#CashSlaves : Send Holiday Cash & Gift Cards to #CashMaster – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Are you one of those that was given some cash for Christmas? Or perhaps a gift card for Hanukkah? Well, you know just what do with those – send it to CashMaster Josh, the Financial Domination Stud. After all – that extra cash should always go to Me, or paying off those debts you incurred because of Me. Have a code for a gift card? You can e-mail lifecoachjosh@outlook.com  …. have extra cash? Find a way to get it to Me, or use it to send a belated gift.

I will be traveling tomorrow through Sunday, so also giving some notice for that – but it’d be amazing to come home to a few more gifts. And anything that’s been sent but not arrived yet, don’t worry – I put a hold mail on the account until I return. So I fully expect to return to some pleasant surprise.

After all, deep down you know it is simply right for you to give right in to My Superior power and feel yourself filled right up with the pleasure you feel whenever less is left for you as you send more right to Me, because deep down you know that it is simply right for an inferior like you to be left with less and for a Superior like Me to be given more as we both fill right up with pleasure – for you have been left to know that MY pleasure is your pleasure. And you can send Me some pleasure right now as you click right here to send Me a nice tribute.

REPOST #FinancialDomination Poem by #CashMaster for Xmas Eve

I posted this the past two years as well, but just like the networks show Rudolph, Frosty, the Grinch, et al each year, I figured I could bring back this holiday not-so-classic. 😉

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a louse
The dogslaves were nestled all snug in their cages,
While the cashfags had dreams of handing me wages.

When out on the lawn I heard a loud jingle
And peered out to see my fellow Sir, Master Kringle
The stump of a pipe was held firmly in fist,
And a reindeer tattoo sprung up from his wrist.

He was jacked yet had a gut, a true musclebear
Looking like a daddy with his beard and snow white hair
Beneath a leather jacket he wore one of his red latex suits
And the Dom kept his feet warm with shiny black boots

This Sir had trained hundreds of slaves the Old Guard way
Including the eight nude muscleslaves pulling his sleigh
Hundreds of young twinks made toys back at his workshop
And the disobedient mined coal – or faced the crop

“Kris, my bud,” I asked. “It’s your busiest night.
Isn’t your schedule the tiniest bit tight?”
“Yes, Master Josh, but I come bringing cash.
For a good guy like you should add to his stash!”

“But have I been good, when I pervert so many minds?”
“Yet you bring your listeners pleasures of all kinds!
Plus you’ve made recruiting easier than ever
– I use your files to ensure my slaves obey forever!”

“I’m glad to help but don’t you have toys to distribute?”
“I do, Master Josh, but first, a thank you tribute!”
And with that, Master Kringle flew off into the sky
As I saw for the first time, a muscleslave fly!

My mind drifted off as I thought about Kris off finding recruits
He went to great lengths – even down chimneys and chutes!
Sometimes he’d find good boys wanting to help with the mission
Other times a bad boy that had started to feel contrition

I woke up later that night back in my bed… had it all been a dream?
Thinking of those muscleslaves obeying,  I was ready to cream.
As I wrote it all down, I thought… I may very well be going to hell.
But my hypnosis does give pleasure – so perhaps best not to dwell.

I logged onto my computer and into each of my accounts
Thanks to slave tributes, they were all at higher amounts!
And just as I was ready to deem the whole experience imaginary,
I heard a distant yell, “May your holidays be lucrative and merry!”



Master has been toiling away all day, working on custom files I’ve been hired for
Trying to get them all done and to the clients prior to the holidays
Yet, still not done – up later, or finishing tomorrow – tired and sore.
So much work I put into content for you guys, that you never see.


Someday soon releasing general versions of those custom files – more for you
But this CashMaster feels My hard work should be rewarded this holiday
Time to hit up My ATMs, this eve before Christmas Eve, ahead of Hanukkah & Kwanzaa
Time for all My ATMs to dispense that holiday cash I so deserve


Not just because I work hard, but also because I am Superior. Talented. Handsome.
Intelligent and only slightly modest – hell, who do I kid – I am a GOD.
Give in to My hypnotic voice and feel My immense power over you
And if you have, you’ve been programmed to have no choice


Those that aren’t ATMs may give the tribute amount of their choice
But ATMs should be dispensing out that $85 to complete the transaction
Feeling so good to give in to the pleasure of MY pleasure as I use you
And feeling so amazing to know you’re making My holiday so bright as you pay.


#CashMaster Enjoys Spoils From #CashSlaves #PayPigs & #Cashfags – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

A quick run tonight, been busy working on custom files, but don’t forget that it’s not too late to send Me a holiday gift! Even if it arrives after Christmas, well, who cares? It’s always a good time to send Me more! 😉 One gift I just got was this 200 GB miniSD card that I am going to put in a tablet so that I can download some of that content from Netflix (not only is the tablet one a sub bought for Me a couple years ago, but Netflix gift cards have allowed Me to subscribe to it on your dime!).

Thanks to CashFagDirt for this gift as well as a nice HDMI cable that will help Me with My recordings – and don’t forget you can always always send Me my favorite gift of all, that nice green cash!


Does #CashMaster ‘s Hot Session with #CashSlave Mean More Pics? – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I’m not one that likes to show My face off places where it could be shared over and over. While being judged wouldn’t make Me feel ashamed (unlike all of you with your pathetic thoughts and perverse fantasies), it’s still better to avoid attracting that kind of attention. A part of Me wishes I’d started doing all this in a mask, but the truth is that I would have been recognized from My muscle files regardless – My voice is My voice; My style is My style. And so eventually I went from posting pics of just gifts to pics holding the gifts here …. yet, I’m still reluctant about the type of crazies that might get attracted via more sharing on sites like Tumblr. So even though I plan to keep showing pics here with My face for now, I have wondered about getting a mask.

Well, I just had a hot session with Jo$hWor$hipper wherehe felt My seed getting planted deep inside of him, taking root and then growing – My power growing stronger as he became more submissive to his CashGod. And, thanks to him, I now have a gift certificate to Mr. S Leather …. something you are all welcome to send to Me as well, via lifecoachjosh@outlook.com .

I might change My mind and go with something else, but looking at Masks and the like ….

Leather Mask "Titan"
Spandex Hood Eye Mouth Opening
…what do you guys like and think Master Josh would look hot in for doing gift pics on Tumblr?

A sexy leather mask with a sinister touch as I dominate you?

Maybe more like a robber’s mask as I take money from that wallet of yours?

Or perhaps a gas mask to symbolize the idea of sleeping gas getting released through My hypnosis.

Comment below or e-mail hypnosuperior@gmail.com to let Me know!

Hell, maybe all three and more if you all contribute more to Me right now.

Just don’t be shy with that cash now, tis the season for cashfags and paypigs to be giving the Financial Domination Stud MORE!

#CashFag Downfall = #CashMaster Windfall – #FinancialDomination

Another week, another week of taking money from StupidPiggyBank. Man, what a fucking loser addict he is, but who cares when he gets to feel so much pleasure and I get to relieve him of so much cash? And it is a relieve for him, because a dumbass like him would just fuck everything up anyway. Might as well not worry about it and put it right in My hands. I’ll be sure to spend it on things that really matter and not blow it all like a loser like him would. Besides, a worthless inferior like him deserves to be left with nothing as he is lead deeper into debt and towards that total financial ruin he deserves – because that’s what faggot freak perverts like him do deserve. And My Superior skill in taking faggots down that road is why I deserve to be the one that benefits – their downfalls becoming My windfalls. Just look at this, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

And again, it wasn’t just once, but multiple sessions – raking in even more $$$
I know some of you have tightened your wallet-strings for the holiday but this paypig is putting you to shame, because he knows deep down that it is right to put Master Josh first. And if any of you get any cash or gift cards, you know exactly what to do with them – for it’s always right for you to send more to your Superior!

#Wishlist Wed: #HypnoMaster Work$ Better Thanks to #CashSlave – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Recently I realized that the reception on My new laptop wasn’t quite as good, and often I was having to spend time trying to reconnect as I did My work. After realizing the old router was probably outdated, I put a new one on the wishlist – and thankfully, CashFagDirt responded to I could get to work dominating more moneyslaves and paypigs!

I also am late on this as I haven’t had to edit photos since switching to the new laptop and should have looked at it sooner – how is it so hard to find a simple program to crop & resize images? If you have suggestions for a PC, comment below. Thankfully, I can at least download any programs faster thanks to the new WiFi Router.

It’s been up and running a week or so now, and definitely seems to be a vast improvement to keep Me connected during sessions with you inferiors – all the better to keep draining you of more cash.
Don’t forget My holiday challenge is still going on – click here to get the details.

Of course you are welcome to get Me any item from My wishlist at any time, and can always send Me my favorite gift of all – CASH.

#CashMaster Gets Deep in #CashFag Mind & Rakes It In – #CashSlave #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Every once in a while, I get so busy that I don’t notice I added a post as a page instead – oops. This was one of those entries, meant for the blog in October:

It was a fairly productive weekend, and that’s thanks to cashfagdirt who is really learning to accept his place as My inferior.  It started on Friday night … he was with someone else in a hotel, and yet he craved My power and hypnotic domination over him … so he contacted Me as the other party slept. I happened to be on, and we had a quick session… but it was enough to leave him wanting more.

So when he got home, we had a bit of a longer session – each time tributing some cash, and this time buying Me a couple gifts as well. I trained him for the things he wants – to be My property that is willing to make Me his number one priority, even if it comes at the expense of others. I encouraged him to love his debt – and I know deep down, so many of you do love that reminder of My power over you … how seeing that debt can make your cock get aroused.

And then he came back again… more cash …. and a higher-end item off of My wishlist. I know he’s struggling with debt, but I also know – as does he – that he needs to suffer and sacrifice for My benefit. He needs to work hard to make Me more money – be it from extra jobs or finding gigs on the side. I know he’ll do what it takes.

All the while, training more with Me and My files, because he needs it – just as so many of you need it. To be put in your place. To be reminded of how Superior I am over you. To be trained to be submissive … of use … of service …. to know that My pleasure is your pleasure and that all must benefit Master Josh.

Show Me that you know your place and share in My pleasure right now as you send Me a nice a big tribute.

#ATMS PAY $10 NOW – #HumanATM #CashSlave #FinancialDomination

Every once in a while CashMaster Josh gets busy and accidentally posts a page instead of a post – oops. Reposting this where it is intended:


You don’t need to be one of My programmed humanATMS to feel the call…
Though certainly those that have trained with My hypnosis respond the best…
For no matter how long it’s been or how often you listen, My words sink deep in….
You feel them stirring your dick right now … the thought of being used by a Superior like Me….


And you know deep down that MY pleasure is your pleasure…. feel that pleasure
Feel that pleasure washing over you as you go and pay Me…. knowing I deserve it
Accept that cash is better off in My hands… for you are simply too inferior
You don’t even need to think about it… all you need to do is to pay Me right now


Your CashMaster demands payment from you – you have no choice.
That pull of My power is just too strong – it’s impossible to resist Me.
You must submit. You must obey. You must dispense that cash and pay.
And that pleasure washes over you even stronger now as you complete the transaction.


Alpha #CashMaster Gives #HypnoMaster #CashRape Profits – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

What a fine past couple weeks it’s been, and I hope this week won’t be an exception. While StupidPiggyBank sure lived up to his name, he wasn’t the only one to help with that. One of My alpha cashmasters used several popperfags and cashfags to add to his own account – then forwarded some of it on to Me.

Though there’s been more than the above, that was the most condensed things were in terms of being able to get a photo (the express pay was a nightly send out from Niteflirt to My checking – not a bad haul for a day, but love it when it’s even higher). I love hypnotizing My alpha to enjoy being dominant over inferiors, even as he enjoys the pleasure of submitting to Me. I would love to see him be able to take more and more from pay pigs and cashslaves – because, then he’ll have more to give to the one true Superior, Master Josh – and he actually just called Me for some more hypnotraining as I was writing this, so we did work on that a bit. 😉

If an alpha type can contribute to Me and enjoy that pleasure of providing for the Financial Domination Stud, then what’s your excuse, moneyslave? I know you’re hand is busy stroking that fagdick whenever you read this site, but you can take a moment to send a tribute as you bow down to the HypnoSuperior.

#CashMaster #CashRapes #CashPig More, Pt 2 – #FinancialDomination

Well, I said there was more – and there was. Stupid Piggy Bank made this an awesome week with not one but two big drainings on Thursday. We’re getting him closer and closer to the financial ruin that he knows deep down he deserves, and has been craving – a total fuck-up loser fucking his life up even more.  It’s so right to be able to mindfuck and cashdrain such a stupid faggot loser for My own benefit.

And the best part is that I help him focus not on the pain of it, but the pleasure – for that erotic bliss just feels way too good… for to pay Master Josh IS pleasure. And sometimes he gets to cum, sometimes he gets denied, and sometimes it’s that ruined orgasm that’s just right for a cashfag like him. Feel how good it feels to be of use to a Superior man as you pay for that pleasure – as MY pleasure is your pleasure – and send some of that cash over right now!

#CashMaster #CashRapes #CashPig More, Pt 1 – #FinancialDomination

It’s been a great week, and it’s largely been due to StupidPiggyBank…. who I had an amazing session with on Monday, and then we did a bit more on Tuesday as well.  It started with him messaging Me showing some regret about how he might not be able to afford presents for everyone in his life – and, actually, I was understanding. Subs often come and go, and I figured he’d go away during the holidays before coming back. I didn’t want that to happen, but I was ready for that. Then StupidPiggyBank realized that he’s already a fuck up that everyone expects to fuck up, and that he should put Master Josh first. So a Merry Christmas to Me it has become this month.  And in case you were wondering if Pt 1 indicates there’s more… there is. To be continued 😉