Treat? #CashMaster ‘s Smelly #Feet – #paypig #cashfag #moneyslave #findom #financialdomination

This is no trick …. here’s a treat….
An extra pic of my smelly feet.
JDVApr2010 18

Now be a good pay pig, moneyslave, or cash fag
and add some cash to Master Josh’s bag!

#ATMS PAY $35 NOW – #humanATM #cashslave #paypig #cashmaster #findom #financialdomination


You are programmed to be My HumanATM.
You are programmed to serve and obey Master Josh.
The trigger grows stronger over you every day.
The trigger grows more powerful with each use.


It feels so right to be used by your Superior
It feels so right to give Me what I deserve
It feels so right to give Me more and more
It feels so right to dispense cash to your Superior


It feels so good to be of use to Master Josh.
It feels so good make My life better
It feels so good to serve as My obedient ATM.
It feels so good to obey as you complete the transaction.



#Wishlist Wed – #CashMaster Takes Advantage of #paypigs #cashfags for Muscle #Advantage – #findom

I love taking advantage of you as I provide myself with all advantages possible to get bigger, faster.

That includes supplements to help my progress, Suma and ZMA. If you’re not familiar with them, you can google the benefits. It’s hard to tell for sure if they’re helping when I’m doing multiple changes at once, but I can only hope it’s all worth it.



Of course, having the time to focus on that muscle is only because I’ve been so successful taking advantage of you and those like you – humanATMs, cashslaves, pay pigs, cash cows, cashfags, and other inferiors with a need to serve a Superior.

Be it from my hypnosis, my financial domination games and PTVs, or other ways, it’s amazing to take advantage of you so that I can have all the advantages one would want on a fitness journey. And I know you all love the feeling of being used by a true Superior.

Don’t stop now, subs. Keep worshiping Me with a nice gift from the wishlist or by getting us both hard when you send Me my favorite gift of all – that nice green cash.

#CashMaster Loves Waking Up to $150 – #paypig #cashslave #findom #humanATM #financialdomination

Sure, I’ve gotten bigger amounts, like the $1000 cash / $500 gifts from Loser B last week. But there’s also something to be said about making cash without lifting a finger. Of course, I did put in time and work when I created the goodies, files, and PTV chains… but it’s so hot to see it pay off and net me $150 even as I sleep. More great content should be coming soon – always working on things for one site or another, and welcome your suggestions and feedback. If it’s not five-star feedback, I’d rather you write me directly and tell me how I can get your loser dicks going…  even as you give me more green. In the meantime, as good as this felt, I’m ready to make more. Be good little paypigs and cash cows and open up your mind to Me… draining you of all thought so that I can drain you of more cash.
HypnoSuperior EasyMoney 10272015

You can check out my games & PTVs here …. the hypnosis files here …. and add to my weekly total here.

Big $1000 #Tribute 4 #CashMaster plus $500 Gifts – #Cashslave #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I had an amazing session late Tuesday night with my favorite Loser B, but didn’t get this posted – in part due to being busy, and in part due to wanting to make sure it all processed and arrived okay.

You see, this loser loves how I get in his head with the hypnosis and take him deep down for programming. And he knows without a doubt that to pay Master Josh is pleasure. He gave me a nice score right around my birthday, and it was good to have him back.

Of course, last time, he just had to say that I could have taken him for more. So this time, I did.

At first, it was just a couple items on Amazon and $100. I tried to suggest $500 to push for it… but he seemed a bit unsure. Or perhaps wanted me to seem more sure. I couldn’t read it at first … was he saying it was too much, or something else? So, I went down to $400…. afterall, $500 total would still be nice. But he still seemed hesitant.

So, I went for it. I suggested $900 the next time I took him under, and the cashslave felt that amazing rush as he indeed sent me $900. A grand total in cash, one night.

TributefromLoserB 10212015

That wasn’t enough though … so then he bought me one more Amazon gift, over $200 for that one … over $500 total in gifts. You’ll see them posted soon enough as part of Wishlist Wednesdays 😉

I hope I can catch some of you very soon and get just as much pleasure… because fuck is it hot seeing that big amount now deposited in my bank account. And I’m too greedy to stop there.


#Wishlist Wed. – #domesticservice for #slaves – #financialdomination

This is one of those old items I just never got around to posting. It comes from Loser Shawn – the biggest faggot I’ve ever met.

It’s not the most exciting of gifts, but it is practical, allowing for quick clean-up of spills etc. when you don’t feel like getting out a full vacuum (which, I actually don’t have anymore anyway as each time I move, I have to sell things or leave them to family/friends).


You can rectify that by getting Me a new one from the wishlist..

Of course, you should be the ones coming and doing all my cleaning for Me anyway …. so here you go, slave. Make yourself useful with some domestic service for your CashMaster. I’ve got the mini-vac all ready to go for you, loser.

Another way to make yourself useful? Getting Me really hard by sending Me lots of cash.


#ATMS PAY $5 NOW – #humanATM #cashslave #cashmaster #tribute #findom #financialdomination

Been little busy writing some custom scripts I was hired for; excited by some of it plus gotta love the extra cash, but has me a bit busy…. so bringing back a repeat 😉


Not A Bad Week for #CashMaster Josh – #financialdomination

I’ve been trying to get my creative writing juices flowing to work on some new scripts, with the hope of recording a few next week when my roommate is out of town. Sometimes they come naturally and sometimes they don’t. What’s great is that you all let me take my time. Some sessions with my #1 Brainwashed ATM this week netted me $250 on top of what I already got from HypnoBootsSlave, and with others enjoying my PTV chains and more, sometimes I was earning cash without doing any extra work this week – all from what I’d worked on previously. It’s good to be Superior.

As always, feel free to submit your ideas for files. I’ll be working hard this next month or so trying to get new ones done ahead of the holidays and New Year that are both coming up way too fast.  And be sure to help support Me as I work on them with a nice sized tribute.
HypnosSuperior Oct2015JPG

#Wishlist Wed. – #Moneymaster Muscle in Making – #financialdomination

Well, I’m back from My trip (assuming all has gone as planned as I’m writing this ahead in queue), and it’s time your CashMaster got focused on building more muscle.

Thankfully, you’ve all been providing Me with plenty of arsenal for my goals. I’ve posted before about adjustable dumbbells, whey & casein protein powders, a push-up training system, workout DVD sets, and more – all bought by you, or using gift cards from you.

Add on to that list this “home gym” band system. It’s actually my second, but one just wasn’t enough to make Me feel challenged – so now I have two side by side. Though I prefer weights, it’s great to have the ability to switch things up.


Keep providing for Me and I’ll keep entertaining you with this blog as I work on both my muscle and more hypnosis. You can help Me keep my priorities in line – as you keep your priorities right where they should be – by buying Me another item from my wishlist, or better yet, sending a nice big cash tribute. Get Me hard, loser.

#CashMaster Glad To Be Back #Dominating #CashSlaves – #FinDom #CashFag #FinancialDomination

Just made some cash via a Niteflirt phone call and some hypnotic cashdraining and walletrape – all the better to help recover from the hotels and other travel costs incurred. Of course, your fagcash was used on the down payment of my new lease I just got as well 😉  After a week of fun visits but lacking privacy/reception/etc., it’s good to be back!

HS Tributes 10132015

#HumanATMs & Subconscious / Hypnotic Desires – #FinancialDomination

The subconscious mind is a difficult thing to work with sometimes, especially when everybody is so different.

I write this with two subs in mind. One, a humanATM, hasn’t been feeling financial domination in general lately. Not just Me, but with any CashMasters. This is somewhat normal – our desires ebb and flow, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker. I love when my hypnosis can make anyone’s desires stronger and give them more pleasure – but when that desire disappears, even if temporary, sometimes even that isn’t enough. It’s a hot fantasy that hypnosis could work magic reprogramming somebody completely,  but most aren’t susceptible enough for that. Instead, it works with your current goals, desires and fantasies to make them hotter, more enjoyable, more reachable as we push past any resistance and have you find the pleasure.

Yet, even when the desire is still there, sometimes what we think we desire is not something we really want. The other sub I have in mind has had excellent consistent work this 15 months or so. Once in a while he wants to incorporate a new element into the fantasy of our sessions. One example that worked was feet – though I am not set up to cam with feet, he got some of the photos I have available and I used my hypnosis to make his fantasy even hotter. Recently, though, he wanted to add in blackmail. I don’t do blackmail in general, but I figured he was a good enough subject that we could explore it as fantasy.

A couple weeks later, he tells Me he is feeling resistant to pay. I ask about several things, such as if there are any creditors hounding him lately or other possibilities that might be seeping into his subconscious. He couldn’t think of anything. And then I realized, it was probably the blackmail suggestions. Our sessions had been focused on the desire to pay, but with the blackmail fantasy, it suddenly became more that he had to pay. This might work fine with some of you, but with this sub, it seems it led to some resistance. The next session, we worked on correcting that and all was back to good as we again focus on giving him all that pleasure of being programmed by the Financial Domination Stud.

This post is a bit more serious than some, but since hypnosis is my forte, it’s worth sharing. If you try a file and feel more resistant than you think you should be, consider what it is you really want. What might be hot in fantasy doesn’t always lend to long-term programming, and the long-term repetitive programming might not be as hot as some one-off fantasies but it’s going to be more effective in the long run.

If you haven’t tried any of my hypnosis, you can check it out here.

#Wishlist Wed. – #CashMaster New TV – #financialdomination

Though I’m already falling behind due to my travels this week, fall TV shows have just started back up. Helping out is this new TV that MesmerizedSub got yours truly for my birthday.

Though it’s not as big as I deserve (maybe one of you will correct that by buying Me something bigger from my wishlist), it’s still a convenient extra TV.

Even better, it has the benefits of being a SmartTV as well. Hello, Hulu.

Of course, I’m going to be needing a LOT of new furniture & such with my upcoming move. Help your Superior out with a nice cash tribute.

Why just now post something from my birthday? Because often my gifts come in clusters and I’m trying to spread them out for your enjoyment… keeping the blog fresh and updated. Of course, if you all just started buying Me more… 😉