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New #Erotic #Hypnosis File for #HumanATM #Cashslave Subs – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

In this fantasy, you’ll stroke your dick nice and slow until you enter a nice trance where you can experience the fantasy more fully. You’ll then visualize yourself having stopped by an ATM and arriving at My place in dress clothes. At the sight of my dick, your mind goes blank and you strip down, ready to worship my body – first my feet, then using that tongue on My Superior cock. And then, maybe, you’ll get used even further – as I reach into your wallet.

It’s a fantasy that most of you will never get to experience in person. You simply are too inferior. I am too Superior. There may be exceptions, but certainly most of the subs I’ve seen photos of, are ones I wouldn’t want to invite over. Yet, here I am, giving you the chance to truly feel mindfucked. Even better, along the way you’ll be conditioned to want to give to Me anytime you hear that phrase – BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR.  Listen to a short preview:

Like most of My Financial Domination hypnosis files, I am offering this for $9.99 – but you might find yourself paying more in the long run 😉  Go ahead and get your copy now, leave that thumbs up feedback, and be ready to BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR with a nice big tribute.

#CashMaster #WalletRapes Easy $200 from #CashSlave – #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Still been busy working on a lot of custom files (btw, I’m offering some for cheaper than usual as part of monthly custom files on my Patreon – Feb/March includes erotic dumb jock and a pup training one if I get enough interest)…. but staying open for sessions when possible too, and I just had a hot one with BDogSlave and scored another couple hundred in minutes.

I know some of you are craving more too – hoping you figured out your payment status BrainwashedATM, and LoserB you know we’re overdue and that it’s about time you sent me what you’ve promised the last two years right into my account – just as I know it felt so good for him to Sniff, Stroke, Obey & Pay to my confusion training, knowing that it was right to have no thoughts left as he just focused right on the pleasure of paying Master Josh more. And I know deep down that you fill up with more pleasure when you please Me too – so since there’s nothing left to wait for, why don’t you go ahead and send some cash to Master Josh right now!

Praise for #HypnoMaster #FinDom MP3s – #MoneySlave #HumanATM #CashMaster FinancialDomination

Last week, I included some of the raves I’ve been getting this past year – but there’s more! Here are some of the more recent reviews for some of My hypnosis recordings.

Faggot Loser Tax Training: “It is right to for loser faggots like me to pay taxes to their Superiors, and no one has more talent or skill with hypnotic financial domination than Master Josh. A great file with different versions for different budgets.
– cashfagdirt

Loser Fag Erotic Tax: “It feels so good to stroke and pay my tax to Master Josh with every listen. He is Superior and worthy of everything – I am a loser fag that must be taxed.

Financial Ruin Erotic Hypnosis
“This file is the best of all, Master Josh show you how to get really happyness and bliss in your life! Master’s pleasure is my pleasure.”
– david33os

Slow Road to Ruin MP3
“I will definitely be coming back for more. How can I refuse. Simple.. I can’t. ”
– bluemanlow

Mindless Moneygiver Erotic Hypnosis
“All these buttons are my friend and love them more and more with every push on them, you can only understand if u try it, dont be shy you will not regret :)”
– david33os

Faggot JockSlave Tax Hypnosis MP3
“Amazing voice; skilled hypnotist. I look forward to paying my tax in tribute to Master Josh.”
– whimperingfaggot

Let’s Go Shopping Erotic Hypnosis
“What an wonderful feeling to go shopping and help Master Josh to get what he want and need, you really must try that, nothing feels better in the world!!!”
– david33os

The Ultimate Gift Erotic Hypnosis:
“Omg this idea is soooo wonderful, step by step i will work on my goal.”
– david33os

I’d love for you to check them out yourself via My Hypnosis page and other related pages such as the Taxes page, and then leave Me some Thumbs Up praise as well.  And of course, there’s more on My other websites as well … PigMesmerizer and JockMesmerizer are the Niteflirt compliant sites. And stay tuned for more hypnosis to financially dominate you soon, inferiors.

#CashSlaves #PayPigs #HumanATMs #CashFags All Love #CashMaster #HypnoMaster – #Raves #FinDom

I added some testimonials tonight to the raves page, with text taken straight from My Niteflirt profile and the abundance of five-star feedback I have received. (This was public information already, but if you’d like your name removed, just contact Me).  A few subs with longer responses, I will post about in the near future. For now, here’s some of what was added!

“Master Josh is a true hypnotist. He really puts you under and gets in your head.” “I am devoted to Master. He has molded me to be his.” “Being under hypnosis, I have become Master’s boy. I am so lucky.”
– Str8worshiper

“Satisfied long-term customer. Your deep masculine voice is so relaxing and chilling that I tend to drift away, sucking in all the information just like in a trance.”
– SuPERMad

“It is amazing to tribute The HypnoSuperior!” “I can’t wait to tribute more! So pleasurable and humiliating!” “The more i pay the more pleasure I feel. The more pleasure i feel the more i pay. Hypno Superior owns this poppers fag”.

“Hot trance.”
– nfcs

“The start of a delicious slow drain and programming for Master’s ATM.” “Feels so right to submit to Ma$ter.” “Ma$ter is deepening his hold.”

“Love this is a real guy, awesome at hypno. he takes a minute to feel comfortable with subs but once he understands what you want, he gives a great session.” “He’s a hypno pro if you give him the time to take you deep.”
– muscle2bhypno

“Because he worth it.” “For the pleasure of My GOD.”
– pierre 

“It is great, to serve Master Josh, the Hypno Superior. i love his hypnotic voice, that leads me very good into trance.”
– markus52

“Very hot.”
– PetesB

“WOW! You are great, Master!!” “Thanks a lot, that was hot! … THE BEST!”
– kinkythomas

If you haven’t checked out all the raves, you may do so here. Have some feedback for Me? I always love five-star feedback left for Me on Niteflirt, but you can also e-mail Me and request that your name / screenname be listed as you wish, in order to remain anonymous. Although I don’t always have time to respond to everyone properly, I do always love hearing your praises – and appreciate suggestions for files and the like as well.  Just e-mail hypnosuperior@gmail.com. Want to leave some 5-star feedback now? You can do it with any paid mail, so you might as well tribute as well!

Further #CashSlave #MindFuck #Brainwashing #Edging #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Below is further except from sessions with rubbercashslave, who likes to stroke and edge, but not cum, as he gets programmed and brainwashed. I’ve put a ‘read more’ break due to triggers and hypnotic language – you are advised to read at your own risk.

Who are we kidding, inferiors? We know you all are going to click to read more as soon as you get that chance to stroke along … you might even find yourself letting go to the words yourself… for that is My power.
Continue reading Further #CashSlave #MindFuck #Brainwashing #Edging #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

#HumanATMs #CashFags Earn Badges, #PoppersFag #CashRape – #findom #financialdomination

One of my longest serving ATMs has recently crossed the $1000 mark for profits earned for Master Josh. Though others crossed that mark sooner, the consistent loyalty of PierreSlave is always appreciated. He  gets that even sending $20 here and there, as one can, is capable of giving us both great pleasure, and more subs should follow in his example.

Also, I realized that MasterEriksSlave had crossed the $500 total mark as well. This is the sub I train for Master Erik, but he always tips (with Master Erik’s permission) and I always encourage him to serve his one true God well, Master Erik in this case, as I act as a trainer. Though I love those that worship Me as well, other Masters that have subs into hypnosis would be wise to consider Me as a training option. Just make sure your slaves are willing to pay for a call, and I can help them feel more ready to worship and pay You.

I also had a nice little start to my morning thanks to KinkPoppersSlave – now over the $3500 mark – and I look forward to continuing this all week … hope your wallets are preparing to open for Me 😉
HS PoppersSlave 11082015

You can add to my weekly total here.


More Raves for #Cashmaster ‘s #FinancialDomination & #EroticHypnosis – @NiteFlirt

It’s time to highlight some of the recent testimonials I’ve continued to receive.  First from david33os on Niteflirt is reason why any doubters into financial domination should give my new free files a try.

“Master Josh is sooooo superior to everything!!! I have just tribute him and I feel really wonderful, no regrets only such a wonderful rush of pleasure!! You should try it :)” “Paying Master Josh feels sooooo great!!! Better than every drug and its getting better and better each time!! If you not tried you have missed something of the greatest thing in your life!!!” “You should give those erotic hypno mp3 a try…your jerking will be enriched for the rest of your life!! Really great work Master Josh, I never want to cum again without you files!! ”

It’s awesome to know that people do respond to my new files (click here if you missed the free one that worked with him) and can truly feel that pleasure when they pay.

Meanwhile, DHSslave wrote:
“First call to this amazing HypnoSuperior. Pleasing Him is the right thing for all cash slaves to do. It felt so good to give Him pleasure. He took me so deep, there was nothing left but to go deep and please Him.”
Then listened to my Fag Beratement Recorded Listing and added:
“Non stop verbal degradation right from his Superior mouth. There was nothing left of me. ”

Can’t wait for our next session DHSslave as you pay more to get Me hard! I’m also looking forward to training Gunner8 more, who wrote:
“A very effective and totally hot hypno programming session.”

Meanwhile, between calls and games, such as the Degradation PTV, Whateverguy2 has said the following of late:
“Totally hot as always” (in regards to the PTV)
“Knows how to put a boi in its place and keep it there.”
“A hot dom – delivers the goods at the highest level.”

That last especially is mighty high praise, but then I am a mighty high Superior 😉  To some, like JoshWorshipper, I am even a God:
“Master Josh deserves my wor$hip. Master Josh deserves my adoration. Master Josh deserves my devotion. Master Josh deserves my tribute.”

I also realized I had missed some old praise from bottomguypdx as it was on my less-used Hypnotic Roleplay listing:
“Perfect voice for hypnotism.”
“Really skilled erotic hypnotist.”

And from kcleatherboi, some recent praise which all of my hypnosis fans know to be true:
“Master Josh knows how to work a hypno file.”
“Master Josh’s hypno files continue to subject fag to Master’s mesmerizing voice and words.”

As always, many of the live sessions – whether they involved hypnosis or not, as not all of them did – succeeded because the subs clearly communicated their desires with Me. And any that were hypnosis succeeded because the subs were willing to let go and give it a try – perhaps first starting with my free files.

Here’s hoping that you keep finding pleasure in sessions with Me and from my goodies … and I know I’ll keep finding pleasure from your tributes!


New #EroticHypnosis MP3 for Men – #Hypnosis #Orgasm #Cum #Hypno

Another new free file for you… this one isn’t for financial domination, but a more general file for those that’d like to give my erotic hypnosis files a try but want a free sample first. It helps one to better enjoy my erotic hypnosis, as well as helps my suggestions for any fantasies or goals to become more effective … as well as using techniques including confusion methods to build towards a nice big orgasm at the end. Enjoy!

New #EroticHypnosis for #FinancialDomination – To Pay #CashMaster Josh is Pleasure!

And here I am providing you with even more wonderful content for free 😉 Though the plan is to still cheaply sell most MP3s, my skills have improved with more recent files, and I wanted to showcase that to both devoted followers and curious newbies. Plus, even though it’s free…. there’s always that hope it works very well on you 😉

Hard from the #Power – #Cashmaster #financialdomination #findom

I know I chatted about this not too long ago, but I had another sub ask Me tonight if I got hard taking their money. Short answer: YES.

Longer answer: I get hard seeing the influence I have over people. It doesn’t always have to be from cash… when I see that power over them… I get off on it. It’s amazing to see a sub so deep that my suggestions are taking effect, whether it’s to work out or be more submissive or anything else – even just to feel  that pleasure during a file.

Of course, that cash happens to be the best physical representation I could get from that. If it’s not in person, the praise and worship and power can go to My head… but when I see that cash, or gifts, given, it’s like seeing a physical representation of my power. And that is what makes Me hard.

So yeah, I get hard from your money. And I love that cash for many reasons… as I’ve also said before, I’m greedy. But it’s not cash by itself that gets me hard. It’s what it represents when given to Me by you that gets Me hard … the Power I have over you.

And I’m sure using hypnosis to take that power from you… well, I’m sure that gets you hard too. If you’ve never tried it, you can check it out here… and if you already know how good My power feels over you, then feel the pleasure of sending me a nice big tribute.

Training #Fag #Slaves for Their #Masters – #Hypno & #CashSlavery

Well, after being off over a week due to travels, it’s good to be getting back to sessions. One of the best / most profitable ones was actually one on behalf of another Flirt / Master. You see, He and I have become buds … too far to do much together, but sharing ideas, etc. when we can. And he has a few slaves and fags that are just downright needy …  so needy, he doesn’t always have the time for them. Luckily, I was back and available.

This particular sub was put under for a nice long hypnosis session, for which he responded very well. And while all my financial files are aimed at benefitting My life, I don’t mind training a sub for another Master when it comes to situations like this where I’m still getting cash from the session / call.  It didn’t hurt that this other CashMaster was generous and told me he’d encourage the sub to “tip” after and thank Me for my time … so of course, I suggested that whatever I was paid, he’d pay his own Master at least as much. Both of us taking advantage of this sub for each other’s benefits, and loving to use a fag loser like him.

This sub is also loyal to his Master and wouldn’t do anything without permission, and so all messages to Me where first with his Master’s permission. Unfortunately vacation was not kind to my voice… I lost it about halfway through and started coughing. Muting the phone here and there to try and drink water. Finally, I put in a cough drop. After, I asked if he had noticed… he hadn’t, for he did not remember most of the session. I love hypnosis sometimes.

Yet, he very much had the training sink in… with suggestions to obey the Master and to crave needing him even more. The Master  responded to Me, “The way he is talking, it totally worked. I know him well and could tell.”

If you are a Master that has stumbled on this blog, feel free to have your sub try one of my free files such as “Desire to Serve” or “Desire to be Subhuman” … the non-financial ones are not aimed at any particular Master or Mistress. If he responds well, consider sending him My way for some more training on a night you’re too busy to deal with him anyway…   if you need a reference, message me and I’ll refer you to the Master I worked with for this sub. I can’t program him to do something he’s totally against, but I can help to lower his inhibitions and strengthen his desire to obey you. It could benefit Us both, and that’s just as it should be… the $uperiors raking it in from all the inferiors as they get molded via hypnosis to better $erve and wor$hip real men.


On Freedom & #CashSlavery – #financialdomination

Though I have hypnosis fans & financial subs across the globe, today is of course a big day for Me & my other Americans as it celebrates our nation’s independence and founding. Now, personally I love my UK subs too, but the day does mark a day for thinking about freedom.

And it’s interesting, how we can celebrate freedom and enjoy our freedoms… and yet, some of you still want to give up freedoms. You want to be controlled or enslaved or to feel indebted, and to not feel free.

Yet, in a way, any of you that are able to do that get to celebrate your own freedom… because you are free to explore your innermost desires, free to shed yourself from societal conventions, and free to get off at whatever gets you off, be it a hot erotic hypnosis session that makes you feel obedient or sending your cash to a Superior like Me.

Even in something like cashslavery, there is a freedom – for it is when an inferior into financial domination is finally able to accept that he is where he belongs. It’s also a freedom from the expectations that come from money… even though I love the comfortable life, there’s something to be said about not needing all the “extras” in live and just enjoying the simple pleasures. When you get rid of that cash, you get rid of the temptations. You free yourself from feeling as if you need to keep up with the neighbors and free yourself to focus on quality time, instead of quality things. I’m far too greedy to ever do that completely, although that is part of why I love this line of “work”… doing this allows me more opportunities to do so as opposed to if I was at a conventional job. And I know you love getting to free yourself of that money, while also helping a Superior to enjoy more of those simple things as well!

Even as a sub begins serving & sending tributes, it’s almost as if his soul is getting set free. Each time you get to pay, you feel more free.

Celebrate Freedom – and free yourself of some cash by sending it to Master Josh!