#Slaves & #Fags Don’t Tell #Masters How to Act

Now, in the world of Niteflirt calls, hypnosis, cam for those that do that (I don’t), etc., there is a fine line. A good ‘Flirt’ / model does try to ask what the client wants and provide it for them, and certainly if I were to make a custom file for somebody, I’d do my best to make it to their liking. And, though you cashslaves, paypigs, and other submissives want to read the profiles and see what instructions are, if any, for how to approach, most flirts/etc. don’t mind being asked, “Do you do this?” (although if you ask if we do something that it is clearly answered in the profile, we’d probably get annoyed).

What a slave or fag should never do is tell the Dominant how to act, speak, or otherwise behave. If the Master, Mistress or other Flirt / model seems to misrepresent themselves, then you can call them out on it. But if that Dom/me just does things a different way than you prefer – MOVE ON. Though asking each other questions is okay to see if there is common ground, if you don’t like the style, there are other people you can spend your cash on.

There are some out there that are so desperate for cash that they’ll try to cater to every whim. I am not one of those. I do not wish to put on an act just to get your money. I might lose money being a more soft-spoken time that prefers hypnotic manipulation over giving orders/commands.  And because I present my real pics and real info and also encourage people to try even my more mainstream hypnosis, I’m especially not going to put on an act.

Now, I could put up a fake profile with fake pics where I can always be a certain persona. I know some flirts that do this – you might think you’re giving your money to a Master, but are you really? Some have amazing feedback as they know how to talk it up on the phone, but it’s an act when in reality they’re paying real-life Doms to come in and humiliate them. Of course some are very real, I’m just saying that with me, you know what you get. You can pay for it – after trying some free samples to even see if you like the style – or you can move on. Maybe someday I’ll cave and try the fake stuff, but then of course there’s a chance of my voice being recognized, etc., so I don’t know it’d be the best idea even if I wanted to do it. Which I don’t… even if it means losing out on some money, it’s not really something I want to do.

And isn’t that really what it should be about – what I as a Superior want? Sometimes the calls keep me busy. Sometimes they don’t but rather than hound people for cash, what I want is to then focus on making more hypnosis files. Maybe there’ll be some new files up your alley, and perhaps not – I don’t expect everyone to like everything and some files even contradict each other. But I’m out there making more and giving different options and doing the blogging because it’s what I enjoy. And sometimes when I’ve had the luxury, I’ve just had the lines off, posts in queue, and spent a few days watching TV. After all, I should be able to live in comfort and luxury. I have the skill that allows me to do that, why shouldn’t I take advantage of it?

You’re not all going to like it. I don’t care. And unless they’re a poser desperate for cash, most other Masters & Mistresses won’t care either. Some might not really have a limit, but there are those that have those things they’ll do or enjoy doing, and those that don’t. And if one doesn’t do what you like, you go search for one that does do what you like. You do NOT tell them how to act. It is not your place. And so long as that Dom/me didn’t promise something then fail to deliver, then you can keep it positive as you move on.

Those of you that do enjoy my style… keep calling, keep listening to files, and… if you enjoy this blog and my files… then especially keep paying those tributes as you feel the pleasure of my power. Everyone  else can fuck off, because even nice guys like me get tired of stupid faggot idiot losers that don’t know their place.

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