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Hot #CashRape Session with #MoneySlave Turns #CashMaster On – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Have had some good chats with andiloser lately. Friday, that including nearly $100 in tributes – he paid just a bit more than this.

Well, today, after listening to more of my financial domination hypnosis, he was back for more, and it was even better with over $250 paid to Master Josh. It was a mix of tributes using the tribute generator in the sidebar (refresh for each use), the spin wheels under games, and just pushing him to pay more including paying one of my bills. And I know he loved every moment of it.

It certainly made my cock hard to get all this cash today – I left it hard to stay pumped during my gym session tonight. Was so fucking hot to pump it up after having raked in so much from this cashslave. He’s such a good boy for Master, and fuck did his money turn Me on.

And you can be a good boy for Master too – just send that arousing pleasure My way as you send a nice big tribute to your Superior as you send some green My way.

#CashFag Downfall = #CashMaster Windfall – #FinancialDomination

Another week, another week of taking money from StupidPiggyBank. Man, what a fucking loser addict he is, but who cares when he gets to feel so much pleasure and I get to relieve him of so much cash? And it is a relieve for him, because a dumbass like him would just fuck everything up anyway. Might as well not worry about it and put it right in My hands. I’ll be sure to spend it on things that really matter and not blow it all like a loser like him would. Besides, a worthless inferior like him deserves to be left with nothing as he is lead deeper into debt and towards that total financial ruin he deserves – because that’s what faggot freak perverts like him do deserve. And My Superior skill in taking faggots down that road is why I deserve to be the one that benefits – their downfalls becoming My windfalls. Just look at this, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

And again, it wasn’t just once, but multiple sessions – raking in even more $$$
I know some of you have tightened your wallet-strings for the holiday but this paypig is putting you to shame, because he knows deep down that it is right to put Master Josh first. And if any of you get any cash or gift cards, you know exactly what to do with them – for it’s always right for you to send more to your Superior!

#CashSlave Adds to Pleasure of #CashMaster – #CashFag #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Last night, I had a call from TCATMFag – a long time reader and listener to My hypnosis, but this was our first time actually chatting. He was a bit inebriated, and yet he did not disappoint his Superior as we chatted for over two hours – which on Niteflirt, ended up being $136.58 for Me after the fees. Not a bad haul in itself…

But it didn’t stop there. He also paid tribute to the Financial Domination Stud again and again during our phone call until an additional $120 had been paid.  All said and done, he had easily paid $325 total between the tributes and call, resulting in $227.58 for Me after fees (which, yes, are high with NF, but it’s still the best place to send multiple tributes like this as to not trigger warnings from other providers that don’t approve of fin-dom). Take a look at the tributes that kept giving us both pleasure through the call:
You can always be left sharing in the pleasure as well – just do what you know is right deep down by giving more right to Me even as it means less left for you as you click right on the link to pay Me a nice big tribute right now.

#CashMaster Knows Your Mom Ashamed of You #PayPig #CashFag – #findom #financialdomination

I touched on this last year, but Mother’s Day is a good time to remind you of it… your mom, for those of you that had one, most likely tried her best with you. And yet, look at what a pathetic little faggot you’ve turned out to be.

So this year I want to emphasize something … your mom probably is ashamed of you, and she definitely would be ashamed of you if she knew of your true interests and what all you’ve done. She would be so ashamed that you are here on this blog. Honestly – my mom might be too, but at least she would also see I was being resourceful in making a living for myself. All your moms, be they alive or looking on from some other place, would see complete embarassments. They would wonder why the fuck you are wasting your cash just to get off. They would wonder why you are stroking to posts like this instead of going out on dates. They would pray to whatever they believe in, that no one else find out. For if others then found out, your poor mom would feel so humiliated.

And humiliation is what YOU should feel, not your poor mom. So now … realize that even though you might love her (and for those of you that don’t, it’s probably why you’re so fucked up) … realize that either way, you still crave this. Either way, there’s no denying that this is what you need to get off. Who knows why, but there’s no escaping the truth of who you are deep down – an inferior needing to worship and pay a Superior man.

So here you are… needing to give in… needing to stroke and edge to this fetish … some of you might cum, others will hold it and become even more submissive as you do… and you just can’t help it. It’s so hot thinking of how Master Josh made over $1000 last week just on Niteflirt – not counting GiftRocket, non-NF file sales, wishlist buys. It’s so hot thinking of how you can send even just a small tribute right now and help Me reach $1000 yet again on NF… remembering that NF takes about 30% so subs paid even more to get Me to that amount, just as you will pay more to help Me get there… and as you realize how much of a fucking turn on just thinking of giving Me a tribute is because you know I am Superior and so powerful with my hypnotic words… you also can feel that humiliation of how others wouldn’t understand this fetish and how even your own Mom would be so embarrassed by you …  it’s humiliating to you. And even though she might not know, she probably feels something is wrong. She probably senses that there is something wrong about you. To feel and know that is so humiliating to you too.

Somehow, though, that makes it hotter… you crave that humiliation… that’s part of that rush for you… that’s part of why you need to serve and please Superior men like Me, knowing deep down that no one is more worthy of that cash than Me…  knowing you’d rather spend that cash on Me than on anything nice for your own Mom… knowing that if it’s too late this year, next year you’ll probably get her some cheap crap on clearance or from a yard sale that you try to pass off as a good gift… and feel even more ashamed… knowing that you spent that cash that should have gone to her, on Me… or perhaps you spend a ton on Me… but then also buy her something nice… but you have no cash left… and all you can do is add to that debt… which, as long as it’s because of Me, be it directly or indirectly, always feels so good …  for it feels so good to accept that I am the one worthy of that cash … and even as you feel that shame of judgment… you can’t fight it… you must give in….

So go ahead, give in to those cravings now …


New #PayPig Pleases #CashMaster – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Had a great session with FDSfagATM (edit: screenname changed) earlier this week, where he earned the Bronze Spender badge for tributing $100+ in a session. He actually came very close to the $250 badge …. and total has exceeded that as he sent more the next day…. a good first week for a pay pig. On top of that, I’m awaiting a few gifts from the wishlist he bought Me. So make that a great week for a new paypig. And I just know he is going to be serving Me for such a long time … because that’s what loser cashfags like him do. They stroke to My powerful words…. and their weak fag minds just give in …. until I am taking more and more, and making him not just My cashslave, but MY BITCH.

FtPyPg Tributes 04202016

I know you too want to experience My power …. so get in touch with Me for a session. The above, the $50 is a prepaid for our session, which I expect for new people to prove themselves and to cut down on timewasters. The $10 and $20s were during the session, draining …. but I left him needing to give more, and so he did, bigtime.

And if you’d rather just buy Me something from one of my multiple wishlists or know deep down that you should just send your Superior some cash, go ahead and do that NOW!

#PaySlave for #CashMaster #FinDomGIF – #FinDom #CashSlave #PayPig #FinancialDomination


Wishlist Wed: On #CashMaster ‘s Xmas List for #PayPigs #CashSlaves #HumanATMs #CashFags to Buy NOW

Sometimes us CashMasters and FinDoms get busy with real life. For Me, it’s quite a whammy of a month that was already busy due to holidays. Traveling for a funeral combined with unexpectedly apartment searching again (as my waiting list fell through), has left Me with less time online taking calls. I mean, I haven’t even posted this hot pic of gifts I got in November… so if Christmas is slow, I can always say it came early for Me … but I’m greedy, and of course want MORE. And I know deep down that pay pigs and cashslaves like you crave getting to give me MORE.

It’s amazing that even in these circumstances, I can still rake in cash with the sessions I do have, but I’m behind on a few things with the sites. That includes posting about earning the Christmas badge – which one can earn by sending a special $25 or higher tribute – make note via Niteflirt that it’s a Christmas tribute – and also sending Me one gift. But you best be checking my wishlist now – I’ll be traveling again for Christmas, so let’s get those presents in the mail! Be sure I know you sent a gift as your name might not match how I recognize you / screenname.

Some sample gifts on my wishlist – lots of supplement options from $10 to $30, and a range of prices on everything else:

Another way to help me out this holiday season? Help pay for the gifts I’ve bought others! That includes….
A $100 bottle of Johnnie Walker Platinum Scotch for my dad
A $40 electric griddle for my mom
Various – $15, $25, $30 – for ages I can’t mention on a NF-linked blog
?  … will probably get something else for my mom to get her total closer to the $100 range of my dad’s gift

Remember you can also send me gift cards but the best gift of all is cash – TRIBUTE NOW!

#CashMaster Loves When #PayPigs #CashSlaves #HumanATMS Addicted

Tuesday even, I got a call from a sub who has a boyfriend… he told me how he couldn’t wait until his boyfriend left so that he could call Me. Our calls are often short and the amounts vary, but this past time was a quick $60 plus the call for Me. I loved getting paid by him, but it was even hotter to hear him tell Me that he couldn’t wait to call Me.

My current #1 humanATM (what big spenders are going to challenge him for that spot?) also is addicted to Me. We had a couple false starts this week as we’d catch each other too late at night. But Wednesday we were able to have a nice session earlier in the day…. scoring Me $200. I love using his addiction to paying Me for my own gain and benefit, and he loves that I use him… for that is his addiction.

In fact, he was so addicted, that he came back that night for another $200 session… $400 before fees for Master Josh. And my brainwashedATM, I know that felt so good for you.

I know some of you would love to become addicted to Me too. Go ahead… give my hypnosis a try.  Then be a good paypig and add to my weekly total here.

HS Tributes 11042015

Empty Your Mind – #FinDomGif – #walletrape #cashdrain #findom gif #financialdomination

Master Josh could use some graphic design slaves. I’d love someone to make me some transparent spirals I can easily place over text GIFs… though the below does seem to work. So go ahead… relax deeper… and just empty your mind as you stare into the spiral… until you empty your wallet too.



Big $1000 #Tribute 4 #CashMaster plus $500 Gifts – #Cashslave #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I had an amazing session late Tuesday night with my favorite Loser B, but didn’t get this posted – in part due to being busy, and in part due to wanting to make sure it all processed and arrived okay.

You see, this loser loves how I get in his head with the hypnosis and take him deep down for programming. And he knows without a doubt that to pay Master Josh is pleasure. He gave me a nice score right around my birthday, and it was good to have him back.

Of course, last time, he just had to say that I could have taken him for more. So this time, I did.

At first, it was just a couple items on Amazon and $100. I tried to suggest $500 to push for it… but he seemed a bit unsure. Or perhaps wanted me to seem more sure. I couldn’t read it at first … was he saying it was too much, or something else? So, I went down to $400…. afterall, $500 total would still be nice. But he still seemed hesitant.

So, I went for it. I suggested $900 the next time I took him under, and the cashslave felt that amazing rush as he indeed sent me $900. A grand total in cash, one night.

TributefromLoserB 10212015

That wasn’t enough though … so then he bought me one more Amazon gift, over $200 for that one … over $500 total in gifts. You’ll see them posted soon enough as part of Wishlist Wednesdays 😉

I hope I can catch some of you very soon and get just as much pleasure… because fuck is it hot seeing that big amount now deposited in my bank account. And I’m too greedy to stop there.


#CashMaster Has An Offer for #PayPigs #CashSlaves & #HumanATMS – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I’ve been a bit distracted lately. Between searching for apartments, prepping my car for a lease trade-in, and planning some travels (head’s up – I’ll be largely unavailable Oct. 2nd thru 11th as I visit family and friends), I’ve found it hard to get in the writing zone for this blog. Which spurred on the thought that more of you should be helping Me with the blog. I know at least a few of you have already done so simply because you know it is right for you to serve a Superior like Me … but perhaps more of you would contribute with a little incentive.

That’s why I’m offering up to 3 “free” files in exchange for content – guest blog entries, stories, GIFs, and other great content for the blog. You can check it all out and get ideas for posts on the new Special Offers page. Some of it overlaps with being able to earn slave obedience badges as detailed on the slightly revised Submit page.

Of course, all this stress over so many financial aspects lining up at once could be relieved in a much preferred way – you can keep on sending that cash so that my savings stay right where they are, as all you moneypigs and cashslaves cover the costs of my deposits, travels, and new furniture. You’ve been so great to Me this year… let’s make this last quarter the best one yet, my loyal inferiors and wor$hippers.

Do what you know deep down is the right thing to do… TRIBUTE MASTER JOSH NOW.

#CashMaster Hard From #Tributes – #financialdomination #hypno #cashdrain #cashslave #cashdom

Congrats to HypnoBootsSlave for earning another badge – up to $1000 in tributes means Silver Tributer badge has been awarded! He got there after a great session, for which I’m including excepts below. I’ve inserted a read break as it’s a bit long, but also because I eventually use a Trigger – read at your own risk as always. Then add to my total for the day by paying for pleasure HERE. Again, I wish I could reverse this to start with the $10 but you’ll see how it all built up with the chat… perhaps you’ll feel the desire to keep paying too 😉

HSTributefromHBS 09152015

hypnosuperior: bet it feels so good deep inside whenever you get to pay Me
HypnoBootsSlave: It does, SIR.  It feels right to make Your life easier, SIR.
hypnosuperior: I love being able to life in comfort thanks to you. And each tribute gets Me so hard.
HypnoBootsSlave: Making Master Josh hard is green.  It is so good to suffer for You, SIR.
hypnosuperior: I’m glad you enjoy it slave. being able to budget, thrift, sacrifice for your Superior
hypnosuperior: giving Me that green that fills us both with pleasure
(after first $10 tribute)
HypnoBootsSlave: Yes, that feels better, SIR.
hypnosuperior: Good slave. For Me as well
hypnosuperior: always feels so good to get paid by you
hypnosuperior: and even better to get paid more by you
hypnosuperior: feels so right to get that green
hypnosuperior: harder with each higher tribute
HypnoBootsSlave: faggot account going down, while Master’s account gets hard with cash.
hypnosuperior: exactly slave
hypnosuperior: feeling so good to have less left in your accounts
hypnosuperior: as you put more right into my hands
hypnosuperior: for it is so right to please and pay Master Josh
hypnosuperior: to Pay Master Josh is pleasure
hypnosuperior: for My pleasure is your pleasure
hypnosuperior: feels so good whenever you pay Me for more pleasure
HypnoBootsSlave: Are You feeling good, SIR?
hypnosuperior: much better now slave
hypnosuperior: feels so good to get paid by you
hypnosuperior: feels so right when you pay and please Me
hypnosuperior: even as it strains your budget
hypnosuperior: simply knowing it’s your duty as an inferior
hypnosuperior: and giving Me what I deserve as your Superior
HypnoBootsSlave: SIR, Yes, SIR!

Continue reading #CashMaster Hard From #Tributes – #financialdomination #hypno #cashdrain #cashslave #cashdom