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Always Time to #Tribute – #financialdomination #findom #cashmaster

The other day, I received a message from a sub buddy of mine, that enjoys serving his dominant boyfriend but also enjoys my¬†hypnosis and occasionally serving me financially. He asked, “Is it time to tribute?”

Subs, slaves, fags… it is ALWAYS time to tribute.

If you have just been paid, it is time to tribute.

If you find yourself in a submissive mood, it is time to tribute.

If you’ve just enjoyed my hypnosis, it is time to tribute.

If my Superiority over you comes to mind, then it is time to tribute.

If you need to better a Superior’s life, then it is time to tribute.

If you have a deep need to please a Superior, then it is time to tribute.

If you find that my writing can stir your cock, it is time to tribute.

If you just realized your own cock is stirring at the thought of paying Me, then it is time to tribute.

If you identity as a cashslave…. cash cow…. moneypig…. payslave…. ATM…. cashfag…. or any interchangeable terms such as moneyslave…. or pay pig…. then it time to tribute.

If you know deep down that you are always inferior, then it is always time to tribute your Superior, Master Josh.



New #Hypnosis #MP3 for #Faggots Wanting #FinancialDomination & #Muscle

I haven’t posted much this week, but I know you fucking losers understand that I’m not here to serve your needs for free when money is on the line. And so, when I was hired for a custom file, that became my priority.

Though the custom file includes a few minutes specific to the fucking loser faggot that paid for it, I’ve edited down a more general version that I’m sure some of you other cashfags will love too.

There are three basic elements the bitchfag asked for. The first was workout motivation so that he’d be in better shape and thus more appealing to Dominants.

The second part is he wanted reinforcement that he’s meant to be used – just as I know so many of you are too. So open your loser mouths wide for whatever Superior juice might be given to you. To really reinforce the idea of being used, he also wanted a lot of reminders about what a fucking piece of shit he is! So if you enjoy some degradation, you may enjoy this new file.

Lastly was the inclusion of financial domination. After all, fucking faggots don’t deserve nice bodies – so when they are allowed to have one to appeal to more Superiors, then it is only right they feel so grateful to their trainer. And that is why anyone that listens to this file isn’t just reminded they are fagmeat for any Dom/mes to use, but also MY cashfag – existing to give cash to me, Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior and Financial Domination Stud.

If you want to get this file, you can click here to go to Niteflirt or find its listing on the Hypnosis page¬†– it’s only $19.99. So what are you waiting for loser? It’s time to pump up that fagmeat muscle while simultaneously draining that bank account!