#Wishlist Wednesday – #cashslaves gift your #cashmaster

This is a bit of wishlist catch-up. Last winter when I quit my job to do my own thing, I also wanted to finally grow some serious facial hair. I wasn’t sure if I’d end up going for a stubble look or grow a beard, and added various stubble and beard trimmers to my wishlist. I ended up with three… one was pure stubble that I never ended up using (it’ll end up a gift for someone at some point 😉 )… I meant to take it off my wishlist upon receiving the others but didn’t beat out a sub that decided that was the gift for me.  Of the others, I was glad that a 2nd came because the first one didn’t do a very good job. I ended up keeping both around, and only recently did I give the first away to the person that has been staying with my roommate and I, as a bit of charity to him. Of course, as soon as I did that, the 2nd one stopped holding a charge – so that one is now back on my wishlist. I could look into the warranty (not sure if it has one still available), but it’d be so much easier to not waste my time and just have one of you buy me a new one. Or if you have a beard and have a shaver you recommend I add to my wishlist, just hit me up. I don’t really want another one of these if it means it dies again in a year, but at the same time, I know I like the way it trims my beard – the guards are just right to get close, without getting so close as to accidentally take a bit too much off.


Of course, I’d really love a new one of these before I travel for the holidays, so which one of you pay pigs would love to help Master keep his beard looking so good for Christmas? Get it for me from my wishlist now – or send me a nice big tribute.

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