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Praise for #HypnoMaster #FinDom MP3s – #MoneySlave #HumanATM #CashMaster FinancialDomination

Last week, I included some of the raves I’ve been getting this past year – but there’s more! Here are some of the more recent reviews for some of My hypnosis recordings.

Faggot Loser Tax Training: “It is right to for loser faggots like me to pay taxes to their Superiors, and no one has more talent or skill with hypnotic financial domination than Master Josh. A great file with different versions for different budgets.
– cashfagdirt

Loser Fag Erotic Tax: “It feels so good to stroke and pay my tax to Master Josh with every listen. He is Superior and worthy of everything – I am a loser fag that must be taxed.

Financial Ruin Erotic Hypnosis
“This file is the best of all, Master Josh show you how to get really happyness and bliss in your life! Master’s pleasure is my pleasure.”
– david33os

Slow Road to Ruin MP3
“I will definitely be coming back for more. How can I refuse. Simple.. I can’t. ”
– bluemanlow

Mindless Moneygiver Erotic Hypnosis
“All these buttons are my friend and love them more and more with every push on them, you can only understand if u try it, dont be shy you will not regret :)”
– david33os

Faggot JockSlave Tax Hypnosis MP3
“Amazing voice; skilled hypnotist. I look forward to paying my tax in tribute to Master Josh.”
– whimperingfaggot

Let’s Go Shopping Erotic Hypnosis
“What an wonderful feeling to go shopping and help Master Josh to get what he want and need, you really must try that, nothing feels better in the world!!!”
– david33os

The Ultimate Gift Erotic Hypnosis:
“Omg this idea is soooo wonderful, step by step i will work on my goal.”
– david33os

I’d love for you to check them out yourself via My Hypnosis page and other related pages such as the Taxes page, and then leave Me some Thumbs Up praise as well.  And of course, there’s more on My other websites as well … PigMesmerizer and JockMesmerizer are the Niteflirt compliant sites. And stay tuned for more hypnosis to financially dominate you soon, inferiors.

#CashSlave Back Earning Badge – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I enjoy chatting with andiloser – he responded so well to My hypnosis about a year or so ago, and seemed on his way to becoming one of My top cashslaves. However, as is common in this scene, he did leave for a bit …. but I am so glad to have him back.

Not only is he back, but he also earned a Bronze Spender badge for paying $100 or more in one session. Gotta love that. You can check it all out on the Subs-Slaves Badges Earned page.

He also had high praise for My tax files: ” will Train now with your perfect tax files 🙂 they are fantastic …. can’t believe I have bought the full package with all files and cannot decide which is more perfect.” You can check that out here.

I must admit I’m a little unsure if I am going to continue badges – I do know I’ve fallen behind, so if you feel you are owed a starter badge or a higher level badge, just let Me know. It’s one of those things that I know some of you love but I’m not sure it’s worth the amount of time when I’d rather be working on new files (which, I have been – most have just been custom ones that I haven’t had a chance to edit down yet because I keep getting hired for more custom ones).

Despite being busy, I enjoy making time for all of you when I’m able, and am so glad to have andiloser back paying fagtaxes and tributes. It’s pleased Me greatly, and I’d be even more pleased if you send Me a nice tribute right now too.

Labor Day Means #FagTax Time & #CashSlaves Working for #CashMaster – #FinDom #CashFag

That’s right losers … it’s the 5th of the month which means if you are paying a twice monthly tax, it’s time to pay up. Of course, some of you are training under different systems and WILL PAY as scheduled – as percent of paycheck, end of week on what was spent, etc. Or just pay as you stroke your cock during the erotic tax session. I give you options, but there is no choice if you are a loser faggot needing to pay taxes – YOU MUST PAY YOUR SUPERIOR. Listen to the files and train your mind regularly until all of that sinks in, inferiors.

Whether you are a cashfag, humanATM, pay pig, moneyslave or anything else, today being a day where workers are celebrated in the U.S. is a great reminder for all of you worldwide that you do exist to work for your Superiors. You should take pride in the work you do and feel immense pleasure that any of your extra salary, after your own expenses, is being sacrificed on your end and going to benefit Me. Deep down, you know I deserve to live that life of comfort and being able to get whatever I want, when I want.

Deep down, you know you deserve to work hard to make that happen. Some of you may even want to get a second, third or even 4th job – making cash any way you can. Some of you may have talents where you can make extra cash on the side. Some of you might live in cities where you could easily sign up for an app where you help drive people places, deliver things places, rent out a room in your place – whatever you can to make Master Josh more money.

And whenever you send over that hard-earned money, you can take pride in the fact you are pleasing Me and share in that pleasure – for MY pleasure is your pleasure. Getting your cash makes Me feel so good and gets My cock so hard – and I know that gets your fagdicks hard. Go ahead and experience that now as you SEND ME A NICE BIG TRIBUTE THAT WILL MAKE US BOTH HARD!

#FagTax Hypnosis is Here! #LoserTax #FaggotTax #CashFag #CashSlave #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Well, I’m feeling better but my voice is still rather shot from this sickness that plagued Me this last week. However, I did finally get some files up for sale that I had previously recorded and finished editing this weekend. What took so long? Aside from delays for custom files, sessions, etc., it’s because I am giving you a huge tax bundle with over 10 different files!

Granted, it really comes down to TWO different files – one erotic, and one traditional – but each has multiple versions.

The traditional Loser Faggot Tax Training files includes options to pay $25 twice a month, $100 twice a month, 2% of your income plus, 5% of your income plus, or, in a version I think many of you will be very excited by, a spending tax – either 5% or 10% of what you spend each week. Tracking everything you spend – even what you get cashraped – and then owing more to Me? I’m sure that makes some of your fagdicks stand right up….

Which is why some of you will also love the Loser Fags Pay Taxes Erotic version! With chastity-friendly audio that can deny some, others of you will stroke to a nice big orgasm after you have paid your tax – for each listen, you will pay a tax. There are four versions that vary by amount – $25, $50, $75, or $100. Choose one, or make a playlist and hit shuffle for a random experience!

Regardless, you can learn more about these two sets at $12.99 each by going to the TAX page …. or save when you buy the bundle, that also includes my old 10% inferior tax file, for $19.99! Just click below!
Buy from HypnoSuperior through Niteflirt.com

Tax Time for #CashFags & #PayPigs – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

This is the last weekend to pay your taxes in the U.S….. are you having to pay in, or getting a refund?

Regardless of where you live, your answer is, YES, I am having to pay in to Master Josh. For even if you already have to pay in, you must be squeezed even further….

For any confused on why I said last weekend and not day when the 15th is on a weekday: “In D.C., when Emancipation Day falls on a Saturday, as it does this year, the celebration moves back a day to Friday. And because Washington, D.C. holidays are essentially considered federal holidays for government workers in the capital, the next business day is Monday. ”

And if you are getting a refund, you know that the extra income should go to a Superior that you know deep down is so much more worthy of that cash than you are….

So, go ahead, piggies and cashfags …. PAY IN TO MASTER JOSH.

Remember #CashSlaves & #PayPigs: Tax Refunds Go to #CashMaster – #FinDom #Hypnosis

Many of you inferiors in the U.S. have probably received the forms you need to start paying your taxes… and if you haven’t, you should get them by the end of the month. Though some of you may be waiting until closer to the deadline, there are probably some of you that are doing taxes right away so that you get that refund. A few of you might have even already submitted and are awaiting your check or deposit.

But don’t you forget who that cash truly belongs to. If you are not paying in and are indeed getting a refund, that is an extra income source that is beyond what you need for your daily living. And that extra income should, of course, go to Master Josh.

In case you need a reminder of that:


#ATMS PAY $10 NOW – #humanATM #cashslave #financialdomination

HumanATMS … some of you come and go. Those that have been most consistent, don’t always respond to this file/trigger but instead do individual sessions with me via text or voice, programming them further and deeper. I welcome your ideas to make being my ATM more exciting, and encourage those interested to listen to the file repeatedly – because it is in repetition, speaking on that deep subconscious desire, that one truly begins to change and be programmed as MY automated teller machine.

And yet, as I say ATMS PAY $10 NOW … I know those that have listened are feeling stirred, because you know deep down that is cash I deserve as your Superior. I know deep down you know that you should budget and sacrifice like the inferior you are, living on less so that I can live on more.

Whether you listened last night or two years ago, I know that programming is still there deep in your subconscious…. clinging to your desires to serve Me…. knowing that I am most worthy of that cash because only I can make you feel so good to pay Me, even when I use you as my personal ATM.

I know that it feels so right to see those words that I have left for you right on this blog… right on your screen. ATMS PAY $10 NOW. For you know you want to respond … you know you need to respond … that programming is just too strong.  The suggestions are in you, taking over even more as you read this… compelling you to obey …. compelling you to pay.

And even those of you that have never listened are beginning to sense My power… the power I have over weak fag minds like yours …. the power I have over inferior losers like you…. you find yourself craving to serve a real Superior man like Me… needing to help make My life better, as I deserve.

All of you realizing that the desire has been building even as you’ve read this post… stirring your cock at the thought of paying Me just $10 … surely any of you reading this can afford that…. and surely so many of you would love to pay even more. For you know deep down that I, Master Josh, always deserve more.

Go ahead, cashslaves and paypigs. Serve alongside my HumanATMs and tribute Me now. ATMS PAY $10 NOW!

Let’s Keep These #Tributes Cumming – #financialdomination #cashslave

CashMaster Josh has enjoyed making some good cash today, milking and draining those wallets. Along the way My dick has been nice and hard from your cashslave and paypig contributions … but there’s no reason for it to stop. Let’s keep this going, losers.

HS tributes 09292015

#CashMaster Hard From #Tributes – #financialdomination #hypno #cashdrain #cashslave #cashdom

Congrats to HypnoBootsSlave for earning another badge – up to $1000 in tributes means Silver Tributer badge has been awarded! He got there after a great session, for which I’m including excepts below. I’ve inserted a read break as it’s a bit long, but also because I eventually use a Trigger – read at your own risk as always. Then add to my total for the day by paying for pleasure HERE. Again, I wish I could reverse this to start with the $10 but you’ll see how it all built up with the chat… perhaps you’ll feel the desire to keep paying too 😉

HSTributefromHBS 09152015

hypnosuperior: bet it feels so good deep inside whenever you get to pay Me
HypnoBootsSlave: It does, SIR.  It feels right to make Your life easier, SIR.
hypnosuperior: I love being able to life in comfort thanks to you. And each tribute gets Me so hard.
HypnoBootsSlave: Making Master Josh hard is green.  It is so good to suffer for You, SIR.
hypnosuperior: I’m glad you enjoy it slave. being able to budget, thrift, sacrifice for your Superior
hypnosuperior: giving Me that green that fills us both with pleasure
(after first $10 tribute)
HypnoBootsSlave: Yes, that feels better, SIR.
hypnosuperior: Good slave. For Me as well
hypnosuperior: always feels so good to get paid by you
hypnosuperior: and even better to get paid more by you
hypnosuperior: feels so right to get that green
hypnosuperior: harder with each higher tribute
HypnoBootsSlave: faggot account going down, while Master’s account gets hard with cash.
hypnosuperior: exactly slave
hypnosuperior: feeling so good to have less left in your accounts
hypnosuperior: as you put more right into my hands
hypnosuperior: for it is so right to please and pay Master Josh
hypnosuperior: to Pay Master Josh is pleasure
hypnosuperior: for My pleasure is your pleasure
hypnosuperior: feels so good whenever you pay Me for more pleasure
HypnoBootsSlave: Are You feeling good, SIR?
hypnosuperior: much better now slave
hypnosuperior: feels so good to get paid by you
hypnosuperior: feels so right when you pay and please Me
hypnosuperior: even as it strains your budget
hypnosuperior: simply knowing it’s your duty as an inferior
hypnosuperior: and giving Me what I deserve as your Superior
HypnoBootsSlave: SIR, Yes, SIR!

Continue reading #CashMaster Hard From #Tributes – #financialdomination #hypno #cashdrain #cashslave #cashdom

Self-Improvement Month, #fag ? Improve the Life of Your #Superior – #findom #financialdomination

September is Self-Improvement Month. It’s certainly something I’ve been working on, not just this month but always, in trying to get more fit, etc. Hypnosis of course is a great way to help with that, and something I’m quite good at as I help others become motivated for fitness as well.  I hope to expand this in the future.

Yet, in what ways can a faggot loser improve? Though it’s possible for some, the sad truth is the most pathetic of you probably can’t (my hypnosis can still help as you accept your place as a submissive or cashfag). Yet  many who have accepted they are inferior also know that they are destined to exist without a sense of ego. Instead of focusing on self-improvement, their focus becomes on how to better improve the life of their Superior.

There are simple ways my life can be made better by a sub, such as leaving positive feedback or sending a small tribute or gift card. Then there are the ways that make my life so good that I can’t help but get hard… the big gifts from the wishlist, the nice big tributes. Whatever you can afford, this month should remind you that you need to be in service of improving the life of your Superior.  Some of you might be a worthless dumbfuck, but even the lowest faggot scum can prove useful by devoting themselves to making My life better.


How I Got into #FinDom & Other Answers to #Submissive ‘s ?s

I have had a few questions in recent comments, and I figured my answers would be more visible here in case others were also interested in my responses.

One had to do with amounts… well there are various reasons to not go into specifics here, so let me just say that one day is not a regular occurrence but yet I’ve done okay for myself. However, I’d love to take both this and my regular hypnosis to the next level that I’m living even further in comfort, and not having to worry about things like dental care. A follow-up to that question seemed to want an amount and really, I don’t have a specific number in mine at this time (although I do have the goal that I’d love for one sub to do 14,000 in one year per my ultimate gift erotic hypnosis file, the number tied into “gift” amounts). Mainly though it’s the aim to become more comfortable and not worry about things like health or car problems, etc. same as anybody else but the easier it is for me to get there, the hardest it is for you all to get there… something a bit hot in that.  And I’d love for you all to help with taking me there 😉

When I do get those big amounts, my mind can’t believe it … didn’t expect to be down this path (I mean what kid thinks “I want to be a financial dominant when I grow up”? I hadn’t even heard of this fetish back then). I also think, fuck yeah, time to do grocery shopping and load up on everything I want. I’ve never had a need to be on food stamps regardless of my old job or doing this, but I have had to watch the budget at the store in the past… but now I just load up and think, “fuck how did that much get in the cart?” and then “thank god for my wor$hippers and pay pigs and ATMS!”. I also always love those pleasant surprises. Like earlier this past week, I was sent $130 out of the blue … the loser had actually won money at the casino, and knew the right thing to do would be to give that extra cash to his Superior. I know he enjoys being used by me as I use my hypnosis to further take advantage of his mind – and wallet.

Another question was how I got into this, and the truth is I first was into hypnosis – though even that wasn’t until my mid-20s (now in mid-30s). I dabbled doing things like jock transformations, pup play, etc., when it was actually another sub that approached me if I had ever done hypnosis for financial domination. I made a custom file for him and that was my first taste of it. I was amazed at the power, but it wasn’t something I jumped into head first but explored and expanded on as I became more comfortable with the thought of taking advantage of people. I like to think of myself as a good person… or at least I used to like to think of myself as that… and certainly that aspect appeals to many of my subs (though others prefer those that are more hardcore, which is fine – we each have our things). But I had to realize that a part of me enjoys indulging my dark side and molding men towards perversions. Not just this but for example, one of the comments I received on my cock slut file… I just loved knowing I made a guy more open to go suck some anonymous cock. Doesn’t mean I’d do it myself, but perverting him… awesome.

Last but not least, I was asked about paying taxes. At this time I have the 10% inferior tax or the jockslave fag tax tied into working out. I am planning to make a new file for taxes sometime over the summer, but it’s still on the to do list. If anyone does get the older file, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind with sending the new one out at a discount to those buyers (if I forget or miss you, hit me up). Of course, people are welcome to arrange their own loser taxes as well – what can you afford? $1/day? $5/week? $25/paycheck? $100/month? 3 percent of each paycheck? There’s many ways one can do it and once the new file is up, I’ll probably have something arranged for once or twice a month where I’ll put the reminders on the blog. If you’re really unsure where to start, take a look at my hypnosis files and scroll down for a few free examples. The best way to truly feel that need to provide for Me is to let my words mold you on a regular basis until you have no doubt about what you must do next – and send a tribute.


#FagTax #LoserTax Preferences – what turns you on? #financialdomination

I’m working on some new stuff, which hopefully will finally include an update to a hypnotic tax file. I know it’s an idea that many people love… but sometimes the fantasy gets the best of us. I want to hear, realistically, what you would want from such a file.

There could be specific amounts, such as $1/day; $5/week; $50/paycheck; $100/month, etc.

There could be percentages – 1 percent, 2.5 percent, 3, 5, 10 percent …

These could be set or they could increase. That 1 percent up a percent every time you get a raise/promotion, or up 2.5 percent every year, or up $5 every three months, or up $25 each raise/promotion.

I also would love to see what my readers like best for terms. In the past I had used inferior tax … but I feel fag tax or loser tax would both be more popular. Do you losers and fags have a preference?

Regardless of your answers, I want to take more of your money. I just want to find that good balance where that money is coming to me for a long time to come 😉  And of course any really unique tax requests could always consider spending extra on a custom file from me.

Comment below or send me a message with – preferred amount or percentage; preferred frequency; preference for steady or increasing; preference for how it increases if so; and preferences on terminology. Your Superior appreciates it.