#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster ‘s Package(s) Stack Up – #PayPigs #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Thanks to many of My subs – especially Loser B and CashFagDirt who sent packages directly, and RubberCashSlave who has been generous with the gift cards – I’ve had a non-stop parade of packages this past month. Here’s a little teaser of what’s to come ahead for Wishlist Wednesdays …  want to give yourself? Play My shopping games here or visit My wishlist …. but remember, my favorite gift of all is that crisp GREEN CASH.






P1000442P1000430 P1000432

More Badges for #CashSlaves Who Have Served #CashMaster Well – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

It’s time to award a few more badges.

First is CashFagDirt, who had been previously been called by another name but requested a chance. His previous badge was Gift Card Warrior, but in the last few months he has earned much more by tributing $100 cash in one session, tributing over $500 total cash, and buying Me multiple gifts which have added up.

Second is RubberCashSlave, who has enjoyed sending Me many Amazon gift cards, and I know he looks forward to sending many more as well. As much as he has sent, I may need to add some more badges for gift cards.

Third, pierreslave gave his first $100 tribute and earned the bronze spender badge.

On a related note, I would love it if there was a good plug-in or other option to create something where slaves could update their own amounts of tributes, yet have it be password protected so that they could only edit their own, and no one else’s (though Master would of course also have access to all). Anything to make My life easier.

Until that option comes, or until I have a secretary slave I can trust to help assist, then just let me know if I have missed any of you. It’s difficult for a busy guy like Me to keep track of it all. You can check out badges to earn here and see what other subs have already earned here.

In the meantime, you can always help make Master’s financial burden easier by sending Me some cash here.


Your #CashLord Has Risen – But #CashFags Aren’t Saved

Your Lord has risen – but you are not saved.

Nothing can save you from your destiny of serving those that are Superior. Nothing can save you from the debt that you deserve to be burdened with.

You have no choice but to accept your fate.

Well, there is one choice you can make. You can enjoy your destiny more than you ever knew possible.

And you can enjoy it by choosing to listen to My hypnosis. For Mine is the power … and yours will be My kingdom … as you tribute and tithe your CashGod with everything he deserves – and more.



#CashSlaves Words Empty, Must Prove Worthy Thru #Tribute & Action – #FinancialDomination

So, when I posted about RubberCashSlave, I received the following comment – which is great on the one hand, and aggravating on the other. First, the comment:

“Reading this was almost like reading the story of my own interaction with Master Josh. I promised so much and never delivered. On reading how RubberCashSlave later found his way back (and became such a great tributing slave, soon happily giving over $400) gave me great hope that there was a way back for me as well. I have started listening to some of the hypno tapes for beginners and became filled with desire to start again and serve at the feet of Master Josh. In fact, I now realise that I am in love with His godly feet and want to be permanently enslaved to them. So I want to emulate RubberCashSlave and within a short time, maybe 2 to 3 weeks, hear Master Josh declare also for me “he is Mine now” just as He did for that slave..
Much time and opportunities to tribute have sadly been lost and cannot be recouped. But with the power of Master’s Hypno voice and submitting to His feet, I now hope to become the best cash slave I can be. And I am confident that the hypnotic voice of Master Josh will get me to be just that.
Licking His boots, I beg Master Josh to take me back as an ATM and as a Bill Slave. Hoping He will agree, I spun the Bills wheel and it stopped on Cell Phone at $83.64 per month. I hope He will agree to assign that to me as well as using me as an ATM. If You permit, I will fill out the slave application form as You demand.
Last year, Master suggested that I take my holidays at home and devote the holiday time to consolidating my slavery by listening to his tapes on a daily basis. The holiday savings I had coming could be lovingly surrendered to Master. Well, I am hoping He will agree to take my holiday savings at work which should come in late June or July. I think Master Jock will agree that He is far more deserving of that money and it would be just wasted on me, a mere cash slave.
I hope to see Master Jock write on here in a week or two in reference to me: “he has proven worth my time after all, just as he will continue to be worth my time for such a long time to come. For he is Mine now.” Master Josh, I beg forgiveness for my failures and hope I can make it up to You in the next few weeks and far beyond. Please brainwash me into being your loyal cashslave.”

So why is it aggravating? Because I responded that all He had to do was start tributing or paying bills – all the goodies and PTVs are there – and he still hasn’t. Which leads Me to think one of three things:

  1. This fag wants to wank for free over being chided for not paying. Sorry, all you get is a dismissal until you prove yourself.
  2. This fag thinks I can work some kind of magic to just make him pay. My hypnosis is powerful – many of you know that to be so true deep down – but it still requires some willingness on the sub’s part.
  3. This fag expects Me to work with him until he breaks.
That last one, of course, is WRONG. Could I make more money if I worked with subs until they broke? Potentially. But Master does not have the fucking time for that! And that also misses the point of the story with RubberCashSlave. I didn’t work with him until things changed – he kept listening, on his own, to My hypnosis, until his mind was finally ready to accept his place as my inferior.
So Slave Jay, and any others, keep listening and going deep. You too can open your mind up to new possibilities. And it has been so exciting working more with RubberCashSlave. But he has shown he is worth My time to work with him more. Some flaky ass fag who gave one minor tribute once but broke promises and failed to deliver multiple times? The fag even admits it himself: “I promised so much and never delivered. ” The only good thing fags like that are good for is an occasional cautionary tale of how NOT to be a good cashslave.
But this fag has now been given more attention in this post then his inferior self has ever deserved, so goodbye forever Slave Jay until you make yourself worthy of being in future posts. I do hope you will. But words mean nothing. And that is a lesson for all pay pigs and moneyslaves – in contrast to Superiors like Me who have power even in our words, a loser’s inferior words mean nothing. It is your actions that count.
Any of you reading this that do want to serve …. prove yourselves with that action now! Listen to My hypnosis. Send those tributes. BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR.


More #Tribute & #Wishlist Fun – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I’ve added a few “mini-games” into the sidebar of the site (you might have to scroll down on mobile) – three total. Each one gives you something to pick, and the result will vary each time you visit, refresh, or go to a new page as the items randomize.

First is a tribute generator with amounts ranging from $5 to $75 – odds are better for some amounts than others. Ever visit the site and want to tribute, but not sure how much? Now you can just click the tribute generator and pay the amount requested.

Second is a similar option but linked to various wishlist games – tshirts, games, gift cards, and other items, all falling under $100 but varying in amounts.

Third is the same concept, but with bills, though I only used expenses under $100 as well. Want to pay a bill but unsure which one? Click on the sidebar item and pay away, payslave.

I’ve thought about making this site a pay site just to read the blog before… but you fags luck out because my specialty of erotic /fetish hypnosis is a difficult subject with payment providers. But that’s no excuse to be reading and stroking and never give … especially when I keep making it easier and easier for you to do so. So what are you waiting for?  Click, pay, buy, and worship your CashMaster now!


#CashDrain & #Mindfuck of #CashSlave – #bankrupt #cashrape #findom #financialdomination

Well, I posted the results last week, but didn’t have much chance to talk about my big session with Loser B. I honestly was not expecting such a big score after the last one, but I knew he had a tax refund coming up, and I thought it was worth the try to leave the message.

Loser B has always responded to my hypnosis, even when I was starting out and still trying to play it a bit nice. I was not aware how depraved he, or many of you fags, truly are, as I came from a world of doing hypnosis with jocks and pups where I certainly enjoyed My power but it was much more mild than this world. And, some of the people who have served as my ATMs or done sessions with Me have done so because they know I am someone they can trust.

Yet, when I learn how much certain subs enjoy it when I use them or take advantage… I certainly will. Some like it in theory… I’ve posted how my #1 ATM wanted to feel more threatened about exposure but that fantasy actually made him less eager for sessions, until we returned to focusing on the pleasure of paying Me. For even when I use people, sometimes it is best to focus on how amazing and arousing it can be to serve Me.

This sub though, Loser B … his comments would often hint that I could have gone farther … and that was no case this time. I even got him to admit he wanted “mean Josh” … which, is not to say I’m aggressive in yelling like some CashMasters, but rather just allowing My selfish, greedy, evil side out in full force. And so even though I knew he had some bills coming up where he wanted at least a couple hundred left in his accounts on … at least one side of him did …. I knew another part of him just needed Me to be ruthless. So I took it all. $400. $300. And then just when he thought I might leave $250 for those upcoming bills… I took $250.

On top of that, some gifts for myself. But there was one gift I wanted – one really expensive gift – that we didn’t quite get to. That’s okay though. I know we’ll be having another session soon enough. And I know this next time, whenever it is, he will buy Me exactly the item I want, regardless of cost. Won’t you, loser?



#ATMS PAY $25 NOW – #HumanATM #Cashslave #CashFag #Mindfuck #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I haven’t posted a session with my number one ATM for a while, and thought it was about time I did. Aside for editing for length, readability, and anonymity, I’ve also modified/edited it so that the trigger is for the ATM trigger, as I also haven’t posted one of those for a while either. It is long, hypnotic, and you are warned you might end up paying whether you are an ATM of mine or not …. so I’ve posted that below the line… and for any ATMs who simply wish to pay without reading it all….  ATMS PAY $25 NOW

Continue reading #ATMS PAY $25 NOW – #HumanATM #Cashslave #CashFag #Mindfuck #FinDom #FinancialDomination

#CashMaster Gets to #CashRape #CashFag Again – #CashSlave #FinDom #FinancialDomination

I’ve been busy working on some custom hires still, but hope to catch up on this blog soon. In the meantime, had a great session with Loser B again that included $400 in gifts and just shy of a grand in cash, as shown below. I will go into more detail on this later when I have more time – Cashmaster Josh has some plans tonight – but I know I’ve neglected this blog this past week and wanted to show you some of my amazing power in action 😉   The sesssion was on Monday but I wanted to wait until it all deposited – which was Wednesday – and just haven’t had time until now to post. More coming next week, if not sooner 🙂

LoserB03162016 LoserB03162016A


New & Updated #FinDom Games – Shopping for #CashMaster Josh

Well, pay pigs and cashslaves, I’ve updated My three shopping games (no one item repeats within a game now) and added a NEW fourth game as well.

$HOPPING $PREE – Now features all physical items from my wishlist (no gift cards), all under $100.

GIFT CARD GRAB – Now has more options and features a variety of gift cards, all under $100. Will you be sending Me cards for movies, restaurants, clothing, department stores, travel or other?

HEY BIG SPENDER – Now more bags to choose from, with all items under $500 and most in the $100-$200 range.

GIFT WHEEL – Not sure what to buy Me? My newest game helps to narrow it down. Due to constantly changing items, this one leaves you moneyslaves and cash cows with some say in what you buy Me, but lets you know what price range or category (such as DVDs, T-Shirts, Books, Protein, Appliances, $50 Gift Cards, or Electronics) to choose from. There’s one slot for “Any Gift Card” which also features a “Spin Again,” so you might end up getting Me two items. Or as many items as you want to spin for – besides the special page, I’ve also posted the wheel below for your convenience.

Go check them out via the links above or on the Game Central page, and have fun draining your accounts & adding to your debts as you buy your Superior everything I need or want.  What are you waiting for? I know deep down you have the desire to make My life better, so go ahead & play. If you prefer not to but still wish to tribute, you can visit My wishlist here.

Another #CashSlave Under My #Hypnotic Power – #MoneySlave #FinDom #FinancialDomination

A while back, RubberCashSlave wrote Me … and nothing really happened. It happens. Sometimes subs don’t want to spend cash until they have worked with someone, but knowing that I am not for everyone, I point people to my free files and then say “prove you’re worth my time.” And if you show multiple times that you aren’t worth my time, I’m not above blocking you, because you can “promise” all the cash you want … but as long as it remains a “promise”… that’s all it is. I don’t think my interaction with this sub was by any means bad, as I did not block him, I just wasn’t sure if he was worth My time at first, and we lost contact for a bit.

Cut to months later, and he’s been training with My files and learned just how truly powerful I am. With some added suggestions sent to him during trance as we text, he is learning just how amazing it feels to have My power fill up in him and his cock. Yet, he knows he is too inferior to cum. Rather, he edges, and edges, and edges, going deeper into submission with each stroke until all his lust centers on Me. Other guys are losing their luster, for he knows no one can arouse him like I can. And he has proven worth my time after all, just as he will continue to be worth my time for such a long time to come. For he is Mine now.

And in just a few short weeks, he has already sent me over $400 in Amazon Gift Cards. Some of them were spread out with other messages, but I managed to capture a nice string of the majority:
RubberCashSlaveAmazonGiftCards RubberCashSlaveAmazonGiftCardsRedeemed

I’m sure that just seeing this is making him crave sending Me more … for he knows now that to pay Master Josh is pleasure. Just as he feels pleasure as he strokes…. yet he is not allowed to cum. And all the rubber and other gear he loves to wear tight against his body, have now become reminders of My power over him… pressing against his body the same way My words press deep into his subconscious…. taking over…. brainwashing him into my loyal cashslave.

My hypnosis can do the same for you …. and if you already know that, then you can give in to that desire to feel the pleasure as you pay CashMaster Josh now!

Bills Page Updated – #PaySlaves & #BillSlaves Spin to Pay #CashMaster Josh’s Expenses – #FinDom

I’ve added and updated some bills, after some changes with my recent move, on the Bills page. You can also get my payslave file there, preview below.

And to really make things more exciting for My inferiors, I’ve added a new spin wheel for those that need to be “assigned” a bill, or want it to be a game. Just spin the wheel (posted below, and on the Bills page), then pay the corresponding bill or expense. Ones that say “with fee” are ones that have the Niteflirt Fee added in.

Keep watching the blog for more exciting updates in the coming months … and in the meantime, what are you waiting for? I know you have a craving deep inside of you to help make My life better and take care of one of My expenses…. so go ahead…. take a spin, then pay Me and leave that five-star feedback you know I deserve for letting you bathe in my Superior power.


Fated to Serve #CashMaster Josh – #Cashslave #PayPig #CashFag #FinDom #FinancialDomination

The following is a submission by JoshWorshipper – he actually submitted it a bit ago, but I have been crazy busy with first the move and then some custom hypnosis script hires. With slight editing by Me, this is his story about becoming fated to serve Cashmaster Josh. I’d enjoy reading your submissions too, as I’m sure your fellow subs would as well – posts can be anonymous if that’s your preference and it helps make My life easier by providing content for the blog, so it’s a win-win, even for losers 😉

I’m not sure exactly how it happened. It may be that sessions with Master Josh since my initiation into his service have blurred my memory and made it seem like I’ve always been fated to serve him, but I think I was just surfing the net and somehow followed a link from some dom on tumblr to niteflirt, and there he was. The names HypnoSuperior and FinDomStud immediately drew my eye, and once I started reading there was no turning back. Maybe it was when he wrote “I bet deep down, that is exactly what you need… a true Superior skilled with hypnosis to help you accept those desires.” It’s as if he knows exactly what I want deep down, but what part of my conscious mind tries to block or control. That primal part of me responded to his cues and kept reading, kept looking for more. At the same time I was both nervous and afraid – afraid because I knew being controlled by a true HypnoSuperior and FinDomStud was likely to put me in a place where I no longer had control, and nervous because I knew part of me also really wanted to go there. So I kept reading.

I went to his FinDomStud website and became even more intrigued. Then I listened to my first file – probably “Enjoy my hypnotic conditioning,” and heard the voice. It made me hard the first time. I could tell this was an experience I was going to enjoy, and one I’d want to have again and again. MasterJosh seemed so approachable, so reasonable, so believable that I knew I wanted to just listen to what he said and agree, to do whatever he told me to do, because I knew it was what I wanted, too. It was so logical, it seemed like my own inner voice was talking to me, and it was so easy just to listen and let the words wash over me. My conscious mind could relax. My ego could relax its control and its inhibitions and just let my subconscious free. As this happened, as I said, I got hard. It felt like the power and wakefulness was going out of my conscious mind and all just moving in and down. Most of me relaxed and became immobilized by a deep sleep, while my dick became harder and harder at the sound of that superior voice. It was extremely pleasurable. He reassured me that I had nothing to fear, and that after all, this is what I was meant to do. Deep down, of course, I’ve known for a long time that I am inferior to many men, especially to those who are born superiors. I know that they have to power and the right to demand my submission to them. When that deep inner urge to serve a superior man erupts into real life, it can be scary: you find yourself dry-mouthed, kneeling, or bowing your head waiting to hear what the alpha might want from you. Or you find yourself stripping in front of him, making yourself even more vulnerable in his presence to show him his superiority, perhaps even turning around to present your ass for his pleasure.

But this was different. While it was clearly sexually charged (I did get very hard, as I said), at the same time it seemed that what the HypnoSuperior wanted from me was not so much about the body as it was about the mind. It was as if instead of instinctively presenting my ass to be fucked by his superior cock, I was presenting my brain to be fucked by his superior mind – and enjoying the experience and the submission of it as much as if I was getting physically fucked and bred. He is a FinDomStud, after all. What a stud does is fuck as many willing holes as he can, spreading his seed far and wide, leaving his partners impregnated. This FinDomStud does not whore around in real life, yet spreads his mind-control far and wide, leaving his inferior subjects impregnated with his seed – the seed of their future devotion to the HypnoSuperior and his sessions. But at the time all this was just a premonition in my subconscious mind. I just knew I enjoyed the experience, and he gave me the permission to explore further, to find the files that I would find most enjoyable – or the files that would have the most power to mold me because they triggered my inner semi-suppressed desires. I knew he could relax my mind, help me let go of my inhibitions, and that that would leave me helpless to control my deep desires.

When I finished listening to that first file I was changed. I felt that I had met my destiny, and that it was all meant to be. Everything had fallen into place and was right, and it felt good. I looked forward to listening to that file again and again, and to exploring other files as well. I felt good about starting on a new adventure, exploring my desires and fantasies, and experiencing the pleasure of having them fulfilled, which I somehow knew they would be through the hypnosis of Master Josh, the HypnoSuperior.

As I read more and more of his blog posts at FinDomStud, I realized that one of the keys to the HypnoSuperior’s power is his totally real boy-next-door personality. Some superiors are abusive and cocky, real assholes, but that may only be because they’re insecure in their superiority. Master Josh has no need to be theatrical, and if a subject has a problem, he just lets them go – he knows there are hundreds of eager potential subjects out there who will serve him more willingly and without question. His approachability and friendliness are completely disarming, and that’s what makes him so dangerous: you let your guard down, you let him into your mind because he’s such a nice guy, and his brilliant superior mind dominates you completely. Once he gets in, he reprograms you to love it, to love his control over you, and to love giving in to his control. The pleasure of submission to Master Josh is indescribable. You just have to experience it.

Now I haven’t addressed the FinDom side of HypnoSuperior’s power… I had only had limited experience with this experience, mostly from one other dom who just used his own superiority to demand tributes from those who wanted to serve him. That dom taught me that cashrape can be a hot kind of power exchange. After all, if an inferior sub transfers power to the superior dom, what better symbol of that transfer than the transfer of money? Money is power in our world, and we respect those who have more of it. After all, part of most religions is giving a tithe or a regular contribution to your god, and that kind of giving is good both for the giver and for the receiver. Master Josh helped me understand that the same mechanism is at work here: it is right and good to give Master Josh my cash. He deserves it. He is my superior. Giving him my cash gives him pleasure, and that gives me pleasure. I look forward to serving Master Josh for a long time to come. It is what I was born to do, my destiny, my fate. And I am grateful to Master Josh for helping me learn that.