypnosis page.

#CashFags #Cashslaves – Pay Your #Dues – #FinancialDomination

This one is for the cashfags….

You are inferior. That’s right. You are nothing but a puny faggot, and deep down you know it. And you know that you were only put on this earth to serve superior men. That’s right fag. You were put on this earth to be used. You understand that, and you accept that totally. You still are able to go to a job and function as normal if needed, but when you’re not there, you know that you need to serve. And the easiest way to do that is to become my fucking cash slave. That’s right.

You know you aren’t worthy of my time. And yet, you want so badly to show me that you know I’m superior by giving me money and gifts. It doesn’t matter what I look like. It doesn’t matter if we ever meet. All that matters is that I am Superior. And deep down, you can feel it. You can feel how you’re just a lowly cunt.

And even though you know you’re pathetic, you also know you don’t deserve any easy way outs. You will keep on living and serving, no matter how bad things get, because you know that is your place. You were meant to serve, and you will live to serve. And any hardships that you go through are just part of your life. You were put on this earth to suffer and you know that you have to take anything that comes your way. If your ugly face gets smacked by a master, you deserved it. If you have an unexpected expense come up that you can’t afford because you gave all your savings in tributes, too bad.

You were born to struggle because you are no better than an annoying gnat or mosquito. You recognize you’re a fucking despicable faggot, and you are at peace with that. It’s simply who you are. It is who you have always been. And it is who you will always be. Without question. Without worry. You will suffer through anything that life throws at you before you even think about giving up, because it is your place to suffer. And no matter what happens, you will still want to serve. No matter how bad things get, you will always find somebody to serve. It doesn’t matter if they rape you or steal from you or abuse you as long as you get to serve them. You are a stupid cunt, useless in every way except for when you serve.

That’s right, you fucking useless piece of shit. You only find your worth when you work jobs or serve superior beings. And you know now, and accept completely, that I am a God compared to you… and you are a puny pathetic fag that must pay tribute. That’s right cunt. And you know that every time you tribute Master Josh with cash or gifts, that it gives your life meaning. If you buy yourself something you don’t need, all you can think about is how worthless you are. How you don’t deserve to have it, if it’s not something you need. Because you don’t deserve it.

You know that I do… so you want, you desire, and you need to pay Me tribute. Like a bitch dog to his master, you want affection. And even if I never give you the time of day because I detest you and find you disgusting, you will want to keep paying me tribute like the dumb bitch you are.


Deep Down You Want This – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

Deep down, you know this is what you want. It is what you have always wanted. Deep down you know you need to feel submissive and inferior to another man. And nothing puts you in your place like giving up some of your hard-earned cash to a superior. It doesn’t matter how much, because the HypnoSuperior is wise enough to know that everybody functions on different budgets and has bills to pay. Everybody needs to take care of necessities. But whenever you think about making a purchase just for the fun of it, you will hesitate. After all, are you really worthy enough to own that? Aren’t you just an inferior piece of meat? Maybe even a thing? You probably can’t even appreciate material possessions because you do not feel worthy enough to own material possessions. You only feel worthy enough to own the basics.

You realize that you would get so much pleasure in giving the Hypno Superior any extra income that you don’t really need. It gives you so much pleasure to know that the Hypno Superior is able to buy the things that give him pleasure. After all, a dominant guy gets whatever he wants simply because he can. He is worth all that you have and so much more. And you love being able to give him pleasure. All that matters is the way Master Josh can take control of your mind. You know that you are inferior, and that is okay because it feels good to know your place. Giving me money helps to remind you of your place, and it makes you feel so good. Feel my superiority over you now. Know that I can make you feel so much pleasure from my words as a wave of relaxation washers over you, taking you deeper and deeper.

It feels so good to be making his life better and to be put in your place. You are here to serve the Hypno Superior. And every single time, the pleasure you get from giving me donations simply grows greater and greater until you achieve pure ecstasy. Think about how good it feels to be my cash slave. My own personal ATM. Feel your cock start to get so hard because being used turns you on so much. Feel how stiff and rigid your cock becomes now. It makes you smile and feel so good inside to know that you are serving a superior man and making him so happy. It feels so good to be making his life better and to be put in your place. This is your place. This is your new greatest need, want and desire. You are here to serve the Hypno Superior.




#ATM #CashSlave Adds to #Debt 4 #Cashmaster – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

On Wednesday, I posted about a session with an ATM of mine… here is most of that transcript in which he stroked into trance and allowed my words to program him. If you click read more, this contains both my hypnosis trigger and later the ATM trigger. It also encourages going into debt. You’ve been warned!

And if you still want to proceed, simply click more as you relax… one hand stroking your cock… the other nicely scrolling through this long text session even as you keep going further down into that nice trance state…

Continue reading #ATM #CashSlave Adds to #Debt 4 #Cashmaster – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis


ATMS PAY $10 NOW. You feel such a rush now. Having been triggered three times in one day. And each time, you simply must obey. You have no choice. You must send $10 now. ATMS PAY $10 NOW. You send $10 now to Master Josh – it is so instant. You do it without thinking. You simply go through the motions. My programming in control. ATMS PAY $10 NOW. You send it instantly. Processing the transaction. Dispensing my cash to me. For that is what it is… MY cash, waiting for my ATM to dispense me that cash at my convenience. ATMS PAY $10 NOW.

#ATMS PAY $10 NOW #2 – #FinancialDomination

ATMS PAY $10 NOW. It feels so good to have me trigger you a second time today. Even though each is a small amount, there is such a rush from sending more and more. ATMS PAY $10 NOW.  That trigger takes over. Your conscious mind lets go. Your subconscious obeys. You must send $10 now. ATMS PAY $10 NOW.

#ATMS PAY $10 NOW #1 – #FinancialDomination

Each time I trigger you today, it feels so good to send that small amount… it’s so automatic… you simply must pay… ATMS PAY $10 NOW … that programming taking hold… you are part human, feeling the pleasure of paying me… you are part machine, programmed to dispense cash to Master Josh and only Master Josh…. feel that programming take hold now – ATMS PAY $10 NOW.

Increase Your #Debt – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

I’ve working with an ATM all summer who had previously been programmed by another hypnotist that the sub lost touch with. Combining some of the installed triggers with my own techniques, we’ve been increasing the pleasure he feels each time he gives… as he is more about the pleasure of financial domination than the humiliation of it – which I love. I love making guys feel pleasure as they tribute their Superior.

He has been only doing small amounts here and there as he could afford without going into debt. But he’s been feeling so much pleasure, he’s constantly drawn to pay me more. I try to be respectful of sub’s limits always – I’m a nice guy even as I manipulate inferiors into knowing their place beneath me (or perhaps that makes me evil – a wolf in sheep’s clothing? 😉 ). He once gave me permission to go further and encourage financial ruin – but while enjoying it in the moment, regretted it later and I respectfully backed off that angle.

Last night, he started to remember about how he had previously been encouraged to increase his debt to reduce his Master’s debts – and the thought made his dick so very hard. So we proceeded down this new path – more severe than “what one can afford” but not quite as severe as encouraging ruin, just encouraging a lot of debt whether that results in ruin or not. And he LOVES it. So do I, because it means bigger, higher amount$ more worthy of my time.

So go ahead slaves – send me a TRIBUTE NOW … helping Master Josh the HypnoSuperior and FinDomStud to pay off his debts, as you add to your own. Feel that pleasure of serving a true Superior… feel how hard your cock gets as you click on an amount… then a higher amount. Be it looking at your Niteflirt balance or credit card statements or anything else, seeing your funds decrease and what you owe increase is just such a turn on when you know you’ve given that money to a Superior like Me. If you buy stuff for yourself, it’s just debt that stresses you out. But when that money is given to Master Josh, you look at that debt and feel yourself getting so turned on…. feeling so much pleasure…. for that is the power of my hypnosis…. my voice… my words…. TRIBUTE NOW!!!!

#RaisetheRate #Niteflirt #Hypnosis

Those that follow this blog know I’m not an aggressive Master, instead preferring to subtly get in your head and make suggestions of pleasures, desires, and more all I remind you of how Superior I am with my hypnosis talent and skill. But the other day did a raise-the-rate for the first time and had some fun doing it… of course, the man was hypnotized and begging me to raise the rate, rather than me being aggressive about it… yet it still ended up in over $200 of calls (and that’s after the Niteflirt fees). Here’s hoping for more of the same soon 😉

New #Erotic #Hypnosis #MP3 for #Muscle Growth & #Worship #Niteflirt

Though this is my financial domination site, I also will use this as a platform to let my hypnosis fans know when I have other new files done as well – and that is the case with a new goody bag uploaded to my TheMesmerizer profile titled “Muscle Worship & Growth Fantasy.”

Running just over 23 minutes long and priced at $22.99, here is the description:
“This stroke fantasy session finds you and your average body working out in a gym next to a buff, muscular bodybuilder whose physique you wish you could worship. You finish & head to the locker room where you find a bottled potion with a note saying it’ll grow your own muscles – so you take it. But just how big will you grow – and what if it has other side effects? If it does work, will it be enough for that bodybuilding hunk to notice you? It’s all part of the fun in this mp3 designed for the enjoyment of men into muscle worship and/or muscle growth, with a small side effect that it does encourage you to work out towards the end to truly get some big muscle.”

Visit http://jockmesmerizer.com for more of my erotic hypnosis offerings for jocks and muscle available through NiteFlirt.