#HypnoMaster Been Busy with New Files

I added four new files to my muscle and jock sites. Audio previews below or also on YouTube

The two erotic files, Never Too Big and Jock Power, can be found on my TheMesmerizer Niteflirt profile as well

#CashMaster #Mindfucks #MoneySlave & Rakes More In – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Had another call from BDogSlave…  a moneyslave that tries so hard to resist but ultimately gives in, just as all of you tend to ultimately do. Why even put up the fight? Accept your addiction. Embrace your desire to be used by Me and pay a Superior. It’s so much better that way – to not feel that torment but to just enjoy it. Sure, it might mean working harder to make sure you have that cash…. but fuck, that pleasure feels so good, it makes it all worth it, doesn’t it? I mean, I know this gave ME a lot of pleasure:

That’s right. $400 (before fees) in one short phone call. Who else needs used like that? To feel that rush of being mindfucked by Master Josh, perhaps with poppers in hand, sniffing as I use confusion and hypnosis techniques on you and make you crave My powerful voice – but especially making you crave that rush of mindless obedience as you pay more. It all just feels so good and so right for cashslaves like you to be left giving more. And you can give more right now as you BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR and pay a nice big tribute too.

#MoneySlave Worships #CashGod with Tributes – #PayPig #CashFag #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Another great session with JoshWor$hipper, who loves to Bow Down to the Hypno$uperior – and hopefully will enjoy it even more after purchasing My new file as well. But before he listened to that, he had a nice Skype session with Master where I took him deep into the pleasure of a hypnotic trance where he knows just how amazing it feels to get to pay Master Josh more.

I’d love to have more sessions with so many of you this week…. putting you losers in your place where you belong, giving Me that cash you know belongs to Me. Especially as you continue to get those tax refunds in…. which, it’s the 20th, if you’re paying your bi-monthly fagtax, be sure you get your dues in to Me as well. But when I get back from the gym, I’d love to have all sorts of messages ready for sessions too. I know you’ve been craving those sessions deep down… and I know that you know that I am the Superior most worthy of all that cash…. so don’t delay, piggy. Let’s make this an amazing week for Master Josh – you can start by sending a nice big tribute to Me right now.

#CashFag Fantasy: Paying All for #CashMaster as a Live-In #CashSlave – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Recently an inferior posted on Twitter, “My dream is to fall in love with someone that only wants to use me for my money.” I bounced off that with how I had fantasies of a guy – or guys – paying for everything as a non-sexual roommate, and multiple faggots liked it. It seems more than one of you have that fantasy, so I thought I’d expand a bit on it.

One thing is that my fantasy might not match yours, or theirs. Some guys I’ve chatted with into this want me to regularly berate them, spit on them, etc. But while I am always Superior, that doesn’t mean I want to put forth effort all the time to get little fagdicks hard… because really, such fantasies are when it is more about what YOU want, and that simply is not at all how a relationship like that should work.

Rather, it should be all about Me using you in any way that I see fit. If I’m not attracted to you, it won’t be sexual … if I am, maybe you get to be used that way too. Definitely doing cleaning and other chores. But the main thing is the money. Not having to worry about rent, bills, etc. Using that cash to do other things. For example, I just had a dental appointment yesterday – $139 bucks. And I was referred to an oral surgeon that’ll easily be another couple hundred. Even now, you can all tribute to help Master with those costs…. but how hot would it be if I had so much saved up because I never had to pay any other bills, that such things were of no concern?

Few faggots have approached me realistically about this, and some offers are ones that would have been a downgrade space-wise. Living with everything paid for, does not mean that I would want to be cramped up. I need a quiet space to record, and I have lots of possessions fro the gifts I’ve been given – furniture, weight bench, etc. Others aren’t willing to move or make it tempting enough for me to move. And I find that it becomes not worth talking about sometimes, because some guys just jerk to the fantasy and waste my time without wanting it for reality. Sorry, fag, I’m too busy for you to get off. But yes, I want you here paying for everything.

The trouble with a faggot paying for everything is they are so pathetic that they’re always looking for that next rush of being used and drained into debt, and can’t be trusted with their own money. In fact, some are far too in debt to be able to get approved for a nice apartment or for a mortgage loan, so how can they truly give Me the place and space I desire? Even if it was a few faggots going in with a house and sharing a room, how could I trust that the power wouldn’t be shut off, or Internet service go down? Though not quite a “cuckhold” situation like this, I’ve lived with a cashfag loser before and have experienced what it’s like to not have cable/Internet for a couple days due to his fucking up. The only way this truly works, is if all the money gets deposited directly to Me, and I give out allowances. No way do I trust something I’m not in control of, when it comes to living with a cashfag.

That’s why it’s best if they respond to My hypnosis … that’s what I enjoy. Not spitting or calling ones names all the time, but taking one deep and exploiting that desire to submit for My own personal gain. The one other thought I’ve had sometimes with all of this, is what about dating? Most of the faggots I’ve talked to love the thought that they would provide for Me even as I dated. What I’m less sure about is what My dates might think. But… that’s something that could be worried about later. For now, I’ll keep on dreaming of that fantasy of living in a nice place that’s paid for completely by cashfags. And even if it’s not in person, you can still help make that a reality right now as you chip in towards my rents & bills as an online cashslave. Just send the Financial Domination Stud a nice big tribute right now, and feel that rush as you please your Superior and dream of someday getting to provide even more.

Wishlist Wed: #CashSlaves Give #CashMaster Latest Trends – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Well, I’ll be honest – I don’t know if I believe the hype of these lamps. I probably wouldn’t spend My own money to try one. But your money? Why the hell not? I love spending your money on everything I want but wouldn’t buy myself. Good thing I have cashfagdirt to get it for Me instead.

On top of the lamp, I’ve also received several shirts, including this one, thanks to slavemikers.

Fuck, I love when you buy Me things …. but I love it even more when you send Me a nice big tribute.

New #Erotic #Hypnosis File for #HumanATM #Cashslave Subs – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

In this fantasy, you’ll stroke your dick nice and slow until you enter a nice trance where you can experience the fantasy more fully. You’ll then visualize yourself having stopped by an ATM and arriving at My place in dress clothes. At the sight of my dick, your mind goes blank and you strip down, ready to worship my body – first my feet, then using that tongue on My Superior cock. And then, maybe, you’ll get used even further – as I reach into your wallet.

It’s a fantasy that most of you will never get to experience in person. You simply are too inferior. I am too Superior. There may be exceptions, but certainly most of the subs I’ve seen photos of, are ones I wouldn’t want to invite over. Yet, here I am, giving you the chance to truly feel mindfucked. Even better, along the way you’ll be conditioned to want to give to Me anytime you hear that phrase – BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR.  Listen to a short preview:

Like most of My Financial Domination hypnosis files, I am offering this for $9.99 – but you might find yourself paying more in the long run 😉  Go ahead and get your copy now, leave that thumbs up feedback, and be ready to BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR with a nice big tribute.

Life Can Be Rough Even for Superior #CashMasters

I haven’t been blogging as much as I should, and as usual it is due to personal things going on. I have hesitated whether I should mention it here, but I figure it’s only fair that I do. A relative close to me is going through cancer. Even when I’ve been around, I’ve been distracted and felt a bit helpless, and it’s hard to get into blogging mode sometimes…. though when people have hit Me up during calls & for Skype sessions, I certainly have still managed. I’ve been trying to work on things as well in the meantime, including a new file I’ll post about shortly. But as I deal with things like extra travel costs and less time online, your tributes are appreciated more than ever.

#Wishlist Wed: CashMaster Stocks Up Thanks to #CashFag – #CashSlave #FinDom #FinancialDomiantion

Thanks to cashfagdirt, I received some Amazon gift cards, and while once in a while it’s nice to splurge on a good gift, sometimes it’s also nice to stock up on the essentials. And that’s exactly what this CashMaster did with a purchase from the Pantry.  After all, getting a big load of paper towels out shopping takes up the whole shopping cart, much easier to just do this (although if any of you are in St Louis and ever want to buy my shopping for me, a trip to the store on your dime sounds like a terrific idea). So nice though to have it all delivered – and to not have paid for any of it.
In the meantime, you can all help me prep for my next shopping trip by helping Me pay for it as you send Master Josh a nice big tribute now!