Tech Troubles #Niteflirt #Hypnosis #FinancialDomination

Due to mistakes by my roommate, I am without Internet until Wednesday pm and thus will be unable to be online until that is resolved. I am currently using a friend’s so I will get a few things in queue, but my usually “invisible” self will genuinely be offline and also not on Niteflirt much (hard for me to manage the two accounts on my phone). I’ll definitely be back on soon, just a small unexpected “vacation”. Hope all you moneyslaves, paypigs, and cashfags have a great Labor day weekend.

Feels So Good to #Pay #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis #FinDom #CashMaster

It feels so good to pay your Cashmaster
Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior
Knowing that you are inferior
Knowing that I am Superior
It feels so right to provide me with that comfort and convenience
To put your wants last
As you put my needs first
Feels so good to provide me with that luxury and extravagance
Allowing me to live like the God I am
While you serve me as the peon you are
Paying me your taxes
Dispensing to me as my ATM
Sending cash as tribute as you give, give, give
And all the while my hypnosis molds you more
Making you more mine
Making you know deep down what is right
For when you let go and give in
And look deep within
You know it is so right to pay Master Josh
To send me TRIBUTE NOW

When Are You On #Niteflirt ? #FinancialDomination #Hypnosis

I don’t post schedules because really this varies, but for those wondering I’d thought of giving a general idea of when I’m on / off.

I’m more likely to be on in afternoons and evenings Pacific time. Sometimes I am on in mornings Pacific time. I rarely am on past midnight (though occasionally forget to sign off for the night).

If I am offline, it may be temporary due to: running an errand, taking the dog out for a walk, cooking food I don’t want to burn, or on another call (or otherwise arranged session).  I might be on again if you check back in an hour .

There may be additional nights where I am off for social reasons but I don’t really like to post if I’m not around for safety reasons. Sometimes I am around but not just in the mood to answer calls – hey it happens!

Even when not in the mood for random sex talk on Niteflirt, I usually could still be talked into a hypnosis session for $$ if I am around and not off doing something. $$ is always good motivation for me to turn the lines on, so feel free to hit me up and see if I’m around.


ATMS PAY $40 NOW. It feels right to give in. It feels good to obey.
ATMS PAY $40 NOW. It feels right to be programmed. My hypnosis feels good.
ATMS PAY $40 NOW. It feels right to dispense cash. It feels good to pay Master Josh.

That trigger so automatic. Feeling so right because it is so right. Feeling so good because it is good to give to your Superior.


#MP3 Spotlight – Let’s Go #Shopping #Wishlist #FinancialDomination #EroticHypnosis

This week’s spotlight is for those that LOVE to buy Superior men all those things that they need and want from their wishlist. Stroke your cock into an obedient trance, then find yourself adding more and more to your cart.

It’s true my favorite gift is cash, but getting a pleasant surprise in the mail is a close second. You’ll find a mix of things needed (such as a vacuum) to wanted (a new laptop), inexpensive (storage items) to luxurious (big-screen TV; jewelry) … of course if you can’t make up your mind, gift cards are always highly valued!

You don’t have to listen to this file to give to a man you know deep down is Superior to you – simply click on the link here and shop away:

But for those that enjoy some erotic hypnotic pleasure with their purchases, be sure to consider buying my “Let’s Go Shopping” file, and listen to a free preview below:

“Have listened to it three times since downloading it tonight and love it.” -kcleatherboi

Treated Like Other #Fagboys & #CashFags ? #Cashmaster #FinancialDomination #Findom

Sometimes I talk with a cashfag just because I want his money – and you can bet that is just about why any cashmaster would talk to most cashfags, as generally such a faggot is not worth our time unless cash gets sent from them to us.

Every once in a while, though, there is such as sub that I enjoy chatting with for whatever reason. One such young guy just got so enthusiastic about it all that it felt fun to chat with him. However, he said he wanted to be treated like all my other fags. He had me send a small, easily affordable payment request. He didn’t pay.

I told him I was done with him until he paid and he said I was being mean… but that’s how I would treat most other cashfags that he said he wanted to be treated like. If he wanted to chat with me more as a “boy” / submissive friend, that’d be one thing… but if he wanted me to treat him how I treat “fags”… then he was going to have to make it worth my time for him to chat with him.

Sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for. Speaking of which, I wish some of you fags would spend all your money on me. 😉 TRIBUTE HERE NOW.

#Master is Suffering; #Give to Improve My Spirits #FinancialDomination #Niteflirt

Okay, so it’s nothing too serious, but I pushed a bit too hard on my last workout and my right foot has been hurting the last couple of days. So I haven’t been on here, Niteflirt, etc., as much as I’d hope as I’ve been icing & elevating the foot and allowing it to rest/heal. It’s a bummer though as it eats into productivity time. Help Master get back on his feet by sending a nice Tribute now – and hopefully I’m able to get on much more the rest of this week.

Love My Recurring #Cashslaves – #FinancialDomination

I often am asked how many regulars I have. The truth is, I have far more “semi-regulars” and, their brags aside, I think the same is true for most cashmasters.

There are a couple reasons for this. One is that cashslaves aren’t made out of money – though don’t I wish I could find a sugarslave! 😉 Some are content with small regular tributes but others prefer the rush of a big spend – but that means they need to then retreat until they build back up.

Another reason is some just like to go from master to master because they have no loyalty. Some masters they’ll never go back to, for they realize those masters don’t provide them with the thrill, humiliation, pleasure, or other feeling they are seeking. But some do, and those they return to.

My hypnosis has a way of getting in a sub’s head. Even if it’s been a while, it doesn’t take much for them to think about what they really crave deep down…. how they know deep within that they want to just let go and give in to my programming. There is a need deep inside to give…. a desire deep inside to provide for a Superior…. a craving deep down within themselves to allow a Dominant man inside their heads… fuck with their minds a little… and remind them just exactly why they love to keep coming back to me and TRIBUTE NOW.

#EroticHypnosis #MP3 for #FinancialDomination #Boots #FootWorship #ATM

If you love to be reminded you belong down at, or even below, a Master’s feet…

If you need that reminder to help you realize who really deserves that cash just sitting in your accounts…

Then you want to check out my erotic hypnosis mp3 that makes you feel like my accelerator as I drive you to the bank: My Gas Pedal.

“For those into foot/boot service, this is the recording for you! Master Josh can drive me to the ATM any time he wants!”




That’s right my ATMs … it doesn’t matter how many times a week I trigger you… it doesn’t matter what the amounts are (though you know I keep them on the affordable side for you, for I do understand your struggles)… it doesn’t matter when you last listened to the ATM file…. the hypnosis suggestion is in your mind…. you must obey, you must pay, when I say or write that phrase…. ATMS PAY NOW…. and send that dollar amount attached….. ATMS PAY $25 NOW.

All are welcome to tribute any amount in support of my sites/hypnosis or in recognition that I -am- SUPERIOR to an inferior like you.

#FinancialDomination #Hypnosis #Domination

I love hypnotizing people. Of course, only when it financially benefits me.

I always recommend listening to my free files found on my hypnosis page first… just scroll down and click for a listen (also on YouTube).

But once you know you respond… I love getting to do sessions to take you further under my control. Making you crave those inner desires. Helping you accept your lot in life.

Though this is the financial domination blog, the hypnosis could be for many different things… if it makes you feel right and helps you with your desires, then it’s such a rush for me.

That doesn’t necessarily mean I want to see you… or hear you grossly stroking your cock to my words… sometimes I prefer when certain fags listen to files. But arranging for some one on one can also be a lot of fun – for both of us.

What are your desires? Let’s explore them today…. just remember, I don’t do one-on-one sessions for free, and, unless you’re a proven follower, payment is upfront or as done through the Niteflirt calls.

#Tribute #Gifts Special Occasion for #FinancialDomination

This coming weekend is my parents’ 40th anniversary.

I already hit up my ATMs so I had some cash to send a gift certificate, but such a big occasion deserves more.

Help me pay tribute to the folks who gave birth to such a talented hypnotist, a young man that has grown into a SUPERIOR being worthy of your worship thanks in part to amazing role models.

Help me tribute them, by paying TRIBUTE to me now! I would also accept Amazon gift certificates since this is to get my parents something nice.