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New #Foot Game – Worship #CashMaster #Feet – #footfetish #footpig #footslave

So, this summer I’ve been taking photos of My feet in various footwear – white socks, dress socks, sandals, dress shoes, sneakers, My boots, and of course bare. I’ve compiled these into 25 different pay-to-views ranging from $5 to $20 in price – but have mixed them all up. Take a chance and you might end up with just a couple pics of My feet in dress socks … or maybe four pics wearing a shoe … or maybe five pics of My feet bare … and though most only contain close-ups of My still-hot Superior feet, maybe you’ll pick a PTV that has just one really hot dominating pic showing both My booted feet and My face.

IMG_1910 - Copy IMG_1409 - Copy IMG_1352 - Copy IMG_1346 - Copy IMG_1317 - Copy IMG_1200 - Copy
All pics are exclusive to this game, so I ask that you keep them to yourself – I don’t want to see these on Tumblr or elsewhere, because that wouldn’t be fair to others who have paid cash during the game. I think it’s hotter that way though… I know you all love getting to see pics of Me that you can’t see elsewhere!

Whether you’re a footslave, sockslave, bootslave, foot pig, sub indulging a foot fetish, lowly faggot knowing you belong down at feet, or anything else… I know you’ll enjoy these pics. The only thing that’d make them better (besides smell-o’-vision so you could sniff them too) is if I had a hot new camera from my wishlist to take even more quality photos with.  Still, most of you won’t ever be worthy to worship My feet in person, so feast your eyes on as many as you can afford! 😉

If you like these feet pics, also don’t forget to go vote that I have the best feet here!

You can check out this new game – FinDom$tud’s $uperior Feet – by clicking here!

Training #Fag #Slaves for Their #Masters – #Hypno & #CashSlavery

Well, after being off over a week due to travels, it’s good to be getting back to sessions. One of the best / most profitable ones was actually one on behalf of another Flirt / Master. You see, He and I have become buds … too far to do much together, but sharing ideas, etc. when we can. And he has a few slaves and fags that are just downright needy …  so needy, he doesn’t always have the time for them. Luckily, I was back and available.

This particular sub was put under for a nice long hypnosis session, for which he responded very well. And while all my financial files are aimed at benefitting My life, I don’t mind training a sub for another Master when it comes to situations like this where I’m still getting cash from the session / call.  It didn’t hurt that this other CashMaster was generous and told me he’d encourage the sub to “tip” after and thank Me for my time … so of course, I suggested that whatever I was paid, he’d pay his own Master at least as much. Both of us taking advantage of this sub for each other’s benefits, and loving to use a fag loser like him.

This sub is also loyal to his Master and wouldn’t do anything without permission, and so all messages to Me where first with his Master’s permission. Unfortunately vacation was not kind to my voice… I lost it about halfway through and started coughing. Muting the phone here and there to try and drink water. Finally, I put in a cough drop. After, I asked if he had noticed… he hadn’t, for he did not remember most of the session. I love hypnosis sometimes.

Yet, he very much had the training sink in… with suggestions to obey the Master and to crave needing him even more. The Master  responded to Me, “The way he is talking, it totally worked. I know him well and could tell.”

If you are a Master that has stumbled on this blog, feel free to have your sub try one of my free files such as “Desire to Serve” or “Desire to be Subhuman” … the non-financial ones are not aimed at any particular Master or Mistress. If he responds well, consider sending him My way for some more training on a night you’re too busy to deal with him anyway…   if you need a reference, message me and I’ll refer you to the Master I worked with for this sub. I can’t program him to do something he’s totally against, but I can help to lower his inhibitions and strengthen his desire to obey you. It could benefit Us both, and that’s just as it should be… the $uperiors raking it in from all the inferiors as they get molded via hypnosis to better $erve and wor$hip real men.


#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster Gets Cozy

A while ago, I used some Amazon giftcards from subs like Loser B and my good pal Damien, and one of the things I purchased was a new bedspread set. I’d just gotten a bed in California (one I sadly had to leave behind with the rushed move), and I was ready for something new.

Sadly, I’m already in need of a new set as it’s ripped a bit, but it still keeps Me warm at night.



In fact, not only do I enjoy have a more masculine bedspread with its  charcoal color suiting a Superior like Me, but I also do find it quite soft and cozy. (Hey, even a guy like me enjoys being comfortable – and you all should be about giving Me a more comfortable life!). I mean, I might not be flipping the bird here like in my newest profile pic, but I look fucking cozy as hell, don’t I?

And it’s all thanks to the tributes of pay pigs and cash cows like you! I bet many of you wish you were hidden down beneath worshiping my cock … too bad none of you are worthy enough for that.

Perhaps if you tribute enough, you’ll eventually come close… go ahead and check out my wishlist, or send the best gift of all – your cold hard cash for My benefit & pleasure!

What #Paypigs & #CashFags Want < What #CashMaster Wants

I was reading through a cashmaster/ cashslave message board and post after post was degrading message from different “superiors” – some of whom were true Masters, others just pretenders, but all sounding remarkably alike.  “bow down faggot,” “kneel worthless cunt,” “Skype me pathetic bitch.’

I realize that this is what many of you guys like and want, but I wonder how many of you grow tired of seeing so much similarity? That is not too say I’m completely different, for there are times when I am very much in the mood to record a file or write a post that puts losers down in their place. And I know from my jock blog that many don’t mind the repetition when it’s something they find hot to begin with.

Still. there are times when I’m not in the mood, and I am not so desperate for cash to need to put on an act and say things I’m not in the mood to say. At the same time, when I do say them doesn’t mean it’s an act… it just means that’s how I fucking feel like expressing myself in that minute.

This past week, I barely had my Niteflirt lines on… not because of any holiday plans, but because I simply didn’t feel like that. Meanwhile, I know at least one of the top-rated flirts leaves his line on even as he sleeps because he is desperate for cash. I won’t name names here, but I’ve been thinking a lot about personas and the truth. Sometimes I feel I am probably a bit too honest here, and not putting on enough of a persona. But then as I think about it… I don’t want to.

And so you can decide, what kind of Dominant do you want to serve. Do you need someone to be constantly degrading you? Great for you; there’s plenty of those types of Doms out there. But if you prefer a guy that has a bit more intelligence and who isn’t just desperate for your money, you should definitely give my hypnosis a try.

Now, just because I’m not desperate for your cash, doesn’t mean I don’t want it. I do, as I previously discussed that I am a greedy bastard – and I’m okay with that. And as I’ve previously discussed, just because I’m not always in the mood to degrade, doesn’t mean I don’t like taking advantage of those in this fetish. I’ll post a bit more Thursday about what I mean by those in this fetish, but in the meantime…. if you’re the type that’s predisposed to give your cash to someone, then I’d so much rather have it be me. And because I’d rather have it be me, I don’t mind warping your mind a little to make sure that you feel so much more of a thrill when you give to me. And isn’t that what you really seek? That ultimate thrill of being used and taken advantage of?

If you want more of the same… well, I’ll make more files along those lines at some point, for I do enjoy variety, and in the meantime, post after post shows you more of the same on those other sites. If you want to try something a bit different, give my hypnosis a try – then be sure to enjoy the thrill of giving me a nice big tribute.

#CashFags #Cashslaves – Pay Your #Dues – #FinancialDomination

This one is for the cashfags….

You are inferior. That’s right. You are nothing but a puny faggot, and deep down you know it. And you know that you were only put on this earth to serve superior men. That’s right fag. You were put on this earth to be used. You understand that, and you accept that totally. You still are able to go to a job and function as normal if needed, but when you’re not there, you know that you need to serve. And the easiest way to do that is to become my fucking cash slave. That’s right.

You know you aren’t worthy of my time. And yet, you want so badly to show me that you know I’m superior by giving me money and gifts. It doesn’t matter what I look like. It doesn’t matter if we ever meet. All that matters is that I am Superior. And deep down, you can feel it. You can feel how you’re just a lowly cunt.

And even though you know you’re pathetic, you also know you don’t deserve any easy way outs. You will keep on living and serving, no matter how bad things get, because you know that is your place. You were meant to serve, and you will live to serve. And any hardships that you go through are just part of your life. You were put on this earth to suffer and you know that you have to take anything that comes your way. If your ugly face gets smacked by a master, you deserved it. If you have an unexpected expense come up that you can’t afford because you gave all your savings in tributes, too bad.

You were born to struggle because you are no better than an annoying gnat or mosquito. You recognize you’re a fucking despicable faggot, and you are at peace with that. It’s simply who you are. It is who you have always been. And it is who you will always be. Without question. Without worry. You will suffer through anything that life throws at you before you even think about giving up, because it is your place to suffer. And no matter what happens, you will still want to serve. No matter how bad things get, you will always find somebody to serve. It doesn’t matter if they rape you or steal from you or abuse you as long as you get to serve them. You are a stupid cunt, useless in every way except for when you serve.

That’s right, you fucking useless piece of shit. You only find your worth when you work jobs or serve superior beings. And you know now, and accept completely, that I am a God compared to you… and you are a puny pathetic fag that must pay tribute. That’s right cunt. And you know that every time you tribute Master Josh with cash or gifts, that it gives your life meaning. If you buy yourself something you don’t need, all you can think about is how worthless you are. How you don’t deserve to have it, if it’s not something you need. Because you don’t deserve it.

You know that I do… so you want, you desire, and you need to pay Me tribute. Like a bitch dog to his master, you want affection. And even if I never give you the time of day because I detest you and find you disgusting, you will want to keep paying me tribute like the dumb bitch you are.