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New #Erotic #Hypnosis File for #HumanATM #Cashslave Subs – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

In this fantasy, you’ll stroke your dick nice and slow until you enter a nice trance where you can experience the fantasy more fully. You’ll then visualize yourself having stopped by an ATM and arriving at My place in dress clothes. At the sight of my dick, your mind goes blank and you strip down, ready to worship my body – first my feet, then using that tongue on My Superior cock. And then, maybe, you’ll get used even further – as I reach into your wallet.

It’s a fantasy that most of you will never get to experience in person. You simply are too inferior. I am too Superior. There may be exceptions, but certainly most of the subs I’ve seen photos of, are ones I wouldn’t want to invite over. Yet, here I am, giving you the chance to truly feel mindfucked. Even better, along the way you’ll be conditioned to want to give to Me anytime you hear that phrase – BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR.¬† Listen to a short preview:

Like most of My Financial Domination hypnosis files, I am offering this for $9.99 – but you might find yourself paying more in the long run ūüėȬ† Go ahead and get your copy now, leave that thumbs up feedback, and be ready to BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR with a nice big tribute.

#CashMaster Knows Your Mom Ashamed of You #PayPig #CashFag – #findom #financialdomination

I touched on this last year, but Mother’s Day is a good time to remind you of it… your mom, for those of you that had one, most likely tried her best with you. And yet, look at what a pathetic little faggot you’ve turned out to be.

So this year I want to emphasize something … your mom probably is ashamed of you, and she definitely would be ashamed of you if she knew of your true interests and what all you’ve done. She would be so ashamed that you are here on this blog. Honestly – my mom might be too, but at least she would also see I was being resourceful in making a living for myself. All your moms, be they alive or looking on from some other place, would see complete embarassments. They would wonder why the fuck you are wasting your cash just to get off. They would wonder why you are stroking to posts like this instead of going out on dates. They would pray to whatever they believe in, that no one else find out. For if others then found out, your poor mom would feel so humiliated.

And humiliation is what YOU should feel, not your poor mom. So now … realize that even though you might love her (and for those of you that don’t, it’s probably why you’re so fucked up) … realize that either way,¬†you still crave this. Either way, there’s no denying that this is what you need to get off. Who knows why, but there’s no escaping the truth of who you are deep down – an inferior needing to worship and pay a Superior man.

So here you are… needing to give in… needing to stroke and edge to this fetish … some of you might cum, others will hold it and become even more submissive as you do… and you just can’t help it. It’s so hot thinking of how Master Josh made over $1000 last week just on Niteflirt – not counting GiftRocket, non-NF file sales, wishlist buys. It’s so hot thinking of how you can send even just a small tribute right now and help Me reach $1000 yet again on NF… remembering that NF takes about 30% so subs paid even more to get Me to that amount, just as you will pay more to help Me get there… and as you realize how much of a fucking turn on just thinking of giving Me a tribute is because you know I am Superior and so powerful with my hypnotic words… you also can feel that humiliation of how others wouldn’t understand this fetish and how even your own Mom would be so embarrassed by you …¬† it’s humiliating to you. And even though she might not know, she probably feels something is wrong. She probably senses that there is something wrong about you. To feel and know that is so humiliating to you too.

Somehow, though, that makes it hotter… you crave that humiliation… that’s part of that rush for you… that’s part of why you need to serve and please Superior men like Me, knowing deep down that no one is more worthy of that cash than Me…¬† knowing you’d rather spend that cash on Me than on anything nice for your own Mom… knowing that if it’s too late this year, next year you’ll probably get her some cheap crap on clearance or from a yard sale that you try to pass off as a good gift… and feel even more ashamed… knowing that you spent that cash that should have gone to her, on Me… or perhaps you spend a ton on Me… but then also buy her something nice… but you have no cash left… and all you can do is add to that debt… which, as long as it’s because of Me, be it directly or indirectly, always feels so good …¬† for it feels so good to accept that I am the one worthy of that cash … and even as you feel that shame of judgment… you can’t fight it… you must give in….

So go ahead, give in to those cravings now¬†…


New #PayPig Pleases #CashMaster – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Had a great session with¬†FDSfagATM (edit: screenname changed)¬†earlier this week, where he earned the Bronze Spender badge for tributing $100+ in a session. He actually came very close to the $250 badge …. and total has exceeded that as he sent more the next day…. a good first week for a pay pig. On top of that, I’m awaiting a few gifts from the wishlist he bought Me. So make that a great week for a new paypig. And I just know he is going to be serving Me for such a long time … because that’s what loser cashfags like him do. They stroke to My powerful words…. and their weak fag minds just give in …. until I am taking more and more, and making him not just My cashslave, but MY BITCH.

FtPyPg Tributes 04202016

I know you too want to experience My power …. so get in touch with Me for a session. The above, the $50 is a prepaid for our session, which I expect for new people to prove themselves and to cut down on timewasters. The $10 and $20s were during the session, draining …. but I left him needing to give more, and so he did, bigtime.

And if you’d rather just buy Me something from one of my multiple wishlists or know deep down that you should just send your Superior some cash, go ahead and do that NOW!

Loyal #CashSlave #CashFag Pleases #CashMaster Josh Again & Again – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

On Tuesday, I mentioned that a $50 tributes was from PierreSlave – this has just been one of his many tributes, for a long time going now. Sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s in the $100 range… like this one, with two $40 tributes and a $20 paid mail.
Pierre 100 04092016

PierreSlave tributes based not on sessions together, but¬†from things like¬†listening to my files and reading my blog. That¬†means it’s always¬†an¬†unexpectant, but pleasant,¬†surprise when he does send a tribute, and it makes Me happy whenever I see the tributes in my Niteflirt inbox. I am very pleased with how well PierreSlave has responded to My hypnosis … if you haven’t checked it out yet, you can do so here.

Here are a couple more examples from just this month of PierreSlave’s contributions ranging from $20 to $85 a day¬†in these examples, but this is not all-inclusive, and the tributes go back further than this blog has existed.
PierreSlave moretributes 042016
Pierre 85 04042016

Be a good moneyslave / paypig/ cashfag like PierreSlave, and send Me that nice big tribute I deserve.

More #Tribute & #Wishlist Fun – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I’ve added a few “mini-games” into the sidebar of the site (you might have to scroll down on mobile) – three total. Each one gives you something to pick, and the result will vary each time you visit, refresh, or go to a new page as the items randomize.

First is a tribute generator with amounts ranging from $5 to $75 – odds are better for some amounts than others. Ever visit the site and want to tribute, but not sure how much? Now you can just click the tribute generator and pay the amount requested.

Second is a similar option but linked to various wishlist games – tshirts, games, gift cards, and other items, all falling under $100 but varying in amounts.

Third is the same concept, but with bills, though I only used expenses under $100 as well. Want to pay a bill but unsure which one? Click on the sidebar item and pay away, payslave.

I’ve thought about making this site a pay site just to read the blog before… but you fags luck out because my specialty of erotic /fetish hypnosis is a difficult subject with payment providers. But that’s no excuse to be reading and stroking and never give … especially when I keep making it easier and easier for you to do so. So what are you waiting for?¬† Click, pay, buy, and worship your CashMaster now!


Took Advantage of #CashFag for $1000 & Gifts – #PayPig #MoneySlave #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Been busy working on some custom files I was hired for, but this evening I was able to break for a nice long session with one of my favorites, Loser B. We last had a big session in October¬†– in which I pushed him past his limit – and he said how it took months to recover. That didn’t mean going any easier tonight

We started off with some Amazon gifts … since not all have shipped yet, I won’t go into specific items, but it should provide some great stuff for the Wishlist Wednesdays ahead. What I really wanted, after paying in $5,000 for¬†taxes (since I get all my money from you fags and don’t have an employer to withhold mine), was some cash… so I pushed for some, and the fag sent $200. I knew I could get more and we kept chatting. Though we didn’t do much actual hypnosis tonight, he had been well-conditioned from past sessions to know I am the only one truly worth of his cash – and that his place as an inferior is to serve, please, and provide for Me.

It wasn’t hard to get him to send some more gifts… but I worked him a bit more to get another cash tribute, and hopefully a bigger one. I kept reminding him about how great it was to be taken advantage of by Me – and he agreed. Soon, $500 had been sent. As it was getting close to 7 (timestamp on attachment is off) and I had yet to eat dinner, I thought it was a good time to break. After all, I had just milked him for $700 and gifts.

He messaged Me: “I am just low hanging fruit to be taken advantage of”. All that, an he was still craving more. Having now eaten, it wasn’t long before I was calling him back… and draining the loser fag even further. First were yet more gifts… but I still wanted more cash too. I mean, $700 is just so close to $1000 …. surely he could send another few hundred and make it even? Or did I want that nearly $300 gift instead? Well, those that work with Me know I respect it if you have limits… but they also know that if they give Me the wiggle room, I am going to get my hypnotic voice in there suggesting that I get as much as possible. It’s what I deserve. I am Superior. And I wanted both.

And Loser B couldn’t help but resist giving in to Me. He knew I was taking advantage of him, but that’s what made it so hot. I ensured the wishlist item was bought for Myself …. and he caved in and sent another $300 cash. In the end, the gifts totaled just about $1,000 … meaning I milked the fag for about $2000 tonight – split in half between cash and gifts.

Though he’s usually come through on the gifts in the past, I will be waiting to make sure they come…. and posting them to the blog as I see fit. If he’s reading this, I know he’s so excited for Me to get all those things from My wishlist and so grateful I took advantage of him. For now, you can marvel at the cash I raked in from him.
GftRcktBryDrain bigger 02152015

Don’t you want Me to take advantage of you too? Of course you do…. and I can do that right now…. because I know this post has aroused you and made you so vulnerable…. and I know deep down, you need to send Me a nice big tribute….. DO IT FAG….. DO IT NOW.

Wishlist Wed. – #CashMaster Wants His Shows, #CashSlaves & #PayPigs Pay For Them – #findom

Last week, I mentioned a great example of using your gift cards on what I want would be highlighted this week. Well, here it is. Since moving this past winter, I haven’t had cable. That might change when I finally get to my own place (either late this year or early next year depending on the waiting list). This summer, though … with so much in repeats… ¬†it was a great time to keep up or catch up on shows. This also gives you some insight into my tastes, for those that enjoy learning such things. I could have waited for some of these to be on Netflix, which I’m sure I’ll eventually get… and probably would have for at least 3 of these if I was trying to watch My money. But it wasn’t My money. It was yours, in the form of gift cards. Just sitting there, for Me to use however the fuck I wanted.

And even though it might have been wiser to spend them on something with more lasting power (I’m not the type to watch shows over and over), I wanted to watch these shows. Shows that I had watched when I did had cable, and wanted to keep up on as soon as possible so that I didn’t have too much spoiled for Me (avoiding those spoilers is also why I’m currently using the money I’ve drained from you to try out Sling so I can keep up on Walking Dead). I love that I’ve been able to get protein powders, workout DVDs, and fitness equipment from you¬†all… but sometimes it’s good to take a break from the hypnosis and from the walletraping, to relax myself.

And it’s so much better getting to do so because of the comfort you provide Me. I know¬† all true inferiors agree with Me on that… so why don’t you keep giving Me that comfort with a nice gift card…. or even better, a big tribute.

Hard from the #Power – #Cashmaster #financialdomination #findom

I know I chatted about this not too long ago, but I had another sub ask Me tonight if I got hard taking their money. Short answer: YES.

Longer answer: I get hard seeing the influence I have over people. It doesn’t always have to be from cash… when I see that power over them… I get off on it. It’s amazing to see a sub so deep that my suggestions are taking effect, whether it’s to work out or be more submissive or anything else – even just to feel¬† that pleasure during a file.

Of course, that cash happens to be the best physical representation I could get from that. If it’s not in person, the praise and worship and power can go to My head… but when I see that cash, or gifts, given, it’s like seeing a physical representation of my power. And that is what makes Me hard.

So yeah, I get hard from your money. And I love that cash for many reasons… as I’ve also said before, I’m greedy. But it’s not cash by itself that gets me hard. It’s what it represents when given to Me by you that gets Me hard … the Power I have over you.

And I’m sure using hypnosis to take that power from you… well, I’m sure that gets you hard too. If you’ve never tried it, you can check it out here… and if you already know how good My power feels over you, then feel the pleasure of sending me a nice big tribute.

#Fags – Where did you Moms go Wrong? #financialdomination

As I celebrate my fantastic mom who did such a great job raising me into a confident and talented man, I can’t help but wonder how your moms did with you.

I mean, perhaps some of you are like this because you didn’t have a mom, or had a mom with addiction issues, or who was abused or an abuser, or an overbearing mother (anyone watch “Bates Motel” for an example?). However, I’m betting many of you had great moms… just that they didn’t know what to do with you.

They maybe saw there was something wrong with you, but they didn’t know how to address it. So they just ignored the issue, letting you develop further into the weak loser you are. They maybe tried to encourage you that “everything would be okay,” but whatever they suspected probably was nowhere close to the truth of the nasty, perverted thoughts going through your fagmind.

I wonder how many of them would be disappointed in you, if they knew you were giving your money away to a Man like me. Surely having your faggot desires and loser fetishes exposed would test the limits of a parent’s unconditional love. Because it’d take one hell of a mother to keep loving a fucking failure of a man like you.

But, it’s okay to feel ashamed and have your secrets fag. So long as you know that the only way to help you feel better is to give in and pay those Superiors like me you desperately long to serve. Because even if your mom can’t accept you for who you are, I sure can. I can accept you for the pathetic loser you are, so long as you serve me well.

One faggot just tried to screw me over on a deal, and it is all the more reason why I fucking hate fags that make promises. Though I have some that have served me well repeatedly, they typically don’t promise me things – they just enjoy the files and pay when triggered, or make it worth the time for a session, etc. But the ones that are full of promises seem to be full of shit ( yes I mean you 21 Teketeke … you’ll be unblocked when you make it right )… didn’t your moms teach you fuckers the value of being true to what you say, and set you on the right course? If they did, you clearly were too busy being distracted by your perversions to pay proper attention.

But my mom raised me right… perhaps sometimes too right as I’ve realized better how some of you damn inferiors wish to be treated, which I admit has been a learning curve for me. But I have reason to be proud of her, and she has reason to be proud of me. I doubt many of you can truly say the same. I mean, seriously, where did your moms go wrong? But hey, at least if you¬†were to tell your mom that¬†your money is being used wisely, that wouldn’t be a lie – for it’s always wise to send a tribute to your Superior.

Always Time to #Tribute – #financialdomination #findom #cashmaster

The other day, I received a message from a sub buddy of mine, that enjoys serving his dominant boyfriend but also enjoys my¬†hypnosis and occasionally serving me financially. He asked, “Is it time to tribute?”

Subs, slaves, fags… it is ALWAYS time to tribute.

If you have just been paid, it is time to tribute.

If you find yourself in a submissive mood, it is time to tribute.

If you’ve just enjoyed my hypnosis, it is time to tribute.

If my Superiority over you comes to mind, then it is time to tribute.

If you need to better a Superior’s life, then it is time to tribute.

If you have a deep need to please a Superior, then it is time to tribute.

If you find that my writing can stir your cock, it is time to tribute.

If you just realized your own cock is stirring at the thought of paying Me, then it is time to tribute.

If you identity as a cashslave…. cash cow…. moneypig…. payslave…. ATM…. cashfag…. or any interchangeable terms such as moneyslave…. or pay pig…. then it time to tribute.

If you know deep down that you are always inferior, then it is always time to tribute your Superior, Master Josh.



#Slaves & #Fags Don’t Tell #Masters How to Act

Now, in the world of Niteflirt calls,¬†hypnosis, cam for those that do that (I don’t), etc., there is a fine line. A good ‘Flirt’ / model does try to ask what the client wants and provide it for them, and certainly if I were to make a custom file for somebody, I’d do my best to make it to their liking. And, though you cashslaves, paypigs, and other submissives¬†want to read the profiles and see what instructions are, if any, for how to approach, most flirts/etc. don’t mind being asked, “Do you do this?” (although if you ask if we do something that it is clearly answered in the profile, we’d probably get annoyed).

What a slave or fag should never do is tell the Dominant how to act, speak, or otherwise behave. If the Master, Mistress or other Flirt / model seems to misrepresent themselves, then you can call them out on it. But if that Dom/me just does things a different way than you prefer – MOVE ON. Though asking each other questions is okay to see if there is common ground, if you don’t like the style, there are other people you can spend your cash on.

There are some out there that are so desperate for cash that they’ll try to cater to every whim. I am not one of those. I do not wish to put on an act just to get your money. I might lose money being a more soft-spoken time that prefers hypnotic manipulation over giving orders/commands.¬† And because I present my real pics and real info and also encourage people to try even my more mainstream hypnosis, I’m especially not going to put on an act.

Now, I could put up a fake profile with fake pics where I can always be a certain persona. I know some flirts that do this – you might think you’re giving your money to a Master, but are you really? Some have amazing feedback as they know how to talk it up on the phone, but it’s an act when in reality they’re paying real-life Doms to come in and humiliate them. Of course some are very real, I’m just saying that with me, you know what you get. You can pay for it – after trying some free samples to even see if you like the style – or you can move on. Maybe someday I’ll cave and try the fake stuff, but then of course there’s a chance of my voice being recognized, etc., so I don’t know it’d be the best idea even if I wanted to do it. Which I don’t… even if it means losing out on some money, it’s not really something I want to do.

And isn’t that really what it should be about – what I as a Superior want? Sometimes the calls keep me busy. Sometimes they don’t but rather than hound people for cash, what I want is to then focus on making more hypnosis files. Maybe there’ll be some new files up your alley, and perhaps not – I don’t expect everyone to like everything and some files even contradict each other. But I’m out there making more and giving different options and doing the blogging because it’s what I enjoy. And sometimes when I’ve had the luxury, I’ve just had the lines off, posts in queue, and spent a few days watching TV. After all, I should be able to live in comfort and luxury. I have the skill that allows me to do that, why shouldn’t I take advantage of it?

You’re not all going to like it. I don’t care. And unless they’re a poser desperate for cash, most other Masters & Mistresses won’t care either. Some might not really have a limit, but there are those that have those things they’ll do or enjoy doing, and those that don’t. And if one doesn’t do what you like, you go search for one that does do what you like. You do NOT tell them how to act. It is not your place. And so long as that Dom/me didn’t promise something then fail to deliver, then you can keep it positive as you move on.

Those of you that do enjoy my style… keep calling, keep listening to files,¬†and… if you enjoy this blog and my files… then¬†especially keep paying those tributes as you feel the pleasure of my power. Everyone¬†¬†else can fuck off, because even nice guys like me get tired of stupid faggot idiot losers¬†that don’t know their place.