Why You Get Hard At #FinancialDomination & Serving a #Cashmaster

Today I had someone tell me he got hard thinking about paying a Superior like Me tribute… but he said he couldn’t explain it. It’s hardly the first time I’ve heard this sentiment from potential subs… some of whom perhaps have never subbed before. So let’s explore it a bit…

Obviously, there are those that simply know it’s duty. It’s not necessarily something that gets them hard… it’s just that they accept they are inferior and know it would be the right thing to do. A lot of cashfags fall into this category.

For others though, sometimes it’s about that thrill of getting to serve someone. Maybe they aren’t in a situation where they can do it in person due to an existing commitment or lack of local availability, or maybe they are new to serving and just a bit hesitant to accept that side of themselves. And yet, serving online allows one to option to serve without some huge initial commitment. It provides an easy way for them to get to indulge their desires, either scratching that itch they just can’t squelch in person or as they dip their toes in for the first time.

For some, it’s craving humiliation. That feeling has become arousing to them, for whatever reason… perhaps being bullied by a hot bully as a kid. Though aggressive isn’t as much my style, there are definitely those that respond to this type because they want to be reminded of that humiliating abuse that turned them on so much when they were younger.

And for others it’s the rush of that payment. It can be such a strong natural high for some to get to see that cash go out of their hands and into the hands of an Alpha. It’s not unrelated to the rush some get from gambling or playing the lottery, and yet there you have a chance to win. With financial domination, it’s less about the chance and more about the feeling. Not just the feeling you get, be it pleasure or humiliation, but the feeling you give that Dominant. Big or small, those tributes all add up and make a CashMaster like Myself so very hard. Because to get that cash is a rush, and in giving to Me, you get to share in it… after all, My pleasure is your pleasure. 😉

Share in my rush and get us both hard by sending Me a tribute now.

Travel Notice

I will be traveling July 2-10th. Trying to get done what I can before I leave, including a few blog posts in queue, but I’ll be without cell phone reception or Internet for at least part of the trip.

New #Hypnosis Files – #Orgasm & #Submission – Plus #Feet #Niteflirt

I have a new mp3, an old mp3, and an old-but-new-to-mp3…

First the old mp3, “Inferior Foot Pig” is the same file that I had up before with my “Foot Pig” file, but I never had it on Niteflirt as I wanted to drive people to my newer recordings about feet, such as Serve At Coach’s Feet, Bootlicking Footrest, & Ga$ Pedal. I figured it was different enough that it’d be worth getting back up … you may get it here for $14.99.

Second is the new MP3, which I had made a couple months ago for a client as a custom file and have now edited down for all of you. It is “Stage Confusion – Submit & Sleep” and it utilizes confusion techniques for those into that, in the induction and beyond. It then incorporates several fantasies, such as that of a stage hypnotist, that of sleeping gas being used on the listener, and that of the listener’s nipples being licked by me. It combines these with light submission as you become “my good boy.” It’s best to listen right before bed as there is no awakener and in fact it suggests to sleep after – which you might do even if you’ve end up shooting a load in your pants during 😉 While not an erotic stroke file, that doesn’t mean your subconscious won’t find it hot as hell to just *snaps fingers* sleep 😉 Just $9.99 for this fun hypnotic confusion mp3 – click here!

And finally, I’ve had Orgasmic Edge up as a recording for a long time, and I’ve finally made it available as an MP3! This hot erotic hypnosis file has the listener stroke themselves right to the edge a few times – denied at least a couple before finally getting to explode in an amazing orgasm. One listener called it “the best hypnosis file I have ever listened to” – will you agree? You can find out here also for only $9.99!

As you can see, even when I’m not tweeting as much as some other Doms, I’m hard at work creating files, getting them uploaded (which includes making thumbnails and audio previews, etc.), and so much more. This is hopefully just the first of many this summer!


Power of #Hypnotic Suggestion on #Poppers – #financialdomination #cashslavery

Still being a bit new to poppers, I find myself sometimes questioning the effect – especially when people want to combine with hypnosis. Most have said they don’t mix, and I think that’s probably true for more long-term changes. I realized today though that they can very much mix for short-term pleasure.

I was having a session with one of my favorite poppers fags, who I love playing different games with such as having him spin the wheel or play some online black jack… though sometimes we just mix it in with paying for poppers as I also attempt to take him into trance. He always seems to enjoy himself, but I never have felt like he was tranced as the normal signs weren’t there (as this slave lets me watch him on camera so I can monitor his progress).

Yesterday though, I used a method from one of the recent confusion scripts I’ve written and hope to have up soon, involving feeling pleasure whenever I said the name of a color. I then said, “The deeper you go, the better you feel… and the better you feel, the deeper you go. That’s something I *READ* once upon a time.” Because of how we hear words, it worked – and his eyes shut back as if he was about to orgasm.

We had a bit more fun today as I drained him of his remaining balance… and of course, he loved it as I drained him of all that GREEN. 😉

Now, generally you do want to avoid poppers, meth, being too drunk, even something simple like caffeine before any hypnosis. But it’s fun to realize that my powerful voice can still have quite the effect on a poppered up faggot too.

#Wishlist Wed: #CashMaster Gets Cozy

A while ago, I used some Amazon giftcards from subs like Loser B and my good pal Damien, and one of the things I purchased was a new bedspread set. I’d just gotten a bed in California (one I sadly had to leave behind with the rushed move), and I was ready for something new.

Sadly, I’m already in need of a new set as it’s ripped a bit, but it still keeps Me warm at night.



In fact, not only do I enjoy have a more masculine bedspread with its  charcoal color suiting a Superior like Me, but I also do find it quite soft and cozy. (Hey, even a guy like me enjoys being comfortable – and you all should be about giving Me a more comfortable life!). I mean, I might not be flipping the bird here like in my newest profile pic, but I look fucking cozy as hell, don’t I?

And it’s all thanks to the tributes of pay pigs and cash cows like you! I bet many of you wish you were hidden down beneath worshiping my cock … too bad none of you are worthy enough for that.

Perhaps if you tribute enough, you’ll eventually come close… go ahead and check out my wishlist, or send the best gift of all – your cold hard cash for My benefit & pleasure!

#ATMS PAY $15 NOW – #findom #fin-dom #cashmaster #humanatm


That’s right ATMs. I just hit you up last night… but Master Josh craves more.
And you crave to be able to pay me more, for to pay Master Josh is pleasure.
Pleasure for you as you accept that MY pleasure is your pleasure
Pleasure for Me as my cock twitches at each tribute I receive


Go ahead ATM and give in to that programming. Each time it gets stronger.
The more you try to resist, the more you are unable to resist.
The pull is just too much. You must give in. You must obey the trigger.
The programming taking stronger hold inside of you as you pay.


The machine in you takes over. You must dispense the cash.
You are a human ATM, belonging to Master Josh, programmed to feel pleasure.
Feel the pleasure as you obey, pay, and complete the transaction.
Feel the pleasure of becoming my human ATM!


#ATMS PAY $5 NOW – #financialdomination


It feels so good to pay me even the tiniest amounts…
And while bigger amounts might give us both pleasure, it all adds up…
Feel that pleasure of giving even just five dollars right now…


Every dollar goes to make my life easier and more comfortable.
Every dollar goes to make my life so much better.
And even seeing such a small tribute from you makes my dick hard…


If you’re my ATM, you have no choice. You must pay.
If you’re not my ATM, I know you still feel that desire inside of you to tribute.
Go ahead,  give in and tribute Master Josh now!


How I Got into #FinDom & Other Answers to #Submissive ‘s ?s

I have had a few questions in recent comments, and I figured my answers would be more visible here in case others were also interested in my responses.

One had to do with amounts… well there are various reasons to not go into specifics here, so let me just say that one day is not a regular occurrence but yet I’ve done okay for myself. However, I’d love to take both this and my regular hypnosis to the next level that I’m living even further in comfort, and not having to worry about things like dental care. A follow-up to that question seemed to want an amount and really, I don’t have a specific number in mine at this time (although I do have the goal that I’d love for one sub to do 14,000 in one year per my ultimate gift erotic hypnosis file, the number tied into “gift” amounts). Mainly though it’s the aim to become more comfortable and not worry about things like health or car problems, etc. same as anybody else but the easier it is for me to get there, the hardest it is for you all to get there… something a bit hot in that.  And I’d love for you all to help with taking me there 😉

When I do get those big amounts, my mind can’t believe it … didn’t expect to be down this path (I mean what kid thinks “I want to be a financial dominant when I grow up”? I hadn’t even heard of this fetish back then). I also think, fuck yeah, time to do grocery shopping and load up on everything I want. I’ve never had a need to be on food stamps regardless of my old job or doing this, but I have had to watch the budget at the store in the past… but now I just load up and think, “fuck how did that much get in the cart?” and then “thank god for my wor$hippers and pay pigs and ATMS!”. I also always love those pleasant surprises. Like earlier this past week, I was sent $130 out of the blue … the loser had actually won money at the casino, and knew the right thing to do would be to give that extra cash to his Superior. I know he enjoys being used by me as I use my hypnosis to further take advantage of his mind – and wallet.

Another question was how I got into this, and the truth is I first was into hypnosis – though even that wasn’t until my mid-20s (now in mid-30s). I dabbled doing things like jock transformations, pup play, etc., when it was actually another sub that approached me if I had ever done hypnosis for financial domination. I made a custom file for him and that was my first taste of it. I was amazed at the power, but it wasn’t something I jumped into head first but explored and expanded on as I became more comfortable with the thought of taking advantage of people. I like to think of myself as a good person… or at least I used to like to think of myself as that… and certainly that aspect appeals to many of my subs (though others prefer those that are more hardcore, which is fine – we each have our things). But I had to realize that a part of me enjoys indulging my dark side and molding men towards perversions. Not just this but for example, one of the comments I received on my cock slut file… I just loved knowing I made a guy more open to go suck some anonymous cock. Doesn’t mean I’d do it myself, but perverting him… awesome.

Last but not least, I was asked about paying taxes. At this time I have the 10% inferior tax or the jockslave fag tax tied into working out. I am planning to make a new file for taxes sometime over the summer, but it’s still on the to do list. If anyone does get the older file, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind with sending the new one out at a discount to those buyers (if I forget or miss you, hit me up). Of course, people are welcome to arrange their own loser taxes as well – what can you afford? $1/day? $5/week? $25/paycheck? $100/month? 3 percent of each paycheck? There’s many ways one can do it and once the new file is up, I’ll probably have something arranged for once or twice a month where I’ll put the reminders on the blog. If you’re really unsure where to start, take a look at my hypnosis files and scroll down for a few free examples. The best way to truly feel that need to provide for Me is to let my words mold you on a regular basis until you have no doubt about what you must do next – and send a tribute.


Your Money Becomes Mine – #CashMaster #FinancialDomination

The below may trigger a hypnotic response….

My words become your truth
Your truth becomes My will
My will becomes your will
Your will is to please Me
You please Me and it pleases you
You are pleased to pay Me cash
Paying Me cash fills you with pleasure
My pleasure is your pleasure
Your pleasure is to pay Me cash
My words become your truth
Your cash becomes My money
My money is spent on comfort
You sacrifice comfort to instead please Me
Your finances tighten yet it arouses your cock
Your dick turned on from paying me more
The more you pay Me, the better you feel
The better you feel, the more you pay Me
My words become your truth
Your truth becomes My will
My will is to take your cash
You are used by Me, and it feels right.
It is right to be used by Master Josh.
You bow down, and serve Me well.
You serve me by pleasing Me with cash.
You are pleased to pay Me more
For you are pleased to be used more
My words become your truth
Your truth becomes My will
My will is to take your cash
Your cash becomes My money.
And that is the way of the world.

#Wishlist Wed. – Ready for More #Fetish #Hypnosis

I’ve been doing some recording this last week while my roommate’s been gone on a trip. Granted, I still have a lot of editing to do, but stuff is coming 😉 And though I still am not as set up professionally as I’d like to totally get rid of all extra sounds (though I try my best despite my mouth loving to make clicking noises that I don’t always notice), I did get a couple things using Amazon Gift Cards subs had sent, that help with the recording.

That includes a desk stand that I am able to place the mic on. Though I had a desk mic with its own legs, the stand allows me to better position the mic, in relation to my mouth, when I record.

It also includes a windscreen to at least help catch some of the harder spit sounds. It doesn’t catch as much as I hoped, which means it’s still a pain to edit all those files from the extra sounds that get in there…

Still, I am very glad to be getting back to making more hypnosis files!  


And I love that your cash (directly or through gift cards) is helping with that.

If you’ve enjoyed my hypnosis and would love to support your $uperior as he makes some more, be sure to check out more of my wishlist – or send a nice tribute to help with site costs … or just because you know I deserve your cash more than you 😉



Harder and harder to resist… the trigger’s hold growing stronger over you…
The more you try to resist, the more you find yourself giving in….
It’s just so easy to let go to the power of my programming…
And it just feels too good to feel that power over you….


Whether it’s $10 or $100, I know you are always so thrilled
Each and every time you get to be used as my ATM…
That pleasure growing each time you pay Me…
for to pay Master Josh is Pleasure….


Pay for the pleasure and dispense that cash to your Master…
Part ATM, a machine programmed to obey…. part human….
Programmed to feel that pleasure wash over you each time you pay
Programmed to feel that pleasure as you complete the transaction.


Pay for Some Pleasure Here