Embrace That #Fear #Slaves – #Halloween #Hypnosis #Niteflirt #FinDom

For those in many parts of the world, including the U.S. where I hail from and live, it’s a day of celebration, candy, haunted houses, spooky costumes, and more. I just used your fagcash to run to Target for my own celebration tonight – jello shots are one of my many specialties/talents. But if you’re visiting this site, you know the talent I most like to explore is hypnosis… and on this day of frights, it can be a great way to help overcome some of those fears.

I make no secret I do this for general motivation and erotic fun, so if you have a serious phobia, please see a qualified professional. But if it’s simply a desire you have that you’ve been a bit afraid to explore, try my files or give me a call. Sometimes we just need that extra push to make the desires stronger than the fears, the inhibitions lower than they’ve ever been, and that fantasy becoming closer to reality.

It could be the fear of a specific activity … perhaps taking that spanking to the next level, for example… or perhaps it’s the fear of not being in control as you submit…. maybe, just maybe, it’s the fear of debt if you start to pursue the rush of financial domination.

Of course, those that set limits with me know I respect them… but often people do want that push. And that’s okay. You can call me, or listen to my files,  if you need that permission to just let go. If it’s something you enjoy – and it’s all legal / consensual – then what is there to truly fear? Even the lowest of scum can enjoy the pleasure he feels when he serves, worships, is used by, is abused by, or is humiliated by a Superior master or mistress. And even if it’s to help you better serve someone else, I can use my hypnosis to help you enjoy that pleasure of being put in your place.

There’s nothing to fear slave… try one of my free files or other hypnosis today.

Of course, whose to say some of this isn’t a trick? But hey, all the better for you pay pigs to want to send me a nice big TREAT – click here to treat CashMaster Josh now.

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