#ATMS PAY $50 NOW – #cashmaster Josh is going shopping

It’s Black Friday and I’m shopping for my family’s Christmas presents, so I need some help from all the ATMS out there. Whether you simply have stumbled upon this blog and feel the urge to spend some cash of your own on a skilled hypnotic Master, or have been fully programmed by my ATM hypnosis, I know you really want to send that cash. And if you are programmed, it’s just so automatic as I say ATMS PAY $50 NOW. Simply sending a tribute right now. No need to think. No worries about your financial situation. You just need to send that cash to Master Josh.  Programmed to be part machine, programmed as my loyal, obedient, ATM. Programmed to be part human, feeling the pleasure as you obey me saying ATMS PAY $50 NOW and the pleasure as you hit send and complete the transaction. And no matter who you are, you can love the thought that I’m spending your cash shopping for what I want and spoiling my family, not spending one penny of my own cash because I have all of you to serve as ATMS …. ATMS PAY $50 NOW – TRIBUTE!

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