What #Paypigs & #CashFags Want < What #CashMaster Wants

I was reading through a cashmaster/ cashslave message board and post after post was degrading message from different “superiors” – some of whom were true Masters, others just pretenders, but all sounding remarkably alike.  “bow down faggot,” “kneel worthless cunt,” “Skype me pathetic bitch.’

I realize that this is what many of you guys like and want, but I wonder how many of you grow tired of seeing so much similarity? That is not too say I’m completely different, for there are times when I am very much in the mood to record a file or write a post that puts losers down in their place. And I know from my jock blog that many don’t mind the repetition when it’s something they find hot to begin with.

Still. there are times when I’m not in the mood, and I am not so desperate for cash to need to put on an act and say things I’m not in the mood to say. At the same time, when I do say them doesn’t mean it’s an act… it just means that’s how I fucking feel like expressing myself in that minute.

This past week, I barely had my Niteflirt lines on… not because of any holiday plans, but because I simply didn’t feel like that. Meanwhile, I know at least one of the top-rated flirts leaves his line on even as he sleeps because he is desperate for cash. I won’t name names here, but I’ve been thinking a lot about personas and the truth. Sometimes I feel I am probably a bit too honest here, and not putting on enough of a persona. But then as I think about it… I don’t want to.

And so you can decide, what kind of Dominant do you want to serve. Do you need someone to be constantly degrading you? Great for you; there’s plenty of those types of Doms out there. But if you prefer a guy that has a bit more intelligence and who isn’t just desperate for your money, you should definitely give my hypnosis a try.

Now, just because I’m not desperate for your cash, doesn’t mean I don’t want it. I do, as I previously discussed that I am a greedy bastard – and I’m okay with that. And as I’ve previously discussed, just because I’m not always in the mood to degrade, doesn’t mean I don’t like taking advantage of those in this fetish. I’ll post a bit more Thursday about what I mean by those in this fetish, but in the meantime…. if you’re the type that’s predisposed to give your cash to someone, then I’d so much rather have it be me. And because I’d rather have it be me, I don’t mind warping your mind a little to make sure that you feel so much more of a thrill when you give to me. And isn’t that what you really seek? That ultimate thrill of being used and taken advantage of?

If you want more of the same… well, I’ll make more files along those lines at some point, for I do enjoy variety, and in the meantime, post after post shows you more of the same on those other sites. If you want to try something a bit different, give my hypnosis a try – then be sure to enjoy the thrill of giving me a nice big tribute.

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