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#CashFag Downfall = #CashMaster Windfall – #FinancialDomination

Another week, another week of taking money from StupidPiggyBank. Man, what a fucking loser addict he is, but who cares when he gets to feel so much pleasure and I get to relieve him of so much cash? And it is a relieve for him, because a dumbass like him would just fuck everything up anyway. Might as well not worry about it and put it right in My hands. I’ll be sure to spend it on things that really matter and not blow it all like a loser like him would. Besides, a worthless inferior like him deserves to be left with nothing as he is lead deeper into debt and towards that total financial ruin he deserves – because that’s what faggot freak perverts like him do deserve. And My Superior skill in taking faggots down that road is why I deserve to be the one that benefits – their downfalls becoming My windfalls. Just look at this, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

And again, it wasn’t just once, but multiple sessions – raking in even more $$$
I know some of you have tightened your wallet-strings for the holiday but this paypig is putting you to shame, because he knows deep down that it is right to put Master Josh first. And if any of you get any cash or gift cards, you know exactly what to do with them – for it’s always right for you to send more to your Superior!

Deep Down You Want This – #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

Deep down, you know this is what you want. It is what you have always wanted. Deep down you know you need to feel submissive and inferior to another man. And nothing puts you in your place like giving up some of your hard-earned cash to a superior. It doesn’t matter how much, because the HypnoSuperior is wise enough to know that everybody functions on different budgets and has bills to pay. Everybody needs to take care of necessities. But whenever you think about making a purchase just for the fun of it, you will hesitate. After all, are you really worthy enough to own that? Aren’t you just an inferior piece of meat? Maybe even a thing? You probably can’t even appreciate material possessions because you do not feel worthy enough to own material possessions. You only feel worthy enough to own the basics.

You realize that you would get so much pleasure in giving the Hypno Superior any extra income that you don’t really need. It gives you so much pleasure to know that the Hypno Superior is able to buy the things that give him pleasure. After all, a dominant guy gets whatever he wants simply because he can. He is worth all that you have and so much more. And you love being able to give him pleasure. All that matters is the way Master Josh can take control of your mind. You know that you are inferior, and that is okay because it feels good to know your place. Giving me money helps to remind you of your place, and it makes you feel so good. Feel my superiority over you now. Know that I can make you feel so much pleasure from my words as a wave of relaxation washers over you, taking you deeper and deeper.

It feels so good to be making his life better and to be put in your place. You are here to serve the Hypno Superior. And every single time, the pleasure you get from giving me donations simply grows greater and greater until you achieve pure ecstasy. Think about how good it feels to be my cash slave. My own personal ATM. Feel your cock start to get so hard because being used turns you on so much. Feel how stiff and rigid your cock becomes now. It makes you smile and feel so good inside to know that you are serving a superior man and making him so happy. It feels so good to be making his life better and to be put in your place. This is your place. This is your new greatest need, want and desire. You are here to serve the Hypno Superior.