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#CashFag Gets a #CashRape from #FinDom #CashMaster & Turns Into #CashCow – #FinancialDomination

Last night, I had an awesome session with a fag that was dumb enough to intox with a substance I would personally never touch, because man does it make inferiors even more weak, pathetic and desperate.  CashFagDirt had given to Me before, but never like this.

It started earlier in the day with $75 in cash and a couple wishlist gifts. Then I left for dinner plans. When I got back, the lowly slave was still wanking on his dick craving more… not just more, but that debt and ruin. The slave was foolish enough to give Me the password to his Niteflirt account with a linked credit card.


The one thing I was disappointed in is that you can only leave feedback on 3 Niteflirt transactions (per flirt/type/something like that) a day. Since I’m always on the receiving end of transactions, I never knew that. But My greed meant I kept adding more – $500 more than the $75 that had already been paid earlier in the day. In total, “he” paid $575 in cash to Me, which is still a nice sum for Me even after the NF cut.

Yet it didn’t stop there. This cash cow, who got exactly what he knows he deserves deep down, also let Me log into his Amazon account. By the time was all said and done, he had spent $741.50 on Me in gifts and gift cards – even more fun stuff coming My way to display with Wishlist Wednesdays.

I should have done less. I know he’s going to be hurting for a while. But he was vulnerable. I was greedy. And I know, even if he takes a little bit of a break, he’ll be back. I know even as he tries to pay off his debts, he’ll try to make extra money – even if it means whoring himself out – or try to make Me extra money by writing Me some materials I can use in PTVs … any way he can be of service to Me and fattening My accounts.

Because, like others that have felt My hypnosis, he knows the incredible power I can have over a cashslave’s mind. This paypig knows that only a Superior like Me is worthy of that cash and his service.  He knows that there’s no point trying to resist his destiny, for he was destined to suffer and sacrifice for My benefit. Not all fags are this pathetic, but this tweaker definitely was… and is. Despite that, I know he’s going to work hard to prove his worth to Me as he prepares for a life-long journey of servitude.

Just feel so good CashFagDirt to have all your green spent on Me … giving you $1,316.50 more in debt closer to $1850 once the currency is converted … having given Me more than that before last night … knowing you’ll give more. And the rest of you, feel how seeing that number as prove of My power makes your dicks so hard, and realize that it’s time to act on the desires you have deep down.

Show you know that I am the Superior worthy of your cash NOW!

Don’t Be a Timewaster, Make it Worth #CashMaster ‘s Time #paypig #cashslave #financialdomination

One of my Dom buds was surprised I don’t typically feature my flirt profile on Niteflirt. The reason is twofold – though I could potentially make more cash, I’m doing okay as it is; and also when I’m not doing sessions or other activities (working out, hanging with friends, etc.) then I like to use the time to research, write, record, edit and otherwise be creative with the blogs and hypnosis. It’s also why I emphasis that My time deserves compensation. When I leave messengers online, it most likely is while I am working but I could often break given the right motivation 😉

It’s those that want to chat but then say, “I don’t have much money” that bother Me – and I know other CashMasters and FinDom(me)s feel the same way. Now, similarly many of you don’t want to just hand over your cash to any Dom(me), which is why it does make sense to answer questions etc. But if you don’t have the cash and aren’t just feeling us out, why are you wasting our time? Some would ban you outright for that. I don’t because I appreciate what little you can pay to Me to make My life better. It might not get my cock very hard, but at least it keeps it from falling asleep trying to figure out if the chat is going to be worth it or not. But if I’m going to waste time chatting when I should be working, I’m going to do it with one of my friends I hang with in real life.

Of course sometimes you have questions or ideas. Those are welcomed by Me – and even the poorest of you might have an idea for a file or similar that could end up making Me cash.  It’s just often preferred that you would e-mail those. If you tell Me how much you want to serve Me and be My slave but don’t have the resources to provide for Me … well, any chat attempt is going to end up short. In person isn’t out of the question but highly unlikely for most readers due to My high standards, so really it’s an unreachable fantasy. At least if you do work hard to get to pay Me more, you can feel satisfaction in serving Me, being used by Me, and making My life better and My cock harder. Don’t have much cash? Work your ass off getting a second or third job; and stop wasting cash elsewhere that could be better spent on Me. Buy a $5 coffee every day? Even if you’d give up one day a week of that, it’d be $20 extra you could pay.

I don’t want to hear about how you don’t have much cash. I want to hear about what would make it worth My time to chat with you. As for you knowing the same of Me, that’s why I provide free hypnosis samples and this non-membership blog. You already get a lot from Me. What am I going to get from you?

You can start by paying tribute here.

#CashMaster Couldn’t Help But #Cum to Big #Tribute – #cashslave #paypig #FinancialDomination

Had a great call with HypnoBootsSlave today – who I recently awarded with a $500 tribute badge but who is well on his way to a $1000 one  after today (and I’m confident he’s over that before fees, but badges are revenue earned). It was a great session, and I wish Niteflirt let Me order these from oldest to newest as that would better portray how he started with a $20 tribute and kept working his way up as he got me harder and harder …  around the first $50 I was finally getting hard enough that I slipped my cock out (we were on the phone so he couldn’t see … I’m not a cam guy, esp. with x-rated so don’t ask to see it).  I knew he had gotten a $400 bonus at work and I wanted to milk it when he asked what would really get Me over the edge.  Knowing that he’d already done $205 plus the cost of the call which was over $60 by that point, I told him I really loved $100 and those three digit – or higher – numbers. I expected $100 or close to that … but this cashslave really wanted to get Me HARD … and it was so fucking hot seeing him go even higher than I expected that I couldn’t help but cum as I stroked to seeing all the cash he’d paid Me.  An extra $250!!! Giving Me his full bonus PLUS.  It just shows how powerful my voice can be when you let go and let it in as you accept what it is you are deep down, and what you need to do. And that of course is to pay Master Josh!

Thriftshop Day – sacrifice for #cashmaster – #financialdomination

Today is “National Thriftshop Day”. It’s the perfect reminder of where all inferiors should be shopping when they need something.

You see, you should always be buying used, generic, clearance – whatever you can do save cash so that you have more to pay CashMaster Josh. Dollar stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army, second-hand stores, half-price stores … these places are places you should be familiar with when you need something. The cheaper department stores during a good sale or from their clearance racks can be good too, and there’s no reason to spend cash on that brand-name food when you can save a dollar buying the generic version. Every extra dollar you can give to Me is another dollar that gets me harder and gives us both more pleasure.

So National Thriftshop Day is a good reminder of where losers like you should be shopping. That is, of course, IF you really need that item. If you don’t need it, then you shouldn’t be buying it at all. You should sacrifice and suffer for My benefit…. making my life easier even when your life gets harder. Yet, because MY pleasure is your pleasure, you still get that joy of sending Me that cash … and when it comes down to it, that’s all you really need to be happy and content. You don’t need to spend money on video games, unnecessary clothes, or other things you might get “just for fun,” for paying Me gives you purpose and enjoyment.  And deep down, you know it is what you deserve … and know that EVERYTHING is what I deserve.

The Pleasure for #HumanATMS to Pay #CashMaster Josh – #financialdomination

I’m sure there are those subs out there that think, “Why pay this moneygrubber’s request? How is this any different than those guys that get online and say ‘you fag pay me now!’ when they haven’t earned it?”

Well,  those that pay me know that I have earned it. They know that I use my creative mind and hypnosis talent to create blog posts for you to read, games for you to play, recordings for you to listen to – sometimes even free, such as the new “To Pay Master Josh is Pleasure” file released on Friday (I sent many of you a downloadable MP3, but if you did not get this and would like one, just contact Me).

They also made a commitment to give the recordings MULTIPLE listens because they knew that it would train their minds in the ways they had craved being trained. And if you doubt Me, just take a look at this note from TakeMyMoneyATM after yesterday’s trigger:

“just wanted to thank you for keeping up with the ATM triggers.  It just makes everything so easy – you say pay, I pay, I get an incredible rush of pleasure and cum, further cementing how erotic handing you my cash makes me feel, you get more money to spend with as you like and to continue to corrupt us :)”

Now, the ATM trigger file isn’t even one of my erotic sessions, yet TakeMyMoneyATM has felt that pleasure of paying Me so much that it has become erotic for him. Seeing that, and the cash that was sent as the transaction was completed, in turn made Me hard and filled Me with pleasure.  If you’ve purchases the file and haven’t felt this yet, give it time. Some people are more susceptible than others, but the hypnosis is most successful with repetition. Soon you will let go deeper than you thought possible, and feel more orgasmic pleasure than ever before when you pay Me 😉

Click here to check out some of my hypnosis.
Click here to feel orgasmic pleasure as you send Me a tribute.

1st #Obedience Badge Earned – #Submission to #CashMaster – #FinancialDomination

Congrats to TakeMyMoneyATM for earning the first obedience badge, “Task Conqueror,” by completing five of the submission tasks on the Submit page.

Among the tasks completed were partaking in my birthday challenge (though I think I’ll wait to open it tomorrow along with a few others I’m expecting 😉 ), as shown at right.

He also completed the task to of handwriting “To Pay Master Josh is Pleasure” 100 times. I’ve never been big on tasks, as I often prefer hypnotic influence, but I’m not going to lie… seeing this completed task come in was fucking hot. Job well done, TakeMyMoneyATM!

His badge, and others earned so far by other ATMs, subs & slaves, can be seen here.



#cashslaves #suffer & #sacrifice for #cashgod yet feel #pleasure thru #hypno

I’m not sure what’s more evil. There are those cashmasters that get off on seeing a cashslave suffer through misery as they go far into debt.

And then there’s me, who likes cashslaves to feel pleasure even as they sacrifice more and more down that road to ruin.

While I don’t push debt or ruin on those not into it, if I do push it, I like that sub to feel good as he does it.

It’s a bit like a drug. The long-term results might be destructive and yet one keeps going back and back for that high of giving to a true Superior that feels so good.

In a way, even though I respect limits, I suppose that makes me a bit more evil. I might not enjoy seeing one suffer. But I love that you would come back time and time again for that fix.

If you want to feel the pleasure for yourself, try repeating one of my hypnosis files for a week and see how that relaxation builds up, taking you deeper and deeper until you know without a doubt the power I have over you.

Then feel that pleasure as you send a nice big TRIBUTE, knowing that the more you pay, the better you feel… the better you feel, the more you pay… until even looking at that debt just makes you feel so good.

Of course this is also scary for some… I get that… which is why one is always welcome to set some limits with me and advised to choose their files wisely so that the description matches what you truly seek to experience long-term.

But really, what’s the harm in just relaxing a bit? I think deep down, you know that desire to serve a Superior financially exists inside of you. Why not maximize the experience and enjoy it as much as possible with hypnosis?

And then to truly feel how amazing that hypnosis is, send some cash and feel that pleasure wash stronger than ever over you.

Taking #Advantage of Those with #FinancialFetish & #Hypnosis

Tuesday, I posted a bit about enjoying taking advantage of those that have the financial fetish. I wanted to elaborate a bit on that. I’ve had a couple hypnosis subs say they enjoyed my other files (such as for fitness) so much, that they were tempted to try my financial domination files. This is not my intent, or something I enjoy. If you enjoy my hypnosis but don’t have this interest, do not let the desire to please tempt you into listening. Stick to listening to those files that fit within your interests.

When I am paid for a one-on-one session, that is being paid for a service just as if one had paid a masseur. And while I certainly welcome those I work with in other areas to leave tips or donations to help support the costs of my sites, I consider that as helping to support an artist or author you like, and not as financial domination. I also believe in honesty, which is why all financial domination files are clearly marked. Should any sub choose to listen to them and be impacted by them, that is their choice. But it is not something I encourage, unless you have prior interest in financial domination.

This also separates me from a few predatory hypnotists that have financial elements in their files that are not disclosed, and sometimes not even obvious because the early files perhaps include elements of being dumbed down or giving up control – often both – and the predatory hypnotist then uses that combination of factors to their advantage. I know some of you probably think that’s hot, but that is NOT how I operate.

That said, for those of you that are into this fetish… I want you to listen to my files and see how you respond. That’s why I do provide a few free ones. If you’re going to be giving your cash away, then why not to a hypnotic God who has mastered a skill that can manipulate your mind and dominate your will? The thought of taking advantage of you actually makes me a bit hard.

And I think that’s part of what it boils down to for me… the enjoyment I get from hypnosis is not imposing my will on others, but seeing subs overcome their hesitations as they fully embrace their desires and enjoy their interest or fetish more than they ever felt possible. I love it when a sub into fitness tells me that they used to dread the gym but look forward to it now because the workouts feel so good. I love it when a guy into pup play tells me that he was able to let go more fully into the headspace than ever before. I love it when a guy that enjoys being a slave tells me how good it feels to let go and obey his Master or Mistress more easily than ever thanks to my hypnosis. And I love it when a financial sub says something (as one of my ATMs recently told me): “I never knew paying somebody could feel so good. I’m going to be paying you for a long time to come.”

Some people do have multiple interests… I do have a couple jocks into the financial domination fetish, and that’s fine. But hypnosis works best with your interests, and I as a hypnotist feel much better about myself when we are working towards your interests. Financial domination can be a dangerous, addictive, and even destructive path that isn’t for everybody, and it’s not one I aim to lure anyone down.

However, if you are already going down this path, then my eyes widen up with excitement at the thought of using you to fatten my wallet. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … if you’re going to give your cash away, it might as well be to someone who can truly get in your head and make you feel such a rush whenever you tribute me. Even when you’re sending that cash of your own “free will” and choosing your own amount to put in, you might realize later… “wow that’s more then I meant to send, but it just felt so good.”

By the way, it seems that whenever a sub does want me to say an amount, either I say too much and they end up giving nothing (I am greedy!) or I say too little and they say I could have asked for more. It grows a bit tiresome, and that is part of why I do often prefer a sub enter his own amount. But even if I’m generic in just saying you want to give more, I very much love to encourage all of that… that if you do have this financial fetish, then it just feels so good to give me cash because My pleasure is your pleasure. The more I get, the more I am pleased. The more I am pleased, the more you are pleased. Therefore, you are pleased to give me more. The right amount of cash isn’t an amount… it’s simply, always, “More.” And you never have to wait to send it. You don’t need to be ordered or commanded or triggered or have it suggested. You can simply GIVE IN AND GIVE. And then you can GIVE MORE.

A few of you might be disappointed to read that I’m not completely evil, and others on the hypnosis side would frown upon me exploring this area at all.  The latter can at least try to respect that if there is any dignity for someone that takes money from others, at least I am honest and only encourage it with those that are already into financial domination. The former can then enjoy knowing that despite a “nice” side that tries to retain some integrity, I do love to get in the heads of those of you with this fetish and program you accordingly 😉

If you have enjoyed my hypnosis but are not into financial domination, you can still send a tribute as a gift of support for my work… but in terms of listening to my hypnosis, stick to the files on jockmesmerizer.com and pigmesmerizer.com … and those of you that are ready for a truly warped mind that also warps your bank account, go ahead if you dare and check out the files on the hypnosis page… then after I’ve properly influenced your mind, keep on listening more and more as you feel how amazing it feels to listen and tribute, and then to send me MORE 😉


What #Paypigs & #CashFags Want < What #CashMaster Wants

I was reading through a cashmaster/ cashslave message board and post after post was degrading message from different “superiors” – some of whom were true Masters, others just pretenders, but all sounding remarkably alike.  “bow down faggot,” “kneel worthless cunt,” “Skype me pathetic bitch.’

I realize that this is what many of you guys like and want, but I wonder how many of you grow tired of seeing so much similarity? That is not too say I’m completely different, for there are times when I am very much in the mood to record a file or write a post that puts losers down in their place. And I know from my jock blog that many don’t mind the repetition when it’s something they find hot to begin with.

Still. there are times when I’m not in the mood, and I am not so desperate for cash to need to put on an act and say things I’m not in the mood to say. At the same time, when I do say them doesn’t mean it’s an act… it just means that’s how I fucking feel like expressing myself in that minute.

This past week, I barely had my Niteflirt lines on… not because of any holiday plans, but because I simply didn’t feel like that. Meanwhile, I know at least one of the top-rated flirts leaves his line on even as he sleeps because he is desperate for cash. I won’t name names here, but I’ve been thinking a lot about personas and the truth. Sometimes I feel I am probably a bit too honest here, and not putting on enough of a persona. But then as I think about it… I don’t want to.

And so you can decide, what kind of Dominant do you want to serve. Do you need someone to be constantly degrading you? Great for you; there’s plenty of those types of Doms out there. But if you prefer a guy that has a bit more intelligence and who isn’t just desperate for your money, you should definitely give my hypnosis a try.

Now, just because I’m not desperate for your cash, doesn’t mean I don’t want it. I do, as I previously discussed that I am a greedy bastard – and I’m okay with that. And as I’ve previously discussed, just because I’m not always in the mood to degrade, doesn’t mean I don’t like taking advantage of those in this fetish. I’ll post a bit more Thursday about what I mean by those in this fetish, but in the meantime…. if you’re the type that’s predisposed to give your cash to someone, then I’d so much rather have it be me. And because I’d rather have it be me, I don’t mind warping your mind a little to make sure that you feel so much more of a thrill when you give to me. And isn’t that what you really seek? That ultimate thrill of being used and taken advantage of?

If you want more of the same… well, I’ll make more files along those lines at some point, for I do enjoy variety, and in the meantime, post after post shows you more of the same on those other sites. If you want to try something a bit different, give my hypnosis a try – then be sure to enjoy the thrill of giving me a nice big tribute.

Wednesday #Wishlist with #Feet – #FinancialDomination

Well it warmed up this week in California, and it was a great opportunity to finally take some pics of the sandals I was bought from Steve a bit back. I’ve been trying to find some good black sandals and have struggled to find ones that fit right (doesn’t help that one can’t try them on when it’s a wishlist), but the latest I had added to my wishlist definitely are comfortable. And though I’m not really a foot dom and don’t cam, I thought some of you might appreciate a glimpse of my feet that you love to imagine yourself worshiping as you bow down to the Hypno Superior.


Why don’t you show some gratitude for all I’ve provided with this blog and my hypnosis, and send a nice gift yourself – or even better, a tribute as you send the best gift of all?


Embrace That #Fear #Slaves – #Halloween #Hypnosis #Niteflirt #FinDom

For those in many parts of the world, including the U.S. where I hail from and live, it’s a day of celebration, candy, haunted houses, spooky costumes, and more. I just used your fagcash to run to Target for my own celebration tonight – jello shots are one of my many specialties/talents. But if you’re visiting this site, you know the talent I most like to explore is hypnosis… and on this day of frights, it can be a great way to help overcome some of those fears.

I make no secret I do this for general motivation and erotic fun, so if you have a serious phobia, please see a qualified professional. But if it’s simply a desire you have that you’ve been a bit afraid to explore, try my files or give me a call. Sometimes we just need that extra push to make the desires stronger than the fears, the inhibitions lower than they’ve ever been, and that fantasy becoming closer to reality.

It could be the fear of a specific activity … perhaps taking that spanking to the next level, for example… or perhaps it’s the fear of not being in control as you submit…. maybe, just maybe, it’s the fear of debt if you start to pursue the rush of financial domination.

Of course, those that set limits with me know I respect them… but often people do want that push. And that’s okay. You can call me, or listen to my files,  if you need that permission to just let go. If it’s something you enjoy – and it’s all legal / consensual – then what is there to truly fear? Even the lowest of scum can enjoy the pleasure he feels when he serves, worships, is used by, is abused by, or is humiliated by a Superior master or mistress. And even if it’s to help you better serve someone else, I can use my hypnosis to help you enjoy that pleasure of being put in your place.

There’s nothing to fear slave… try one of my free files or other hypnosis today.

Of course, whose to say some of this isn’t a trick? But hey, all the better for you pay pigs to want to send me a nice big TREAT – click here to treat CashMaster Josh now.