Getting Back Into the Swing of #FinDom: #Dominating #CashFags #MoneySlaves #PayPigs #HumanATMS

The posts the last couple of weeks have been on autopilot – written in advance of the move and put into queue. Those of you who have looked for Me online know I haven’t actually been on much … such it is with a move. Granted, I could have turned my lines on more while unpacking/etc. – but in all honesty, the new place is already a disappointment due to some misinformation, and I will be wanting to move again this summer. But to do that, I need to first rake it in from you guys. My parents were able to come down this time, but next time, I want to hire movers. And I want to be able to truly find a place worthy of a CashGod like myself.

I’ll still be on and off a bit here next few days – landlord coming in to fix something tomorrow; furniture being delivered Sunday; etc. plus any social life, but I am going to try to be on much more now that I am getting settled in this place. So look for my lines to be on more starting this week, as well as for me on Skype or yahoo (remember I’m often invisible). Looking forward to sessions with many of you 😉


#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster Getting Settled & Fit Thanks to #CashSlaves – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I haven’t had a chance to check out the local gyms yet, but I’ve got things set up here so that I can do a lot getting started from home, thanks to all the moneyslaves, paypigs and cashfags that have sent gifts this past year.

That includes more fitness DVDs, like another Body Beast disc (from DamienFag) and Ruthless from Weider (bought via gift cards sent by DamienFag, JockBobSub, & others). The Ruthless set to Me is a mixed bag – some great workouts, some I’m not as fond of… but I continue to love Body Beast. And yes, the background in some of these pics is the same as the old place despite moving, as I had taken photos a while back for the blog but am continuing to spread out the gifts that I so rightly deserve as your Superior.

I love that I’m getting back to fitness after the stress of apartment searching and the indulgences of the holidays, but there’s plenty more you could do to help CashMaster Josh on his journey towards more muscle. Check out my wishlist to send Me some protein or other supplements, or just go ahead and send my favorite gift of all, that nice green cash.

#ATMs Pay $30 Now – #HumanATM #CashSlave #FinancialDomination

Your head starts to feel fuzzy, wanting to resist but you cannot. You simply feel the machine taking over. The more you listen to the file, the stronger the command gets. You cannot fight it. It takes over and compels you into action. You must complete the transaction. NO CHOICE. MUST OBEY. ATMS PAY $30NOW.

“Yes, Master, I will pay now.” It’s so automatic. The trigger is too strong. You are so obedient. My programmed machine. And even as you dispense my cash on auto-pilot, you can’t help but feel amazing afterwards. It feels so good to be useful to a true Superior. ATMS PAY $30 NOW.

Pay pigs and cashfags, feel free to send a tribute as well….for I know you just love sending your cash to a Superior. But My ATMS have no choice. They must give in. You must give in. ATMS PAY $30 NOW AND TRIBUTE ME NOW!

If You’re Reading This, You Are Not a #Cashfag – (opposites day) #FinDom

I am an inferior faggot.
I am a small cock loser.
I need to be enslaved.
I need to be brainwashed.
I need to be put in my place.
I am not worthy of any cash.
I must give it to those that are worthy.
I love to pay you money.

Short mantra for you, or opposites day fun for Me?  Or both? You decide, and then you can go ahead and not send Me cash with a tribute here. 😉

#CashGod Loves to Influence the #Inferior Lives of #MoneySlaves & #CashFags – #FinancialDomination

If God exists, one could understand why He gave us “free will” – because trying to manage multiple slaves is a time consuming bitch, especially when the bitches don’t make it worth your time. And so I’ve always said – and it will continue to be true – that I prefer to “influence” as oppose to control. I don’t have the time to manage what you wear each day, nor do I care, fag. But I love to influence you to feel more pleasure… more humiliation… more aroused… by muscle… by kink… by serving and paying Me.

Though I don’t want a mindless slave, there is an appeal to having a sub in person that I could sometimes control more fully though. Online, it just doesn’t quite do it for Me… and most of you ugly losers wouldn’t do it for Me in any situation. But a few of you just might, and it’d be so hot to have you under My thumb for a bit. Making you clean for Me … flex for Me … massage Me. All while I play God.

And even though I might not be controlling some of you as much as some of you might want, this actually makes me more like the real concept of God. If you believe, he might be there shaping our lives, but He is not making every decision for us. And in case some of you are wondering if I am religious – I’m not. I just am familiar with the concept from My upbringing. But if He were real, you just know you would be so vastly inferior to Him.

Just as you are so vastly inferior to Me … for compared to you, I *AM* a GOD. And just like how He might be influencing your lives… I am here to influence your minds… your desires… your cocks… and your wallets…. as you submit to the power of My hypnosis. For I AM a POWERFUL GOD.

And Gods like Me were meant to be pleased with tributes and tithes.

#Wishlist Wed: Moving On, Wanting More From #PayPigs #MoneySlaves #CashFags – #FinancialDomination

While I’ve highlighted a few things I needed to get again after being lost in the moves, there are a couple of purchases and gifts that perhaps won’t be used as much.

That’s certainly the case, at least for now, for this portable burner which was a great way to cook down in my office and not worry about being noisy in the kitchen while my now ex-roommate also worked from home. I’ll save it for now, in case I find myself rooming with someone again in the new future, but question how much I will use it. The pot at least – both items purchased using gift cards from so many of you – is something that I can still use on the oven.

Of course it leaves me wanting more that I can use, so be sure to check out my wishlist – or send Me that green that will be so helpful as I decorate the new place.

Remember #CashSlaves & #PayPigs: Tax Refunds Go to #CashMaster – #FinDom #Hypnosis

Many of you inferiors in the U.S. have probably received the forms you need to start paying your taxes… and if you haven’t, you should get them by the end of the month. Though some of you may be waiting until closer to the deadline, there are probably some of you that are doing taxes right away so that you get that refund. A few of you might have even already submitted and are awaiting your check or deposit.

But don’t you forget who that cash truly belongs to. If you are not paying in and are indeed getting a refund, that is an extra income source that is beyond what you need for your daily living. And that extra income should, of course, go to Master Josh.

In case you need a reminder of that:


#ATMS PAY $55 NOW – #HumanATM #CashSlave #FinancialDomination

My Automated Teller Machines, as I start the process of unpacking and seeing what I need, I am hitting you up to help pay for those things. ATMS PAY $55 NOW!

You respond so automatically, so obediently, so instantly. You have no choice. The trigger takes over. You are being programmed every time you listen to my ATM file. Programmed into the machine you are. You have no choice. You simply must send that tribute to me now.

ATMS PAY $55 NOW …  The machine inside of you takes over. You must obey. You must dispense cash. You must provide convenience. You must give to your programmer. You must give to your controller. I alone can access you.

My dominant voice rings through your subconscious. ATMS PAY NOW. ATMS PAY NOW. You know you must pay the requested amount. You are my human ATM. No emotion. No thought. You simply must give. ATMS PAY $55 NOW. Pay until your ATM transaction is complete. Do it now, my mindless hypnoslaves.

Even if you don’t listen to My hypnosis, you are welcome to be my ATM and pay Me anytime I demand cash from my humanATMS. Just allow yourself to give in to that need to serve a Superior man as you help with my moving costs, and send Me a nice big tribute now!

Even Busy Moving, #CashMaster Still #CashDrains #HumanATM / #CashSlave – #FinDom

Even though I’m busy moving, I found some time for a nice little cashrape session, draining money from one of my humanATMs. Because I am moving, keeping this blog short. But if you too want to help Me with my moving costs, you can TRIBUTE HERE.Tributes01162016

#CashSlave Testimonials for My #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis & #FinDom Recordings – Rave Reviews

Catching up on some more feedback and testimonials… don’t forget cashmaster loves your positive feedback. If you wish to send in other feedback, or wish to leave some anonymously, you can contact me privately. The below is taken directly from Niteflirt and is already publicly viewable on there:

From Live Listings & Main Profile:
“Excellent call for Master Josh, paying Him is so right, giving Him his money to make his life easier is my pleasure. So deep hypnosis, so helpful with things I needed to work on, so beneficial to go deep. Wow! Just mind-blowingly deep.” “Such a great call, feel so good even now. slave loves to please Master Josh, His power and hypnotic control always takes me deeper where it always feels right to submit to Master Josh.”

“never felt soooo Content and happy with serving a Master like Master Josh make me feel!!! thanks soooo much Master for for that really great honour!!!” “it is such a honour for this inferior to get attention from Master Josh, with only a few words he show you how superior he is and u will love it!!! try it, u will not regret ;)”
– david33os

“Master Josh knows how to get deep into my natural sub-inferior mind and remind me that my purpose in life is to serve a superior mind like his and give him pleasure.” “I crave serving Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior and Financial Domination STUD. His power over me grows with each time I submit to his superior voice. His pleasure is my pleasure.” “Wow! As always the HypnoSuperior gets inside my mind and makes me know my true purpose in life, which is to give him pleasure. Some of us were born inferior, others superior, and he has the ability to show us the truth.”
– JoshWorshipper

“Amazed by playing my first findomstud ATM recording. Not sure I ought to come back, but I know I want to.”
– adrian1479

“2 weeks into enslavement with Master Josh and its the best feeling ever! Thank you Master Josh for enslaving me into a cash slave for you! gives me a purpose in life and a reason to live.” “Thank you for owning me and giving my life a purpose being your cash slave.. Thank you posting my gift on your blog Sir! hope you like it and looking forward to be more and more enslaved by you Sir”
– chinkfagsg

“It makes me happy to send the green to Master Josh.”
– queerbank

“Great chat with a man who knows exactly what I need.” “Always a hot call with Josh, such a smooth voice.” “The Best Hypno option on Niteflirt a genuine good guy who knows how and where to take you.”
– Boss Hodg

From Financial Confusion Mindfuck Recording:
“Good confusion induction/training. It is good to just let His words make us feel is easy to be good and good to be easy.”
– DHSslave

From Loser Faggot (Master Josh Version) Affirmations:
“This exactly the mantra I have been searching for, to make me hear it and say it every one of these degrading words. Thank You Master Josh. More of this please!!”
– loserfaggot

From Financial Ruin Affirmations:
“This is the first affirmation which I bought from Master Josh’s series and this is mind blowing LOVE IT.. worth every second of it.. want to give Master Josh my everything! You are God and you deserve everything!!”
– chinkfagsg

From CashFag Erotic Hypnosis:
“Another excellent audio from the Master.”
– Whateverguy2

From Wor$hip $ervice Erotic Hypnosis:
“So hot”
– chgokink

From Chastity: One With Device Hypnosis
“Fantastic. The perfect thing to make you want it and need it. You’ll find yourself in chastity before you know and you’ll know it is right. ”
– chgokink

Discover what these subs, ATMs, and fags have already discovered:
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And of course, you can help support the creation of more great recordings by sending a nice big tribute here.


#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster Working on Goals Thanks to #CashSlaves & #PayPigs – #FinDom

Another example of a replacement item, as my previous food scale did not survive the moves and I’ve been using my roommate’s since then. Knowing I would be moving soon, it was put on the list for DenmarkSub to buy for Me.

And yes, I have done both hypnosis and financial domination with subs all over the world (as long as they speak and understand enough English). This scale is great as I try to get  more fit in the New Year, specifically helping Me measure out all that protein I cook as I tend to eat too much of roasts when I cook them in my slow-cooker that Loser Barry bought for Me last year (another gift which did survive the move). Can’t wait to get back to a normal routine after the move this weekend.

I’ll be adding bigger items to the list as soon as I change my address for gifts this next week, but there’s still plenty you can buy for Me now – so be a good loser and check out my wishlist, or send Me some cash for my upcoming moving-related shopping sprees.

Not All #Cum Created Equal: #Inferior #CashSlave Submission to #Superior #CashMaster – #FinDom

Sent in by JoshWorshipper, with minor editing by Master Josh:

“Not all cum is created equal
The cum of a superior alpha male is totally different from that of a faggot cocksucker.  [An] alpha male’s cum also has [a specific] purpose: to cause other men to submit to him…. An alpha male is born with special DNA that permeates every part of his body. It makes … him dominant, and it cues the hormones that cause inferiors to offer themselves for his pleasure.
When it comes to his cum, though, there’s also another property that’s almost subversive. In a woman, his cum [would] combine with her egg to get her pregnant. Of course there are no eggs in a faggot’s mouth or pussy, so instead the cum burrows into the inferior’s body and combines with everything it can – skin, blood, brain – breeding the alpha’s DNA into the faggot, combining with his own weaker material, and leaving behind sleeper cells of alpha to be activated whenever needed by the superior man they come from.
Of course at the moment of breeding the inferior is totally in thrall to the alpha’s power. When it’s over, the inferior thinks he’s just finished, but his body has now been totally changed, or will be once the alpha cum spreads and does its job. First, of course, it annihilates the opposition: if the inferior has any maleness or resistance left in his balls or dicklet, the alpha cum heads there like an army and subdues its competition. The fag is left more vulnerable, less male, more impotent, and easier to abuse. Then the alpha cum goes to the inferior’s brain, where it lies in wait.
Most of the time, the inferior has no idea: it can’t feel the difference. If the alpha ever decides he needs to use the inferior again, though, these special cells, still living in the inferior’s body, spring into action and paralyze the inferior’s brain, making it merely an extension of the alpha’s will. The alpha can now use the inferior’s body again for his sexual pleasure – implanting even more control-cells in the now helpless faggot; or he can just use it as an everyday slave, or get anything from it the alpha needs.
This is why an alpha’s cum should never go to waste…  It should always contribute to the power imbalance: gaining new slaves for the alpha to use or making already converted slaves more devoted.
Inferior cum, on the other hand, is really just waste. Especially after the faggot’s been bred with alpha cum, the inferior’s cum is ruined. If it shoots or dribbles from the fag dicklet, it should be thrown away – which also makes the faggot more powerless and ready to take a real man’s superior cum into its body.”
Master Josh adds: Through the power of hypnosis, I have had this fag eat his own cum but feel like it was My cum that had been transubstantiated. The effects mentioned above are still the same – My power seeping into his brain, taking more control. If you’re a good hypnosis subject, this might be possible with you as well… because the truth is, there are many fags and slaves whose mouths I would not want anywhere near My cock. I’m a picky, shallow bastard with standards that most of My readers don’t meet for in-person experiences. Since many of you serve from a distance anyway, taking you to an erotic orgasm (if you’re not in chastity) and having you believe that it is My cum you are eating is a good alternative, and thus makes use of your otherwise trash-destined cum. This also has nothing to do with sexuality, as this technique works with cum from gay/bi Masters if Superior and with straight faggots as well. Instead, it has everything to do with SUPERIORITY. And those who have felt My power inside your heads know deep down, without a doubt, that I am Superior.