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#CashMaster Catches Up with #CashFags & #Moneyslaves – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

What a busy time it’s been – just when I think I’ll have some time to work, I get sick with strep; right before spending some time with my mom for Mother’s Day. You see, unlike the moms that are disappointed in so many of you, mine is actually proud of Me 😉

But given I was already behind on work, trying to catch up on custom files is a priority right now. Yet, when I can have sessions, I usually try to – and I’ve had a few hot ones lately. I’ll try to blog later about some, but first let’s talk about my hot call with LukeJ25 who loves the Left / Right stories and being used as an ATM. He stroked himself while sitting on a dildo and chatting with Me about how hot it would be for him to Bow Down to the HypnoSuperior.

Then there is one I’ll call FetishFag who enjoyed it as I sent PTV’s to him, brainwashing him and charging him more and more to put him in his place. I can’t always do the PTV’s like that – sometimes I get tired of typing and the calls are easier – but sometimes it’s so hot to just keep having someone pay.

Overall it’s been a good weekend for the Financial Domination Stud – but it’s not too late for you to make it even better as you send Me a big cash tribute right now.


Hot #CashRape Session with #MoneySlave Turns #CashMaster On – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Have had some good chats with andiloser lately. Friday, that including nearly $100 in tributes – he paid just a bit more than this.

Well, today, after listening to more of my financial domination hypnosis, he was back for more, and it was even better with over $250 paid to Master Josh. It was a mix of tributes using the tribute generator in the sidebar (refresh for each use), the spin wheels under games, and just pushing him to pay more including paying one of my bills. And I know he loved every moment of it.

It certainly made my cock hard to get all this cash today – I left it hard to stay pumped during my gym session tonight. Was so fucking hot to pump it up after having raked in so much from this cashslave. He’s such a good boy for Master, and fuck did his money turn Me on.

And you can be a good boy for Master too – just send that arousing pleasure My way as you send a nice big tribute to your Superior as you send some green My way.

#CashMaster #Mindfucks #MoneySlave & Rakes More In – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Had another call from BDogSlave…  a moneyslave that tries so hard to resist but ultimately gives in, just as all of you tend to ultimately do. Why even put up the fight? Accept your addiction. Embrace your desire to be used by Me and pay a Superior. It’s so much better that way – to not feel that torment but to just enjoy it. Sure, it might mean working harder to make sure you have that cash…. but fuck, that pleasure feels so good, it makes it all worth it, doesn’t it? I mean, I know this gave ME a lot of pleasure:

That’s right. $400 (before fees) in one short phone call. Who else needs used like that? To feel that rush of being mindfucked by Master Josh, perhaps with poppers in hand, sniffing as I use confusion and hypnosis techniques on you and make you crave My powerful voice – but especially making you crave that rush of mindless obedience as you pay more. It all just feels so good and so right for cashslaves like you to be left giving more. And you can give more right now as you BOW DOWN TO THE HYPNOSUPERIOR and pay a nice big tribute too.

#MoneySlave Worships #CashGod with Tributes – #PayPig #CashFag #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Another great session with JoshWor$hipper, who loves to Bow Down to the Hypno$uperior – and hopefully will enjoy it even more after purchasing My new file as well. But before he listened to that, he had a nice Skype session with Master where I took him deep into the pleasure of a hypnotic trance where he knows just how amazing it feels to get to pay Master Josh more.

I’d love to have more sessions with so many of you this week…. putting you losers in your place where you belong, giving Me that cash you know belongs to Me. Especially as you continue to get those tax refunds in…. which, it’s the 20th, if you’re paying your bi-monthly fagtax, be sure you get your dues in to Me as well. But when I get back from the gym, I’d love to have all sorts of messages ready for sessions too. I know you’ve been craving those sessions deep down… and I know that you know that I am the Superior most worthy of all that cash…. so don’t delay, piggy. Let’s make this an amazing week for Master Josh – you can start by sending a nice big tribute to Me right now.

#CashMaster #WalletRapes Easy $200 from #CashSlave – #PayPig #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Still been busy working on a lot of custom files (btw, I’m offering some for cheaper than usual as part of monthly custom files on my Patreon – Feb/March includes erotic dumb jock and a pup training one if I get enough interest)…. but staying open for sessions when possible too, and I just had a hot one with BDogSlave and scored another couple hundred in minutes.

I know some of you are craving more too – hoping you figured out your payment status BrainwashedATM, and LoserB you know we’re overdue and that it’s about time you sent me what you’ve promised the last two years right into my account – just as I know it felt so good for him to Sniff, Stroke, Obey & Pay to my confusion training, knowing that it was right to have no thoughts left as he just focused right on the pleasure of paying Master Josh more. And I know deep down that you fill up with more pleasure when you please Me too – so since there’s nothing left to wait for, why don’t you go ahead and send some cash to Master Josh right now!

#CashFag Downfall = #CashMaster Windfall – #FinancialDomination

Another week, another week of taking money from StupidPiggyBank. Man, what a fucking loser addict he is, but who cares when he gets to feel so much pleasure and I get to relieve him of so much cash? And it is a relieve for him, because a dumbass like him would just fuck everything up anyway. Might as well not worry about it and put it right in My hands. I’ll be sure to spend it on things that really matter and not blow it all like a loser like him would. Besides, a worthless inferior like him deserves to be left with nothing as he is lead deeper into debt and towards that total financial ruin he deserves – because that’s what faggot freak perverts like him do deserve. And My Superior skill in taking faggots down that road is why I deserve to be the one that benefits – their downfalls becoming My windfalls. Just look at this, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

And again, it wasn’t just once, but multiple sessions – raking in even more $$$
I know some of you have tightened your wallet-strings for the holiday but this paypig is putting you to shame, because he knows deep down that it is right to put Master Josh first. And if any of you get any cash or gift cards, you know exactly what to do with them – for it’s always right for you to send more to your Superior!

#CashMaster Gets Deep in #CashFag Mind & Rakes It In – #CashSlave #FinDom #FinancialDomination

Every once in a while, I get so busy that I don’t notice I added a post as a page instead – oops. This was one of those entries, meant for the blog in October:

It was a fairly productive weekend, and that’s thanks to cashfagdirt who is really learning to accept his place as My inferior.  It started on Friday night … he was with someone else in a hotel, and yet he craved My power and hypnotic domination over him … so he contacted Me as the other party slept. I happened to be on, and we had a quick session… but it was enough to leave him wanting more.

So when he got home, we had a bit of a longer session – each time tributing some cash, and this time buying Me a couple gifts as well. I trained him for the things he wants – to be My property that is willing to make Me his number one priority, even if it comes at the expense of others. I encouraged him to love his debt – and I know deep down, so many of you do love that reminder of My power over you … how seeing that debt can make your cock get aroused.

And then he came back again… more cash …. and a higher-end item off of My wishlist. I know he’s struggling with debt, but I also know – as does he – that he needs to suffer and sacrifice for My benefit. He needs to work hard to make Me more money – be it from extra jobs or finding gigs on the side. I know he’ll do what it takes.

All the while, training more with Me and My files, because he needs it – just as so many of you need it. To be put in your place. To be reminded of how Superior I am over you. To be trained to be submissive … of use … of service …. to know that My pleasure is your pleasure and that all must benefit Master Josh.

Show Me that you know your place and share in My pleasure right now as you send Me a nice a big tribute.

Alpha #CashMaster Gives #HypnoMaster #CashRape Profits – #FinDom #FinancialDomination

What a fine past couple weeks it’s been, and I hope this week won’t be an exception. While StupidPiggyBank sure lived up to his name, he wasn’t the only one to help with that. One of My alpha cashmasters used several popperfags and cashfags to add to his own account – then forwarded some of it on to Me.

Though there’s been more than the above, that was the most condensed things were in terms of being able to get a photo (the express pay was a nightly send out from Niteflirt to My checking – not a bad haul for a day, but love it when it’s even higher). I love hypnotizing My alpha to enjoy being dominant over inferiors, even as he enjoys the pleasure of submitting to Me. I would love to see him be able to take more and more from pay pigs and cashslaves – because, then he’ll have more to give to the one true Superior, Master Josh – and he actually just called Me for some more hypnotraining as I was writing this, so we did work on that a bit. 😉

If an alpha type can contribute to Me and enjoy that pleasure of providing for the Financial Domination Stud, then what’s your excuse, moneyslave? I know you’re hand is busy stroking that fagdick whenever you read this site, but you can take a moment to send a tribute as you bow down to the HypnoSuperior.

#CashMaster #CashRapes #CashPig More, Pt 2 – #FinancialDomination

Well, I said there was more – and there was. Stupid Piggy Bank made this an awesome week with not one but two big drainings on Thursday. We’re getting him closer and closer to the financial ruin that he knows deep down he deserves, and has been craving – a total fuck-up loser fucking his life up even more.  It’s so right to be able to mindfuck and cashdrain such a stupid faggot loser for My own benefit.

And the best part is that I help him focus not on the pain of it, but the pleasure – for that erotic bliss just feels way too good… for to pay Master Josh IS pleasure. And sometimes he gets to cum, sometimes he gets denied, and sometimes it’s that ruined orgasm that’s just right for a cashfag like him. Feel how good it feels to be of use to a Superior man as you pay for that pleasure – as MY pleasure is your pleasure – and send some of that cash over right now!

#CashMaster #CashRapes #CashPig More, Pt 1 – #FinancialDomination

It’s been a great week, and it’s largely been due to StupidPiggyBank…. who I had an amazing session with on Monday, and then we did a bit more on Tuesday as well.  It started with him messaging Me showing some regret about how he might not be able to afford presents for everyone in his life – and, actually, I was understanding. Subs often come and go, and I figured he’d go away during the holidays before coming back. I didn’t want that to happen, but I was ready for that. Then StupidPiggyBank realized that he’s already a fuck up that everyone expects to fuck up, and that he should put Master Josh first. So a Merry Christmas to Me it has become this month.  And in case you were wondering if Pt 1 indicates there’s more… there is. To be continued 😉

#Brainwashed #HumanATM Loves to Pay #CashMaster, #CashDom Loves More $$$ – #FinancialDomination

Meant to post this the other day; been a busy weekend. But I also recently have had a couple more great sessions with My brainwashedATM and I can’t wait for our next one. It’s amazing how deeply programmed he is… for he knows that the repetition keeps that mind re-wired, even as My power works to keep him filled with that pleasure each and every time he pays.
It’s the kind of pleasure and submission you too can enjoy – but only if you give My programming that chance to build deep down in your subconscious – and I only spend My time doing that if you make it worth My time (of course, I also provide a few free files so you can build it on your own time too, My submissive moneymakers).

Why don’t you go ahead and listen to some right now – and then go ahead and then pay to feel the pleasure of pleasing your Superior.