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#FagTax Hypnosis is Here! #LoserTax #FaggotTax #CashFag #CashSlave #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Well, I’m feeling better but my voice is still rather shot from this sickness that plagued Me this last week. However, I did finally get some files up for sale that I had previously recorded and finished editing this weekend. What took so long? Aside from delays for custom files, sessions, etc., it’s because I am giving you a huge tax bundle with over 10 different files!

Granted, it really comes down to TWO different files – one erotic, and one traditional – but each has multiple versions.

The traditional Loser Faggot Tax Training files includes options to pay $25 twice a month, $100 twice a month, 2% of your income plus, 5% of your income plus, or, in a version I think many of you will be very excited by, a spending tax – either 5% or 10% of what you spend each week. Tracking everything you spend – even what you get cashraped – and then owing more to Me? I’m sure that makes some of your fagdicks stand right up….

Which is why some of you will also love the Loser Fags Pay Taxes Erotic version! With chastity-friendly audio that can deny some, others of you will stroke to a nice big orgasm after you have paid your tax – for each listen, you will pay a tax. There are four versions that vary by amount – $25, $50, $75, or $100. Choose one, or make a playlist and hit shuffle for a random experience!

Regardless, you can learn more about these two sets at $12.99 each by going to the TAX page …. or save when you buy the bundle, that also includes my old 10% inferior tax file, for $19.99! Just click below!
Buy from HypnoSuperior through Niteflirt.com

#CashMaster Knows Your Mom Ashamed of You #PayPig #CashFag – #findom #financialdomination

I touched on this last year, but Mother’s Day is a good time to remind you of it… your mom, for those of you that had one, most likely tried her best with you. And yet, look at what a pathetic little faggot you’ve turned out to be.

So this year I want to emphasize something … your mom probably is ashamed of you, and she definitely would be ashamed of you if she knew of your true interests and what all you’ve done. She would be so ashamed that you are here on this blog. Honestly – my mom might be too, but at least she would also see I was being resourceful in making a living for myself. All your moms, be they alive or looking on from some other place, would see complete embarassments. They would wonder why the fuck you are wasting your cash just to get off. They would wonder why you are stroking to posts like this instead of going out on dates. They would pray to whatever they believe in, that no one else find out. For if others then found out, your poor mom would feel so humiliated.

And humiliation is what YOU should feel, not your poor mom. So now … realize that even though you might love her (and for those of you that don’t, it’s probably why you’re so fucked up) … realize that either way, you still crave this. Either way, there’s no denying that this is what you need to get off. Who knows why, but there’s no escaping the truth of who you are deep down – an inferior needing to worship and pay a Superior man.

So here you are… needing to give in… needing to stroke and edge to this fetish … some of you might cum, others will hold it and become even more submissive as you do… and you just can’t help it. It’s so hot thinking of how Master Josh made over $1000 last week just on Niteflirt – not counting GiftRocket, non-NF file sales, wishlist buys. It’s so hot thinking of how you can send even just a small tribute right now and help Me reach $1000 yet again on NF… remembering that NF takes about 30% so subs paid even more to get Me to that amount, just as you will pay more to help Me get there… and as you realize how much of a fucking turn on just thinking of giving Me a tribute is because you know I am Superior and so powerful with my hypnotic words… you also can feel that humiliation of how others wouldn’t understand this fetish and how even your own Mom would be so embarrassed by you …  it’s humiliating to you. And even though she might not know, she probably feels something is wrong. She probably senses that there is something wrong about you. To feel and know that is so humiliating to you too.

Somehow, though, that makes it hotter… you crave that humiliation… that’s part of that rush for you… that’s part of why you need to serve and please Superior men like Me, knowing deep down that no one is more worthy of that cash than Me…  knowing you’d rather spend that cash on Me than on anything nice for your own Mom… knowing that if it’s too late this year, next year you’ll probably get her some cheap crap on clearance or from a yard sale that you try to pass off as a good gift… and feel even more ashamed… knowing that you spent that cash that should have gone to her, on Me… or perhaps you spend a ton on Me… but then also buy her something nice… but you have no cash left… and all you can do is add to that debt… which, as long as it’s because of Me, be it directly or indirectly, always feels so good …  for it feels so good to accept that I am the one worthy of that cash … and even as you feel that shame of judgment… you can’t fight it… you must give in….

So go ahead, give in to those cravings now …


Took Advantage of #CashFag for $1000 & Gifts – #PayPig #MoneySlave #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Been busy working on some custom files I was hired for, but this evening I was able to break for a nice long session with one of my favorites, Loser B. We last had a big session in October – in which I pushed him past his limit – and he said how it took months to recover. That didn’t mean going any easier tonight

We started off with some Amazon gifts … since not all have shipped yet, I won’t go into specific items, but it should provide some great stuff for the Wishlist Wednesdays ahead. What I really wanted, after paying in $5,000 for taxes (since I get all my money from you fags and don’t have an employer to withhold mine), was some cash… so I pushed for some, and the fag sent $200. I knew I could get more and we kept chatting. Though we didn’t do much actual hypnosis tonight, he had been well-conditioned from past sessions to know I am the only one truly worth of his cash – and that his place as an inferior is to serve, please, and provide for Me.

It wasn’t hard to get him to send some more gifts… but I worked him a bit more to get another cash tribute, and hopefully a bigger one. I kept reminding him about how great it was to be taken advantage of by Me – and he agreed. Soon, $500 had been sent. As it was getting close to 7 (timestamp on attachment is off) and I had yet to eat dinner, I thought it was a good time to break. After all, I had just milked him for $700 and gifts.

He messaged Me: “I am just low hanging fruit to be taken advantage of”. All that, an he was still craving more. Having now eaten, it wasn’t long before I was calling him back… and draining the loser fag even further. First were yet more gifts… but I still wanted more cash too. I mean, $700 is just so close to $1000 …. surely he could send another few hundred and make it even? Or did I want that nearly $300 gift instead? Well, those that work with Me know I respect it if you have limits… but they also know that if they give Me the wiggle room, I am going to get my hypnotic voice in there suggesting that I get as much as possible. It’s what I deserve. I am Superior. And I wanted both.

And Loser B couldn’t help but resist giving in to Me. He knew I was taking advantage of him, but that’s what made it so hot. I ensured the wishlist item was bought for Myself …. and he caved in and sent another $300 cash. In the end, the gifts totaled just about $1,000 … meaning I milked the fag for about $2000 tonight – split in half between cash and gifts.

Though he’s usually come through on the gifts in the past, I will be waiting to make sure they come…. and posting them to the blog as I see fit. If he’s reading this, I know he’s so excited for Me to get all those things from My wishlist and so grateful I took advantage of him. For now, you can marvel at the cash I raked in from him.
GftRcktBryDrain bigger 02152015

Don’t you want Me to take advantage of you too? Of course you do…. and I can do that right now…. because I know this post has aroused you and made you so vulnerable…. and I know deep down, you need to send Me a nice big tribute….. DO IT FAG….. DO IT NOW.

#Humiliation Day – #CashMaster Recordings, Games, Etc to #Humiliate #CashFags & More

It’s Humiliation Day, the perfect day to remind you losers that I have certain recordings, games and more that is right up your alley.

There’s the recent Affirmation recordings for Loser Faggots, CumDumps, Financial Ruin, CashFags and more that you can check out here.

There’s the pay-per-call recordings for CashFag Castigation, Fag Beratement, Small Cock Loser, Ugly Disgusting Loser and more that you can check out here.

There’s hypnosis training to be FagMeat to be Used, to be a Gas Pedal, to be drained of cash so much that you get ruined and more in the hypnosis section here. Click on the links to my other Niteflirt-compliant sites and find even more, such as for bootlicking footrests and muscle slaves.

There’s the DARE game, a degradation PTV and more in the games section.

Of course, all you really need to be humiliated today is very simple… just stand naked in front of a full-length mirror. Of course, it’ll be much more satisfying if you add to that humiliation by sending some of your hard-earned cash to someone you know is Superior … someone like Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior and Financial Domination Stud … so go ahead, TRIBUTE NOW and feel the pleasure of paying Me even as you are used, taken advantage of, and humiliated for My own benefit and pleasure.

New Training Files for #cashfags #humanATMs #slaves #chastity #findom #humiliation #more

Ever have one of those days? Even Superiors like Me have them… I’m on day 5 of a sore throat (which has meant lines off more than intended), although that did give me catch up with editing. Only to have some issues uploading (still waiting on word from one site, but they appear to finally be up on Niteflirt). Due to some of these unforeseen struggles, I might not get these posted to the recordings page or other sites until after the holiday … but I just had to share it with My fans here. So what do I have for you this holiday week? AFFIRMATIONS.

Yes, affirmations. Though that word probably makes people think new-age positivity, it actually means speaking the truth. And whether the truth is that you are a loser faggot or have a small cock or need to be financially ruined, it is good to hear these things and even to say them out loud. You’ll get both me driving the truth into your mind as well as the chance to repeat after me in these extended mantras.

What you won’t get is hypnosis … these are not to take you deep, but rather a different form of programming using repetition. Which means, unlike my other files, you can listen to these ones during your commute and other activities. I do use my usual music as the background for those that like it, but at a lower volume to help prevent unintentional trance. In case the music is a trigger, there’s also a version without music. And just as a bonus, there’s one additional short “I am” file …. (“I am a slave,” “I am a humanATM,” etc.). All of these have the potential to be looped and repeated over and over.

I hope to make more of these in the future, so be sure to leave that 5-star feedback to encourage me that you like these, and/or send me a message with your ideas for affirmations. Go ahead, and check them all out – including 30 to 60 second audio previews – below:

Trains you to be My HumanATM.

Trains you to be My CashFag.

Trains you to accept that you deserve financial ruin, and that I deserve to benefit from your ruin.

Reminds you that you are a loser faggot that is inferior to Master Josh. Also available as a version that removes “Master Josh” and is more general available for $10.99CLICK HERE TO BUY 10.99 VERSION!

Trains you to be a slave. Not gender or orientation specific, and not specific to Me.

Trains you to be a cumdump. Not gender specific for listener or to Me; makes you crave having those holes open wide for men’s cocks.

Trains you to accept that you need to be locked in chastity and obedient to your keyholder. Some allowance for virtual keyholder if you do self-chastity. For male listeners of any orientation; recording is not specific to Me.

Reminds you that you are a small cock loser and that since you can’t please others sexually, you should please them in other ways. For male listeners of any orientation; recording is not specific to Me.

Contact me if you have issues, and enjoy, losers!

#Faggot #Humiliation & #Degradation – Audio Sample #PTV #mindfuck #cashrape #Niteflirt

I decided to make a one-minute sampler culled from the different clips included in my new Faggot Degradation PTV chain.

If that gets your cock stirring, you’re going to want to listen to it ALL. The first one starts at $5 and you can enjoy it by clicking right here.

#Faggot #Degradation – #Cashrape #VerbalAbuse – #financialdomination

Though it’s not my normal style, sometimes I just need to unleash a tirade of insults against the lowest of faggots that come looking to worship a man they recognize is Superior … and I decided to use that to my financial benefit with a whole string of verbal abuse for you to stroke your tiny little fag dicks to.

It’s all part of my latest pay-to-view (PTV) chain, which can also be found on the games page under humiliation games, which starts at a simple $5. There are ten PTVs total of increasing amounts – yet also increasing in the hot degradation I unleash in both the included text and in the MP3s. That’s at least ten amazing audio clips to put you down in your fucking place – and perhaps a few other surprises along the way. So go ahead, and load up that Niteflirt account as you get ready to be reminded of what a loser bitch cunt asswipe you truly are.

Just $5 to start Faggot Degradation
Buy from HypnoSuperior through Niteflirt.com

#CashMaster Josh’s Rave Reviews – #FinancialDomination

I updated the Raves page before I left. Here are some of the new additions, culled from Niteflirt feedback:

“WOW if you want hypnosis contact him.” “Never ever has someone taken me so deep.” “Amazing man with a great voice that gets in deep.”

“I am overpowered by Master Josh’s (Hypno Superior) hypno skill and glad to be conditioned by him to contribute to his pleasure! Each time I give to him, it is a pleasure and I look forward to the next trigger.”

“It always feels right to tribute Master Josh again and again. I find myself excited even reading about OTHER inferiors tributing the hypno superior, helping my GOD have the life he, as a superior, deserves!”
– JoshWorshipper

(Regarding Ca$h Fag 6-Minute Jerk):
“Very hot…intense humiliating jerk off fun…”

(Regarding $1000 Can You Outlast? Game)
“This game is always intense. Trying to resist cumming while Master keeps pushing subliminal messages to make fag blow.”

(Regarding Faggot Beratement Recorded Listing)
“Knows how to keep a faggot in place”

“Total unrelenting verbal abuse…”

(Regarding Small Cock Loser Recorded Listing)
“Well, hypnosuperior sure has me pegged! As a small cock loser I know I’m not good for much, which is why I come here to serve a true alpha superior domination stud!”

(Regarding Ca$hfag Castigation Recorded Listing)
“Makes me want to give it all to him.”

(Regarding Poppers PTVs):
“Poppers make the payment buttons more intense.”

(Regarding Live Calls, TheMesmerizer profile):
“A great call, Josh took me right into my fantasy and had me obeying every command. A great experience to loose my load.”
– Boss Hodg

“Damn hot call. This guy has a great voice and attitude. He was very good at getting me to let go. I will definitely call back.”
– Gunner8

“Great call, hypnotic, addictive, ecstatic, erotic & intoxicating, the more you talk with Master Josh, the deeper he bores into your mind compelling you to submit until the subjugation grows stronger & stronger.”
– thesteve

I love getting all this amazing feedback from you all and always encourage you to leave it. Even if you’d rather just leave it blank, those five star ratings help others notice My profile – which helps Me take more cash from losers!

I do ask that one keeps in mind that part of the success for the live calls was communication … these guys had the minutes in their accounts so we could really chat about what turned them on, and use that to both of our advantage as I took their cash while getting them off. Work with me, and I’ll work with you … if in doubt, message me first about your fantasies and desires.

And, sadly I’ll be offline this next week anyway due to travels… but in a week I’ll be back, ready for more sessions and to launch more great recordings and other content I’m sure will make your inferior dicks hard. And a few more blog posts in queue so you still feel My presence even when I’m away using your ca$h to enjoy Myself 😉

Why You Get Hard At #FinancialDomination & Serving a #Cashmaster

Today I had someone tell me he got hard thinking about paying a Superior like Me tribute… but he said he couldn’t explain it. It’s hardly the first time I’ve heard this sentiment from potential subs… some of whom perhaps have never subbed before. So let’s explore it a bit…

Obviously, there are those that simply know it’s duty. It’s not necessarily something that gets them hard… it’s just that they accept they are inferior and know it would be the right thing to do. A lot of cashfags fall into this category.

For others though, sometimes it’s about that thrill of getting to serve someone. Maybe they aren’t in a situation where they can do it in person due to an existing commitment or lack of local availability, or maybe they are new to serving and just a bit hesitant to accept that side of themselves. And yet, serving online allows one to option to serve without some huge initial commitment. It provides an easy way for them to get to indulge their desires, either scratching that itch they just can’t squelch in person or as they dip their toes in for the first time.

For some, it’s craving humiliation. That feeling has become arousing to them, for whatever reason… perhaps being bullied by a hot bully as a kid. Though aggressive isn’t as much my style, there are definitely those that respond to this type because they want to be reminded of that humiliating abuse that turned them on so much when they were younger.

And for others it’s the rush of that payment. It can be such a strong natural high for some to get to see that cash go out of their hands and into the hands of an Alpha. It’s not unrelated to the rush some get from gambling or playing the lottery, and yet there you have a chance to win. With financial domination, it’s less about the chance and more about the feeling. Not just the feeling you get, be it pleasure or humiliation, but the feeling you give that Dominant. Big or small, those tributes all add up and make a CashMaster like Myself so very hard. Because to get that cash is a rush, and in giving to Me, you get to share in it… after all, My pleasure is your pleasure. 😉

Share in my rush and get us both hard by sending Me a tribute now.

Humiliation Day

Today, January 3rd, is Humiliation Day.  That’s right – just as there’s a holiday for everything else from apple pie to getting your zzzz’s, there’s a holiday for humiliation.

And isn’t is true that one of the best humiliations out there is giving your hard-earned cash to another man simply because deep down you know He is so much better than you?

If you really want to feel the humiliation, try some of my hypnosis files for cashfags and financial ruin. Then go humiliate yourself by sending me a nice big tribute … then by sending even MORE. After all, the more you send, the more you can feel that humiliation of having spent more than you should have on a powerful hypnotic dominant like Master Josh.