#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster Gets Support from #CashSlaves & #PayPigs – #FinancialDomination

I love that I’ve been working out more lately again, but there is one downfall – and that is when the muscles get sore. Without a good hypnoboy here to rub my shoulders, I’ve had to rely on your gift card contributions to get myself some relief.

When I’m not working out, I’m often over the computer writing in this blog, working on new hypnosis files, or having cashrape sessions with cash cows and humanATMs. So it’s good to have something like the shoulder straps to help align the shoulders more properly after all that sitting down at the laptop LoserB bought me. And then after a workout, it’s nice to use either the foam roller or the textured massager to help work those muscles out and to break down that lactic acid build up.

See more about how you can help your Superior live the life I deserve by visiting My wishlist page, and of course the best way to support Me is to send Me that cash you know that I deserve more than you do.
purchasedrollers purchasedshoulderstrapsupport

Praise for #HypnoMaster #FinDom MP3s – #MoneySlave #HumanATM #CashMaster FinancialDomination

Last week, I included some of the raves I’ve been getting this past year – but there’s more! Here are some of the more recent reviews for some of My hypnosis recordings.

Faggot Loser Tax Training: “It is right to for loser faggots like me to pay taxes to their Superiors, and no one has more talent or skill with hypnotic financial domination than Master Josh. A great file with different versions for different budgets.
– cashfagdirt

Loser Fag Erotic Tax: “It feels so good to stroke and pay my tax to Master Josh with every listen. He is Superior and worthy of everything – I am a loser fag that must be taxed.

Financial Ruin Erotic Hypnosis
“This file is the best of all, Master Josh show you how to get really happyness and bliss in your life! Master’s pleasure is my pleasure.”
– david33os

Slow Road to Ruin MP3
“I will definitely be coming back for more. How can I refuse. Simple.. I can’t. ”
– bluemanlow

Mindless Moneygiver Erotic Hypnosis
“All these buttons are my friend and love them more and more with every push on them, you can only understand if u try it, dont be shy you will not regret :)”
– david33os

Faggot JockSlave Tax Hypnosis MP3
“Amazing voice; skilled hypnotist. I look forward to paying my tax in tribute to Master Josh.”
– whimperingfaggot

Let’s Go Shopping Erotic Hypnosis
“What an wonderful feeling to go shopping and help Master Josh to get what he want and need, you really must try that, nothing feels better in the world!!!”
– david33os

The Ultimate Gift Erotic Hypnosis:
“Omg this idea is soooo wonderful, step by step i will work on my goal.”
– david33os

I’d love for you to check them out yourself via My Hypnosis page and other related pages such as the Taxes page, and then leave Me some Thumbs Up praise as well.  And of course, there’s more on My other websites as well … PigMesmerizer and JockMesmerizer are the Niteflirt compliant sites. And stay tuned for more hypnosis to financially dominate you soon, inferiors.

#Wishlist Wed: #CashSlave Buys #CashMaster More Gifts – #FinDom

I love knowing that I can count on using LoserB to buy the expensive things that I would not currently buy for Myself. For example, I might splurge and get a fitness DVD here and there (though I haven’t needed to, as you’ve all been buying them for Me) … but I would hesitate to spend $200 of My own cash on one.

After all, I may or may not like the program; I may or may not find myself using the DVDs… without having a chance to try them elsewhere, I just wasn’t confident enough that this was worth the price. But using the money of a loser like you, reading this right now, to buy such a product? You bet I will use you for that!


I’d love to use you right now in fact … go ahead and visit My primary wishlist or if you’d rather get Me some hot gear, My DeliveryCode Wishlist …  or send Me the best gift of all as you pay Me that nice, green CASH.

$200 Tribute from #CashSlave – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

BDogSlave has been calling Me for a while, and I always enjoy our chats – and the fact that no matter how much he wants to resist, he simply can’t. He is just too addicted to hearing My Superior voice as he sniffs poppers and strokes his cock into submission. The calls are usually fairly brief, just enough for him to cum – but he usually tributes some along the way… sometimes less, sometimes more.

Well, last night, it was his biggest one-time tribute ever, $200 … and I love that. I love that he is realizing that the more he pays, the better he feels… and the higher the amounts, the harder we both get.

Why don’t you enjoy My hypnotic programming as well, and then feel that pleasure of clicking on those buttons as you pay your Superior, Master Josh, the Financial Domination Stud.

#CashSlaves #PayPigs #HumanATMs #CashFags All Love #CashMaster #HypnoMaster – #Raves #FinDom

I added some testimonials tonight to the raves page, with text taken straight from My Niteflirt profile and the abundance of five-star feedback I have received. (This was public information already, but if you’d like your name removed, just contact Me).  A few subs with longer responses, I will post about in the near future. For now, here’s some of what was added!

“Master Josh is a true hypnotist. He really puts you under and gets in your head.” “I am devoted to Master. He has molded me to be his.” “Being under hypnosis, I have become Master’s boy. I am so lucky.”
– Str8worshiper

“Satisfied long-term customer. Your deep masculine voice is so relaxing and chilling that I tend to drift away, sucking in all the information just like in a trance.”
– SuPERMad

“It is amazing to tribute The HypnoSuperior!” “I can’t wait to tribute more! So pleasurable and humiliating!” “The more i pay the more pleasure I feel. The more pleasure i feel the more i pay. Hypno Superior owns this poppers fag”.

“Hot trance.”
– nfcs

“The start of a delicious slow drain and programming for Master’s ATM.” “Feels so right to submit to Ma$ter.” “Ma$ter is deepening his hold.”

“Love this is a real guy, awesome at hypno. he takes a minute to feel comfortable with subs but once he understands what you want, he gives a great session.” “He’s a hypno pro if you give him the time to take you deep.”
– muscle2bhypno

“Because he worth it.” “For the pleasure of My GOD.”
– pierre 

“It is great, to serve Master Josh, the Hypno Superior. i love his hypnotic voice, that leads me very good into trance.”
– markus52

“Very hot.”
– PetesB

“WOW! You are great, Master!!” “Thanks a lot, that was hot! … THE BEST!”
– kinkythomas

If you haven’t checked out all the raves, you may do so here. Have some feedback for Me? I always love five-star feedback left for Me on Niteflirt, but you can also e-mail Me and request that your name / screenname be listed as you wish, in order to remain anonymous. Although I don’t always have time to respond to everyone properly, I do always love hearing your praises – and appreciate suggestions for files and the like as well.  Just e-mail hypnosuperior@gmail.com. Want to leave some 5-star feedback now? You can do it with any paid mail, so you might as well tribute as well!

#Wishlist Wed: #CashSlave Gifts #CashGod #HypnoDom

For my birthday, it was more than appropriate to have received a couple of gifts from JoshWor$hipper that a Dominant hypnotist like Me could benefit from. First was the red T-shirt with its sly suggestion to trust Me – even though I clearly do want to hypnotize all of you. Then there was the book that, if I ever get the time to read it (how about all of you tribute a great deal so I can relax for a few months and catch up on some reading? 😉 ), might make Me even more powerful. What great and appropriate gifts from a cashslave worshipping his CashMaster God.

#ATMS PAY $40 NOW – #HumanATMs #FinDom #FinancialDomination


Master Josh is still traveling around – fueling up, going out for dinner,
And even a few nights staying in a hotel – and it’s adding up
Which is why now is the perfect time to hit up My ATMS


Whether you’ve listened to the training files recently or not,
I know you love being used by Me – that cock throbbing at the thought
For it always feels so good to be used by Master Josh


Just give in to that arousal and feel the pleasure as you serve Me
Just give in to the pleasure and let go of any resistance as you obey Me
There’s nothing that you want to do more right now than PAY ME


Master is making a withdrawal and you simply cannot fight it
Dispense that cash to Me, humanATMS – just spit it right out into My hands
And now feel that pleasure as you complete the transaction NOW!


Taking Your Power, #CashSlave – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

This scene is all about taking it – and some are quite good at doing so in the literal sense. I, honestly, am  not … the computer programs that allow such things are admittedly not a strong suit. And yet, I love using what is a strong suit, hypnosis, to still take what is Mine. It might not be that fast instant grab that some of you paypigs and cashcows crave in a moment of desperate heat, but it is usually far more rewarding for us both. That’s because when you train with My hypnosis, I’m not just being powerful in the moment as I take cash then…. I am taking power away from you as My own power works long-term to keep taking cash from you again and again.

That’s right. You could temporarily allow someone else to have some power to get off… or you can feel the amazing feeling of truly being mentally dominated and mindfucked by a Superior God. You can briefly give in to someone else … or you can feel the pleasure of serving a HypnoMaster growing and lasting inside of you… for the more I take of your power, the more you can fill with the pleasure of service and worship you feel when you show devotion to the Financial Domination Stud. Time and time again, I hear from subs who never know how amazing all of this could feel… from cashslaves that left then came back and talk about how it feels even better and deeper the second time around. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a loyal wor$hipper, be sure you are keeping an eye on this blog as well as on the Hypnosis page.

Hopefully I will have some new releases soon for all of you, and in the meantime, you can keep feeling that pleasure building and building as you listen and then give in to that need deep down to serve, worship, and pay the one most worthy of your cash as you bow down to Me – Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior.

#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster Loves Games Plus #FagTax Time – #FinDom

It’s the 5th which means certain fags owe their twice monthly loser faggot taxes!

It’s also Wednesday, so here’s some more received from my cashslaves. These actually were bought with gift cards from you subs, especially rubberskinslave. It’s amazing when I get to buy myself all I need but also the fun things I want and not spend My own cash doing it.


Both of these are tons of fun by the way 😉
p1010261 p1010264

I’m sure I’ll have a chance to update My wishlist soon but the gift I’m craving most of all right now – especially spending so much with my current travels – is that good old green cash.
Send Me a nice tribute of a gift here now.

#CashMaster Returns to Posting Soon – #FinancialDomination

Damn, has it really been that long?

Unfortunately CashMaster’s mind has been elsewhere as a person close to Me had a major surgery with a lengthy recovery time that I am now assisting with a few days. I probably could have written some posts before I came up, but it was just hard to get in that mindset – although I still did for sessions here and there.  I did have a few other distractions as well, such as attending the Midwest Leather contest (for which I’d love some new gear from you all for other upcoming events).

This week though has several costs, including $270 for a few nights in a hotel, plus money for fuel, etc. And My car registration at $232 is due. I’d love for some of you to chip in and help out with these costs.

Today I went through some photos for Wishlist Wednesday posts and hopefully will have time to get some more posts in soon as well. I’ve also been working on some new files… I know it’s always worth the wait for all of you. And I know you love to support Me in the meantime.

Send CashMaster some support right now as you help pay for My travels as you send Me some of that green cash right now. Deep down, you know it’s the right thing to do.