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New #Erotic #Hypnosis File for #HumanATM #Cashslave Subs – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

In this fantasy, you’ll stroke your dick nice and slow until you enter a nice trance where you can experience the fantasy more fully. You’ll then visualize yourself having stopped by an ATM and arriving at My place in dress clothes. At the sight of my dick, your mind goes blank and you strip down, ready to worship my body – first my feet, then using that tongue on My Superior cock. And then, maybe, you’ll get used even further – as I reach into your wallet.

It’s a fantasy that most of you will never get to experience in person. You simply are too inferior. I am too Superior. There may be exceptions, but certainly most of the subs I’ve seen photos of, are ones I wouldn’t want to invite over. Yet, here I am, giving you the chance to truly feel mindfucked. Even better, along the way you’ll be conditioned to want to give to Me anytime you hear that phrase – BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR.  Listen to a short preview:

Like most of My Financial Domination hypnosis files, I am offering this for $9.99 – but you might find yourself paying more in the long run 😉  Go ahead and get your copy now, leave that thumbs up feedback, and be ready to BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR with a nice big tribute.

Alpha #CashMaster Gives #HypnoMaster #CashRape Profits – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

What a fine past couple weeks it’s been, and I hope this week won’t be an exception. While StupidPiggyBank sure lived up to his name, he wasn’t the only one to help with that. One of My alpha cashmasters used several popperfags and cashfags to add to his own account – then forwarded some of it on to Me.

Though there’s been more than the above, that was the most condensed things were in terms of being able to get a photo (the express pay was a nightly send out from Niteflirt to My checking – not a bad haul for a day, but love it when it’s even higher). I love hypnotizing My alpha to enjoy being dominant over inferiors, even as he enjoys the pleasure of submitting to Me. I would love to see him be able to take more and more from pay pigs and cashslaves – because, then he’ll have more to give to the one true Superior, Master Josh – and he actually just called Me for some more hypnotraining as I was writing this, so we did work on that a bit. 😉

If an alpha type can contribute to Me and enjoy that pleasure of providing for the Financial Domination Stud, then what’s your excuse, moneyslave? I know you’re hand is busy stroking that fagdick whenever you read this site, but you can take a moment to send a tribute as you bow down to the HypnoSuperior.

#CashSlave Wor$hips #CashGod -#FinDom #FinancialDomination

Besides brainwashedATM and cashfagdirt, I also had a great session this week with JoshWorshipper. It is great to remind him – and all of you – of how powerful I am thanks to My hypnotic talent, but also just how Superior I am in general. These amounts are after Niteflirt fees, with the $35 equaling $50 cash so over $100 paid from him – plus a gift from the wishlist. I can’t wait for My next session with him.
joshworshippersession-11152016After all, I know it always feels so amazing to feel my hypnotic seeds getting planted inside of you, growing stronger and stronger each time as I mold you into the perfect submissives underneath My all-mighty power. And you too can please your God right now as you worship at My altar and tithe the Financial Domination Stud.

#HumanATM #Sub Tells Why #CashMaster Josh Is #Superior – #FinDom #CashSlave Submission

ObedientATM sent Me the following from the examples given for potential assignments…. I know many of you know these already to be true, but I enjoy the flattery.

TOP 10 Reasons Master Josh is Superior

1. He is big, beautiful, masculine and strong and I love his beard
2. He uses fags as ATMs
3. His voice is unbelievably powerful
4. He is very skilled as a hypnotizer
5. He is an alpha dominant
6. He loves influencing minds
7. And especially loves
emptying wallets
8. He knows how to put fags in their place
9. He knows how to verbally abuse and degrade
10. He is powerful and worthy of admiration

If you agree, comment below, or show Me – the HypnoSuperior and Financial Domination Stud – My favorite form of flattery and worship – SEND A TRIBUTE NOW.

#ATMS PAY $70 NOW = #humanATM #cashmaster #cashslave #paypig #findom #financialdomination


Master Josh is traveling this week and needs his ATMs to help…
Helping with the fuel… helping with the hotels…
Helping because Master won’t be able to do many sessions…
And it feels so good for you to fulfill your destiny.


It feels so right to make Master Josh’s life better
To pick up the slack whenever Master Josh calls for it
To allow this week to still be a week I make decent cash
Even as I am away visiting friends and you’re stuck working to pay more


You know deep down this is how it is meant to be.
You accept completely that this is what you have desired.
The programming growing stronger and stronger each time.
My humanATMs embracing their place more and more each time.


Feel that pleasure as you serve and please Master Josh
Feel My power as the trigger compels you – resistance is futile.
Submit to that building need inside of you to pay Me now
And dispense that cash as you click here to  complete the transaction!


#Wishlist Wed. – #CashMaster Shreddin’ Cash – #financialdomination


You think I need your cash, fag?

I don’t need your stinkin’ money!

Fuck you and your cash.

I’m shredding it all.

Of course, the above is a joke… I’m far too greedy to ever shred cash. You know how many things I can buy with cash? Of course, that’s the point… what *I* can buy, because what I want comes before what you need.

Yet, you can still enjoy the thrill of shopping and buy things – so long as you’re doing it for Me, loser. Shop my wishlist and discover what a thrill it is to spend your cash on what someone else wants or needs.

Loser Barry knows. He bought Me this paper shredder which will come in quite handy in helping to keep my information secure from desperate lowlife fags.


To Pay Master Josh is Pleasure – Tribute Here.


New #Foot Game – Worship #CashMaster #Feet – #footfetish #footpig #footslave

So, this summer I’ve been taking photos of My feet in various footwear – white socks, dress socks, sandals, dress shoes, sneakers, My boots, and of course bare. I’ve compiled these into 25 different pay-to-views ranging from $5 to $20 in price – but have mixed them all up. Take a chance and you might end up with just a couple pics of My feet in dress socks … or maybe four pics wearing a shoe … or maybe five pics of My feet bare … and though most only contain close-ups of My still-hot Superior feet, maybe you’ll pick a PTV that has just one really hot dominating pic showing both My booted feet and My face.

IMG_1910 - Copy IMG_1409 - Copy IMG_1352 - Copy IMG_1346 - Copy IMG_1317 - Copy IMG_1200 - Copy
All pics are exclusive to this game, so I ask that you keep them to yourself – I don’t want to see these on Tumblr or elsewhere, because that wouldn’t be fair to others who have paid cash during the game. I think it’s hotter that way though… I know you all love getting to see pics of Me that you can’t see elsewhere!

Whether you’re a footslave, sockslave, bootslave, foot pig, sub indulging a foot fetish, lowly faggot knowing you belong down at feet, or anything else… I know you’ll enjoy these pics. The only thing that’d make them better (besides smell-o’-vision so you could sniff them too) is if I had a hot new camera from my wishlist to take even more quality photos with.  Still, most of you won’t ever be worthy to worship My feet in person, so feast your eyes on as many as you can afford! 😉

If you like these feet pics, also don’t forget to go vote that I have the best feet here!

You can check out this new game – FinDom$tud’s $uperior Feet – by clicking here!

#verbalabuse #financialdomination New Recordings for #smallcocklosers #stupid #faggots & more


I’ve lowered the prices on all pay-per-call non-hypnosis recordings now that I have them all uploaded & approved! Regularly $1.89/minute (may vary by country), they are now only $0.99/minute (ditto). This includes the previously announced Faggot Beratement and Ca$hfag Ca$tigation as well as Muscle Growth Roleplay and Jock Bro Invasion. New files include:

*Probably a bit more on the mocking side than abusive side. It’s just more my style.
Each one is pretty obvious what it mocks 😉

*Based on the concept of confusion inductions, but not full hypnosis files or anything like that. Still, some of you might enjoy them. Look up confusion inductions first if you need to, as others of you will just think they’re stupid. But some of you will be able to truly let go with this style.
FINANCIAL CONFUSION MINDFUCK – Confusing you to accept that MY pleasure is your pleasure as you stroke along.
STUPID CONFUSION – Having each stroke dumb you down so you can just let go and enjoy the night.

Give them a try, leave me some amazing feedback, send some tributes, and don’t forget about all the new games as you BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR.


Bow Down to the #HypnoSuperior #FinancialDomination

It feels so good to Bow Down to Me, Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior and Financial Domination.

Even when it’s humiliating to do so, you find yourself craving that feeling as my hypnosis helps take you deep down where you accept your lowly place. You know you aren’t worthy of bowing down to me, but whenever I let you, you find it turns you on. You love to give tribute to Master Josh. You love how it feels to BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR.

It doesn’t really matter how much or little you give. All that matters is that I can put you in your place. And it feels amazing to know this. Even if it completely humiliates you, and even as it reminds you of how inferior you are to a superior man like Master Josh, it still on some level feels amazing to be put in your place and dominated by me. It feels so amazing to be put down in your place and dominated by me.

Experience these feelings now with my hypnosis, then be sure to BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR by paying tribute now!